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Plot Summary - AU - Dick Grayson, MD falls hard for Kori Anders, RN when she comes to work temporarily at the ER where he is an attending physician. Has the notorious playboy finally met someone he could be happy with? Will Kori want to have anything to do with him?

Richard Grayson - ER doc/playboy

Kori Anders - Nurse practitioner/working temporarily as an ER nurse

Victor Stone - ER doctor

Karen Beecher - ER Nurse/Victor's Fiance

Tara Markov - ER Nurse

Rachael Roth - ER doctor

Garfield Logan - ER Nurse

Wally West - Paramedic


Double Take


Chapter 1


He did something he had never remember doing before - a double take. But as the beautiful redhead walked up to the nurse's station, gathering her long thick red hair into a ponytail he couldn't help it. She saw him do the soon to be infamous double take and smiled. The way her eyes lit up when she smiled was nothing short of intoxicating. God she is so beautiful.

It was 2:50 PM on a Friday afternoon. Dr. Richard 'Dick' Grayson, ER attending physician, was about to get report from his friend Dr. Victor Stone on the 12 patients that were currently being seen at Lincoln Memorial Hospital's modest ER. Dr. Grayson hated being at the hospital that early. His shift was normally 7 PM to 7 AM but Victor had a family function and Dick reluctantly agreed to come in a few hours early for him.

"Jeez Dick", Victor said quietly with a knowing smile as he put a hand on his friend's shoulder, "looks like I did you a favor. I haven't seen you react to a girl like that since middle school. I think she'd be a great girlfr-"

"Finish that sentence and I will kill you where you stand'" Dick hissed. At least he wasn't entirely serious.

"Steady big fellow. I hear she's from an agency so if you are going to get a crack at her you never know when she'll be back..."

"An agency nurse, great. I hope she's staffed in an ER before. The agency seems to send people that always get lost and have a million questions like they are from outer space or something." Dick paused again and looked over to where she was and couldn't help but smirk as she wriggled her bottom as she settled down in an empty chair. He noticed she was pulling at her scrubs top self-consciously as she looked up studying the patient board and waiting for change of shift nursing report to begin. He thought how nice she would look without said scrub top on.

"Alright, alright, let me give you what I've got and I'll get going so you can... do whatever it is you do." Victor reviewed the data he had on his clipboard on the patients that he would be handing over to Dick. He couldn't help but laugh at his friend who could not stop stealing glances at the red-haired beauty. "You got it bad, Dick - by the way, I think her name is Kori - call me tomorrow and let me know how it goes."

"Enough - I believe I am here to work" Dick said, trying to sound irritated but knowing it was true - he did do his work but also spent the time socializing as well. In the one or two ER shifts he worked weekly (any more and it would get in the way of his playboy lifestyle and he certainly didn't need the money), he regularly managed to get a phone number or more from the various women he encountered at work, being it hospital staff, students, police or fire rescue personnel or even occasionally patient or their family member. His reputation was well known but the ER provided an opportunity to meet lots of women as it was somewhat of a revolving door.

Kori Anders, the red-head that had caught the doctor's eye introduced herself to Karen Beecher, the charge nurse the day shift. Karen also happened to be Victor's fiance. "Glad the agency was able to send you over. Fridays can get a bit hairy around here".

"I am glad as well. I like it that way - especially when I work a double-shift."

"You're here until 7 AM? You are a better woman than I."

"I doubt that." Kori said with a warm smile.

"When she gets here I will introduce you to Tara Markov, she'll be the charge nurse from 3-11. Usually she has anyone new from the agency buddy up for the first half of the shift and then cuts you loose. Are you okay with that?"

"No problem. No problem at all." Kori was aware that she had caught the young doctor's attention but that was nothing new. Her long thick hair was a color of red people paid a lot of money for, and along with her unusually bright green eyes, tall well-proportioned body and tanned skin always drew attention. She had grown tired of the attention but would never consider sabotaging it. She liked the way she looked and worked hard to stay in shape and although she did not flaunt her physique or beauty, at least not at work, she would never hide it.

She was however always suspicious of those drawn to her do to her looks, she had found out the hard way that not all attention is good. People also noticed her beautiful smile and the way her face lit up when she spoke. Those that really got to know her were in awe of her intelligence, incredible people and professional skills, her biting humor and kindness.

Tara arrived right at 2:59 and the nurses gathered to report off and to get their assignment. Kori listened attentively to report on all the patients. She pulled again at her scrub top. Why do I have to wear scrubs? I hate feeling like I am working in pajamas. After report was finished, Tara finally got a chance to introduce herself to Kori. As Karen had thought, being new, Kori was to shadow Tara for the about 4 hours and then would be on her own the rest of the night.

"Hey, Kori, we'll check in with our patients in a sec. I just want to get a couple things settled. Any preference on when you take your dinner break?"

"If it could be about sunset, that would be glorious. I try never to miss it, especially when I am going to be stuck in the hospital for so many hours" maybe she was regretting scheduling 16 hours straight in the hospital. "How about 7:30 - 8:00 PM?"

"That's fine. You know, you'd get the best view from on the roof. There are stairs I'll show you later." A secretive grin crossed Tara's face. Wonder how Kori would handle the charms of a certain ER doctor who happened to always take a break up on the roof at sunset. The same ER doctor that kept glancing over at Kori.


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