Author: Riniko22

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Hitotsu ni suru

Short Flashback:

"You mean that I have this other boy's mind in my head too? I don't feel or remember anything different and why am I so calm about all this? I should be panicking over just part of what you have told me."

"That would be true, but I am suppressing your panic for the moment while you are here with me. I will release you in time; don't worry that I will be in control of you all the time. I am only able to do this now because you are still new in this body and that I had promised the Kit that I would relinquish my control when everything is safe again. Soon you and what remains of my Kit will be one and I will once again be bound by the seals that once tied me and will again. I swear that I will never hurt you as you will once again be my adopted child and my jailor."

Chapter 2

"What do you mean by jailor?"

"I mean that I have been sealed inside of you, or rather I had been sealed inside of Naruto, by the Forth Hokage."

"Wait? I don't understand. Why would you be sealed inside of Naruto and what or who is the Hokage. And can you tell me your name I don't even know what to call you or what you look like for that matter."

"Oh, I am so sorry Kit; I seemed to have forgotten to tell you my name during all the excitement. You can call me Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox, I am a very powerful fox spirit or Kitsune, but you will hear other names for me that are not so kind soon enough. But, the reason I was sealed away was to protect the village of Konoha from my wrath. I had mistakenly attacked the village after having been tricked into thinking they were behind the attack on my kits," it was at this point that she paused for a time and Ranma could feel the pain and sadness that seemed to be radiating from where he could sense her presence.

This was difficult for Ranma, she could feel that Kyuubi was in deep pain remembering her loss, but she was unsure about how to comfort her. Ranma had never been very good at communicating her feelings or knowing the correct thing to say to someone to ease their pain. Just thinking about it had her thinking back on her relationship with Akane and how that had turned out. She hated her weakness, yes weakness, she could recognize it for what it was now, no thanks to the stupid panda. Being able to express your feelings, recognize another's pain and comfort them was not a sign of weakness like her father had taught her. No, it was a strength that she had been denied from her and now once again it was causing her to feel weak because she did not know what to do to ease it, but she had to try.

"I … I … I'm sorry," Ranma finally managed to stammer out, hating herself for such a weak answer to Kyuubi pain. But, she was surprised by Kyuubi's response to her feeble attempt to reach out. She could feel the sadness and pain ease slightly, and after a time a feeling of amusement seemed to fill the air. Feeling confused, Ranma blurted out, "What do you find so funny, I was trying to be nice!"

"No, no, Kit you misunderstand. I do feel better now, a bit, it is just that what you said and how you said it, reminded me very much of someone else. She is very sweet and always tries so hard to speak to Naruto, but like you, she has a hard time expressing her emotions. However, sadly Naruto was never able to see that, no matter how obvious it was. I think that you would like her; she is like you a little, being unable to express herself. But, you could help her with her confidence in herself. Now, I need to get back to explaining about myself and why you are here."

"As I had said, I attacked Konoha in retaliation for the murder of my children, if I had been thinking clearly at the time I would have known something was wrong about the bodies I found in the den. However, I was enraged and blindly went after what I thought were the killers. I only understood the depth of my mistake too late and only after the Forth had started the seal. It was during this time that our minds touched and we both learned that we had both been tricked, but the Forth, Naruto's father, was able to change the seal slightly and allow me to contact Naruto and sense the world around him. For that small kindness and because of his sacrifice I vowed to try to protect his child as my own."

"Kyuubi, you said earlier that you rebuilt my body can't you rebuild it again as a male body?"

"No Ranma, it's not that I don't want to but, I can't. I was only able to work around the rules of the seal that binds me this time because Naruto had released me and I was saving his life in a way. There is also two other reasons Ranma, when I was rebuilding Naruto's body to house you, I was using your female body as a template. I have no way to recreate your male body, because I don't have anything to go on and I don't have all the excess energy and matter that I had before."

"What, do you mean this is permanent?"

"I'm sorry Ranma, but I honestly thought that was your real form when you arrived. It's not like you run into a girl that's really a boy everyday you know. And, I did work to make your new life easier to fit into by giving you access to Naruto's memories. I also, learned from the mistakes I had make when I was first thrust into Naruto's body. I make sure that your body does not bare any of the signs of being my vessel that Naruto's did. I regretted marking him so many times during his childhood, but I did not know that everything was just a mistake until after the Forth's mind had touched mine, and by then it was much too late to reverse the markings. With you, it was like a gift, your hair was already so close to my own in color that it seemed enough. In addition, your age was very close to Naruto's own, being so young the village will be more trusting of you. You will have no trouble growing up within the village."

"What do you mean by so young? I'm almost eighteen now, how old do you have to be here to be an adult?"

"Oh, I thought that you were younger than that, in fact I thought that you were roughly Naruto's age of twelve, you were so small it was hard to tell for sure. If it's any consolidation Ranma, your new body will have several more years of growth, so you will grow to be about average height or a little more."

"Is there any other good news that you have for me? I don't know if I could handle much more."

"No, Ranma that's it for now. I can only tell you that over the next few days you will begin to integrate Naruto's memories into your own. This will happen usually as you sleep, but don't be surprised by recognizing things that would seem strange to you otherwise. And, I will be there to help you as I can. I expect that the village will have many questions for you when you awaken, I would suggest that you pretend ignorance until you understand what is going on around you."

"Oh, don't worry about that. I can play that role to a tee, I've had lots of practice and right now I truly don't understand anything that's going on."

"Well I will leave you for now Ranma, but don't worry I will be there when you need me. I just need to rest for now, I used a lot of energy earlier and I believe that both of us will be asleep for quite some time. I suspect that when you awaken you will be in a hospital bed with a guard near by, your arrival and the disappearance of Naruto and Mizuki in the middle of all this will be very strange to them. However, your apparent age will go a long way to lessening their suspicions. Good night Ranma," and with those last words Ranma could feel Kyuubi's presence fade back, leaving her alone to her own thoughts until she drifted off to sleep herself.

Ranma was in Hell. She knew she was in hell because she was a girl and if what she heard was correct, she was going to be a girl from now on. There was no changing back, the curse was gone, the energy in it burned up in helping to create her new body. She couldn't complain, well she couldn't or shouldn't complain too much, as her other option it seemed had been death. With that as a second choice to this she should feel grateful to be alive, but damn-it why did it have to be as a girl. It seemed that she was destined to be a girl and that the universe was just trying to correct a huge cosmic mistake, it just refused to care how she felt about the situation and take that into account. The worst part about the whole thing was that she couldn't honestly be mad with Kyuubi about it. If Saffron's power had been released all at one time when his body had been pierced by the Gekkaja then the entire mountain would have blown up and killed Akane and everyone else that she cared about. But, damn-it it still did not seem fair. Well, no one had ever promised her that life would be fair. Hell, if there was one thing in Ranma's life that she knew for sure it was that. After all, she was Ranma Saotome, son of Genma and Nodoka Saotome, if being the son (well now daughter) of those two nut cases were not enough to teach her that lesson then she would never have learned it.

Next time, Ranma awakens to a new world. A stranger in a strange land.

Hope to hear more from you about how the story is progressing and I hope this new story is a growth from my first. I will be get back to that when the muse hits me again. For now, she is being very pushy about getting this one out.