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[Shane's P.O.V.]

"Come on guys, let's just hurry up and finish these stupid errands!" I yelled at my band mates, Nate and Jason, who were trailing far behind. Actually, if it wasn't for Jason trying to point out some "rare" kind of bird, Nate would be keeping up with me. And yes, I think I just gave our identity away. If you're wondering, you're probably right. We're Connect 3, the hottest band around the world right now, #1 on the charts. But we still have to do our dumb errands, even with how insanely famous we are. It just wasn't fair. We were so rich, why couldn't we just pay someone to do our dirty work? But Nate had insisted that it would "look good for the press". I don't get why he cares so much what the fans think; they'll turn on us in a second if we screw up in the least. But anyway, enough with my annoyed rambling, and back to the present situation.

"Jason, come on, we'll look for the 'good birds' again later, okay?" Nate was saying, trying to pull our friend into the bank, which was our next stop. "Oh my gosh Jason, no, get off of there right now! No, we do not climb street posts to get to any bird, I don't care how rare it is!" Nate cried, grabbing Jason's leg and pulling him down. Jason frowned, turning to face Nate with a pouting expression on his face. I rolled my eyes and marched moodily inside the bank. They'd catch up, and plus if anyone caught sight of us - that was if they could recognize us despite our disguises - I didn't want to be anywhere near Jason and his freakish obsession with birds. I could only imagine the headlines, "Connect 3 climbs street posts to go bird-watching?" That seemed like a sure way to loose our fans. At the sound of the door opening, I glanced behind me to see Nate dragging Jason into the bank. I breathed a sigh of relief, only to almost collide with a girl that was walking past, carrying a cup of steaming hot coffee.

"Oh man, I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed, catching the girl's wrist as she tripped, trying to keep the coffee from spilling and trying to catch her balance. I heard Nate snort from behind me, but I ignored him. My eyes slid over the girl's expression, noting her long, straight brown hair, and her big brown eyes, and she was wearing a black mini dress that had a pink design running down it, a shiny sliver mini-jacket (I can never remember what they are called) with blue leggings underneath, and boots. I shivered, wondering why I felt so odd all the sudden. The girl stared at me blankly, before glancing down at my hand, which still rested on her arm. Blinking, looking confused, she pulled her hand away, giving me a strange look before continuing on her way. I frowned at her strange behaviour, then shrugged it off, figuring it was nothing.

"Nice, man. Real smooth." Nate clapped me on the back, grinning at my near disaster, "Next time, why don't you make sure you bowl her over completely?" I shrugged off his hand, shooting an frustrated look at him before rolling my eyes.

"Bug off, Nate. I wasn't paying attention, that's all. But she obviously wasn't either." Nate groaned, but I continued on without worrying about him. Sure, after Camp Rock, for a while I'd kept my cool, but after I'd lost contact with Mitchie... I just didn't care anymore. Mitchie was everything I wanted, and within the short span of only a day, I'd lost her. She never called back, never emailed... it was as if she'd just disappeared off the face of the Earth or something. Well, if she didn't want anything to do with me, then I didn't care about her either. Who was I trying to kid? It was killing me that she wasn't responding to any of my calls or emails. Well, I used to email her, until one day I received a message back telling me her email had expired. I guess she really didn't want to deal with me. I only wish I knew why she'd blown me off.

"Shane. Shane!" Nate's hand smacked my shoulder harshly, and I spun around, realizing he'd been calling me for the past minute. "Get your head out of la la land, we're next in line!" I frowned at him, sighing, and ran my hand through my hair. Where had that girl gone? Oh, there she was; she'd obviously set her coffee down somewhere, and now she was holding onto a file of papers, heading over towards the line. I smiled cockily at her; I don't know what I was thinking, because I hadn't even looked at a girl ever since Mitchie had cut me off, but I just felt some kind of strange attraction towards her. Like I'd seen her somewhere before. The girl ignored me, marching up to the assistant that was helping the person in front of me, and handing her the papers.

"Caitlyn says she wants you to look over these when you get the chance. Thanks Mary!" She said cheerfully, a content smile on her face. The assistant - I'm guessing her name was Mary? - nodded, returning the grin.

"Thanks. I'll get right on it when I'm finished with these customers. It's kind of hectic since we're a little short, you know, since there's only us three working here today. Not many people are willing to work on the holidays, it seems." Mary replied kindly, as if the girl was mentally slow or something. I frowned; the girl looked fine, why would Mary be talking to her as if she was a child? She was obviously in the twenties or something, at least show her some respect. The girl, however, didn't seemed phased by Mary's obvious phoniness. She only gave Mary another brief smile before turning around and walking back in the direction of the offices. I almost had a crazy, insane desire to go after her and get her name - it was driving me insane, my brain was screaming at me to get it, but I just couldn't put my finger on why she was so familiar - just so I'd at least satisfy my curiosity, and maybe my brain would stop. But I just stared after her as she entered one of the small offices, nodding her head at whoever was inside.

"Next!" Nate shoved me forwards, towards Mary. She'd finished with the other customers and was motioning for us to come forwards. "How may I help..." She trailed off, her eyes widening. I heard the bank's bell 'ding' as the door was opened, but I ignored it, not bothering to turn around.

"Get on the ground!" Whoever had just walked in gave a shout, and I spun around to see five people, all dressed in black and wearing masks, pointing their guns at the customers' direction. I stared at them in shock, too stunned to do anything other then stare. "Hey, punk, get down, I said! Do you want me to shoot you?" One man roared, swinging his gun dangerously at me. Nate's eyes widened and he grabbed onto my sleeve, pulling me down to the ground where he and Jason were all ready crouching.

"What are you, crazy, dude? Do you want to get shot?" Nate hissed angrily, keeping a firm hold on my wrist to make sure I wasn't going to try anything stupid, "Are you so self-confident - or should I say arrogant - that you think they wouldn't shoot you? 'Cause people like them don't care if we're Connect 3 or not." Of course I knew that, but I'd frozen in terror. This was part of the reason I'd argued that we should have someone else run our errands for us.

Just then, the girl walked out of the office, followed by a blonde, curly-haired, petite girl, which I assumed was Caitlyn, considering Mary had said that there were only three people working today, and the mystery girl had said "Caitlyn". Both girls' eyes widened in shock at the five masked men in the bank.

"Get down, blondie!" The same man that had shouted at me yelled at Caitlyn, and quickly obeyed. When the other girl made a move to follow, though, he pointed the gun at her, causing her to freeze. "No, not you. You stay right there." He ordered, stepping forwards until he was face to face with her. "You thought you could hide, didn't you? You didn't think I would find you, but you were wrong." Slowly, he lifted the gun, resting it against her head. She flinched, looking terrified.

"Who are you? What do you want? And what are you talking about?" She asked, her voice sounding small, and I felt a sudden urge to protect her. Nate saw me try to crawl forwards, and with a sharp jerk sent me back to the ground.

"Don't even think about it." He hissed in my ear, shaking his head ever so slightly. I flashed him a nasty look before returning my attention to the girl. What did he want with her? In one swift motion, he reached up and pulled the mask over his head, revealing his face. The girl ran her eyes over him, her eyes showing no hint of recognition.

"Look familiar?" The man jeered, raising his eyebrows. The girl cowered back, shaking her head, the befuddlement clear in her eyes. I heard Caitlyn give a gasp, and suddenly she was pushing to her feet, and Mary was running over to the girl, grabbing her hand and stepping in front of her, as if to protect her.

"What do you want?" Caitlyn's voice was dangerously low, and she'd stepped in front of both Mary and the girl, a horrified yet determined look on her face. "Why don't you just leave her alone?" The man grinned, moving around Caitlyn and pushing Mary away, causing her to fall to the ground, biting her lip as pain probably shot up her arm; she'd fallen straight on it, and it had been bent at a weird angle when she fell. Now she groaned, touching her arm gingerly and wincing, staring up at the unmasked man in plain terror. Caitlyn, however, wasn't giving up yet. She grabbed the man's arm, shoving him away from the girl, who was cowering up against the wall, trying to comprehend what was happening. The man staggered, regained his balance, and laughed.

"You really want to try to push me around, blondie? I've got a gun, and I don't mind using it on you!" He snapped, advancing towards her. Caitlyn backed up, holding up her hands, clearly afraid. I heard Nate give a small gasp from beside me, but I ignored him, my eyes fixed on the horrifying scene in front of us.

"No!" The shout came from the girl, who rushed forwards to protect her friend. "Leave her alone!" She cried, throwing her arm in front of Caitlyn. "Just tell us what you want! Money?" She rushed, ignoring Caitlyn's attempts to push her behind her. The man gave another one of his jeering laughs.

"Oh no. Money isn't worth much to me. It's my revenge I want." Mary groaned from her position on the floor, and the girl's eyes flickered briefly from her to Caitlyn, then us, and then back to the man.

"What are you talking about?" She asked, her voice small and very frightened. The man smiled, grabbing her arm and returning the gun to it's earlier position, and once again I felt a rush of anger. How could he push her around and treat her like that, without even explaining why? What had she ever done to deserve that? And most of all, why did I feel the need to defend her?

"What, are you stupid? Don't play games with me, darling, you know perfectly well what you did." The man replied, motioning for the other four to step forwards and also take off their masks. Now I saw a mother, a girl, and two other boys, all wearing the same triumphant expression as the man. "Did you think we would forget?" The girl gulped, running her eyes over the five, and pressed herself closer to the wall, shaking.

"Leave her alone Austin, she doesn't remember." Caitlyn spoke up from her position on the floor, still determined to protect her friend. The man - who I'm guessing his name is Austin, no duh - laughed.

"Now that's a joke, a real funny joke." Austin replied, shaking his head. "Who wouldn't remember us? I'd think it's impossible to forget us." He sneered, his eyes fixed on Caitlyn although he still held the gun to the girl's head.

"What is he talking about, Cait? I don't get it!" The girl muttered, gulping, diverting her eyes from Austin so she could stare blankly at Caitlyn. Caitlyn took a deep breath, but before she could respond, Austin spoke up.

"I'm talking about pay back. All those years... you've somehow managed to evade me, but the hunt's over. It's going to end right here, right now." As if to prove his point, all four other members pulled guns out of their jackets, their eyes fixed on the girl, who, trembling, slid down to the ground, her back pressed hard against the wall. She pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, as if trying to bring herself some comfort.

Oh, from now on, I am definitely getting an errand boy to do this kind of work for us.