Hera stood near the news stand, as the Oracle made his prediction, witch was to be expected, he was an oracle after all. "Unless they are protected, The seven's kin will perish" He said, with his blue eyes aglo. "Then protection they shall get" Said Hera

calmly (as always).

On her way back to the dorm, Hera concocted a plan. She called Hermes, and told him to bring each of the seven hero's families to the school. She did not explain further. As she passed by the brownstone, she used her powers to make 7 extra rooms. Each

one with enough bed's and such, for each of the 7 families. She then, cast an enchantment, so that each of the families could neither be seen, nor heard by ANY of the heroes. This way, she thought. They will discover the secrets, without the children

worrying about it. As she reached the school, she smiled. Happy, that this was all giong according to plan.