Yugi's first Love

Atemu was looking out the distance….Yugi was there also looking beyond the thought, "I love my dear friend Atem," "But what do I tell him?" "I love you?" Atem thought the same thing, "How do I tell Yugi I love him." Yugi held Atem's hand and suddenly said, "Atem I love you!" Yugi blushed….Atem also had blushed at the thought.

"I don't know what to….." Then, Atem and Yugi exchanged a beautiful and passionate kiss… Then the sun descended upon them. When it was dark, Atem and Yugi headed home. They went into their rooms… Atem was thinking, "The kiss felt so right, Yugi and me? In a wonderful kiss? My Little Angel…." "Atem and I kissed?" It did feel so passionate! Could this be my first love?" Yugi was thinking over and over about those thoughts…. Then he fell asleep.

The Next Morning, Atem and Yugi woke up and Atem replied "I love you my Little One." Atem and Yugi exchanged a kiss of deep love. Yugi began to take Atem's shirt off. And Atem took Yugi's shirt also. Then Yugi began to kiss Atem's neck. "Yugi, Little one, it feels…..so good." "Yes, Atem my love…" Then a sudden interuption…It was Duke Devlin and Joey Wheeler. T

Then Joey asked, "Were we interuppting something." "GAY!" Duke gasped. Yugi and Atem were embarassed and hugely pissed off. "About that!" Yugi and Atem both said… "WE LOVE EACHOTHER!" Joey and Duke, after thinking for 5 minutes and accepted that they were gay. Atem and Yugi said to tell Anzu and Triston.

Joey and Duke said they would and then they left and said "Catch you later!" Then Yugi whispered softly "Lets continue shall we?" Atem continued to take Yugi's shirt off and kissed his neck and moved down very, very, slowly. Until Yugi made a soft moan. "Little Angel, what is wrong?" "So good, Atem, keep going." His words were so lust and quiet, Atem continued to his Angel's wishes. The another sudden interupption was among them. Yugi's cell phone rang.

"Hello? Ya its Yugi, O hey Anzu" Anzu just found out that Yugi and Atem were gay. In total shock she was in. So after about 15 minutes Atem whispered, "Little One, hang up, I am waiting." "Anzu I will see you later." Yugi hung up and he kissed Atem's body with passion. Deep and beautiful passion. Yugi and Atem decided to stop because they were hungry. SO they went to the café. Joey, Duke, Triston, and Anzu were sitting next to them. Complete and total silence filled that café. Anzu finally spoke, "Why didn't you tell us before, that you were gay?" "We didn't know how all of you would react," Yugi replied.

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