Title: Stop & Stare

Summary: Emmett and Bella were 16 years old and Bella got pregnant. Two days after Bella found out she was pregnant Emmett told her that he and his family were moving to New York and four years, but what will happen when Emmett comes back into the picture, will he want to be the father he never had the chance to be?

A/N: I know i'm back, I've been studying for finals and i passed everying but history! This is going to either be an Emmett/Bella or a Jacob/Bella story!

Chapter one: The one with the invitation


It had been four years since Emmett had moved away to New York and left me. It had been four years since I found out that I was pregnant with mine and Emmett's daughters, Madison Rose Swan and Brooklyn Alice Swan. I tried not to think about Emmett so much, but that was difficult, because Maddie and Brook looked a lot like Emmett. I was home with Maddie and Brook in the house that on a Wednesday night, I was re-reading my favorite book Withering Heights for the hundredth time, while Maddie and Brook were playing in their room, when I heard the phone ring "Hello?" I answered the phone

"Hey Bella its Rosalie Hale-Cullen." Said Rose

"Hi Rose, what's up?" I asked her

"Actually I was calling to ask if you would come to dinner at mine and Edward's house tomorrow night?" she asked

"Who all would be there?" I asked

"It would just be Jasper and Alice, Emmett and his new girlfriend Lauren Mallory." Said Rosalie

"I would be bringing two extra people." I replied

"Who?" she asked

"My three year old twin daughters, Brooklyn and Madison would be coming as well." I stated

"That's fine." Said Rosalie

"Okay, so I'll see you tomorrow night." I said

"Yes, we'll see you at 7pm." Said Rosalie

"Bye Rose." I replied

"Bye Bells." Said Rosalie

Only after I hung up the phone did I realize how much trouble I was in: Maddie and Brook look a lot like their dad, who had no clue he was a dad and was engaged to another woman, the second Maddie and Brook walk through the doors of that house tomorrow night, it will be painfully obvious whose children they are.

I went into the girls room "Girls, clean-up and then get in bed, because its bedtime." I told Maddie and Brook, who were playing Barbie

"Yes Momma" they both said and then proceeded to pick up their toys, and I helped them

"So, tomorrow night, we are going to my friend's parent's house, and I want you girls on your best behavior, do I make myself clear girls?" I told Maddie and Brook because when they wanted to they could cause real trouble

"Yes Momma." They replied again

"Good and that means what girls?" I asked because these girls were too much like their father

"It means, using our inside voices and no pranks." They replied sweetly

"You know, I wouldn't have to go over this every time before we go out except if I don't you both act like monkeys, now go get in bed girls." I told them

"Yes Momma." They said and got into bed

"Good night." I said

"Sleep tight." Said Brook

"Dream of bed bugs tonight." Said Maddie (That is from Lion King ½)

"Night Girls." I laughed

"Night Momma." They replied and then I left their room and closed the door behind me.

A/N: and I am ending this chapter here, wow, Bella is going to go to Edward and Rosalie's house and she is bringing her daughters Maddie and Brook who look like Emmett who has no clue that he is a dad and is dating Lauren Mallory… DRAMA! xoxo Leyton Lover100 xoxo