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All grown up

Kait had just reached the top of the bank as Lacey was being shoved unceremoniously into the car next to Georgie.

"Lacey!" She yelled without thinking.

The abductor looked round towards her before quickly jumping into the car and racing off. In panic Kait turned and ran back towards the cars calling for the boys and meeting them in

Jackson coming towards her. They pulled up quickly and Kait explained what had happened as she clambered in being hauled from inside by Troy.

"Which way did they go" Bobby asked as he looked up and down in concern. Luke had explained to him about the road blocks and the wanted man.

Kait pointed after the car. "That way"

Bobby spun the car round onto the road as he replied "Call Dad. Have him cut them off at the bridge" He instructed Kait.

"Hazzard Princess calling Lost Sheep. Dad are you there?"

"I hear ya Sweetheart, Whats happenin'?" Luke came back

"Dad, the girls have just been taken in a car at knife point. Bobby said to try and cut 'em off at the bridge. We're hot on their tail"

Bo and Luke exchanged a look. "You got it Princess. You kids be careful now"

"Sure Dad I'm down and gone"

"Breaker one Beaker one I might be crazy but I ain't dumb. Crazy Cooter comin' at ya. I got my pedal to the metal and I'll be chewin' your tail feathers in no time"

"Appreciate it Cooter" Bo replied taking the CB from Luke so he could drive

Bobby chanced a quick glance and smirk at his sister. "It sure didn't take you long to get the old lingo back" He drawled.

Kait frowned at him "And I'm not the only one" she retaliated

"I see 'em...Up ahead" Troy interrupted.

"Now we at least gotta fightin' chance" Bobby said seriously as he swung Jackson round the corners closing the gap on the strangers car. Bobby may have been out of town for a while but

he knew these roads. He had spent a lot of years throwing Jackson round these curves, between these very ditches.

"We need to slow him down before he hurts somebody" Bobby spoke as he wrestled with the wheel. He and Troy exchanged a knowing glance before they both looked at Kait.

"What?" she asked before realising what they meant and rolling her eyes.

"You still got it Cuz?" Troy asked.

"I can sure try" She replied pulling her bow from the back seat. She sat herself on the car windowsill and Troy passed her bow out to her and held on to her to make sure she didn't fall out.

"What the heck is going on with that car" Bobby asked as the abductor's car began to swerve all over the road.

"Georgie and Lacey at a guess" Troy replied

"Kait ...if ya gonna do it quick" Bobby yelled at her.

"Well if ya just hold the dang car still" She replied nearly falling and grateful for Troy hanging onto her.

"I'm holdin' it steady as I can" Bobby answered

Kait steadied herself again and fired an arrow which exploded just in front of and to one side of the car. It swerved away from the explosion and into a bush. Bobby skidded to a halt as

Georgie and Lacey were dragged from the car struggling. As they tried to disarm the man, Georgie got hit and pushed into the door of the car.

"Stay back!" the man yelled as Georgie slumped dazed to the ground. He waved the knife in front of them before pressing it closer to Lacey.

"Take it easy there" Bobby tried to calm him, raising his hands to show he was unarmed. Troy and Kait stood right behind him.

"I mean it. Stay back" The man repeated. "Wouldn't wanna see this little lady get hurt."

"Let me just check on my sister here" Kait asked more calmly than she felt, taking a step towards Georgie.

"I said stay there" The man yelled.

Bobby put out his hand to stop Kait as Troy gently grabbed her arm.

They heard the approaching roar of the General and with a quick glance round the man dragged Lacey off into the bushes.

The three youngsters dived forwards to Georgie and when Bobby was sure that she was going to be OK he set off after Lacey with Troy hot on his heals. The new generation of Dukes had

definitely inherited the importance of family and taking care of each other.

The General slid to a halt beside Jackson and Luke and Jess leaped out and ran over to Kait and Georgie. Enos helped Bo out more slowly and followed.

"Georgie!" Jess called out kneeling down next to them.

"I'm OK, Mum" Georgie replied still slightly groggily.

"I think she'll be alright" Kait added "She took a bang on the head"

Luke looked around. "The others?"

"Bobby and Troy took off after the man that had Lacey" Kait replied.

"Is Lacey OK?" Bo asked with concern.

Kait exchanged a look with Luke not missed by Jess.

"Kait!" Bo snapped. "Where's Lacey?"

Jess looked up at Luke " Lu...Go! I'll stay with Georgie"

"What's goin' on?" Bo demanded

"Bo. Stay with Jess" Luke instructed grabbing his shoulders and staring into his eyes. "I'll go get your daughter. Ya trust me right?"

"But Luke..." He started to protest.

"Mine and Daisy's kids are out there too, Bo. And I'm wastin' time with you.!" Luke demanded.

Bo's stature slumped in defeat. "I trust ya Luke"

Luke patted his shoulder and turned to go with Kait following him.

"I'm with you Dad" She stated.

He looked at her for a moment.

"Ok." He said with resignation, knowing that she was as every bit as stubborn as Daisy or Jess when there was trouble. "Stay close" He didn't want to waste any more time arguing.

Enos put a hand on Bo's shoulder to hold him back as Cooter pulled up and hurried over to be filled in.

"Bob, ya here me? What's happenin'?" Luke whispered into the CB as he and Kait made their way after the others.

"I think he's making his way back to the creek" Came Bobby's whispered reply "But it's too dark to see much"

Luke and Kait glanced at each other and Kait pulled a flared arrow from the bow and looked questioningly at Luke.

"Do it Girl" He replied helping her set it up. "OK kids be ready" He whispered into the CB again.

Bobby knew better than to ask what for. He had backed Luke up in more events like this than he'd ever thought possible since they had first come to Hazzard. He glanced across at Troy

and back to where they had last seen the man with Lacey. The knife that glinted in the snatches of moonlight still way too close to her neck.

Kait fired the flare high above them and as it fell it lit up the sky and the ground below it.

The man was unprepared for this and looked up in shock. Bobby and Troy took their chance and dashed forwards.

Knowing that Lacey was more a hindrance than a help in his escape now, the man pushed her towards the approaching boys in order to hamper their pursuit. Bobby stumbled as she fell

into him and Troy ran off after the abductor.

"You OK?" Bobby asked her

"Of course. Go help Troy." She insisted.

Bobby looked in the direction Troy had gone. Torn between his two cousins. His problem was solved by Enos stumbling through the undergrowth.

"Take care of Lacey" He demanded shoving her into Enos's arms. No time for nicety's such as please and thank you as he took off after Troy.

Troy had caught up with the abductor in a clearing and with his best football tackle sent them both sprawling on the ground. Troy struck out but had to roll out of the way as the knife was

brought down frighteningly close to his face needing him to bring his arm up quickly in his defence. The man was first to his feet and took off again.

Kait and Luke had come up on the other side of the clearing stopping the man in his tracks.

Luke stepped forward to face him hands held aloft. "There ain't nowhere's left to run, Mister" He said calmly.

"I ain't bein' taken down by an old plough boy and a bunch of kids." The man stated waving the knife in front of him towards Luke.

Luke was about to answer when a log rolled hard into the back of the Man's legs throwing him over backwards and making him drop the knife, just as Bobby arrived on the scene.

He hauled the man up by the front of his jacket and thumped him. Not content with that, he did it again.

"Bobby! Stop" Luke grabbed his shoulders from behind and pulled him away "He's had enough"

Troy stood up and made his way over to them, holding his right hand round his left forearm, as Kait came forward from the direction the log had appeared. They were all breathing deeply

as Bobby relaxed slightly and Luke finally decided it was safe to let him go. Just as Luke had pulled the man to his feet, Enos arrived with Lacey and took charge of the prisoner, cuffing

him roughly. Kait hugged Lacey and checked she was Ok as Bobby patted Troy's shoulder and went to shake his hand. It was then that he noticed the blood seeping between Troy's

fingers that were still wrapped around his arm.

"Whoa there. Let me see" Bobby said sitting Troy back on a convenient tree stump getting the others attention.

Troy trusted Bobby and had always looked up to him, so he released his grip "It's just a scratch"

"Looks slightly more than a scratch to me" Bobby replied as he took a look. "We need to get something around this"

"Here take this" Lacey held out the scarf she had been wearing.

Bobby took it and bandaged up Troy's arm.

"Better get you checked over by the Doc too when we get back" Luke told him. "But kids...ya did good. I'm proud of ya"

Troy grinned and Kait gave her Dad a hug. Lacey stood to one side looking sheepish but Luke beckoned her over "Come here Little Lady"

Lacey raced over and threw her arms round his neck and burst into tears of relief and guilt.

"I'm sorry Uncle Lu. I'm real sorry"

Luke stroked her hair as he hugged her tight "Sh now. It's all over"

Bobby helped Troy to his feet and with Luke's arm round each of the girls and Enos shoving the prisoner in front of them, they all made their way back to the cars.


The following morning after breakfast, Bo followed Luke and Doc Carter out of the farmhouse kitchen.

"Thanks a lot Doc. We're mighty obliged to ya for comin' out again to check on the kids" Luke said shaking his hand.

"No problem" The Doc answered "Just a slight concussion and a minor cut. They'll be right as rain in no time."

"Thanks again Doc" Bo added also shaking his hand.

"You just go get some rest too" The Doc advised him with a knowing look.

Bo grinned "I'll try"

Jess joined them wrapping her arms round Luke's waist as they waved the Doc off and watched him go up the drive. Another car passed him on the way in.

"I think I ought to give these Boys a bit of a talkin' to" Luke said seriously moving Jess's arms away as he noticed it was Toby and Scottie.

"Luke.." Jess said warningly "Hear them too Bo"

Luke looked at Jess then to Bo as the Boys pulled up. They walked over to meet them as they got out of the car.

Georgie came out to join Jess "Mum, what're they doin'? They're gonna ruin everything" She whined.

Jess grabbed hold of Georgie to stop her going over to them. "Leave it Georgie. Your Dad has had a chance to calm down, but he has to do this. And if Scottie is serious about seeing you

he won't let your Dad put him off."

"But I really like him Mum"

"I know Sweetie. So let Dad have his say then I'm sure it'll be OK" Jess put an arm round Georgie's shoulders and hugged her.

"You sure?" Georgie questioned. "Kait said that when she got a boyfriend Dad was on their case all the time."

Jess smiled "Yes he was. But remember, you and Kait are his angels and he wants to make sure that you stay that way."

Georgie huffed. "Great!" The sarcasm dripping from every sound.


"What can I do for you two boys" Luke asked roughly as the boys turned to face them. Toby and Scottie felt they should of had a shot gun trained on them right now.

The boys looked at each other before Scottie spoke up. "We wanted to come and apologise about last night Sir. ...And make sure that the Girls were alright"

"And return this" Toby held out Lacey's CB.

Bo took the offered radio. "What in the heck were y'all thinkin' last night?"

"We just wanted to take the girls to the party" Toby replied.

"Are they OK? We heard what happened. We didn't wanna get the girls into any kinda trouble" Scottie replied looking at Luke.

Luke stared back him. This boy wasn't going to back down. "The girls are just fine. Maybe a little shook up" He said more gently.

"I'm real sorry Sir. I thought if they took the car they'd be OK." Scottie tried to explain.

"They ain't supposed to be drivin'. " Bo stated. The tone of his voice obvious he wanted to run these boys off.

"We know that, Sir. But we thought it'd be better than bein' caught by the cops." Toby tried to help.

Scottie took a deep breath and drew himself up. "I know y'aint too happy with us right now, Mr Duke. But I'm real sorry about all the trouble we caused and I realise that now probably

ain't the right time, but...but...I wanna ask your permission to court your daughter."

"You sure ain't too smart kid. To come up here and ask a thing like that" Bo said with a laugh of disbelief.

Scottie looked at him. "If I'd've done this before maybe none of this woulda happened" He turned back to Luke.

Luke was still staring at him looking thoughtful. There was a moments silence before he spoke. "It took a lotta guts for you to come up here today and say your piece, but ya did it. And I

appreciate that. ...Georgie is only thirteen...but I gotta let her grow up and make here own decisions...So if she wants you to come callin' then I guess that's up to her and

I won't stand in her way"

Scottie smiled in relief "Thank you Sir. I'll take better care of her next time Sir. I promise" He rambled.

"There had better not be a next time, Son." Luke said shaking his head. "And if ya do anythin' that ain't appropriate for church on Sundays be sure I will find out and I won't be so obligin'.

Do we understand each other? "

"Yes Sir, Mr Duke. Perfectly."

Luke finally gave in to a smile and shook the boy's hand. Jess and Georgie smiled at each other as they watched.

"And what about you?" Bo turned his attention to Toby. "What are your intentions towards my daughter?"

"Well, I don't wanna ask to marry her or anythin', but I would like to see more of her"

"What!" Bo exclaimed.

"Ya may wanna take your foot outta your mouth and rephrase that, Kid" Luke smiled.

"I mean I don't wanna marry anyone yet but I would like to spend more time with Lacey if ya think that would be OK, Sir." He rambled.

Bo said nothing for a moment, deliberately keeping the boy in suspense a little longer. But Luke was right these boys at least had the courage to come up here and face them. That had to

stand for something. Finally he held out his hand . "You wanna get mixed up with daughter that's OK by me."

Toby shook the outstretched hand with a smile "You won't be sorry Sir."

"I had better not be" Bo replied with a raised eyebrow that said everything. "I'll be watchin'. "

"Can we see them now?" Toby asked.

Bo and Luke looked at each other.

"I guess that'll be alright" Luke answered. "Take a seat" He indicated the picnic table "I'll have the girls bring out some lemonade"

"Lemonade!" Toby exclaimed without thinking.

"Yes, lemonade" Bo said determinedly.

Scottie looked daggers at Toby "Lemonade will be real nice, Mr Duke. Thank you Sir." and he dragged Toby off to the bench.

Bo went off to get Lacey as Luke joined Jess and Georgie. He ran a hand slowly round Jess's waist.

"Well...?" Georgie asked expectantly.

"Well what?" Luke teased.

"Daddy! Just tell me. Can I see him again?"

"Well, unless you wanna leave the boy sittin' out there in the sun all day, you'd better go get some lemonade and take it over" Luke grinned.

"Thank you Daddy!" She cried throwing her arms round his neck and hugging him tight before racing back into the kitchen.

"Georgie, you're suppose to be taking it easy" Jess called after her as they chuckled. She put her arm round Luke as they went to follow her in but another car arriving stopped them.

A young guy got out and they heard Kait squeal and race across the yard to meet him. She threw herself at him and they shared a passionate kiss.

"What in tarnation!" Luke exclaimed.

Jess took a step forward and Luke wrapped his arms round her waist smiling. "Easy Mama Bear. I think they need a minute"

Bobby and Emma joined Luke and Jess as Georgie took drinks over to the boys.

Bobby wolf whistled and called over. "Hey Little Sister. Let the boy have some air" He grinned.

Kait and the boy finally separated. "What are you doing here?" She asked him

"I missed you" he replied.

"I missed you too" she kissed him again.

"Ain't you gonna introduce us?" Luke asked from behind her.

Kait turned to face her family still hanging onto the young man's arm. "Mum, Dad, this is Matt. parents"

"Pleased to meet you Sir, Ma'am" he said enthusiastically, shaking their hands. "Good to see you again Bobby. Emma you look great."

"Ooh flattery" She grinned "Kait you want to keep this one"

"We've heard a lot about you Matt." Jess smiled

"Good to finally meet ya" Luke added "Come on in"


The farm was hectic and crowded as Bobby and Emma went out onto the porch after supper.

"You love being back here" Emma said as she cuddled up to him on the swing.

"Yeah, we've had some good times here. There's something special about the old place"

Emma smiled "Your Mum said that the first time I came here and she was right. Even I had to come back here."

"And I thought you came back for me" Bobby teased.

"The fact you were here helped" She looked up him "It took us a while but I'm glad we managed to work things out eventually"

"Yeah so am I" He said gently as he kissed her.


Bo leant on the railings looking around at the farm. The past twenty four hours had taken its toll and he felt stiff and sore. He was thinking about his family, his past, his future. He was

roused from his thoughts by a voice behind him.

"Hey Bo. How you doing?"

He turned and smiled "Hey darlin'" He stuck out one arm and hugged Jess towards him. "I'm OK"

"Till the next drama" Jess smiled rolling her eyes.

"That ain't ever gonna change. Not with new generations of Dukes to continue the mayhem." He indicated towards the house with his head

Jess chuckled "They can't let the family down" Then she turned serious. "Lacey seems OK"

"Puttin' a brave face on it. Gaby spent a lot of time talkin' to her."

"I'm sure she'll be fine. How's her Dad doing really?"

"Scared to death. I don't know how you and Luke manage to go through everythin' with the kids and stay sane"

"By just dealing with it all one step at a time. And we're lucky we have each other to lean on, just like you and Gaby."

Bo sighed "I guess"

"But you wouldn't change a minute of it".

Bo smiled and kissed the top of her head "I sure wouldn't"

The sounds of laughter and music wafted across the farm to them

"Wanna go join the party?" Jess asked looking up at him.

"I'm gettin' too old to party" Bo replied pulling a face.

Jess laughed "Bo Duke will never be too old to party"

They made their way across to the house, her arm round his waist to help him, his round her shoulders.

They found the rest of their families by the farm house porch, just messing around with guitars. Daisy's family and Cooter had joined them for supper and were there too

They looked up as Jess and Bo arrived.

"Wondered where you two had gotten to. Hey Cuz, ya wanna keep your hands off my girl" Luke grinned up at him.

Bo smirked "Ya wanna keep your hands off mine" Luke was sitting on a straw bale with his arm round Gaby and his guitar on his lap.

Jess helped Bo into the rocking chair that she'd turfed Kait out of and stood with a hand on his shoulder as she smiled at Luke.

Bo and Luke were still teasing when Bo winked at Gaby and started singing to her (George Jones/Mike Denver - Real Deal) "Dolled up to the nines, you got your eyes locked on tall dark.

Well he's mighty pretty but I bet he ain't worried a bit about your heart"

Luke laughed and started to play the guitar as he took over the song. The rest of the family were laughing along with them. Bobby beckoned Bo's guitar over from Lacey and joined in. Half

way through, Jess and Gaby smiled at each other and nodded, trading places so they could sit with their appropriate husbands. Gradually everyone was singing along with Troy dancing

with Izzy at the side. The song finished and they descended into laughter as Luke turned to Jess and kissed her.

"Hey Kait. You remember this one" Bobby started playing Brad Paisley's He didn't have to be. Everyone went quiet as Bobby sang and Kait stood up and went to join him.

Listening to them Luke's mind wandered back over the years. It was filled with pictures of the good times and bad times, important events and just family times. Every thought contained

Jess and the kids. He remembered the first time Kait and Bobby had sung that song for him, just after Georgie was born.

He focussed back on them now. His son smiling at his pregnant wife. His girls standing with their arms round each other, looking at him. He clenched his jaw tight. He had that feeling that

Jess had tried to explain when they had first met. That feeling that the kids could always make you want to cry.

The music stopped and you could of heard a pin drop. Luke rubbed a hand across his face trying to hide his misty eyes. He stood up and said simply "Come here" holding out his arms to

his kids.

The girls got to him first and both hugged him tightly at once. Then Bobby ruffled Luke's thinning hair as Luke had used to do to him. "You're goin' soft old man" He grinned hugging him


"And you're gonna be an even better Dad" Luke replied.

The others were all laughing and joking. Lacey looked up at her Dad from where she had sat at his feet resting her head on his knee. "I love you Dad"

Bo smiled and stroked her hair "I know Honey. I love you too"

"Enough" Cooter called "Let's get this party rockin'."

The kids picked up the guitars and the music and laughter continued

"I love your family" Matt grinned at Kait above the noise

"You wait till you really get to know them" Kait grinned back as they joined in.

Jess stood next to Luke and put her arm round him as he watched the kids. "You OK?"

Luke turned to her pulling her close. "Yeah, they got me again with that song" he pouted

Jess smiled "It's how they feel about you. They love you"

Luke smiled "I love my kids too." He kissed her gently "And I love you Jess Duke"

"And I have always loved you Luke Duke" she kissed him back and they went to join the others.

The Duke farm was full of family as it should be. And Hazzrd was home and safe.

For now!