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Highly Classified

"Idiotic children. Dumbledore should just throw the brats out! No respect for property! Make messes all the time, and then who has to clean it up? Me, that's who!" Filch muttered to himself as he began cleaning up the latest mess two certain red-headed children had made.

"Idiotic little brats!" The markings on the wall were refusing to come off. Filch headed over to his closest cleaning closet. This occasion called for the intense cleaners, and if not, he'd have to call one of those spineless teachers to come get it. He threw the door open, still muttering under his breath. He stopped short. His eyes popped open, his jaw dropped.

There, in his cleaning closet, was a blood stained floor and a black-robed leg sticking out from underneath a pile of cleaning supplies. Filch couldn't do anything but stare for a moment. "D-D-DUMBLEDORE!"


Jenny Sheppard typed away at her desk. Good Lord, today was boring! More than boring, it was aggravating. Gibbs' team hadn't had a case in over a week, and they were getting bored. That meant pranks, shouting, and running galore. Her third floor was near complete disorder. Agents would soon start moving into elevators just to get away from the noise to concentrate.

"DiNozzo!" Ziva's voice sounded faint, but to be heard from the Director's office it had to sound very loud if you were on the same floor.

Jenny put her face into her hands. She was so tired of the speech she was writing. Who had the stupid idea to make the Director of NCIS speak at a big ball? Oh yeah, SecNav. Well he might just have to deal with seven minutes of improvisation, Jenny thought.

The Director jumped when her phone rang, and she picked it up immediately, thoroughly hoping Ziva didn't decide to kill Tony in front of multiple witnesses. "Sheppard."

"Director, you're needed in MTAC," Cynthia informed her, sounding slightly stunned by how quickly the phone had been answered.

Jenny got up, happy to have an excuse to abandon her speech. As she went through the hall to MTAC, she spared a look down into the bull pen. McGee had apparently gone down to the lab, and Tony was over at his desk, very suspiciously hovering around the junior agent's keyboard. She rolled her eyes, feeling almost sorry for Gibbs.

The scanner confirmed that the eyes of Jenny Sheppard were the ones trying to enter MTAC and she opened the door. "Gibbs," she said, sounding slightly irritated, "what are you doing writing up reports in MTAC?"

"If you think it's possible to concentrate down in the bull pen, why don't you take your work down there? I'll trade you desks for an hour," Gibbs offered without looking up.

"No, that's alright. I don't think it's smart for you to be up in the Director's office alone for a minute, let alone an hour."

"Excuse me, Director Sheppard?" asked a deep voice on the big screen.

Jenny turned her attention to the screen, remembering that she was called to MTAC for a reason. "Sheppard here. How can I help you, Agent…?"

"Mr., actually. Mr. Kingsley Shacklebolt. First thing you can to do help me is get everyone out of the room," said the man on the screen.

"I can't do that, Mr. Shacklebolt. These people are here for a reason, it's their job!" Jenny said hotly.

"The matter I have to discuss with you is highly classified, meant for only your ears and Agent Gibbs', I'm assuming?"

Gibbs threw his papers off to the side and joined the Director in front of the screen. "Yeah, that's me."

"I can't send them away, Mr. Shacklebolt," Jenny repeated.

"Director Sheppard, please! I've called you because your organization has the best record. Please don't force me to call someone less trustworthy."

Jenny didn't break eye contact with the man for another minute. She turned to the MTAC operators. "Take fifteen," she ordered.

"Director!" one of the agents in front of a board exclaimed.

"That's an order!" Jenny slipped into a very demanding demeanor. "Take fifteen, now!" The agents grudgingly abandoned their posts and left MTAC.

"Alright, I did what you asked. Now tell me why," Jenny commanded.

Shacklebolt leaned forward. "I'm speaking to you on behalf of a very good friend of mine. He runs a school over here, in England. One of his students was murdered in an unusual way. He asked me to find someone who could find the answers quickly, and keep their mouths shut."

"We're overseas!" Jenny exclaimed. "Why not call someone from England to come solve your murder?"

"The boy killed was a transfer student. His father is an officer in your Navy," Shacklebolt explained. "Will you help us?"

"I need a little bit more to go on, Mr. Shacklebolt," Jenny scoffed.

"I'm sorry, but that's all I can tell you right now. Once you get over here, I'll show you to the school and you'll be filled in there."

"This sounds more than a little off to me. I don't think I want to risk my best agents, as I'm sure you want, on a bit of fuzzy information supplied to me from someone I don't know or trust!"

"You won't only need to send your agents, Director," Shacklebolt didn't break his calm aura in the least, "Things found at the crime scene lead us to believe that more, worse things are to come. You'll need your forensic scientist and M.E. The invitation has been extended to you, as well."

"You're asking us to send out half the agency across seas based on the information that an officer's kid was killed in an unusual manner. I'm not risking my team on that," Gibbs stepped in.

"Perhaps you didn't hear me earlier, Agent Gibbs." Shacklebolt was starting to get a little bit aggravated. "I am asking you to come here and solve this murder that has taken place at a school to save other students from suffering the same fate!"

Neither Gibbs nor Jenny said anything in reply. Shacklebolt took a breath and continued, "We've already arranged your transport over here. Plane tickets will be on your desk, Director. Should you choose to come, everything you could possibly need will be supplied by us. Please share this information with Miss Scuito and Dr. Mallard." The man's face was replaced by black and white bricks moving across the screen.

Jenny looked over at Gibbs. He sighed and headed out.

"Tell them break's over!" Jenny called after him. The agents she'd thrown out came back into the room. She left quickly for her office. She had dozens of calls to make, and she had to tell the SecNav she wouldn't be able to give the speech. What a pity!

"Pack your bags!" Gibbs ordered as he came back down to the bull pen.

Tony grabbed his backpack eagerly. "What happened, Boss?"

Gibbs slapped the back of his agent's head. "Did I tell you to grab your gear, DiNozzo? Go home! Pack your bags! Be back here at 16:30."

"Where are we going, Boss?" McGee asked.

"The U.K." Gibbs continued on his way through the bull pen and got onto the back elevator.

Tony looked across the bull pen at Ziva and smiled. "We're goin' to England!" he shouted. He snatched up his jacket and ran to the elevator.

Ziva and McGee managed to get onto the elevator before the doors closed. "What is so exciting about England? I've been there several times," Ziva informed her colleague.

Tony snapped his head towards her to glare. Ziva smiled teasingly and the elevator doors slid shut.

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