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Let's Start Over

All the people rushing by
Looking for meaning in this life
So used up and blinded by lies

Chapter one

A New Mission – The Ron- Factor

2 am.


Kim slowly opened her eyes and groaned.

Dude, Wade...

She reached out, grabbed her Kimmunicator and answered it.

"What's the sitch, Wade. Make it good, it's 2 am...", she said, her voice still thick from sleep.

"Hey Kim. Sorry 'bout destroying your night. Remember our favourite enemy Dr. D? I guess he got sick of belonging to the good side.", the african-american boy told her. Kim sighed.

"Oh great... he could at least have waited til tomorrow... but that's asking too much I guess. Anyway, any hints about his plan to conquer the world?"

I should have known. But no, I was naive enough to believe he and Shego would finally stick to the good side. Some people just never change. Shego...

"Not really, but I just got some information about some top secret computer chips having been stolen. And it's pretty obvious that it was Shego."

"How so?"

"The solid metal doors have been melted by green plasma. Not many people on this planet are able to do that, right?"

Kim shook her head and smiled. "Yeah, true. Does Ron know?"

Ron was no longer Kim's boyfriend. They still went on missions together, but the dating thing hadn't turned out quite as they expected. Actually, considering the fact that now they lived kind of far away from each other because Kim went to college while Ron had stayed at Middleton, there wasn't much possibilty to date. One day, when Kim had driven to Middleton for a surprise she had found Ron cheating on her, kissing another girl. That was their break-up, but they stayed friends nonetheless.

"Yep, he's on the way."


"Should be there in 5 mins."

"All right, thanks Wade."

"I thank you, Kim." He logged off. Kim put the kimmunicator aside and sighed, turning onto her back and staring at the blank ceiling of her room.

Greatness. I thought it would be over for once. I mean, honestly, he should have noticed by now that none of his plans EVER works. If it wasn't for Shego, he'd already be rotting in jail for the rest of his life.

But if not for him and Shego, this world would now be in the hands of two insane aliens called Warmonga and Warhawk. They've been celebrated as heros, why on earth does Drakken have to turn back to evil...

Before she could continue her thoughts her mission came back into her mind and she realized that she had only about three minutes left until her ride would arrive. She rolled out of her bed and quickly changed into her mission outfit, checked if she had everything and brushed her hair shortly, knowing it wouldn't help much anyway. It was just when she put the brush away that the plane arrived outside and a rope ladder hung before her window. She climbed outside and clambered up the ladder to enter the plane.

"Hey, K.P.", Ron greeted her as she sat down beside him.

"Hey Ron.",she said and leaned back into her chair. „Anything new?", she asked after taking out her kimmunicator.

"Not much. I only found out that he built a machine, following the instructions he got from the chips, but what exactly I don't yet know. I bet he doesn't know himself. It shouldn't be a surprise, Drakken has never been the fastest.", Wade replied.

"True.", Kim said, "Tell me if you get anything, ok?"

"Sure." He logged off. Kim put the kimmunicator back into her pocket and closed her eyes. Ron was babbling about something like how the new Diablo Sauce at Bueno Nacho tasted so much worse than the old one and so on, Kim wastn't even listening. Her thoughts hung with the two former-world-saving villains.

It was such a nice time when we teamed up... Actually, teaming up with Shego was always fun. I mean, I always liked fighting her, but fighting on the same side... and we had such a great time when she had been turned good by that attitudinator... Damn, I wish Ron wouldn't have-

"K.P.? K.P.!", Ron waved a hand in front of her eyes, ripping her out of her thoughts.

"What is it?", she asked confusedly.

"We gotta get out, Wade said that Drakken's new lair is right under us."

"Oh... Ok then, come on.", Kim grabbed Ron's arm and pulled him with her as she jumped out of the plane after calling a "thanks for the ride!", to the pilot.

"K.P. why can't we use ano- AAAAAAAAH", Ron screamed when they fell, seeing his life passing by in front of his eyes. Kim opened her parachute, still holding him by the armpits.

"You think I'd ever jump out of a plane withoug a parachute? Ron, we're not gonna die", she laughed at his freaked out attitude.

"It still scares the crap outta me, though, when I'm not prepared.", he tried to defend himself.

"Yeah sure.", Kim said simply. They reached the ground quickly, Kim landing elegantly on her feet while Ron – less elegantly- stumbled over and landed on his butt.

"Ouch!" Kim laughed.

"Nice one, Ron", she commented, then looked around. "Come on, let's get this over with so that I can get back into my warm, soft bed."

Ron got onto his feet and followed her into the ventilation shaft above them. He was again rambling about the Sauce, Kim was again not listening at all. She was all over confused why the more they approached their goal her stomach twisted. It was not unpleasant and not because she was scared, what did scare her though was that whenever a certain green-skinned woman crossed her mind it became stronger. She couldn't wait to see her, hear her always teasing-mocking voice, feel her hair tickle her skin when she pinned her, hear her laugh-

Oh my god, I should stop thinking like that. It's SHEGO after all, and it's not like I'm in lo-

Drakken's laughter reached their ears and Kim knew they were just underneath the two villains.

"This time it IS fool-proof, Shego, you'll see!", he claimed.

"Yeah, sure, Dr. D. Just like last time with the trains and the leprechauns, right?", the woman's voice was to be heard from the other side of the room where Kim spotted her sitting in a chair and filing her nails, as always.

"I TOLD you, I was NOT talking about leprechauns, Shego.", Drakken growled, then held up an odd-looking machine.

"With THIS, victory will finally be mine!"

"Seriously, Dr. D, you saved the world, you were the hero, and now you throw it all away again and go back to plans to conquer earth which will never actually work?", Shego asked.

"Being good was never my nature. And if it bothers you that much, why do you stay? It's not like I need your mocking, anyway."

"Haha, sure you don't need me, oh Great Blue. But you pay well, you know. And just wait til Kimmie shows up. You'll see how much you need me. I think the past made it pretty obvious that you cannot handle her without me.", Shego laughed.

"We will see!", Drakken replied.

"Why not see right now, Dr. Drakken?", Kim asked loudly when she and Ron jumped out of the shaft and faced them. While Drakken looked pretty much dumbfounded, Shego grinned widely.

"Kim Possibe! Shego!", Drakken screamed.

"Yeah yeah, I know Dr. D, you DO need me." She ignited her hand and jumped towards Kim while Ron tried to grab the machine from Drakken's hands

"Finally, princess. I was already wondering what took you so long.", Shego said after Kim had evaded her attack and was now kicking out to keep Shego distant.

"Creeping through ventilation shafts isn't that comfortable and fast as it may seem.", Kim replied and held up her hands to protect herself from Shego's punches. They moved backwards step by step until Kim was pressed against a wall with one hand around Shego's wrist while the other was grabbed by Shego, neither of them wanting to give in.

God she's so beautiful... Hey, where did that come from? … Why does she have to be evil...

Kim totally lacked concentration, considering the fact that they were only inches apart.

Shego on the other hand seemed pretty much like always, except that she wasn't attacking anymore, only holding against Kim's grasp.

"What's wrong with you, Kimmie? Going soft or what?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm, but her heart went otherwise.

Kimmie... if only you knew... give me a chance and I'd show you what I truly feel for you... But being with Drakken, I probably never will get any chance to tell you that I -

"GET OFF OF ME!", Drakken shouted at his blond opponent while they cat-fought over the machine. Stumbling back Drakken lost his balance as Ron tackled him. A sound of surprise escaped both of them as they bounced into Shego and Kim, practically pushing Shego into Kim's arms.

Before any of them knew what happened Shego's lips were pressed into Kim's, just like their bodies were squeezed together against the wall as there wasn't any space left to move.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god Shego's kissing me!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god Kim's kissing me!

"VICTORY!", Drakken shouted and hurried over to his aircraft with the machine in his arms, Ron still laying on the floor.


Shego then ended the kiss and stepped back, looking deeply into Kim's eyes. Kim returned the gaze, both their faces slightly flushed, they were still holding on to each other's wrists.

"Kim, I-"


Shego knew she had to leave.. She leaned in and whispered into Kim's ear: "See you later, Princess.", then she turned around and left with Drakken.

Kim could only stand and watch, she was totally lost in a trance-like state, not even realising what had just happened.

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