Tales of the Cosmic Wars, Volume Three! The Hope that Shines from Within the Darkest Nightmare!

Prologue, A Guide To The Stars, again, .

Ah, first thing first, welcome to the third part of my ultimate cross over. First of all I do not own the majority of the characters in my story. For example I do not own anything from Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Square Enix, Namco, Shoen Jump, Lucas arts and anything else I forgot.

However I do have a good deal of my own creations, and most of the main hero's and villains are my own creations. Now, as you most likely have seen from the title this is a squeal to my first volume of Tales of the Cosmic Wars, a Hero's evolution. What is more is that it's a direct continuation taking place only a week after the first part ended.

And yes, I know this is nearly a copy and paste of the prologue of volume two

Because of this if this is your first time looking at this I highly, highly recommend you go read volume one and two first so you are not more lost then a polar bear in the Bahamas. Even so I hope you enjoy this story of mine as I am trying to make this my ultimate cross over story, in essence I wanted to do one story where I held nothing back and give it everything I had. But hopefully you will not have to take my word for it and see for yourself, and now then let the first chapter of volume two commence! Oh and PS, if you wonder why the first chapter is in a negative number, and is soon going to be fallowed up by chapter 113 it's because I am trying to keep all of the cosmic wars in one saga after the next, think like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Yuu Yuu Hakusho Bleach and those kind of things, enjoy!

Before the final part of my cosmic trilogy begins here is a review of what happened in the first two volumes to those first looking at the adventures of Ben Auro.


Tales of the Cosmic Wars Volume one, a Hero's Evolution!

In a universe of Magic and technology, a cosmos of great wonders and many terrors, in this universe a brutal war is raging on and has just officially entered its first year. This war that first seemed to be a civil war between the idealistic Lylat Kingdom ruled by King Atem and the profit obsessed United Federation of Zeon ruled by the president in name but tyrant in essence Weil Narche Zabi and his fellow multi-corporation allies. Weil had the power to create millions of battle droids to do his bidding but the Lylat Kingdom had its own powerful forces.

The warriors of light, the Enji Knights leaded by its founder Grand Master Myers sided with the Lylat Kingdom they were sworn to protect and with a fully fledged Enji being a match for more than 100 standard solders, monsters or robots the Lylat Kingdom was able to held its own against the powers of Zeon. The Enji Knights had recruited powerful heroic warriors from all over the different galaxies, just some of them were Cecil Harvey, the paladin that once was trapped in the darkness as a pawn of evil before he found the light with in him and in time with his friends defeated the mad spawn of Zeromus. Luke Fon Fobre, the " Scared Flame of the world of Auldrant who was destined to save his world, even though he was in fact a clone or a replica of the real Luke! Never the less he still was able to prove he had what it takes as he along with his friends like Tear Grants, Guy Cecil, Jade " The Necro master" Curtis and the others to defeat his former mentor Van Grants before he could destroy the world! Others are Squall Lionheart, Lloyd Irvine, Auron ,Veigue Lungberg, Zidane Trible and of course the man who defeated the deranged Sephiroth, the blond spiky haired Cloud Strife!

And in the mist of this war, an 19 year old brown haired blue eyed young man named Ben Auro willingly went to join the Enji Knights.

Always admiring heroes like the Enji, and looking for something that will give his life meaning he made it his dream to join the Enji. With the training he had for most of his life from his gifted genius of a fighter, his cousin Max Ben was able to get on the road to his dream, even if it took him more than once to get excepted in to the order. When he and his pet moogle friend Moz at last entered the main base of the Enji, the ancient and grand holy castle Hallow Bastion he met many new friends.

Soon his two closet friends were the ace martial arts fighter Doug Fiter and the talented magic user and a member of the energy archers of the Quincy named James Elroan.

But what made him really happy was when he found himself reunited with his best friend from his child hood, the Beautiful, smart, graceful, Lacus Raystar! When he was young Lacus was Ben's only friend. Even though she came from a much more powerful family she enjoyed spending time with Ben. But when the two turned 12 he found he she had to move away, a event that devastated him , especially because although it was not the only reason Ben blamed his father for being cheap on the tour ride the two families were on. A cost saving move that cause Lacus to be in a twist of fate captured by a radical group. But that was in the past, now Ben had a chance to reunite with the girl he had liked more than any other. However there was one problem for Ben, she already had a boy friend. To Ben's horror it was Brad Fowltror. An extremely arrogant, aggressive and cocky male who seems to care little about the Enji Knights, and only was concerned with his own " standings". To Ben's horror the girl he always had strong feelings for is in love with the biggest jerk of all!

To make matters worse not only is Brad a guy who only does things his own way no matter how much damage if causes. But he is extremely powerful! Though bad with magic and skills his power to expand his muscles and magic energy to extreme heights make him able to rip apart his foes with his raw strength alone! With this rough start Ben at least it went up from there. He soon met two people that became his new best friends.

The blond, optimist and powerful martial artist Doug Fiter, and the red haired talented magician James Elrond, who is also a expert on the powerful Quincy group.

People who fight with powerful magic arrows.

He soon becomes friends with them and others and as luck as it he James and Doug are all part of the same squad. They are put in to squad 7, and there squads captain is none other than Cloud Strife. The blond powerful buster sword welding Enji Knight who is famous for defeating the insane Sephiroth.

Although since Ben does not have much raw power or a master of much skills Cloud at first thinks Ben does not have what it takes to make it in the order. However Ben is able to show Cloud how deep his resolve is and how good he is with quick thinking. After a tense final entrance exam of sorts Ben was able to past Cloud's test and now his road to reaching his dream had begun! His long journey was faced with many hardships.

On his first mission he and his squad was attacked by a Zeon attack force. That was in turn attacked by mysterious beings of darkness that Ben soon knew to dread as the Necrocalcous!

This turn of events caused Ben, Doug and James to crash land on the world of the Mushroom Kingdom. However Ben had no time for rest as soon after he was attacked by the ruthless Vile. The dreaded helmeted Maverick that was supposed to be dead a long time ago! This change of events leaded Ben to find his true destiny. He found a scared blade called the Star Sword.

A weapon of unparalleled power that was a miracle sword in a war millions of years ago. After proving his worth to its guarding, the spirit of the multi armed swordsmen the reformed Gilgamesh he was able to prove he was indeed its chosen welder. This began the start of Ben's destiny. Through this he met many friends and many enemies.

He helped the Mario bros fight of their long time announce king Bowser and his fellow greedy cohort King K Rool.

He met Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends and helped them defeat a powerful Zeon mobile armor being made there called the Aplaus.

Some of the other friends he met were the hero of Hyrule Link.

The pink wonder Kirby. The ace pilot Fox Mclcoud and his Star Fox team.

The Chozo Bounty hunter that all space pirates loath named Samus Arian, and the three elite maverick hunters Mega man X, Zero, and Axl.

Through the course of his journey he and the other Enji became to see that the Zeon army was in fact being guided by an even darker hand. The order of darkness named Sithantos. The mysterious order not only was the ones that commanded the Necrocalcous, but were the ones Vile now worked for! However that was just the start, as soon even more eviler beings came to serve the order of darkness. Some of them were even resurrected from the dead! Such cases were Sigma, the vile and powerful maverick leader of the maverick that nearly caused the capital planet of Corneria to be wiped out over a hundred years ago. Ganondorf, the dreaded king of evil that all in Hyrule fear. Others that joined Sithantos eventually were Bowser, Dr Robotnik, and Genesis. However, this was not the worst news. Soon the Enji Knights found out who was leading Sithantos. While at first it was thought that the ruler of Sithantos was the patriarch Havoc Drashid. But soon the leader of the Enji Knights Grand Master Myers conformed his suspicions and forced the true force behind Sithantos to show himself.

And it was none other than Xehamaru, a mad genus that was a former Enji Knight, and Master Myers former apprentice! The mad fallen Enji had betrayed the order to become the scholar of darkness and true leader of Sithantos.

His extreme disgust of what he saw as a corrupt sinful universe that he saw as beyond repair. His desire was to destroy the current cosmos and in its place create a universe of darkness!

While his powers were vast Ben was not totally out matched. Thanks to his desires to reach his dream and his constant training he was able to gather more powerful by the day.

He was able to find more shrines thru out the cosmos that held the crystal shards that would increase the powers of his Star Sword. To get there he had to face the dead sprits of Leon Magus, General Leo, Asch the bloody, and even Cloud's former mentor and best friend Zack Fair! Still, Ben had a difficult path to walk to fulfill his dreams. And it was not just painful because of the various monsters and madmen aiming to kill him.

Ben was even forced to face one of his former best friends, Rick. His child hood friend had become a leader of a city gang called the toxic vultures. And Rick's desires for money and power were so high that he was even ready to kill Ben to keep his power! Despite absorbing the powers of the darkness he was still defeated by Ben. And although he seemed willing to surrender the life of his friend was then ended by the Zandalorian bounty hunter Janus.

Still, Ben would not let tragedy stop his dreams. Although he was not able to defeat Brad's vast raw power in a match, after even more training he was able to bring the super elite warrior and the man he soon saw as his rival, Ezan Kaiba to a draw.

All of the things Ben went through came to a head when Xehamaru unleashed his master plan. Which was a massive invasion of the capital planet of Corneria with nearly everyone Xehamaru could find to attack the planet at once! With the desire to take the ruler of the Lylat Kingdom, King Atem away and then destroy the planet it seemed like doomsday had arrived.

But the Enji rallied together, and with the help of all the hero's Ben had met he, them, Cloud and his other friends were able to catch the Sithantos Nova Crusher the Invisible Hand that Xehamaru had gone to before he could leave the planet. Ben was faced with the most dangerous battle of his life. However while it seemed like the dark lord was going to make short work of the much less experienced warrior.

However, as Ben was pushed to the brink of death he was able to reach in to the depths of his potential and bring out his full power! Activating the next stage of the Star Sword, Bankai he then was able to turn the tables on Xehamaru much to the madmen's shock! Even when Xehamaru transformed to his most powerful state he was still not able to overcome the power of Ben and the others hope, dreams and resolve.

At last Xehamaru was defeated and Ben was able to become a real Enji Knight. Though he saved the universe this in fact was only the beginning. All four Inquisitors of darkness escaped from the battle. And the deadly group of elite dark Enji, Organization XIII with their powerful beings like Xemnas, Ravxen and Maraluxia where still at large.

But even that was not the worst part.

The worst part was that for all the evil Xehamaru had done, he too was just a pawn. His true master was the supreme being of darkness. The Shin Emperor Chaos Zannacross Necron! All that defeating Xehamaru had really done was convince the dark gods second in command, Darth Damonus, to take charge and fight even harder to break the seal on his master !

Tales of the Cosmic Wars Volume two, A Stars Twilight!

Yes, as important as Ben's defeat of Xehamaru was, it was only the beginning of the real battle. However, Ben would soon learn the hard way just how painful the path of a hero was. Not only was he facing even more powerful opponents like Nightmare, or his true form Night-Terror, and having to stop the plans of the likes of Bowser and Robotnik, who after joining the Zannacross Empire, mostly out of fear, attacked there old foes with nearly five times the power and viciousness! But, it was more than the constant tense battles that Ben had to deal with, it was also the emotional strain that hurt most of all! And he was hit hard when first the first girl he thought was seriously romantically interested in him, Lisa, revealed herself to be one of the elite dark Enji of the Organization Larxene, and that she had played with Ben's heart so he would get close to her and smash it! And if dealing with the fact that she never really cared for him was bad enough, soon he felt a pain that was even more devastating, when after at last reuniting with Max after so long, he was devastated to find out that his favorite cousin and former mentor and been deceiving him for some time, and he had appeared to have betrayed the Enji Knights to become the ruthless bounty hunter that dons the Zandalor armor and has the nickname of the terror of death, Janus! To Ben's horror Max made it quite clear he cared little for the honor pride and justice he once inspired Ben to believe in, and his only dream now was to make as much profits as he could without anyone binding him down! And he made it quite clear to Ben, that he would eliminate anyone who stood in his way! Ben was heartbroken to find the man he looked up to the most had served the bound they had, and everything he believed in seemed to have shatter! And it seemed Ben really had no luck because amiss all of this Kira Myers took it upon himself to train Ben and Ezan personally, in order in to his eyes insure they become ideal soldiers, that under his wing would be purged of all of their weaknesses, one way or another!

While Ben was not excited to train under Kira in the first place, when he came to the Grand Masters son Titan's base on the moon he found himself under more pain the most of his battles! He quickly learned that Kira 's style of training, was to drive out all emotions, embrace maximize pain to become immune to suffering, and to think of one's self only as a warrior, and to discard all other emotions. While that may have went well for Kira or Ezan, Ben, who was a much more emotional guy you could say, did not respond well with his new masters training, and this just made Kira even harsher! Isolated from his friends, pushed without rest to overwhelming expectations, and dealing with the string of betrayals made Ben feel like he was beginning to drown in his pain, and the fact that at this point Kira was pushing him to embrace himself as a solider that would sacrifice himself to bring order and stability to the cosmos made Ben have a grim outlook for his future. As Ben's pain was becoming overwhelming, when Lacus refused to talk to him because Brad did not want her being friends with him was the last straw and his darkness began to consume him. This reached its final boiling point when on the mission after that, he thought that his two best friends Doug and James had betrayed him and tried to kill them! While it would later prove that the two were in fact imposters using illusions to trick Ben, this caused Ben to truly snap, and his anger, rage and sorrow was so great that to keep himself from having a total mental breakdown his mind formed a new personality, that merged with the sudden explosion of darkness flowing in to him to become a new persona of wrath, rage, and cruelty, Darth Idious!

Now a being of rage, Idious and Hiryuumon, who also became consumed with darkness and dark Digivole to his dark mega level Helldramon became pawns of darkness that went on a rampage that involved wiping out everyone on the planet of Taris and even attacking his fellow Enji without a second thought! However, just as Ben's violent second personality was going to erase all the things he said caused his creation, Lacus, Cloud, Master Myers and the others were able to break through to the real Ben from inside Idious, prove that Ben had real friends that would not abounded him! With this, and some help from Myers, Ben was able to stabilize his personality, and turn back to normal!

However, his pain still was not over. For what he had done Kira had him cruelly arrested, and ordered to be executed for treason! As cruel as this was, this was just the start, for with this Kira made this the time to at last reveal his true ambitions! For with Master Myers severely injured after saving Ben and being comatose Kira announced in front of Atem that with the support of the Subcommittee members who share his views that he saw Atem 's ideals as foolish, and to bring peace and justice he desired to overthrow Atem and become Supreme King to make sure things go his way! And Kira showed he had no mercy left in his heart.

He killed or captured Atem 's followers like the Subcommittee members that did not agree with him, and even those that did, froze the King himself in a carbonite slab, frame Ben for his murder, and then issue order 66, to have his clone army try and wipe out his former comrades to insure they cannot stop him! While it nearly looked like the Enji Order was on the verge of sharing the fate of the Jedi, they showed they would not roll over and die so easley, and with the help of those that knew the Enji were not traitors like Mario, Kirby, Sonic and others helped them survive.

And with the help of another mysterious ally, most of the clone soldiers who were obeying under nano machines all of a sudden found them shut down, giving the Enji some breathing room, and allowing them to mount an assault on the treacherous Kira! After fighting through more Titan's forces and saving Ben from his execution, the hero regained his resolve and after smacking some sense in to Ezan and getting his step farther out of the picture they confronted the current Supreme King of the Lylat Kingdom! Even when Master Myers arrived to join the fight, they found that the deluded would be tyrant's mastery over both light and darkness as well as his Absolute Hypnosis magic made him the most powerful foe yet, even more then Xehamaru! However, another twist in the day occurred when out of no when Max appeared! At last Max knew he could reveal the truth, that he was not the traitor, Kira was!

It was Kira who with Xiza wiped out the Zandalorin's because they would not get in line, and when Max protested Kira set his teammate up and tried to kill him to! And that is why Max had to hide in the shadows, because he knew he would never be able to unveil the truth on his own. But now that Kira had shown his true face to the cosmos, Ben's cousin was more than a little eared to at last have his revenge!

While everyone attacking together was enough to dish out some damage to Kira, he decided to show just what his true ambitions where as he showed he was in fact working with the Zannacross Empire all this time! To Kira, the cosmos was corrupt beyond repair, and that is why he thought the only way to fix it is to revive Chaos Zannacross Necron and create a new cosmos of darkness! It was a empty victory for the good guys seeing Kira get away with his true supporters, but Ben and the others would not let the bad guys no matter how many people were working for them ! While Max went back in to the shadows Ben was determined to make up for his sins, and with Master Myers giving him special training in the room of sprit and time to make up for his son's brutal treatment of him, he desired to become even more powerful to insure Kira would never be able to look down on him again! And with a year of compressed time to hone his skills, and learn the leader of the Enji Knights' secret ultimate skills like the Kaio Ken! When Ben emerged his friends saw a man even more determined to fulfill his destiny and stop the forces of darkness!

And Ben's path to atonement for the crimes he committed under Idious caused him to reunite once more with both Link and Kirby as the Enji arrived on the world of Terca Lumireis to help the world deal with its conflicts and make them more willing to be a part of the Lylat Kingdom. But little did they know it would turn in to a deadly trap of Ganondorf, who was behind all of the worlds troubles in the shadows all to lure Link and Zelda, so he could take at last the other Tri-Force fragments from them and try and obtain ultimate power!

However even when the King of Evil had all the power of the Tri-Force, the Curse Seal of Necrocalcous and all the souls he had taken, he was horrified to see he still could not over power the combined might of a powered up Ben, Link, Cloud, and the local heroes like Yuri and Flynn, and at last one of the Zannacross Inquisitors was killed! Meanwhile, Ezan saw just how much Ben had progressed, and felt frustrated and infuriated that someone who use to be such a inferior fighter compared to him seemed to have surpassed him! His rage, along with the spirit of Sephiroth subtly controlling him, drove him to the world of Vana'diel to uncover his true destiny ! However little did he know that he was falling in to a trap set by the Dark Enji Vexen! The elite member of the Dark Organization along with his cohorts and his old friend the Zeon commander Nag'molda wanted to convert Ezan to their cause and have his power at their command, and it did not matter if joined them voluntary or not! !

When Ezan at last found the truth about his past, his true parents, and his true purpose he nearly gave in to his despair, and Sephiroth was ready to capitalize on this to finally take over the younger elite warriors mind and manifested in a new body! However, with the appearance of Ezan's mother, in hologram form, the last message she had for her son caused him to remember the things that are important to him, and stay true to his heart and remain a enforcer of justice, and his resolve to fallow this road was powerful enough to cast of Sephiroth, much to the relief of Ben and the others, who fallowed Ezan to the world and fought off Vexen and the others to get there friend back!

However, while Sephiroth was ousted, he would not be denied his vengeance, and simply merged with the nearby Nag'molda and took over his body instead before absorbing the power of the corrupted celestial one Promathia and countless other dead sprits of the planet to at last return from the dead properly, to the horror of Cloud! While the One Wing Angel was more powerful than ever, Ben, Ezan, Cloud and everyone were able to drive him off. After everyone recovered for a bit in a mostly nice dance, a day that Ben would never forget occurred and the whole war changed course once again. Ben, Lacus, and many other Enji were sent to the neutral world of Cardianon because of a good lead that President Weil Zabi was to in secret meet with Xiza, to make a deal to combined forces to presume his mad ideal of defeating everyone!

Knowing this could be a way to end the battle with Zeon and put a end to their battles so they could focus everything on stopping the Zannacross Empire. The Enji came close to capturing Weil and Xiza as they were in the process of making a deal underneath a F Zero race, but just when they were about to get him, Brad, letting his ego once more override all logic stormed in to try and capture or kill Weil himself for glory, and ending up ruining everything! Not only did a furious Max reveal he was about to make his move till Brad butted in, but a entire Zannacross fleet appeared under the command of Kira with Sigma and Genesis, with the aims of wiping out all of the ones who oppose him! Between Ridley appearing out of no were, and a ivied Weil summoning his ultimate weapon the Death Star to blast everyone to dust! However, from this insanity a new direction opened up, when Max convinced Ben, Cloud, Lacus and a few others that as mad as Weil was, presuing Xiza was a bigger threat! Seeing how serious Max was Ben agreed and the Enji along with Samus and the Maverick hunters fallowed Max and his partner the android Bacchus to Xiza's flying stronghold, the near moon sized spaceship the Dämmerung !

After some intense battles onboard that concluded with the true death of Ridley, Hiryuumon at last transforming to his true mega level Shinryudramon to destroy a rebuilt Mother Brain, and Max at least confronting Xiza after plowing through most of his henchmen like his top aide Salzon and the leader of his special forces Captain Zinyu! However, while Max was burning with revenge to dish out for Xiza's role in backstabbing him and his friends, Xiza welcomed his anger, and when Max unleashed his blast of fury, Xiza showed that was just what he wanted to unleash Max's power, to use it to break the seal on the object Xiza long sought to control, the million year old not so small ring weapon of mass destruction Halo! Xiza 's true plan was to obtain and reprogram the weapon that once was used against the Zannacross Empire, to wipe out most of humanity and receive Zannacross in one bloody flash! As Xiza left for Halo's control room a furious Max, and the others soon fallowed in pursuit, but Kira and his Titan's fleet got in there way, and the furious battle to prevent the destruction of the entire universe began! After the elite Lylat Gundam Pilots like Amuro Ray, Hero Yuy, Kamile Biden, Shin Asuka, and Setsuna F. Seiei, along with the Star Fox team blew a path for the hero's to get through, and are hero's prepared to stop Xiza for good!

However, before they did, Ben and Max had to settle their score. When Ben found his cousin all ready destroying leagues of the native zombie like Flood monsters, he saw Max was nearly delirious with rage! It seems that after all of the fighting, and betrayals Max has gone through, he had begun to be going through the symptoms of shell shock, and the recent trauma of Xiza using him to try and wipe out humanity had drove him out of the edge! He was so delirious that he was ready to treat Ben and his friends as hostiles! This leaded to Ben and Max having their final showdown, and after a tense brawl, Ben managed to show his former mentor that he truly could, and did surpass him! With their score settled Ben went to help his friends, who were all ready confronting Xiza! The Enji knew Xiza had many secrets, but as they fought him they found out his darkest secrets, that among all of his other faces, his true face was that he was one of the seven demon lords of Zannacross!

And when Xiza Belphagos unleashed his true extreme power, and showed he could make nearly all of the bones in his body deadly weapons, he proved it was no joke! While Ben and the others rallied together to get in some damage, all their efforts seemed to do was hurt Xiza enough to make him furious, and show off his true power by transforming to his four armed lethal form! Just when it seemed like it would be over, Max, restored by Lacus arrived to help Ben see things to the end! And working together, Ben and Max, with the help of the others, unleashed a massive blast that destroyed Xiza! And, with that and Max shutting down Halo in last minute dramatic flair, it seemed like they had saved the day!

However, tragically, the day was not destined to end happily. Just when Max saw that with the truth about Kira 's ambitions, and Xiza now dead Max still had a place in the Enji Knights, but he never had a chance. Just when everyone at last let their guard down, a sudden sniper shot from a Anti-Enji bullet hit Max right in the heart! And with Max all ready worn out from all the fighting, even his great warrior sprit was at last blown out. Ben desperately tried to save his cousin, but to no avail. And with Max and Ben having one last talk, and Max thanking Ben for letting him regain his honor and pride before it was too late, and intrusting his sword, his Gundam, his droid partner, and his will, Max died in Ben's arms.

This of course devastated Ben, and he was now even more determined to avenge his fallen cousin! With this turn of the events, we now are ready to end this little recap. Now that the lines are clearly drawn, with Max's sacrifice Ben, and all the other Enji are embolden to insure that his death, and all the other deaths in this war were not in vain. Ben for sure will stop at nothing to make Max's killer pay, but the only problem is that he does not even know who it is! Both Kira, and the masked Dark Enji psycho Ravxen were both around at Max's death, yet while both of the powerful villains had the power to slip through the Enji's notice, both of them swore they did not do it!

While the word of double crossing maniacs and twisted killers is not much to have faith in, it would be odd either of them would deny it. But, who else could have been around to have been heartless enough to kill Max like that? That's what Ben wants to find out, and he will fight who ever stands in his way to get to the truth, and save the cosmos! However, it's not going to be easy. With Weil amassing even more deadly weapons, and a furious Zannacross and Damonus preparing to go in to their end game by amassing there forces and reviling even more powerful dead villains like Kefka Exdeath Kuja and others to insure everything is destroyed, the time of reckoning for the entire universe is soon at hand! Will Ben be able to gather the power he needs to become even more powerful then the original welder of the Star Sword, and with his friends stop the Zeon forces, the Zannacross Empire, and the others like Xemnas and Albert? Will he at last find the truth, about who killed Max, and the whole story of Lacus and her mysterious powers and the reason she has the Blue Eyes White Dragon sealed inside her?

Will Ben be able to finally reach is biggest dream of getting Lacus to understand his true feelings, and get her to love him? It's time for these conflicts to be resolved, and for the third, and final part of this Cosmic Trilogy to begin! So let's get ready, for the most intense cross over to continue! Ah, but first, before we continue Ben's odyssey of a hero, to better understand the present, let us take a look at the past. While Volume two ended on 112, before 113, we start Cosmic Wars Volume three with a special look on just how most of this started, the conclusion of the original Great War between light and darkness, and how Chaos Zannacross Necron was sealed in the first place!

And with this, I present to you the first offical chapter of volume three,

Chapter-1: Origins of The Ultimate Dissida!

Ah, hope this got all new comers interested in reading the first two volumes of Cosmic wars.

Er, otherwise starting from here might be just a little confusing. All right, the train is on the proper tracks, so all aboard, we are off!