This will most likely suck. Just wanted to tell you that Percy and Annabeth have broken up. DON'T WORRY! I'm a HUGE Percabeth-er. So no worries. Don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing… I've got to stop singing. Stupid Shark Tale. So here the story comes.

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Percy POV

I was honestly just sitting around the beach, minding my own business. I thought that I didn't do anything to deserve this. Again. But of course, Thalia was in a good mood and decided to torture me. Again.

"Hey, Percy! Get your lazy ass over here and follow me!" She was definitely in a good mood. She likes to torture people (namely me) when she's happy. The joys of cousins.

I groaned, stretching out. "Thals, why is it that you are staying at camp again?"

"Just because I love you. Not. Just get your 18 year old butt in my cabin. Now."

Seriously, I really wanted to drown her. And I could. But, the downside was that Zeus, the almighty god who already wanted to kill me, and Artemis, who didn't like boys, would kill me in a flash. Zeus would kill me in a flash of lightning and a roll of thunder. Artemis would somehow use a flash arrow or something to get me. Thank the gods I was invulnerable. When I looked over at Thalia, I could tell she meant business. So, I gave in. She grabbed me by the wrist, dragging me towards her cabin.

"So, Thalia, what exactly are we doing?" I asked, wary of the cabin door.

"Playing Truth or Dare."

"Who with? Please don't torture me too much!" I already hated Truth or Dare, a.k.a TorD.

"Well, there's Grover, Juniper, Connor and Travis, Katie Garderner, Jake Mason, some rando kids, and Annabeth."

"Wait, you invited Annbeth? But that'll be soooo awkward!" I moaned, putting my head in my free hand, seeing as Thalia had the other. "Why do you torture me so?"

"Oh, puh-lease Percy, you so want to see her!" Thalia teased, starting to seriously annoy me. Even more than she already was.

"Not really. Well, a bit. But I'll bet you 5 drachmas that she wont even look at me."

"You're on."

When we entered the cabin, Grover waved at me. Katie smiled, and the Stolls looked to see if I had any valuables on me. I looked around for Annabeth, but she wasn't there.

"Grover, did you go to get Annabeth?" Thalia asked, a menacing tone in her voice. Grover looked really scared.

"Y-yeah, but she threatened me with her knife. So, I sent Juniper to get her. You know, girl to girl. Well, more like tree to girl, but same diff."

"Whatever. She'll come or she'll come. I might have to force her, but that's her problem." Thalia sighed. I personally didn't mind playing if Annabeth didn't come. It's just that, after going out with her for a year and a bit. I don't remember who broke up with who. But I think it was her who broke up with me. I hate to admit it, but I was seriously heartbroken. I might have shed a tear. Or two. But Annabeth was perfect. Her laugh, her eyes, her hair, the way she always knew everything. I missed her calling me Seaweed Brain. That's what really got me. I never really thought that I would.

"Can we get started already? I'm excited!" Jake Mason said, surprising us all.

"You, macho son of Hephaestus, are excitd to play a girly game like TorD? I never thought I'd see the day…" A daughter of Aphrodite (I think her name was Alice?) said, looking dead shocked.

"Well, just a little bit. It's funny to make people do things." Jake was blushing a deep shade of scarlet. Grover snorted, then ran to get a box of Kleenexes.

"Well, I think that's really sweet," the girl whose name I thought was Alice said, "I like it when guys say what they really like, and don't really care what others think. It shows confidence in a man. I like that." She batted her eyelashes at him and smiled that Aphrodite smile. Jake tried to say something intelligent, but it came out as something I thought Neanderthals would say. A chorus of grunts, ums, moans and stutters.

"Kid," Thalia asked the Aphrodite kid, obviously very annoyed, "what's your name?"

"Alice." She said, glancing at Thalia like she was a piece of unwanted Gucci. See, Thalia wears ripped up jeans, Death to Barbie T-shirts, only black and other dark colours, and her hair was pure black, like you see in commercials for black hair dye. Very inky. It was cut so that the ends looked like spikes, shoulder length ad jagged, the opposite of any child of Aphrodite.

"Why don't you start the game?" Thalia sounded very impatient. "I wish Annabeth would hurry up and get her bahookie (A/N: Bahookie means butt in my language) over here."

"Whatever," Alice said, "Connor, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Connor sounded very confident, like he expected to be asked something easy.

"I dare you to go and confess your undying love to any member of the Athena cabin." Alice sounded very much like her dead older sister, Silena. Ready to get someone to fall in love.

When Connor left the room, we all burst into laughter. Athena's cabin was not interested in undying love. I found that out the hard way. Most likely Connor would be teased for the rest of his life, or he would have an awful bruise. Probably both. And, sure enough, when he got back, He was sporting two black eyes, and a nasty looking cut on the cheek, made by a dagger.

"Who?" We all asked at once.

"Annabeth." He looked at me, and watched my face. I was feeling sort of mad, embarrassed that everyone was looking at me, and jealous. I don't know what I was jealous of. Not like he had kissed her. I think. But I hadn't seen or talked to Annabeth in almost a year. He just got to go up and talk to her.

"OK, my turn," Connor said, "Grover, truth or dare?"

Grover gulped very audibly. "Truth." He looked like Tyson was going to give him a big smelly Cyclops hug.

"Okaaaay… Have you ever kissed any other tree than Juniper?"

Luckily for Grover, Juniper was still trying to convince Annabeth to come over here. "Maybe…"

"Have you or have you not?" Connor was holding in his laughter. He looked purple like Mr. D.

"Yeah. Like, I don't know, four years ago?" I remembered that. He had been conned into kissing that oak tree by Aphrodite. He cast a glare in Alice's direction. She was perfecting her mascara. That was not unusual for a mini-Aphrodite. But girls looked so dumb putting on mascara, with their mouths open like sucker fishes. Don't tell Alice I said that. I do value my life to some extent. I would value it more if I could talk to Annabeth more than once every year. So far, anyways. I thought about when we broke up. We were talking about how Grover always tells Juniper how nice she looks, gives her hugs when she's sad. I thought it was sappy. Of course, Annabeth, being a girl, thought it was sweet. She never struck me as someone who would like stuff like that. She's strong and independent. She told me that. Then I laughed and may have insulted her. I try not to think about what I said. I wont mention it. She got pissed, I got pissed, we broke up. Three months later I saw her with another guy. He looked kind of like Luke. Blond hair, blue eyes. But no scar. They were laughing at something. I went over to say hi, but Annabeth saw me and dragged her boyfriend away from me. He motioned towards me, like he was saying 'I think that guy wants to talk to you. Do you know him?' She just kept on walking.

"Percy? Hellooooooo? You there?"

"What? Oh, yeah, I'm still here." I looked around at them. Thalia muttered something to Grover. I remembered the empathy link. It wasn't as strong now, but if I was thinking about something emotionally stressful for me, he could read it. He nodded at Thalia. She got up and headed towards the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked. I knew where she was going, but I wanted to make sure.

"The Athena cabin."