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Deliver me

Out of my sadness

Deliver me

From all of the madness

Now that you're here

Now that I found you

I know that you're the one to pull me free

Chapter 7

The Only Chance

The door opened with a squeak. The light stung her eyes like a thousand needles, blinding her for several minutes until she got used to it. She saw a black figure standing in front of her, only a few inches away.

"Nice to see you awake at least." a deep male voice spoke. She didn't recognize it, but that didn't change the anger that built up inside her.

"Who are you, and what makes you think you can lock me up like this?!" she demanded to know, her hands igniting. The figure chuckled.

"They told me about your temper… But I think we can handle this," he said and snapped his fingers. Before she knew what was happening, a wave of strong electricity was sent through her body that would have knocked out anyone else. Thanks to her powers it didn't make her unconscious, but it pained her enough to almost make her scream.

"Remember this feeling? Just like then, when you were kicked into that tower by a certain redhead…?" he asked, making her head jerk up in surprise.

"How do YOU kno-"

"Of course I know. And oh, didn't you feel crushed afterwards, hm? My information told me that you nearly died because of this. And only your nice powers saved you."

"That's none of your business…" She growled, looking away. It hadn't been the electricity that hurt her the most; it had been the one sentence Kim had said before she had kicked her:

"You know what I really hate?"

"That your date melted?"

"No… You."

Shego grimaced. The memory still hurt her heart, though a lot had changed between her and Kim ever since.

KIM! Oh God, I so have to get outta here!

"Listen, what do you want from me, damn it!" she snapped.

"A little touchy, aren't you? Well, isn't it obvious? Though she kicked you into that tower, you have a thing for her. And here, I have some nice little photos that show you and her in very - how to put it – 'explicit' positions." He snapped his fingers again and the light turned on behind him, his face was still shrouded by darkness. Another man entered the room and brought a file, then left. The other one opened it and took out the said photos, showing Kim's front door plus Kim and herself kissing. Shego gasped.

"Surprised? Well, I guess this is why you are just a sidekick. You're too confident of your powers to watch your back. By the way, I heard someone is missing one… A certain Dr. Drakken. Does that ring a bell?"

Shego clenched her teeth.

This can't be! Damn you, Drakken, for sending this jerk to get me!

"Well, I think he knows I won't come back. I made myself perfectly clear when I quit." she chuckled. He grinned.

"Actually, he doesn't even want you back. The only thing he wants… Is your powers."


Kim and Ron entered the underground lair after walking for hours through the deepest jungles.

"Man, KP, I got those bugs and leaves everywhere!" Ron complained.

"Yeah…" Kim replied, not really caring about it. Her thoughts were stuck with concern about a certain raven-haired ex-villaness; she pulled out her Kimmunicator.

"Any traps here I should know about?" she asked Wade, who was occupied typing something into his computers.

"No, not in this part. But I bet there will be plenty on the inside. I'm working on it," he replied.

"All right." Kim stuffed the device back into her pocket. She continued walking, Ron stumbling after her. The redhead was glad that he kept silent for now; she really wasn't in the mood to talk to him.

As they went on, the light faded more and more until they had to use their flashlights. They had walked through the corridors for what seemed hours when they reached a hall.

"Whoa. This is HUGE!" Ron exclaimed, looking around. Kim stepped forwards cautiously, expecting traps everywhere, but Wade hadn't told her anything yet.

All of a sudden Ron shrieked behind her and before she could even turn around she was hit over the head and fell down. Lights were turned on and blinded her. Just before her eyes closed she saw a figure standing ahead of her, clothed in green and black.


Shego had been left alone for a while after her "conversation" with that man, not without getting a new dose of drugs. He had told her that they want her powers. They planned to use them to finally defeat Kim, since she was the only one that always messed up Drakken's plans. They knew that the redhead had a thing for Shego, which was the second reason they had caught her. Shego herself knew that Dr. Drakken had the brains to achieve world dominance if only he really tried, and if only Kim wouldn't have stopped him whenever he tried. All the while, she was racking her brain for a way to get out of this; she had to find Kim and tell her what was going on, save her, tell her why she didn't call her and most of all, she wanted to tell her how much she loved her, but her head was feeling dizzy again as the drugs started to take effect.

Kim… Don't let them get you…

She didn't know how much time had passed until the door opened again. The clamp was opened and someone grabbed her harshly, pushed her hands into some "plasma-proof"- handcuffs and pulled her up. Her legs felt like jelly due to the drugs and she had a hard time following him or even keeping her eyes open. He led her through the corridors, then pushed her inside a room and locked the door behind him. She was placed onto a chair and tied against it. When she lifted her head finally, she looked into the scarred face of her former boss, Dr. Drakken.

"Drakken you f-"

"No swearing, Shego." he snubbed her.

"As if you could ever tell me what to do!" she countered, but was silenced by him slamming his fist to the table. She wasn't used to him being so fierce.

"You WILL listen to what I tell you when I show you this, I am sure, Shego." he said and there was something in his grin that made Shego feel uneasy. He pressed a few buttons on his board and the monitor behind him went on, showing nothing but black.

"Oh yeah, I'm impressed." Shego said, a hint of sarcasm rolling off her tongue as she tried to smirk, which was not that easy because of the fading effects of the drugs.

"Just wait until I turn on the light," he said and pressed another button. The darkness in the room on the monitor was gone, and instead of it, Shego now saw two people tied up, who were obviously Kim and Ron. Her heart jumped in her chest when she saw her lover, her mind suddenly clear. But there was something else. Kim was crying.

"Drakken, you BASTARD! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?" Shego squirmed in the chair, trying to break free, but couldn't. Drakken laughed.

"You wanna know? Well, look!" With those words he moved the camera a little to the left, showing a person clothed in a black and green catsuit, with long black hair and greenish skin.

This made Shego scream with pure rage.


Kim couldn't stop the tears running down her cheeks. She couldn't believe what was happening. Shego, the one the she loved, the one person in this world who had always accepted her the way she was, the one she had fallen for, had betrayed her. She had set up a trap and now she was in the hands of Drakken and God knows what he was going to do to her and Ron. Ron was still passed out next to her. Kim lifted her head to look at Shego.

"Why did you do this, Shego… I thought we were… I thought you…, Her voice broke, she couldn't go on. Shego was still staring ahead, without having said a single word. All she did was watch and wait.

"Talk to me, dammit!" Kim shouted at her, her heart breaking more every second, but she didn't get any reaction from the woman.


"Isn't it perfect? First, I crush Possible's heart, and then I crush the rest! HAHA!" Drakken laughed. Shego sat on the chair and did her best to calm herself. She had to find a way to end this; she couldn't just sit here and watch Drakken kill her the love of her life. Her mind wanted to scream and shout and let Kim know she wasn't talking to the real Shego, hearing Kim so desperately trying to talk to that imposter tore her heart to shreds.

"Now, Shego… I might end poor Kimmie's torture if you stop resisting and let us get your powers. We only need a little bit of the plasma to analyze, and we'd be able to reproduce enough of it to be able to take over the world! You would be free afterwards, of course. It would be a quick end, and I wouldn't force you to watch. Isn't that an offer?"

Shego grimaced again. She figured out it was her only way out.

This is insane… But maybe this is my only chance…

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