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Yosh! And here's the first chapter of my major Naruto/Bleach crossover! I kno I kno its a little small but i promise the following chapters will be 3 thousand words or more. Anyways, I hope that my readers and to my new readers will enjoy my newest creation. So without further adeu. enjoy my newest Naruhina fanfic, The Soul of the Fox and the Eagle!

Summary: One night, Hyuuga Hinata is walking through a park in the peaceful village of Konoha dreaming about a certain blond haired ninja. Then her dream becomes a nightmare when she's attacked by strange beasts with white masks and finds her crush bleeding from massive wounds while trying to protect her. Naruto raises his sword and points in at the young girl "Do you trust me?" he asks. "W-What?" she replies. "Do you trust me?" he repeats as the beasts draw closer. "O-Of course I do". "Then plunge this sword in you're heart and take my power to save us and the village. Hinata swallows but grasps the blade and pulled it into her chest, thus begins her journey of a life time as she takes the job as a "Shinigami". Naruto/Bleach crossover.


Hinata: A kunoichi and a newly made shinigami. She has a lot to learn about her new powers and it's up to Naruto to teach her the ropes.

Naruto: A shinigami and a shinobi of the Leaf. How and why he became a shinigami is unknown.

Gaara: The Kazekage of the Sand and the jinchuriki of the Ichibi no Shukaku. How and why he became a shinigami is unknown.

Yugito: A kunoichi of the Cloud and the jinchuriki of the Nibi no Nekomata. How and why she became a shinigami is unknown. She is also dating Gaara.

The Soul of the Fox and the Eagle

Chapter 1: On Cool Nights with Bloody Nightmares

It was a cool night. Most people would feel discouraged that the hot summer was over and fall was here with winter just around the corner. But not Hyuuga Hinata. She liked the fall, the cooler days, the early evenings, the smell of hot tea and bento in the chilly mornings. But most of all, she liked that the birthday of the man she loved for the longest time was in this season. She blushed just thinking about it.

'I wonder what he's doing right now?' she thought as she gazed at the moon. She had heard that Naruto was on a solo mission and would be gone for a week or two. She was sad that he was gone but she was glad to have more time to train and impress him. She sighed; she thought that since Sakura and Sasuke gotten together, Naruto would take notice of her. Instead, he's been less cheerful and burrowing himself in training that would make Lee's training look like a morning jog.

That training was doing him some good. His body was becoming more and more built making him look like even more of a god. Hinata blushed a deep shade of crimson as she remembered when she saw Naruto shirtless at the hospital during her yearly check up. Thank the lord that she fainted in a hospital.

Hinata remembered something that Anko and Kurenai had said one day at the dango shop.


On a hot August afternoon, Hinata met up with her sensei and her friend Anko for lunch. She looked around and saw her sensei waving from the back of the room.

"Over here Hinata!" called the older kunoichi. Hinata smiled and walked over sitting next to her teacher. They began to discus amongst themselves about things they didn't have the chance to during work. Clothes, perfumes, hair, shampoos, the usual things that a woman would talk about. Then the topic that Hinata had troubling talking about came up.

"Ne Hinata, you got yourself a man?" asked Anko.

Hinata's checks began to burn, "N-No Anoko-san"

"You don't?!" said Anko shocked "Whattya mean you don't have a man? You cute enough to get who ever you want". Hinata blushed at the comment but inwardly sighed 'Not cute enough to get Naruto-kun' she thought.

"It takes more than being cute to get a man Anko" said Kurenai. "A woman must have personality, smarts, heart and charm"

"Oh you're right Kurenai!" said Anko smacking her fist into her palm, "What's your cup size Hinata? We can then measure your level of charm"

Hinata's face went red as a tomato and she began to twiddle her fingers. "U-um….ah…well…" she stuttered.

"Anko!" scolded Kurenai knowing about Hinata's weak spirit "You don't need to ask about that! And besides, a women's breast size doesn't represent her charm. Big boobs don't always mean success"

"No but it helps" said Anko holding a dango skewer between her teeth grinning.

End of Flashback

Hinata sighed. The truth was, she didn't know her cup size. None of the bras at the stores she went to fit her; they were all too small. She was too embarrassed to talk to the clerks so she did the only thing she could, wear a mesh next under her jacket. Anko had said that large breast help a lot with attracting men. That the Hokage for example. Men of all ages would stare at her unusually large cleavage. But Hinata felt so freakish have such large breasts and being the only one her age with them. She had seen clothes and bathing suits reveling a lot of skin and a lot of women wearing them having men chasing after them like moths to a flame. But when ever she tried on one of these clothes she would just place it back on the rack; there was no way she could wear something that revealing in public. Hinata looked down at her body. Her younger sister Hanabi had told her when they were bathing in the family hot spring that she had a great body and would get Naruto is she dropped the jacket and wore some sexy clothes. Even something as casual as what Sakura and Ino wore would be enough, but Hinata just shook her head at the idea knowing that she could never wear those kinds of clothes. Not forgetting that her father would never approve of such "unladylike" clothing.

She moved out the wooded area into a clearing where she could gaze at the heavens. She looked up and smiled seeing all the stars shine down on the peaceful village with the full moon smack down in the middle of the night sky.

"Stars, I envy you…" she said to herself. "You can shine all you want without something or someone telling you not to". She sighed; she wished so much to shine brightly as the stars. She wanted to make her father proud, to be respected by her clan, to strong enough to be with Naruto. But all of that seemed as out of reach as the stars above. Her sharp eyes then spotted a shooting star flying around the sky. She closed her eyes and held her hand as if in prayer.

"Star…" she whispered "Please let me be able to be with Naruto-kun. To make him happy, to help him in anyway, to make him smile again". Tears began to role down her face, "Please, let me help him"

Suddenly, a massive killing intent emerged from behind her. She quickly leaped out of the way as they attacker crashed into the trees destroying them. Hinata landed in a crouching position with her right arm in front to stabilize herself. She felt a shock of pain in her right shoulder. She looked at it to see it bleeding heavily and her jacket tore soaked in her blood. She pressed her hand on the wound to stop the bleeding but only caused more pain.

'Where did that come from?" she thought but was interrupted by a second attack. She leaped out of way just in time as the attacker hit the ground creating a small crater.

"W-What's going-" she began but then, the most inhuman cry came behind her with a cold breath hitting her causing her hair to flail in front of her, eyes wide. She then locked eye with the most hideous beat she had ever seen. It was a large beast with green skin with strips at the shoulders. It had large feet and fists with sharp talons and a hideous white mask like a wild boar as orange piercing eyes. But what shocked her the most was the gaping hole in its chest where its heart should be.

She began to tremble. What was this monster? Why was it attacking her? The beast creamed again and lunged at the young Hyuuga heir without hesitation. Hinata quickly rolled over avoiding the monster's blow and ran into the woods. She ran without looking back and hoped that should could get away. But Hinata had lost too much blood from her wound, here body grew heavy and her eyes began to blur.

Hinata stumbled and collapsed at the base of a large tree. "N-no" she whispered weakly "It can't end like this…" she pulled herself up sitting up right with her back against the tree. The monster began to walk up the wounded kunoichi and sniffed the air.

"What a delicious soul you have" the beast said raising back his head to strike. "You will be tasty"

Hinata raised her heavy head to look at the beast but her vision and balance were off. 'N-no…." she whispered in her mind 'Please I don't want to die'. Her mind began to swim causing her to shut her eyes tightly. 'Please…anyone…save me….Naruto-kun…Kiba-kun…Shino-kun…Kurenai-sensei…Neji-ni-sama…anyone!'

The beast threw itself at Hinata with its jaws open, mere inches from Hinata.

"Save me!" she screamed. There was a loud crunch of bone being crushed and the splatter of blood. Drops of blood splashed on Hinata's trembling face causing her to wince. Any yet, she felt no pain. Why was she no in pain? Why was she not dead?

"You fucking bastard…." said a deep male voice. Hinata's eyes snapped out to see a tall dark figure standing in front of her. His left arm was in the mouth of the monster and bleeding heavily. "For doing that…you're going down!" a bright blue blaze of light began to shine from inside the beast's mouth and blasted into oblivion (a/n: try imagining the light building up and releasing like Goku charging up a Kamehameha). Hinata shielded her eyes from the like but when she opened her eyes to see her savior, the figure had already lept into the trees.

'Who…who was that?' she thought 'Was that…Naruto-kun?'. Hinata pulled herself to her feet and rested her good shoulder against the tree. She took a deep breath and tried to walk, but she stumbled and nearly collapsed if she hadn't grabbed onto another tree.

'I'm…too weak…I can't go on' though Hinata. But just as she was about to give up, she heard a cry from in the woods. "T-That sounded like…Naruto-kun!". Hinata all the strength she had left and ran into the woods toward the cry. Then she saw him. She saw the dark figure sitting against a tree but now she could see him more clearly. He wore a white kosode, a black kimono and hakama with out sleeves, a white obi sash and straw sandals without the tabi. He had a large iron sword in his right hand lying on the floor about seven and a half feet long and one foot wide. The tip of the blade was rounded to a wide half circle over passing the width of the blade and a few foot long chain at the butt of the sword (a/n: think of Siegfried's Requiem sword from Soul Calibur III). He had long spiky blond hair with a pair of red fox ears and his head drooped along with a long red tail that rapped across him. His clothes wear ripped and his chest was soaked in blooded.

The figure raised his head revealing his face. It was covered with blood, his eyes were red with black slits and were wavering but Hinata still recognized him.

"N-Naruto-kun" she breathed, he hand flying to her mouth. She ran to his side and placed her hands on his shoulders. "Naruto-kun! D-Daijoubu?!"

"H…Hinata….?" Said Naruto weakly "Why didn't…you run?"

"You're going to die if you stay here!" she screamed letting go oh her shyness. "I can't just leave you here!"

Naruto smiled half-heartily, "We're both going to die of we stay here" he said looking up as more of the inhuman cries filled the air. "We're surrounded by hollows, there's…no where else to go and…I don't have the strength to fight"

"H-Hollows?" asked Hinata.

"Ya…that's what their called" said Naruto closing his eyes accepting defeat. Then, an idea struck his mind causing him to open up his eyes.

"Hinata do you trust me?" he said seriously.

Hinata was surprised by his seriousness but swallowed and answered "O-Of course I do-"

"Then…" said Naruto cutting her off, raising his sword and pointing it at her "You…must become a shinigami"

Hinata's eyes widened at what her crush was saying, "W-What do you mean Nar-"

"Hinata!" shouted Naruto cutting her off. "The only way…for us to survive…and to save the village…is for you to take my power….and become a shinigami!"

Hinata was now trembling. What should she do? This was all crazy; this was nothing more than a crazy nightmare that she desperately wanted to wake up from. But, Naruto was here, so this nightmare has already become a dream.

"Please…" said Naruto softly but urgently snapping Hinata from his thoughts, "Help me…"

'Yes' though Hinata clenching her fists 'This is what I wished for, for me to help Naruto-kun. If I do this for him, then maybe, he'll finally recognize me'.

Hinata swallowed hard, "W-What do I have t-to do?" she asked.

"Plug this blade into your chest, and I'll give you my reiatsu for you to become a shinigami" the blond said with a straight face. Hinata panicked at the idea but Naruto spoke again "Don't worry, it's been done before. Though there is another way. Except that way takes more than 3 days to complete and has less than 20% of success, so take your pick"

Hinata was starting to sweat, but she took a deep breath and grasped the sides of the blade aiming it for her heart. "I'm ready" she said.

Naruto nodded and gripped the hilt of his sword tighter "Let's go" and stabbed Hinata. There was then a massive blast of lavender light with a mighty gust of wind, up rooting trees and forcing the hollows flying about to land. Leaves and broken twigs flew around as a small tornado formed around where Hinata and Naruto were. Suddenly, the hollow with the boar mask was sliced in two and with the other three behind it and then vaporizing. The hollows all cried out in free and all locked their inhuman eyes on where the attack came from.

There stood Hinata, in the same clothes as Naruto except her sleeves were longer, gripping a katana with a circular guard and regular hilt with a saya at he waist. All but the blade itself was pearl white with a slight hint of lavender mixed in (a/n: think of Roronoa Zoro's Wadō Ichimonji). She held it across her chest, and with a very serious face.

"What you have done tonight," she said without stuttering once "Is absolutely unforgivable". Hinata then lashed out at the hollows killing them one by one. Naruto stared at her awestruck.

"Is that…really Hinata?" he asked himself. Naruto then looked down at himself. "What the fuck?" he cursed. He was no longer wearing his shinigami uniform and his zanpakuto was gone. Instead, he was wearing a white kimono.

He then looked back at Hinata, 'No way. Did she…take it all?' he thought watching Hinata defeating the hollow forces. 'Man she must have. Kuso, this is going to be harder than I thought'. Hinata then cut down the last hollow. She grinned at her completed task but her vision began to blur and then collapsed on the cold grass.

"Naruto-kun…" she whispered ever so quietly "I did it…". Then the world faded to black.

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