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It didn't take me long to find Sandy's small cell phone (stupid, stupid criminals they made), and I quickly dialed the emergency number, my heart racing as I waited for someone to pick up. My eyes glanced over towards Mitchie's motionless body, and a wave of nausea swept over me. All I kept worrying was that she wasn't going to make it. Oh, why did she have to go and be the hero? Why did she have to shoot both of them - why hadn't she simply pulled the gun out of his hands and then shot? Or better yet, why hadn't she done nothing? Isn't that was hostages were supposed to do - let the criminal take control, and not try to fight? Mitchie's obviously never seen "Cops". I think she'd better watch it once we get back, so she knows to never, ever do this again.

I buried my head in my hands, the phone pressed against my ear as I waited, the painful seconds ticking by, for someone to pick up.

"Hello, what is your emergency?" The operator's voice sounded over the line, and I gave a sigh of relief before opening my mouth, ready to spill out what had happened, and how dire the situation was, when something hit me square in the back, sending the phone flying straight out of my hands, across the room, and I fell down, spinning around just in time to catch Sandy's triumphant glare.

"Shane!" I heard my name being shouted at the same moment that Sandy's boot collided with my ribs, and I cried out in pain, scrambling away from her, holding my hands out to try to shield myself from her attacks. She laughed at my vain efforts, before I noticed what she was trying to do. While she was forcing me back, she was creating a gap between Mitchie and I. My eyes widened, and Sandy smirked.

I shouted in horror as she lunged forwards, landing beside Mitchie before I'd even had a chance to leap to my feet. I watched, helpless, as she pulled a dagger we hadn't known existed from the folds of her clothes, leaning over Mitchie dangerously. I knew what she was going to do, but there had to be some way to stop her.

"No..." I shouted, my face a mask of horror, knowing what was about to happen. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, my expressions mirrored on the others. I stiffened, shaking, unable to comprehend that it was going to end, in a matter of seconds.

"You all thought you'd won, by knocking me 'unconscious'. You should've known, stupids, that we aren't thateasy to kill. You, however, obviously are. And, as Example A..." She grinned, but a loud, sputtering cough stopped her in her tracks. All eyes turned onto Mitchie.

She groaned softly, her eyes fluttering, before she took another strangled breath. She shivered, looking disoriented, before she glanced over, her eyes widening as she noticed Sandy looming above her, knife in hand. Sandy looked surprised, but quickly masked it before anyone could notice. I, however, had.

"Well, well." Sandy rolled her eyes, leaning closer to Mitchie, until she was nearly inches away. Mitchie shifted uncomfortably, slowly moving her hand to her shoulder and giving a gasp of pain. "Look who's awake. The little 'hero', who now has caused the death of allher friends by her 'smart' actions." She yanked on Mitchie's good shoulder, pulling her up, and slapped her, a loud pop echoing across the room. Mitchie winced, before Sandy grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at where Austen now lay, unconscious. Hopefully dead.

"Look what you've done!" She shouted, shoving Mitchie back, and Mitchie attempted to catch herself before she hit the ground, giving a cry as her shoulder connected with the hard, cold ground. "You've attempted to kill my brother! And now - now, it's the end for all of you. Look over there - your little 'best friend' is over there dying." She spat, and the small, remaining color drained from Mitchie's face at the sight of Caitlyn, leaning heavily on Nate's shoulder, with Jason at her other side, looking worried. Her eyes trailed to mine, worry filled in her chocolate eyes, and I glanced away, unable to bear the blame I knew would show in her eyes. I'd failed - I'd failed all of them.

"So I dare you, dare you to try to fight back, you little wimp. I'll enjoy this more when you're fighting me, screaming for mercy - for your own, for your friends..." Her smirk grew wider, and hatred bubbled up in my veins. How dare she be this cruel - how dare she even be alive after everything that she's done.

What surprised me, though, was Mitchie's slight shake of her head.

"No." Her voice was low, hardly above a whisper, and her breathing labored. "No, I'll... I'll never fight you. I, I can't... hurt you." She hissed, her fragile figure shaking, sending chills of worry up my spine. Sandy laughed, her eyes dancing at Mitchie's words. "I... I don't know... why... but you mean more to me... than I ever wanted you to. I won't fight you." She took a deep breath, as if breathing itself was becoming too hard, before licking her dry lips. "You're sick - you're... twisted in ways that... I'll never understand. But once, we shared such an amazing bond... I just won't." She stopped, her head slumping to the side, and for a split second of panic, I thought she'd returned to the land of the unconscious. Her rapid breathing, however, along with a whimper of fear, told me she wasn't.

Sandy smirked once more before bringing the dagger down.