Chapter -1: Origins of The Ultimate Dissida !

It has been nearly five standard years since the war between light and darkness as began. Five years, since the god of darkness, the devil himself, self proclaimed Emperor of the cosmos Chaos Zannacross Necron had descended from hell, to force what he proclaimed the proper evolution of mortals on them, and when they resisted, he showed everyone what hell truly was! Yes, the past five years have been a nightmare for every living being in the cosmos! Zannacross showed everyone what the deadly imagination and powers of a dark god can produce, when almost overnight he created an army of nearly a trillion demonic soldiers, that attacked without mercy throughout the cosmos! The desires and ambitions of Necron were simple, he commanded all life to obey him, or face sudden death!

And Zannacross would not be denied, and his tremendous inhuman power did drawl countless planets to serve him either out of fear or by being lured by his power. However, mortals would not just submit to anyone, and even Zannacross was shocked with just how fiercely they fought back, even scoring some victories! However, while they managed to win a few battles, forever victory they had they lost twice as many! For as determined as they were to not let Zannacross wipe out all who stood in his way, Zannacross was even more determined to have his desire to bound everything in darkness a reality, and his own pride would not allow mere mortals to defy him for long!

That was when the war began to look even more hopeless and hope became hard to grasp, as Zannacross unleashed his true wrath and destroyed planets without a second thought, and even destroyed an entire galaxy in a display of power! However, just when it seemed like darkness was going to be the ruling treads forever, a miracle happened, angels descended to drive back the demonic forces back!

It seems the forces above where not just going to let Zannacross do as he pleases, and Cosmos herself seemed to be willing to make sure the former celestial would not get away with twisted his role so drastically! With this the celestial ones came to the aid of the overwhelmed and nearly crushed mortal forces, and gave them the needed power they needed to strike back against their demonic foes! However, when Zannacross saw that Cosmos and her forces now stood with the lower life forms of the mortal dimension he was outraged, and created the seven demon lords, his most powerful underlings, to annihilate all who opposed him! The war between the forces of Harmony and Discord then raged on even further, and as both forces created even more powerful weapons, the war has become a stalemate.

However, what is most disturbing of all, is that Chaos seemed to be acting more irrationally, as if he was plotting something. And two weeks ago, the alliance of man and angels have noticed a massive surge of dark energy forming around the system the Zannacross Empire has set up as its base of operations. And several disturbances in the space time continuum were detected around the dark planet of Vandalgyon. Knowing that the dark god must be planning something disastrous, the forces of good rallied to prepare to make a decisive battle at Zannacross 's stronghold to stop him once and for all. And that is why, ow! Hey who's the wise guy who thought I would not notice being hit in the head? I was writing on my journal!"

We now turn to the view of a blond haired man chuckle as he says," Man chill out Marcus, your way to tense about some journal!"

The man, who was writing everything you have been reading so far stands up, and he is a man in a bandana, and he is a elite solider of the alliance forces named Marcus Fenix gets up and frowns at his comrade named Damon Barid, who is part of the squad they are both in, the Delta Squad and he says,"

Screw up Damon, this is important! I am writing this just in case I don't survive this. Got to leave my memoirs so that people can know what happened if I don't make it!"

His teammate just chuckles and says," Don't know why you're bothering. If this thing goes well we still are likely going to be dead meat, and if we fail this, then everyone in the god damn universe is dead meat!"

Marcus rolls his eyes and says,"If you don't plan on surviving then what are you here for? I am not fighting to die, I am fighting to win, we all are!"

Damon just puts his hand on his head and looks nervous and says," I am to Marcus! It's just, well, we are about to launch an attack against the nastiest opposition around. Hell, we are attacking Zannacross himself! And, well, how are we suppose to beat him, he is a freaking god! You know what he did to the southern galaxy right? How you suppose to beat a guy who can nuke a entire planet with a glance!"

Marcus just closes his journal and responds with a stoic,"You knew what you were in for when you signed up for this mission, we all did! Hey, and least we got the celestial ones having are backs. They seem to know how to wreck those demons bad. Hell, I saw what seemed to be there ace warrior, Gabriel Celeste is leading the mission. You seen him in action Damon? I did, he wiped out a whole legion of demons, and not the grunts either, I am talking about the Emperor's elite troops! And want to know why I am feeling lucky? I hear all four of those supposed supreme choose warriors are taking part in the mission as well! Figured as much if we are trying to make this the deceive battle."

This gets his comrades attention as Damon has his eyes widen and he says," You're kidding right? I thought those guys were just fabricated propaganda created by the government to keep moral up!

Marcus grins and snaps back with" Nah, they are real. I met one of the guys. Think his name was, yah it was Kamima! Nice guy, even nicer power! The videos showed he and his pals were able to kick out a Zannacross Fleet and send them backing out of the system they were trying to destroy with their tails behind their legs! I think there leader was even able to match one of those fancy demon lords! If anyone can get us out of this it's them!"

Damon then sighs and says," Well, if it's true then good. I'll feel a whole lot better knowing we have a chance at winning against theses guys! Whew, that Zannacross, even if he is a god he is crazy! He really thinks he can concur the whole god damn cosmos? He must be out of his, AH! What the? "

With this the two feel the whole ship rattle, before Marcus and Damon hear the alarms blaring and a female voice says," All personal ready, incoming fire imminent!"

Marcus then says," What? I thought it was another half hour till the fleet was going to be in position? What is this?"

All of a sudden, another soldier, Colonel Jan Templar runs in to the room and says," What are you standing for, you want to be killed napping! It seems the Zannacross Empire was ready, more than ready! We have more than double the forces we expecting all ready forming a defensive line for us! "

Damon then sweets bullets as he says," Oh man, he really does predict everything! Man, we will never make it to that planet alive!"

Marcus just puts his journal in a sort of mini shelter and runs with Damon and Templar to the command deck, where they see most of the other military staff on the bridge. There they there commander, General Nathan Hale, turn to them and salute as he says," Men, we all knew we had a slim chance of surviving this operation Devil's Howl, however , it seems are target is even more anxious about us knocking on his front door then we thought! While we hoped to attack when his fleets were not in position, it seems someone tipped him off. I guess we were being optimistic to think he did not have spies even after we doubled are efforts . But, it's too late to turn back now.

If we don't strike, Zannacross will most likely go through with this doomsday operation the big wigs think he has been up to, and if he goes through with this we will all be dead before we get a second chance! So, it's do or die."

Marcus just gulps as he says,"Sir, what is the amount of forces awaiting us?"

Hale just presses a button and responds with a firm," Maybe it would be better if you just see for yourselves."

He then presses a button, and everyone sees a hologram of a planet that is black and red, with four massive columns of fire bursting out, it's the planet Zannacross choose as his home for its natural strong amount of darkness that lingers around it, Vandalgyon!

But what horrifies everyone on board is that they see the entire planet is covered with battleships, various types of organic fighters, and even battleship sized demonic monsters!

Damon says this and says," Sweet sour potatoes, you can't even see the stars! Is it too late to back out?"

Marcus just sighs and says," No, but if you try to leave now you will be shot before you get anywhere anyway. Might as well die with some dignity right?"

Damon just says,"Well, just how do you plan on "dying with dignity" if it seems as soon as we engage we are going to get blasted to bits? "

Hale just smirks and says,"Don't think we planned this as a suicide run private, we plan landing on that planet in one piece. The celestial ones will take the first strike, and give us an opening. Remember, once we land, are job is we clear out as much demonic empirical freaks as we can, while the big guns get the job done."

His officer then goes up to him an says," Commander!

The Numenorean fleet, the Kree special commando unit, the Eldarian Armada, the Shi'ar Fleet, and the Kryptonians nearly have their forces in position as well!"

Hale then says," Then it's now or never! Get all X wings, Y wings, and the rest of Rouge Squadron to get ready to deploy! Everyone, get ready to move to your shuttles, this is it! Men, I know we don't have much chance of seeing each other again. But remember, this is for the sake of the freedom of every living being in the entire universe, including the life's of everyone on are planet earth! If we fail then everyone's future is going to be a nightmare! If not for your own life, remember those that are important to you, and do your best for your sake!"

Marcus, Damon, Templar and the others all salute and say," Yes sir!"

With this all the soldiers prepare to depart in the shuttles just as the ship emerges out of hyper space, and at once everyone can hear a storm of explosions and as Marcus makes sure all of his ammo is loaded as he says," Heh, never thought I live long enough to get killed by the Shin Emperor of Darkness himself. Man, if the rumors are true, storming a devil's stronghold is not going to be fun. Huh?"

He then sees his shuttle go through invasive maneuvers to avoid a hail of missiles and some asteroid being hurled at them from a gigantic dragon like demonic monster with a sort of mask on its face, a type of minion of the dark god called the Necrocalcous!

But what gets Marcus and Damon's adrenaline really pumping is when they see the fortress world of Zannacross have a pillar of pure dark energy burst out of the planet, before it begins to form a circle of pure energy hovering around the planet! And as lighting bursts out of the circle and vaporizes the asteroids around the planet it hits in a instant Damon says," What the hell is that? Zannacross trying to launch some mystic attack or something? This can't end well."

As he sees a group of warships barrage a Zannacross warship, an Imperial Nova Crusher, the pilot of the ship he is on tries his best not to be killed! However, meanwhile, as he and thousands of others try to land on the targeted planet without dying first, the ruler of the planet, and the entire empire, could care less! We now turn to the man who is responsible for most of the war in the first place!

We then turn to castle Pandemonium, the massive black and red castle that is nearly a city in itself! And the place of are interest is the massive throne room, where one man is sitting on his throne, and is apparently casting a magic spell. Dark energy is surging around the room, and its focusing in the apex of the chamber. Around this fusion of energy are various hovering crystals, which seem to have abnormal properties. This being is watching the mass of energy get larger and larger as he says," Ah, at last. It's almost time. Yes, the equation is almost complete, and soon all unworthy life will be given the fate they deserve. All that remains is, what is it?"

He hears the chamber doors open before three figures enter. Two of them are clothed in red and black royal uniform's, and they are the Royal guards of the emperor, although since he hardly needs body guards they are just to keep him from being bothered. The man in front of them is a being whose entire body is covered with a red robe and his face is covered with a black hood and a mask over its face. He has demonic wings and horns sticking out of his head, and in his right hand is a staff with a glowing red crystal and a Z at the top.

He is the most powerful and loyal follower of Zannacross, the leader of the emperor's seven demon lords and his "voice", Darth Damonus! The man in the throne just unleashes a cold,"Why are you here Damonus? I thought i told you to remain on the command ship? I thought I ordered that I was not to be disturbed for anything!"

Damonus just bows before he retorts with a firm,"Forgive my intrusion my master, but, a matter that might warrant your attention."

The guard besides him walks forward and bows as he says," Master, the infidels, they dare strike against us, they dare defy you so brazenly! We have reports that the armies composed of the alliance between all the remaining large mortal armies and the celestial ones are approaching us from all around this planet! My lord, they dare think they can launch an assault powerful enough to defeat us, to deny the will of the one true master Chaos Zannacross Necron! My master, what are your orders?"

The man slowly rises from the throne, and a enormous amount of power explodes from him, and nearly crushes the three as he rises, and we now see a being covered entirely in fancy black, white, gold, and red armor. He is wearing fancy shoulder pads with crystalline spikes sticking out of them. He has a long fancy cape coming out of his back, with the Zannacross Emblem on it. His head is covered entirely with a black horned helmet with devil spikes on the sides in the vein of the Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Turtles series, and the dark lord Sauron from the Lord of the rings series.

However, no one has any doubt who this being is, for as soon as they see the two blood red inhuman eyes burning out of that armor, and see the tremendous energy seething out of him, it's clear to everyone, that this being is none other than the supreme being of evil, master of the Zannacross Empire, and the individual who is trying to cause the total erasure of the entire universe! He is the Shin Emperor of all darkness himself, Chaos Zannacross Necron!

And he is not amused! As he stands up he glares at his minions and says," My orders? Clearly you must be defective! You bothered me for this? "

The guards stand up shocked and the one who spoke before says," What do you mean master? I don't recall any orders previously given about forces that were not in are, GUH!"

An instant later and he finds out the hard way how annoyed his master is when with the flick of his wrist Zannacross has a bolt of power blast down from the sky and in an instant destroy every cell of his servant! He then turns to Damonus as his energy surges and his aura causes a maelstrom of darkness to flood the chamber as he walks forward and strongly declares," I thought I made it clear Damonus; I did not want to be bothered by any mundane matters, not now! You think I care that the pathetic humans are trying to attack early? Do you think I did not predict those traitorous naïve angels would catch on to what I truly desire? Do you think I would allow them to get a fraction of the idea I am thinking of if they had a chance to stop me?"

Damonus just says I am truly sorry my master, I just wanted to make sure your orders still stand. And I will now issue the orders to have Xiza, Zandoris, and Morgoth make sure all of our forces don't let one inferior being set foot on this planet. And ill insure the other demon lords are ready as well. Rest assured Master Necron, no one will stop you from giving this dimension its proper judgment! "

His master just ascends in to the air as he has the energy from the various crystals swarm around him as he chuckles and says," Then I'll leave it to you Damonus, to insure I don't go through any more such interruptions! I won't tolerate anymore interference no matter what! I am at last nearly complete with the process, and its completion priorities everything else. Understand?"

Damonus nods and retorts with a fierce," I understand clearly my Emperor. It will be done!"

With this he and the remaining guard leaves, and once they do Zannacross waves his hand, and a screen showing the fleet of light coming before he chuckles and darkly,"Such pathetic creatures, do they really think they can stop the march of time? Tsc, just all the more proof, that the will of man is weak, and in times of desperation resorts to such extreme foolish acts of futility! Hahaha, it's far too late, even with the help of the celestial ones, the wheels of dark destiny are moving too fast to be stopped by anyone, even god! It still is beyond my compression why Cosmos just thinks it's expectable to let them run around like they are for the rest of time?

HA! Such sheer nonsense, to let the cosmos remain this stagnate pitiful form is unacceptable, I WILL not expect it! Mortals have proved they are fated to repeat their history of laughable battles for the rest of time, and will never grow. I have watched them repeat the cycle of impulsive destruction, rebirth, hopeless delusions, and new primal destruction go on for millions of years now, and I am tired of watching over the masses of disgusting souls! Bah, beings that live desperately to try and make their worthless existence mean something. Fools, only the life's of the gods truly matter, the entire dimension of mortals is just enjoyment, even if some have forgotten that fact !

Yes, it's so amusing, that beings as lowly as humans think they understand anything. When the truth is, all things live to die! Yes, I will not watch over unworthy filth anymore, I will force evolution, and tear this and all other dimensions apart, till I erase all that makes it rotten, and rule over a truly worth cosmos! Yes, only I, the one who has seen what all life forms can do, TRULY have the right to rule over all! And I won't let my destiny be denied by those that are obvious to the truth of existence! And it will all be mine, my dark paradise will be mine soon, and not even Cosmos can stop me!"

He then looks at the swirling mass of energies around him, and laughs madly with such force the ground shakes as his power causes the various crystals to merge, to become a larger red one, which causes lighting to crackle down around him, and have the giant mass of energy above his castle to glow! The supreme evil being then declares," Ah, soon it will be too late for anyone to stop it! Yes, let everything at last be bound with the pure essence of darkness as it should have been since the dawn of time! Hahahahahaha! But first, time to teach theses unworthy fools, a lesson in true power!"

As Zannacross unleashes even more devilish magical energy in to his unholy creation we now leave are views from the supreme evil being back to our group of soldiers who are trying to land on his very well defended world! By that I mean Marcus and the others!

In this brief time we left are views from the landing shuttle they have felt a rumbling like they were riding a tug boat on the sea during the perfect storm! While the landing craft is armed, and has a squad of top of the line fighters backing it up, they might as well be toys compared to the nightmarish creations Zannacross has spawned to defend his home world! Marcus Damon and the rest of the anxious delta squad can only hang on tight as they see from a monitor there ship do a summersaulght to avoid a barrage of missiles fired from a warship, and barely has the time to avoid being blasted by a massive burst of energy coming from the mouth of a dragon Necrocalcous creature! As the ship just managed not to be vaporized and Marcus sees the X wing behind him get atomized in an instant before he says,"

Damn it, this is nuts! I mean, I know the Zannacross Empire is created out of demons, but how can any living creature do that?"Damon just lights a cigarette as he says," Told you, this Zannacross and all his creations don't play by the same rules as us! You can't win a game against a guy who is cheating all the way and getting away with it!"

Marcus just feels the ship rattle again, before he looks outside and sees a Y wing fire a Proton bomb at the Dragon monster of darkness right as it was going to fire another blast from its mouth, causing a chain reaction that blows its head off! As the rest of the monster's body explodes Marcus sees the collation fleet seem to blast through the Imperial defenses as he grins and pats Damon on the back as he says," See, even if they are a army of cheaters, they are not invincible! Even if they are not playing by the rules, that just makes them lacking in being able to fight on are level! Without their extra powers they have nothing on us! See, with all the forces working together we are plowing through them! I bet Zannacross did not even think we would be able to rally such a massive force together and before he knows it we will be knocking on his castle gates ready to, huh? "

All of a sudden he hears a massive vibration, and hears a roar! Damon then sweets hard as he says," Um, Marcus, you know you talk too much right? That, sounded, really bad. What could have been loud enough to, oh hell."

He and the rest then hear the alarms blazing as they see a monitor come to show the area just past the massive castle of Pandemonium a zoomed in area shows dark magma exploding up before it forms a massive demon of fire in the same manner Perfect Chaos from Sonic Adventure formed out of water, who's height is 1280km from head to its "tail" and composed entirely of the liquefied energy covering Vandalgyon! Everyone sees its head is compressing energy as Damon blurts out a mortified," What the hell is that!?"

Marcus then sees the massive demon begin to gather a massive amount of energy in to its mouth as he says," Hell if I know, all I know is that we don't want to get in its way! HEY, move idiot!"

It seems the soldiers yelling gets in to the pilot's ears just in time for them to see the giant monster, known as the special fleet destroying Jormungandr Necrocalcous fire a 1.2km-diameter beam of immense power that annihilates everything in its path, and everything in its path includes forty percent of the fleet! Marcus sees in horror a storm of explosions and when the dust settles, he sees more Zannacross Forces approaching in the distance! Damon then says," Still beating them when they are cheating huh? How are we supposed to beat THAT!?"

Marcus just laughs nervously as he says," Well, something that powerful, must take a while to recharge. As long as we stick together and don't break ranks we have a shot of landing and stopping that thing before. Huh, are you kidding me?"

He then sees the Jormungandr roar before a massive amount of energy as it readies to blow the rest of the fleet apart!

Damon then says," Man, I wanted to believe we could do this as much as you Marcus, really. But who were we kidding, we could never defeat god ! Marcus sees the giant demon prepare to fire as he says," No, this can't be justice! This Zannacross just can't get away with all of this, huh? "

All of a sudden he and the others see a massive flash of pure holy light appear before the massive demon changes its sights to it! However this giant sphere heads right in to the Jormungandr before the beast roars in pain as its gigantic right wing is burned off! Everyone then sees the source of that light surge, before it begins to condense itself! The ship's monitor then zooms in to get a better picture of the light as it takes the form of a human, or more like an angel!

Everyone then sees a man with long blond hair and pale skin wearing some sort of angelic battle armor! As proof of this man's origins six angel wings can be seen glowing out of his back, and a halo can be seen floating over his head! Damon sees this and sighs before saying," Man, so the angels are finally keeping their part of the bargain, either that or Zannacross is playing one twisted joke! "

Marcus just grins as he says," That would be rather unlikely, I seen this guy! He was the one who met with all the leaders for the entire official meeting between man and heaven or something back on Earth.

I was on guard duty when they were having the meeting, and I think he is some big shot angel, to be precise the knight of Cosmos whatever that means.

His name should be, Gabriela, no, Gabriel Celeste!

All right, looks like we got some power players on our side to! See, this is not impossible!"

Damon just moans and says," Tell that to my bladder,, oh why did I eat lunch before this?"

The two then see Gabriel raise his right hand form a spear of holy energy in his right hand before lighting sparks out of it and he points it at the Jormungandr as he declares a tranquil,"Spawn of pure evil, the time for your kind to cause suffering to all, and your masters time of doing what he pleases ends today! By the will of Cosmos, let her forces bring judgment on you heartless monsters! Everyone, protect the damaged ships of the coalition, and shatter Zannacross's forces! We must bring this to a end now!

Bismarck, have the Royal Knights deploy now!"

With this everyone sees more flashes of light break out, and more angelic warriors appear out of a near cloud like object of light above him!

They all are mostly covered in pure white armor with various designs and weapons. However the most impressive ones are thirteen knights with large aura's surrounding them and special symbols on their chests, they seem to be the Royal Knights Gabriela was talking about, and Marcus and the other spectators only have to wait a few moments to see why they are the top notch fighters for justice when as soon as a swarm of various dark troops ready to attack them there weapon's glow and in a flash they are in different areas, with all the foes in the area all of a sudden explode in a barrage of flashes of light! Seeing them go to work causes Marcus to whistle as he says," Damn, looks like angels are not just for looking pretty in heaven after all!"

Marcus chuckles as he says," I'll say, I seen them in the battle zone before. But damn, they are serious this time."

All of a sudden everyone hears a roar before the Delta Squad sees the massive Jormungandr roar as it glares right at the archangel and gathers more energy, before it fires another devastating blast from its mouth! However Gabriel just looks clam as he has the energy around his spear surge before he says," It matters not the size of you demon, your power will not bring you victory! Feel the power of true light! Lighting Feather!"

With this Gabriel takes a feather from his wing and puts it on the tip of his lance, before warping right in front of the blast, and strikes it dead on! He then shows his power, by causing the foe's energy wave to shatter, causing it to be defected back as various smaller blasts that head down back on planet Vandalgyon, and the backlash barrages the planet's defense barrier, causing it to weaken, while also blasting many Nova Crushers, either damaging or destroying those caught in the misfire, and even blowing off the head of the Jormungandr! As the massive demon dissolves back in to dark magma the Delta Squad cheers as Damon says," Maybe your right Marcus, maybe we really can win this battle, and even get to go back home in peace! Ah!"

They feel the ship rumble and Marcus says," Yah, as long as we don't crash first! Hey! Biggs right? Don't get so caught up in the fireworks that we crash in to something! I at least want to be able to blow up some of this crackpot Emperor's planet before I kick it!"

The pilot clears his throat and says," Sorry, nearly forgot, Wedge, stabilize the thrusters!"

Meanwhile Marcus and the others see Gabriel have his holy aura explode as he turns to two of the most powerful looking of the royal Knights as he says,"We cannot delay a moment, less we let Zannacross have a spare second to try and achieve this insane plot of his! Bismarck, let us break this barrier together now! Divine Dragoons!"

With this the archangel warrior has his wings surge with energy before they each fire a massive blast of energy each in the form of a dragon head! As they merge together to form a massive blast the two knights besides him prepare to attack as well, and the one with gold and white armor and a massive sword has energy swarm around it before Bismarck says," Omni Force Halo!"

With this he swings his sword and a massive wave of light energy forms out of it! Meanwhile the purple red and white colored knight, Aldebaran ,to his comrade's side extends his hand and says," Manga Shinning Judgment! "

With this he fires a rainbow colored spark that as soon as it leaves its senders hand it grows to ten times of its size! The three attacks collide in to the planet's defense barrier, and with one large flash cause it to shatter! This causes the Delta Force to cheer as Marcus says," This is it! Floor it!"

The pilot of the shuttle responds by having the ship's thruster's boost in to overdrive as they prepare to descend in to the planet! Its clear Zannacross does not want guests because as soon as they enter the atmosphere a storm of missiles and energy blasts! Marcus sees many of his fellow ships get blasted to dust and moments later he sees the right wing of the shuttle get blasted of and he says," No, not when we got this far! "

The co pilot Wedge says,"We lost stabilizers! Preparing emergency landing! I see a clearing, we have a shot! Hang on!"

Damon just hangs tight as he says," Oh man, I knew there was still things I needed to do!"

With this Marcus and the others hang on tight as the ship goes out of control! However, while it takes a few more hits, it's able to avoid falling apart, and after a tense minute the soldiers feel a large thud, and after nearly being smashed in to the ceiling, they realize they have landed on the planet's surface, alive!

Marcus just shakes his head as he says," Does anyone have a barf bag? Never mind, I'll throw up on the enemy instead. Where are we anyway?"

Biggs shakes his head before he presses a few buttons and a map appears as he says," We, are, right near the front gates of the castle of Zannacross! We, landed farther than the target destination!"

Damon then mutters" We, are right at the Emperor's front door? Oh great, if he comes out, we will be dead before we know what hit us? Unless he wants to make us suffer!"

Marcus just loads his gun and picks up a rocket launcher as he says,"Don't worry, us lowly maggots are not even worth his attention! He won't even notice, till we make him notice what we humans can do! Let's move out now before one of his minions does take notice and, huh? Oh s, AH! Move it! "

All of a sudden they hear a sort of buzz, before the squad moves out of the ship, just as they see a massive Necrocalcous, a fiery Balragos type roars to greet them just as they exit out of the ship! It shows what it thinks of the soldiers by having a whip of fire form in its right hand before it lungs to lash at them and Marcus says," Watch it!"

With this the soldiers dash out of the way, but a few are unlucky enough to be too slow, and get burned in to ashes in an instant! The demon retracts his whip and Damon says," No! We are cooked!"

Marcus just loads some rounds in to his rocket launcher and says," No, I am not letting this freak get me!"

He then fires a freezing round at the monster's arm before it can lash out again, and its arm is frozen solid! At once he jumps out of the way as the Necrocalcous tries to smash him with his tail and he fires another shoot to freeze its head and he says," Fire now at the head!"

With this Damon and the others fire all there weapons at the frozen Belrogas, causing it to shatter before the rest of its body shatters in to dark fragments! "

Marcus just takes a deep breath and says," Whew, one down, a billion more to go. So, how's are path?"

Damon then looks around and says," Kind of in dead lock Marcus, but, at least it's not just guys trying to shoot us that are blocking the road!"

Marcus looks over the short hill And sees that its clear the majority of the landing forces have landed to do battle, and Marcus can see thousands of various collation soldiers on foot and in machines battling the Necrocalcous and other demonic forces, along with the Imperial machines and even humans forces that side with Zannacross!

The Delta Squad also sees Gabriel and the other angels briefly appear as flashes of light as they are unleashing there power on their foes in the sky's above across Pandemonium and the series of volcano's, grim black cites in the distance, and what appears to be giant black swords deep in the ground around the fortress acting like sharp obelisk's in the grim doomsday looking sky!

Damon then says," So, just how are we going to get this done again?"

Marcus just responds with,"It's not like we are suppose to be the ones killing Zannacross. All we have to do is do what we can to open the doors for they guys that are suppose to do it! So, let's do are part men! Let's try not to get shoot or impaled long enough to crack open those castle gates! Come on, we have to move fast to end this!"

All of a sudden they hear a mad laughter that is fallowed up with,"End this? Oh my, you're all even more deluded than your average monkey!

Insolent heretics, you can't stop anything!"

Marcus turns to the source of the voice as he says,"What the, where did that voice come fro, AH!" He and the others are shocked when they all of a sudden a small purple energy blast strikes there shuttle and instantly causes it to blow up!

Wedge then says," NO, Biggs was still inside! Damn freak, who did that? "

All of a sudden they see from the flames emerging a man the size of them all, wearing a purple and black robe with the Zannacross ensign on it! It's a green skinned man with long black hair in a ponytail, and he is clearly a servant of Zannacross! However, little does the Delta Squad know they are way over there head, its Xiza Belphagos, one of Zannacross's demon lords!

While he was killed as the final opponent of Volume two, since this is the past, here he is at his most evil!

Marcus points his plasma machine gun at him and says,"Who the hell are you?"

Xiza chuckles and glares at the soldier as the scorpion like tail out of his back lashes out and he responds with a wry," Who am I ? There is no need for you gentlemen to have that information, for you will not need it to where you are about to go! I must say I knew you humans were a unsightly lot, but this level of stupidity is not even funny! Really now, did you truly think your petty band of garbage could defy the ultimate will of Master Zannacross? Hehe, all you're doing is hasting your deaths! However, if its death you seek. Allow me to grant your wishes first!"

All the soldiers aim at Xiza as Damon says," Ha! We just took out a demon much larger then you, and even if you have some magic up your sleeves you're not going to be able to cast it freak! Waste him!" With this all the soldiers fire various attacks, but Xiza just has his eyes glow red before he chuckles and waves his hand, causing a burst of power to blast out of him and blast away all of the shots!

He then says," I see your all so oblivious you have not heard of me, nor have you had the pleasure of having one of your worlds destroyed by yours truly. But, you inferior beings will be horrified to know what you dispatched just there was a mere grunt, and now you have annoyed one of the most powerful beings besides the Emperor himself! Ah, but don't take my word for it my friends, let me make the point quite clear!"

With this he laughs before everyone sees his skin budge, before an instant later Xiza uses his powers as one of the seven demon lords to have the bones out of his chest extend swiftly out of his chest! Marcus sees this in horror and blurts out," What the, get down!"

He then tackles Damon to get them out of the way, and while some of the soldiers are able to get out of the way. More than half of them like Wedge are impaled and nearly killed instantly!

As Xiza retracts his bone spikes he laughs cruelly and says," Ah, humans are so pathetic! Your all nothing but crude tools, and tools that won't function properly, will be destroyed! Ah, and it's not long now till the one true master of the cosmos passes judgment to all unworthy life!"

Marcus just spits out dirt and says," Damn you freak! You demons can't just decide what the fate every living being is! What gives you the right?"

Xiza just lashes his tail out before he says,"My right? We have seen what mortals are capable of. Letting you run amok without proper guidance will just case a mess! And that is why, its time you all die!"

With this he extends his tail to try and puncture both Marcus and Damon, before all of a sudden a new macho voice says,"You know, you really should not give people favors when you're the only ones who think it's a favor scum!"

Out of no were a wave of light blinds everyone, before Marcus is shocked to see he is still alive, and that the reason is that his would be killers tail is blocked by a sword! Marcus sees the man who did that is wearing red sunglasses, and has blue hair!

Xiza is outraged at this and grinds out a livid," What the, who are you? Are you an angel? No, I don't sense celestial energy, no, it's more like, a human? No, don't tell me you,"

He then takes a good luck and sees the man is wearing celestial armor, although his front chest is exposed. Whoever he is, he is welding two red and sliver swords, and he has a cocky grin as he says,"Well, so you remember me eh you cocky demon scum? You better not have forgotten me after that fight, Xiza!"

Xiza just snickers as he says," I am not sure what kind of freak you are, but of course I would remember someone as annoying as you! Don't think you can keep up such confidence. You only took me by surprise before, in a true battle ill slash you to ribbons before you realize it! The insolence, to think a mere human thinks he can act so arrogant before one of the seven demon lords, I won't allow it! Nameless monkey, it is time I skin you!"

Xiza has his energy explode, but the warrior laughs before his own holy aura bursts to collide with the demon lord's! He then has his two swords burst in to white flames as he says,"You're the one who is acting so smug you demon freak! You never bothered to ask last time what my name is because you were so annoyed I hurt you that you field like a wuss! However, this time ill make sure you know the name of the guy who is going to defeat you!

The name is Kamina Shishio, Kamina the great hero! And, this time you're not going to get away! You guys did well, but I have dibs on this guy. "

Marcus just says," Um, sure, thanks?""

Xiza just glares at Kamina as he says,"Kamina eh? So the reports were true, your one of the ones who was chosen by heaven, to be Cosmos's envoys is it? Bah, to think the supreme Ethereal Queen of light would be such a coward! If she would rather hide behind her human puppets then I suppose ill watch with great pleasure as Master Zannacross makes her and all of heaven submit to his unstoppable will!"

Kamina then laughs as he says,"Well, so you DO know who I am? Then you should know what I am going to do to you! So you and your boss want to try and even concur heaven eh? Talk about insanely ambitious! Still, the Zannacross Empire has killed a lot of innocent people, and it's gone on long enough!"

Xiza just laughs as he has his bones form claws out of his hands in the same fashion as Wolverine from the X men before he responds with a dry," Oh? So you're going to play hero and try to stop me? Tsc, your bravery, is futile, you cannot stop us, you cannot hope to compare your power to that of the absolute power my master welds! But, you will not even have the chance to try, I'll kill you first! Your two swords alone are not going to cut through me!"

Kamina then grins as his power explodes and he says,"Well, theses two swords cut a path through about a thousand or so of your pals to get here! However, if you want to die specially, then I'll show you what I can really do!"

With this he throws his cape off, revealing that he has four other swords on his back! He then issues a hell bent," I'll show you my master sword skills, before you die Xiza!"

With a sneer Xiza charges at the new warrior and as they go to slash at each other, with such force that the ground around them is blown away and the remaining Delta Squad members can barely keep on their feet! Marcus sees the two dashing around the area like blurs and he says," It's the same guy from before. He really is something else! "

Damon chuckles nervously before he backs up a little and says,"He has to be to fight one of the top Zannacross goons like that!"

They then see Xiza ascend higher, before his hands glow and he fires a powerful purple energy blast at Kamina, but the proud warrior just laughs before his swords glow and he defects it in to the mountains in the distance, before that mountain is split in half and vaporized in a massive explosion! Kamina just charges once more as he says,"Come on, that's the best you can do? Don't think you can put out my spirit so easy!

I'll show you what I can do! Nana no Tachi Yuchouka !"

With this Kamina shows of his ace skill by taking out all six of his swords as he charges for Xiza, and in responds the foe says," Enough, learn just what limits you humans have! Genocidal Burst!"

With this Xiza and Kamina vanish, before a large shockwave is felt, and they reappear facing each other's back! Kaimina just shrugs as he says,"I see, so for all your talk and tacking appearance you can fight better than I thought when you mean it. AH!"

All of a sudden he greets his teeth as blood spurts out of his shoulder!

Xiza then chuckles and says,"See human? The difference between the powers of a human and a demon as highly advanced as I, even a human infused with as much celestial power as you is as clear as night and day! Now, time I sever your head and present it as a trophy to the Master. Yes, I think he will be highly amused to see a, huh? GUH!"

He is about to raise his arms to strike again when all of a sudden he feels blood come out of his arms, legs, chest and the side of his face! It's not a fatal combo but it still infuriates Xiza as he glares at his opponent and says," What? How could you have attacked so fast I did not even see the slashes? I am a demon lord, no human can move to fast for me! "

Kamina chuckles as he responds with a brazen," That's because I am that good with the sword! Still think I am not worthy of your attention? "

Xiza just licks the blood of his cheek as he says," I admit, you're very powerful, you have the power of Cosmos within you no doubt. But, even your skills will not save you! No mere mortal, no matter how skilled or strong, will ever match the invincible power of the god of darkness!"

Kamina just laughs and says," What, you think I am dumb Xiza? Of course I did not think even my six blades could topple the Zannacross Empire on their own! Heh, but, that's why my buddies are here so that together with those angels we will put you guys down for good!"

Xiza rises an eyebrow and is about to retort but all of a sudden the demon lord is consumed with a holy sphere of light from behind, and he is blasted through the ground before he is blasted in to the distance! Kamina just sighs and blurts out a grumpy,"Way to kill the moment guys, where you just waiting to do that? "

A new voice then says,"Your taking this to lightly Kamina, do you want to be killed!?"

All of a sudden out of the smoke emerges a man that appears to be in his twenties, covered in a full knight armor with holy decorations and long blond hair. In his right hand is a massive blue sword with a crystal in its hilt called Soul Caliber!

He like Kamina appears to be one of the four chosen warriors of Cosmos, and

his name is Siegfried Schtauffen !

As he walks up to Kamina carrying his massive sword over his shoulder with his ease Kamina then says," Come on Siegfried, I had this one! You were just jealous that I was going to kill him first! "

Siegfried just rolls his eyes and says," There are six other demon lords, and Zannacross himself still waiting for us! If we are careless for just a moment it will be are heads!"

Kamina just grins and responds with a witty" You worry too much buddy! Between us and the Celestial ones there is nothing they can throw at us that we can't handle!"

Marcus sees shadows forming around the two ace warriors before he takes out his gun and shoots at the nearest one before he says,"Watch out!"

All of a sudden a storm of elite looking knight like Necrocalcous burst out of the shadows aiming to slice the hero's before they can notice! However, in a flash a rain of holy spheres rain down to destroy them all! As both Kamina and Siegfried see this a new female voice cuts in with," Come on guys, don't get so excited you forget what's around you! That's how Zannacross wants you to think!"

The two along with the delta squad sees a gorgeous woman with long red hair formed in a pony tail and wearing similar celestial armor as the others. In her hand is a golden triangle shaped shield, and in the other hand is a white and blue sword, named Oath Keeper. She is in fact on top of a giant mechanical tank that looks like it could have been a castle, it has four cylinders that seem to act like support structures. While it may look like a machine it's in fact a powerful summon spirit of light named Alexander. And the girl who is riding it is his one who summoned it and its master!

She is Serenity Van Houten, the female member of the four warriors of light! Siegfried just smirks as he says,"Thanks Serenity, although, I did see them coming. "

Serenity just giggles and says," If you say so Siegfried. Please, just be careful you two. Enough people have died in this war all ready, and we can't die here of all places. Everyone is counting on us!"

Siegfried just readies his sword as he says," Do not worry Serenity, I have no intention of dying in a place like this. So, where is are leader? Don't tell me he fell behind. With all of his power he is the one who is suppose to be the one who gets the final job done right?" Serenity rolls her eyes and says," Don't act like that now, Zannacross will use whatever negative feelings you have, even the smallest glimmer, to use it against us all!"

Kamina looks smug as he quips back with a cocky," Come on Siegfried, don't be jealous just because you did not get the ultimate gift from Cosmos, you still got a nice sword and powers to!"

Siegfried just looks at the massive castle looking ominous in the distance as massive amounts of dark energy are pouring out of it to the giant mysterious vortex above it before he says," I am not jealous, just musing why I, oh your right, it's a waste of time to wonder at what could have been. Let's just focus on getting this finished! You soldiers, Delta Squad is it? You did well to survive, but let us go first. If another Demon lord appears you won't survive."

Marcus just looks insulted and snaps back with a fierce," Hey, we have are orders! It's true we don't have your power but we can still play a part in this battle!"

Serenity just says,"Well, if you know the risks, and your hearts are in it, then we have no right to stop you. Just be careful, as we get closer the attacks will be even more furious! Huh, this energy, oh no, that opponent from before is coming back!" Everyone then sees a geyser of dark energy erupt from the ground above them as rocks shatter and a furious and damaged Xiza emerges! His robe is torn and Siegfried points Soul Caliber at the Demon Lord and says," That will teach you to be so arrogant you spawn of the devil! And, this next attack will teach you that you can and will be killed by a mortal!"

Xiza looks at the hero and scoff's before he says,"Lowly scum, that will be the last time you surprise me! I see your friends have arrived. Well, there was suppose to be four of you special humans. Where is the last one?"

Serenity just looks full of resolve as she says," He is still in the back helping the troops deal with your minions. Sorry, but we won't let you have the chance to meet him. Together we will stop you!"

Xiza just looks diabolical as he says,"Tsc, you seem to fail to realize one crucial fact. You're not the only one who is working together! Yes, it seems your flashy arrival, has got the attention of my fellow lords!"

Kamima just snorts and says," What, they are more cowards like you? Then why don't I? Huh, what the? Whoa, watch out!"

Everyone then feels the ground shake as a massive red energy blast is coming from the left! A shocked Siegfried sees this and at once dashes over to block it, but is having trouble defecting it as he says,"

Damn it, they were waiting for us! Ug!" The blast them explodes, blasting him back! Kamima then dashes to his aid, till he sees a storm of black energy blasts heading his way! He then dodges as the nearly turn him in to Swiss cheese before he hears a deep laugh say,"So, these are the fabled "heroes" that are suppose to kill us? They should be fun to kill!"

Another gruff voice says," Bah, no human can match my skills no matter how powerful I am! Warriors of Cosmos, know your executioner well!"

The good guys then see two men land on the ground, and by the look Xiza is giving them they are clearly his equals and fellow demon lords! They both have pure white skin, and the one on the right has black hair and black armor all around him. He holds to vicious looking black and red swords in both hands, and he has a mustache. He chuckles as he has both his swords glow before he points them at Kamima and Siegfried as he says," Humans, you cannot stop the sands of time!

Prepare to be slaughtered by Zandoris, the demon lord of war!"

The man to his side is bald, and has yellow eyes. He has red paint over his eyes, and is also wearing fancy special war armor. His weapons of choice seem to be special "chain blades" attached to his arms. While he looks very much like Kratos from the God Of war games, he is the savage demon lord of death named, Dahak! The bald bad guy has his energy explodes and he flashes his spiky teeth and hisses out a unstable," So you're not going to kill the female Zandoris? How noble, I guess I'll do the deed, since brutality does not faze me!"

Serenity just looks serious as she says," Nice to know fiend, but don't think because I am a women I am weak. I am ready to do what I must!"

Dahak just extends his chain blades as he retorts with a sharp," I know of your credentials women, and I'll give you credit for the victory's you have obtained. However, you have not fought an opponents like us, the gods of battle! "

Xiza just chuckles deviously and says," My, as savage as theses two are they are QUITE good at killing! Still think you have a chance?"

Siegfried and Kamina both power up before all of their swords begin glowing with their magical energy and Kamina says," Well Siegfried, looks like the real fun is starting eh? "

Siegfried then grunts out," Three on three, looks like it will be a good warm up for the Emperor! Let's make this quick! Shinning Divider!"

With this the long blond haired man fires a massive replica of his sword in the form of energy at the demon lords! However while they prepare to counter attack but all of a sudden a even deeper sinister voice says," Make no mistake mortals, this battle field is not equal at the slightest, for you! Chaos Flare!"

With this from the ground erupts a massive red energy flare that over powers the hero's attack before it blasts in to the sky and explodes! The ground begins to shake, before the soldiers who were fighting Imperial forces all of a sudden get blasted to dust by another energy flare, and the ground below them rises up! All of a sudden a pillar of black fire erupts before out of it emerges none other than Damonus! The top demon lord's arrival causes Zandoris to chuckle before he says,"My, if you're here the master must be in a bad mood."

Damonus just has fire form in his hands and eyes as he says,"Master Zannacross does not wish to be disturbed. And now I have decided to take manners in to my own hands to insure that happens. I know you all like to get carried away."

Dahak then laughs loudly and puts out a crass" Don't act smug, you love to kill theses vermin painfully just as much as us Damonus!"

A new female voice laughs before she adds," Yes dear Dahak, but you see you Xiza and Zandoris tend to get carried away, even causing battles to be lost so you can savagely kill your prized fighters! Oh well, you were created that way after all hahahaah!"

With that from behind Damonus steps out a nearly normal women with long black hair. She almost looks like a beauty queen, but her set of demon wings and red eyes show she is also a demon lord, and her name is Mukuro Bansheera!

Also coming out of the flames is the last demon lord, one that looks like an old man, or more like an old warlock! His eyes are covered with a red and black plate and he has a beard that goes to this feet. In his hand is a large specter, and he is known as Genome Morgoth! Morgoth strokes his beard as he says,"This is not the time to be careless. We still must kill the angels as well. "

Damonus turns to him and responds with a stony,"Kill them we shawl. But first we must make an example of theses cretins to all foolish mortals who dare challenge the rule of the master! The time for the hope of man to be crushed forever is now!"

Damon sees this and falls to his knees as he says," Oh man, ALL of the demon lords are here? Good bye world."

Marcus grits his teeth as he says," They are not playing around,, wait. I thought there were seven demon lords?"

Serenity turns to Marcus and says," No one as seen the seventh. Either Zannacross has not created it yet, or he counts himself as one. There were rumors the last demon lord was unstable. Either way, this is bad, all of their powers combined is a grave threat."

Siegfried just narrows his eyes as he sees the dark flames begin to encircle them as he says," Yes, this will take everything we have."

Damonus points his staff at the warrior of light and says,"Everything you have will still prove ineffective to the ultimate powers of the dark side!

It's true, the seventh demon lord, had to be, detained so he could be reprogrammed. It seems even the master did not expect that pink buffoon Majin Buu to be that unstable and deteriorate that much. Tsc, and it did not help that his chosen successor Dabura failed to prove his worth to take the place, by being turned in to candy. It matters not, for the six of us are more than a enough to kill you!

Odd, I thought the other one would be here as well. I don't' sense his energy. No matter, this is to our favor. Yes, he will arrive to find his comrades dead! Now, attack!"

With this he fires a blast from his staff that heads in to the sky, before it rains down a storm of energy blasts!"

As are heroes avoid being hit Serenity casts a barrier to protect the soldiers and herself as she says," No, we can't last long in these conditions! We can't let them pin us down like this! Alexander, strike back with Holy Judgment!"

With that her summoned helper responds by firing a barrage of holy energy blast at the trio of evil standing on the raised cliff above them! However Mukuro cackles loudly before her own aura explodes and she says," Really now child, if you think that level of magic means anything to us, then just die right now! With this the female fatal as her power explode before her eyes glow, and she takes control of the blasts, and directs them to merge together, before she blows a kiss at it, and using her power causes it to change to a blood red color before it molds in to a giant spear that heads right for Alexander!

Before Serenity can react it goes right through the mechanical summons's head and the entire spirit is destroyed! At once Zandoris appears before the red haired women with both of his swords aiming to thrust right through her as he says," This game is over!"

In a flash Kamima appears to slash at him as he snaps back with a eager," Not yet jerk! Huh, AH!"

He all of a sudden feels a jab of pain as he feels the chain blades of Dahak hit him in the legs! Dahak just grins as he hurls the blue haired warrior to the ground before he says," This is not a dual, this is war boy! The only rule is the winner takes all!"

He then lunges to stab the off guard swordsmen in the head, till Siegfried bursts with speed to intersect! As they clash blades Siegfried interjects with a fierce," Spoken by a true monster! You're not going to defeat us, are desire to win is greater than yours! Time you demons see just what power comes from the desire to protect others!"

With this his power explodes, and blasts a shocked Dahak up in the air! He at once jumps up to follow through with his attack, but is caught off guard when in midair glowing chains of energy appear out of thin air and entangle him! As he struggles to break free Morgoth appears right above him smirking as he says,"Show us what power comes from the desire to protect your precious ones will you? Nonsense, the desire to protect your loved ones may indeed be your human's greatest source of power, but it's also your greatest flaw! You're chained to your emotions, which is why you will always be inferior! "

With this he fires an energy blast at point blank range to hit the immobilized hero hard, and blast him through the ground! At once he charges another blast that in a instant grows to four times his size and is about to cast the spell when he senses someone is coming for him from behind and has a black sai weapon appear out of his hand as he turns around to block the strike, and sees it was Serenity! She attacks with more force than he expected and he nearly loses his balance as she says,"

It's true that sometimes are emotions can cause us to make terrible mistakes. However, its theses emotions that let us understand each other and work to building a true understanding with each other! We can't just throw them away, even if it causes us to make mistakes! Because otherwise we will never be able to change!"

Morgoth snorts as he says, "Here is what I think of your reasoning!"

With this he shocks Serenity by spitting at her! She is able to react fast enough to block with her glove and as she back steps she is disgusted as she says," Really now, even if you are a demon lord must you be so vulgar? "

Morgoth just has his rotten teeth grin widely as he says,"Don't think of me as the same as my lesser brethren, no gesture of mine is without purpose as you will soon find out! Ah, you will make a lovely statue of mine when the cosmos is restructured hahahaha!"

Serenity widens an eyebrow as she says,"Statue, what do you mean? Huh, what the, oh no!"

She is horrified to see her glove begin to petrify, and in a instant tears it off and throws it to the ground, as it all ready shatters as a stone! Morgoth then sneers out a snide" My, your quick I'll give you that. However, next time I won't miss. "

The female warrior then has her power surge before she begins to from a sphere of holy energy in her hands as she says," I won't let you have the chance! This may be fun and games to you, but you have had too much of this fun go on! And now it's, huh? "

She then sees Mukuro has appeared above her, and her hair begins to crackle with lighting as she says,"Oh don't be a party crasher girl, the REAL fun is just beginning! "

With this she lashes out with her hair like whips, and Serenity barley manages to avoid being hit! However that was just a ploy from the devious women before she snaps her hands, and a lightning bolt hits the heroic women right in the back! As she struggles with the pain, Morgoth fires another flare from his specter, and while Serenity is able to dodge that, the blast is so powerful that just the recoil launches her to the ground! As she hits the ground she sees both Kamina and Siegfried near her, both looking hurt. Damonus is now floating above them, and the rest of the demon lords have then surrounded. Damonus then has his dark aura begin to cover the sky as he says," Theses maggots are clearly unworthy of the master even acknowledging their existence! And now, it's time you all see just what is truly rewarded for such petty heroics!"

With this, he and all the other demon lords all begin to channel their power in to their own beams, and as they all prepare to blow the three away at once Marcus says,"Damn it, I have to do something!"

Damon just says," Like what? Shoot them and all it will do is remind them we are here! I mean, they are going to kill us anyway, but at least we, oh I don't' know." Marcus aims his gun at Damonus and says,"Well, I have to do something, I can't just be helpless and watch the cosmos die!"

He is about to fire when the combined power being released from the demon lords pins them to the ground! Damonus then growls out a damning," Let this be the first mark of the lights final defeat! Exile Spear!"

With this he and the others all fire there energy blasts, and as they are coming in to try and shatter the three hero's Siegfried sweets as he says,"

Damn, so much power! " Serenity then sets up a energy barricade to try and protect her and her friends. However, the barrier begins to crack instantly! As she falls to her knees she at once says,"

No, it can't end this way!"

Zandoris laughs and says," Squirm maggots, I want to see the agony in your last moments!"

Damonus then adds a dark cackle," And now, this ends! Huh, what the? No!"

Just as he is about to release a final burst of power to finish the job, all of a sudden they all see a flash of light, before a massive beam of light comes from the side and intercepts the attacks, causing them all to go upward and explode! This gets all of the demon lords attention and Dahak says,"Impossible, no being has enough strength to overpower six of the demon lords at once! Is it, Gabriel Celesta?"

Xiza then narrows his eyes as he tracks the source of that power and he says," No, it feels like, a human? Who dares make sport of this!?"

All of a sudden Serenity senses something to and her eyes shine with hope as she turns behind her and says," He, he made it! I knew he would arrive on time!" Kamina rolls his eyes underneath his sunglasses and says," Took long enough, and they say I am the dramatic one!"

From the smoke everyone sees a man emerging from the smoke, he is wearing fancy golden armor as well, and it sort of looks like a variation the armor worn by the knights in the Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep game! However, he is not wearing a helmet, and everyone can see he has brown hair and red eyes. In his hand is a sword the size of the Master Sword that Link uses in the Zelda games, if a little larger.

Its colors are red, white, purple and gold. And in its hilt six crystal shards of different colors can be seen! The man is walking slowly but surely and his expression is polite but firm. Zandoris sees this and snorts as he points his swords at the new comer and says," So, you're this lot's missing link? Ha, you're nothing more than a punk in fancy armor! State your name so I can kill you without any lingering curiously!"

Damonus eyes the male carefully and narrows his eyes before howling out," No, it's you! Your, the one Cosmos entrusted the most!"

Dahak then says," This is the man who caught you by surprise last month Damonus? You're the supposed leader of you light warriors?"

This man just smirks and says," I guess you could say that. Although all that really happened is that I was the one who was fit to take this role.

Ah yes, where are my manners? I am Seyia Leingod, and I am here to stop you and defeat your master. Ah, sorry I am late guys, the Zeus ran in to some heavy fire and I needed to protect the others till back up arrived. I hope I did not miss anything. "

Siegfried just laughs and says," Well, you did miss the opening Seyia, but not the best event. "

Damonus then glares at the last of the four light warriors and says,"

It's you, you're the one from before. Seyia Leingod, so you're the one that Cosmos thinks can be her errand boy? "

Seyia just looks at Damonus and responds with a humble," More like the one she entrusted to with my friends save the cosmos from falling in to total darkness from your masters insane plans! This is the final battle, and I'll make sure it ends with are victory!"

Zandoris laughs madly as his power explodes and he says," Please, no mortal, even with a blessed sword and some skill will ever stop are grand vision! Your friends seem better armed then you boy, one has six swords, and the other has a much larger one, and they still pose no threats to us!"

Seyia just gets in to his fighting stance, and his sword begins to glow as he says," Well, I guess I should warn you guys, this is no normal sword.

This is the Divine Eternal Nova; the Star Sword from the heavens, from Cosmos herself, that was empowered with her will to let her will be enforced! And her will, her exact words, were that she wishes for you and your master to be stopped! And, for the sake of justice, and for all the innocents you hurt. All of you, and your Master Chaos Zannacross Necron, all are going to be stopped right here!"

Dahak gets annoyed as his power explodes and he says,"Enough! You want to enforce her will? Then you can follower her to oblivion!"

Xiza laughs madly as he says," You think you can save the cosmos? Pathetic fool. Let me show you the true face of your doom! Die in the face of true power maggot!"

With this Xiza unleashes a storm of power, before he is covered in darkness! A few seconds later and he appears much larger, has four arms, and his robe is now gone and he looks much more muscular! He has transformed in to his true form and Mukuro sees this and sighs saying," Really now Xiza, powering up to full power all for this deluded kid? You're looking quite desperate."

Xiza laughs and has his power explode, causing the ground to tremble as he says,"Must you be that way Mukuro? I just want to end this bad joke as quickly as possible!"

Seyia responds by looking serious and saying," If you want to test my true power, I'll be happy to show it to you. Just don't blame me when you get hurt."

Damonus then says," Don't underestimate him Xiza, even if he is a human his power is as grand as any angel!"

Xiza clutches all four of his massive hands as he says,"Your too worried Damonus, you just need to know how to crush theses soft fleshed tough guys the right way! Like this!"

With this he extends his two upper arms like they were rubber and in a instant Seyia's friends are shocked to find him in the grip of the transformed demon lord! A shocked Serenity looks worried as she runs forward and says,"No Seyia!"

Xiza laughs and looks eager as he presses on his assaul. However before the demon lord can further the attack he feels something, and is horrified to find a surge of power all of a sudden blast his hands off, and he yells in pain as he feels that they are burned severely! Seyia just looks in to his foe's eyes as he says,"

You Demon lords think your mastery over the dark side makes you invincible. However, now I think it's about time you see just how powerful the light really is! I'll show you, that this power is very real! RAHH!" With this Seyia powers up, and a golden aura explodes around him! But what is more is that his eyes and hair nearly change color for a second to green eyes and gold hair! This amount of energy is enough to blow the demon lords back a little, and illuminate the entire landscape! Even in the far distance of the massive battlefield this hero's energy is enough to cause the lesser Necrocalcous to shatter! Marcus sees this power and says,"

Seyia Leingod, he might be the closest thing to a real hero I have seen yet. And if he is this powerful, with the others and the angels, we can win this!"

Morgoth sees Seyia finish his power up and she says," How can a human have that much power?"

Damonus then says," Clearly Cosmos bet everything on theses four to enforce her will."

Zandoris gets annoyed and says," Enough! I am the master of combat, no human will ever out due me!"

With this both he and Dahak all of a sudden have their energies explode before in a flash they are at each side of Seyia! Dahak then has his chain blades glow blood red before he says," I don't like this look of yours human, ill rip you to pieces!" With this the two demon lords strike at once, and the combined force causes a crater to from beneath them and nearly create a tornado! However, to the evil ones horror and the hero's amazement Seyia manages to block the four separate thrusts separately with his sword and free hand alone! This freaks out both demon lords as Zandoris has his eyes bulge as he says," Impossible, no human can survive my death strike when I am serious, and when Dahak was attacking to? "

Seyia just looks right at his opponents eyes as he says," I can see your both serious, but I am too. And, now I'll show you how serious I am!"

With that Seyia moves so fast that no one can even see him move, as he kicks Dahak in the head and uppercuts Zandoris all in the span of a second! As they are both launched several feet back, and as Dahak coughs up blood he snarls and says," Human, you will pay for that. Play time is over!"

With that he extends his chain swords to try and wrap around Seyia. But Seyia is motionless as he says," This is no game, you think killing people is playing around? "

Zandoris then has his swords glow before using his magical power they hover around him as he says," Bah, a human like you could never enjoy the fine taste of a demon lord, the fine art of perfect death! Master Zannacross is about to unleash the perfect death to this entire infested universe! You will not stop us!"

With this he points at Seyia and his swords both home in from both sides to impale him! However Seyia just gets annoyed and says," You say mass murder is a fine art, that you're the superior beings? I will never expect that! "With this his aura explodes defecting both Zandoris's swords and blowing the chain blades of him! As both of the violent bad guys angers grow Dahak says," It matters not what you expect human! The harsh truth is that the strong rule and the weak either will grovel or die! "

With this both of them charge at the hero once more, and his comrades see him exchanging several blows with both of them per second and they move like three blurs! The other Demon lords are outraged by this and Xiza has veins budging on his head as he says," This is up surd! We Demon lords are the most powerful beings in the cosmos! No human will upstage us, will humiliate ME and get away with it!

"With this he sees Seyia block a energy blast from Dahak 's eyes and has his rib cage burst out to cause a wall of spikes to instantly try and impale Seyia! However just as he notices them all of a sudden Siegfried appears to block them all with his massive blade! He then says," Forget about me? Don't think you can just ignore me!" With this his aura blasts Xiza's bone spikes of his sword before he aims his blade at Xiza like a cannon and says," Judgment Flame!"

With this he fires a massive blast of blue and white energy that hits the shocked Xiza dead on! And while he tries to block it, all of a sudden Serenity appears behind riding on a massive black and golden dragon, one of the king of summons Bahamut! She does not even waste time talking as she fires a blast of holy energy at the same time her ride unleashes its powerful Megaflare attack to merge with her allys attack as the blast consumes him and blasts him in to the sky!

Morgoth frowns as he sees Xiza get blasted clear out of the battle and says," That Xiza, he is as hot headed as those humans! Huh?"

He sees Kamina dashing at him from above as he says," Hey now, you would be surprised to see just what power hot headedness can do! After all, courage can bring out the power to cut through raw cold power! Karasuma Gari!

"With this the many sword welding warrior prepares to perform a gigantic spherical slash with three of his swords! However as he lunges to the demon lord the elderly looking fiend has his energy explode as he says," Don't think you can catch me of guard so easily, Ultima!"

With this Morgoth instantly fires the most powerful class of destructive magic to blast Kamina back! However the warrior is able to put enough power to keep the blast back! Morgoth puts more power in to it as he says,"

It's useless! It's clear that you humans can only understand the truth when you're dead! Huh?"

He then sees Serenity charging at him fast from his back as she says," That's not true, we can learn to adapt and change when things don't work out well. We can even learn, how to avoid being consumed by darkness, as you are about to find out! Cosmic Rift!"

With this she tries to defeat her foe but Morgoth is fast enough to jump out of the way. However, this causes him to lose focus in his magical attack and Kamina is able to break through it, and slash Morgoth in the back! Meanwhile Damonus is seeing this just as both Zandoris and Dahak are hit to the ground from Seyia and Siegfried and his energy is causing the nearby Mukuro to cough as she says," Well now, it would seem the master is going to be, not very happy to see this. "

Damonus just glares at Seyia as he says," Enough, this insult will not be allowed to exist one moment later!"

With this in a explosion of energy he bursts right for Seyia as a spear forms in his free hand! Seyia senses the head demon lord just in time and blocks with the Divine Eternal Nova just in time, but the force causes Seyia to stagger! At once Damonus points his staff at the hero as he says," I had enough, you surprised me last time, so now ill unleash my full wrath on you from the start! Seyia Leingod, time to die! Rah!"

He is about to instantly fire a massive blast from his staff, but at the last second Siegfried appears and strikes his staff with Soul Caliber, causing the blast to go in to the sky! As it causes an explosion that shakes the ground Damonus glares at the new arrival as the blond one says," I told you, you're not going to kill anyone again demon!"

Seyia grins and says," Thanks for the assist Siegfried, forgot how quick this guy is despite his appearance. "

Damonus's anger becomes a inferno of dark energy as he says," You won't stand in the way of paradise, your impulsive natures will just destroy everything!"

Both Seyia and Siegfried have their powers explode as Seyia says," That's a good one, coming from the group that wants to destroy everything! Face it, no matter how you try to justify it your just trying to commit a horrible crime! And, I won't let you get away with it!" With this in a flash he is above the demon lord trying to slice him in half! Damonus blocks with his spear, but then Siegfried appears to his side and slashes it in half! As the evil one staggers Seyia takes this opening to slash him across his mask! As part of it is sliced Damonus explodes with anger and causes a wall of fire to intercept there new advance! As he struggles to contain his composer Damonus says,"

To think you humans could muster this much power. So be it, but you still cannot stop the will of Chaos Zannacross Necron! Now, since your becoming such tenacious pests I'll just have to unleash my full wrath on you scum! Prepare to suffer like you never have before! RUH!"

With this his power explodes, and darkness surrounds him as the amount of energy nearly blows the two heroes back! But the moment of suspense's is not for long, because with a devilish roar the demon lord emerges from the smoke in his true form! Now twice the size, and like Xiza with four arms, his wings have become red and are much larger, along with his horns!

He now has a tail and his skin appears to be yellow with purple armor. He even seems to have either mini demon masks or faces on his elbows and chest! In fact, he nearly looks like the Chaos that was the final boss in the first Final Fantasy game along with Dissida! Seeing this Seyia scratches his head and says," So, he was holding back eh? This changes things."

Damonus looks smug as he has his much more sharper claw like hands glow and he says," No more games, you have annoyed the master enough with your petty defiance! The end of the age of all lesser life begins now! Dark Matrix! "

With this the transformed Demon lord puts his hands together, before he yells and fires a massive red and black energy wave at the two! However, seeing this Seyia just powers up even more as he puts his own hands together and says," It does not matter how powerful you become. No matter how strong my foes are, I can't afford to lose! Ka, me, ha, me, HA!

" With this Seyia has his power explode, and fires a massive blue energy wave, that might look familiar, and it collides with his foe's beam, causing a massive beam struggle! However, Damonus shows he is not messing around as his aura grows larger, and Seyia is pushed back! Seeing this Siegfried powers up as well and says,"

You're not doing this by yourself, Judgment Flame!"

With this he unleashes his own attack to back his friend up, but it seems to do nothing as Damonus just pushes their combined blast nearly in to their face! He then laughs madly and says," Hahahahah! What were you humans thinking; did you really think you could stop the Zannacross Empire? You humans truly are arrogant, to think you could defy the will of god on your own and survive! Huh, no!" He then senses a surge of power and sees a flash of light appear to the side of the hero's, and it turns to Gabriel Celeste! His own holy power explodes as he says,"

It's you demons who are far too arrogant Damonus! Zannacross is not god, not yet, and he will be brought to justice for wagging war on Heaven and threaten the stability of all existence! Time for the light to wipe away this darkness! True Judgment!" With this the archangel fires a massive blast of energy form his spear, and as it merges with the hero's beam it is enough to overpower the demon lord's magic, and blasts right through it!

Damonus sees this and says," No, damn you traitor! AH!" While he was able to avoid taking the full force of the blast, it still went through and in an instant vaporized his right arm and wing before the blast goes up in to the distance and blasts a chunk of Pandemonium off before it hits the sky and explodes! Seyia grins and turns to Gabriel before saying," Thank you for that, I admit I did not realize just how much stronger he had become or I would have powered up to match him.

"Gabriel just keeps his eyes set on his foe as he says," Keep it together, we are almost there. Once his servants are all blasted out of the way the true battle begins. Damonus, you were once a angel like Zannacross, how could you have fallen so far? "

Damonus sees that the Royal Knights have arrived and have dealt damage to the other demon lords and he just glares at their leader before he says," It's you all who have fallen Gabriel, fallen along with Cosmos in to a state of laziness and blindness! You have become so lazy that you have let theses mortals get away with so much, and now they have become unstable masses of unworthy fools! If you were doing your jobs properly we would not have to take such drastic actions and take out the garbage! "

Gabriel just sighs and says," We are well aware of all the sins living beings commit time and again.

It's true that they create much sorrow and wage senseless brutal wars over the most trivial things. But, that does not erase the fact that there are many things theses people do that are noble, and it's unfair to punish the innocent for crimes they have not committed! It's the will of Cosmos to let this dimension evolve its own way and let every person be responsible for their crimes, and I will respect and protect her will! "

Damonus laughs as he says," Such naivety form someone who has lived for so long is just foolishness! They are unworthy weak beings that not only do not deserve to go on running amok like malfunction wild beasts, but if left to their own accord they will destroy themselves anyway! Don't you see Master Zannacross is in fact saving humanity, the worthy ones at least, from themselves?"

Seyia gets mad and says,"That's not true! While there are some rotten apples it does not mean the whole tree is to be condemned! We can still improve are self's, we can still reach salvation!"

Gabriel then begins to charge up his energy again as he says,"Enough! Nothing will convince us Zannacross is in fact the one on the side of justice. This ends now!"

Damonus gets annoyed as he says," You're wrong, this is just the beginning! The will of the, huh? Is this? No it can't be!"

Gabriel charges at him as he says," Now what are you, huh? This energy? No, NO!" Marcus then says," What is going on? All of a sudden everyone just stopped?"

Damon then shrugs and says,"

Beets me, maybe they are hungry? Hey, is it getting darker or something or is it just that I got shot in the eye? " They then see Serenity and Kamina have ran up to their friends, till all of a sudden Serenity breaks out in a cold sweet and nearly shivers as she says," This anger, this wrathful hatred, it was here all this time, but now, now its locked on us! No, it can only mean one thing!"

Seyia just looks at her, before he looks at Pandemonium and narrows his eyes as he says," It's him, Chaos Zannacross Necron!"

As if responding to that a new ominous voice then beckons out so that as if the entire planet can hear him and it says," I am very, VERY, disappointed with you and the others performance Damonus! I thought you could at least kill some of those cretins, but I see I must do everything myself!

"Suddenly Damonus turns to the direction of the voice and says," Wait my master, I can still finish them off!

There is no need for you to deal with them! "

All of a sudden near hurricane level winds pick up and if on cue thunder storms break out form above as the voice says," Enough! Don't make me even angrier at you, just be silence, and let me show everyone, just what true power is! Theses infidels seek an audience with me? Then I will grant there final wish!"

All of a sudden everyone sees the massive pillar of energy on top of the castle begin to descend, instill everyone realizes that the massive surge of energy, was in fact the aura of the supreme dark emperor! The massive ball of evil slowly descending to the ground, till its right in front of the band of hero's and angels! Marcus can sees the dark armored form of Zannacross himself, and he gulps as he says,"Well, this is it, the real deal. He, he really looks like not just the devil, but the mother of all devils! "

Damon says," So, since we got him to come out, can we go back now?"

Zannacross just looks at the four warriors of light Gabriel, and the Royal Knights as he crosses his arms before he turns to Seyia and says," So, these are the life forms Cosmos wagered could denied me what is mine?

Hahahaha, how amusing that she would bet the entirety of her order on four inferior beings. You are very nosy though, so nosy that I would prefer to have you dead before I complete my move."

Seyia gets in to his fighting stance as he says," Zannacross, you're the one who is behind everything! I won't forgive you, your time has come!"

Zannacross chuckles, before he lands on the ground and causes a tremor from his impact! He just says,"Seyia Leingod, do you think your anger means anything at all to me? Do you think the anger of millions of bugs bothers me at all? If so your even more foolish then my first impression of you leaded me to believe! You rage is brought about by your own petty existence. You defy me because you wish to defy your true nature.

But, I am here because of your very darkness; my power comes from your power! Since the dawn of time I have watched life grow, and seen in spiral in to decay and ruin! But it does not have to be that way, I can create a superior world full of all incorrect and unworthy factors. And, since I can, I will! Cosmos has proven that she has become soft from the very beings she created, and so I will erase her to! I know, that my path is the true absolute one. And no child, I don't feel sorry at all for my actions!"

Serenity gasps as she sees Zannacross looking at her when she says," No, could he have, been reading my thoughts?" This causes the dark god to chuckle as he says," Oh I can read all of your weak minds quite well my dear. You seem to fail to grasp just what powers a true god has! I can read all of your thoughts very well. And your thoughts are correct; all of you will die here by me! Yes, and those of you that are thinking your strength is in numbers is folly. No matter how many of you come, ill shatter you all!"

He then turns to the thousands of soldiers that were behind him, and one of the dumber soldiers says,"Its Zannacross! Quick, everyone shoot him before he can cast a spell!"

This causes the Emperor of Darkness to just raise his hands as he says," Is that anyway to talk to your absolute master? Its time, that all living things, KNEEL BEFORE THERE TRUE MASTER!

"With this his energy explodes, as he in an instant appears before the first brave soldier, and punches right through him! This also causes an explosion that vaporizes hundreds of soldiers around him! He then begins to unleash his power as he says," I allowed you to get this far in to my territory because in the end I wanted to see the last hope of the light crushed personally. However, if I knew you would damage my castle, and delayed my ritual, I would not have entrusted this task to anyone. Oh well, it's more fun this way. So you inferior beings wish to see what the true power of darkness is? Then let me show you once and for all, what the absolute power of darkness is! HAHAHAHA!"

With this Zannacross unleashes a sample of his power, and it's a maelstrom of darkness that is so great that soldiers like Damon and Marcus are blown away! As Marcus is hurled away he says,"AH! I can't, even move! "

He and Damon are the lucky ones though; thousands of soldiers and other fighters are consumed by Chaos's aura and are instantly ripped apart! His power is causing even the fleets above to be blown back, and the ground is being torn apart! Even the four light warriors and the angels are barely able to be blown back as Gabriel braces himself and says," So, this is true power? Such massive darkness, it's like a galaxy of hate all pressed waiting to explode! His power, could very well destabilize the boundaries of time and space!"

Zannacross takes to the air again as he outstretches his hands, and causes large pillars of dark energy erupt around them as he laughs and says," Hahaha, that was the idea you worthless celestial traitor! I am going to shatter this entire worthless dimension! It's proved to be broken beyond repair, and the final solution is for it to be erased entirely! Yes, the final judgment is for all of existence,"

Seyia then struggles to remain on his feet as he says," Your wrong! I don't care if you are a god! Even the god of darkness's judgment, is just one single being's opinion! No matter how long you have been around, you don't have the right to decide you think the entire universe is not fit to exist!"

Zannacross just laughs, and raises his hand, causing the entire ground around the good guys to be torn up and raised to match Chaos on eye level! He then says," Well, let's see. I am one of the oldest beings since the dawn of time I have watched the life's of people, seen all of history! Who else is more fit to judge the cosmos? An unworthy incompetent goddess who is just content watching the cosmos suffer a improper evolution! Oh, seems I angered a few of her pathetically faithful followers have I!?"

With that he sees four of the Royal Knights charge at him at once as Bismarck says," How dare you talk about Cosmos, who is your equal like that! Your insane Zannacross, you must die now!"

He, Aldebaran and two of the other angel knights all slash him at once! However to their horror, this has no effect at all on the Dark Emperor, in fact, on impact all of their swords shatter!

Zannacross just growls as he says," The Royal Knights, the most powerful angelic warriors are you? How dare you raise your swords against me! Do you think such powers can harm me? Let me show you, just how wrong you are! DIE!"

With this in an instant he punches Aldebran and another one before they even see it coming, and in a instant he causes them to explode on impact! An instant later Zannacross kicks the third royal knight in half! As he sees his comrades quickly combust Bismarck in a rage says,"You, MONSTER! Omin Force Flare! "

With this the Celestial one fires in an instant a powerful energy wave at the killer of his friend, but Zannacross just says," You worthless being, you dare mock me!? "

With this Zannacross has his aura explode, and it causes Bismarck's attack to be redirected back at the holy knight! Bismarck is burned by his own blast, before Zannacross appears above him as he forms a wicked massive black and red sword forms in his right hand as he laughs and says," Tsc, the time of reckoning is at hand, all who will defy me will be deleted!"

With that he in a flash cuts Bismarck cleanly in half before the former angel's body burns in to dark flames! Serenity then sees Chaos's inhuman eyes look mad with delight as she says," He, he really is pure evil!"

Siegfried then says," He treats this all like it's a sick game he is running, but he will pay!"

Zannacross then turns to them and says,"Tell me humans, what is it that drives your species most? "

Kamina says," What kind of question is that? "

Zannacross just crosses his arms again and utters a flat," It's a rather simple question, what drives humans most? Its fear, fear is what drives them more than anything! The fear of death, the fear of a life of worthlessness, fear of rejection, all of their actions come from the root of fear!

And from this fear, other emotions like jealousy, anger, anxiety, and hatred form! And all of their primal emotions draw on the one true power, the power of darkness! Darkness is truth, and the truth is that what mortals worship most of all is death! Death is the one thing no mortal can ever escape. But, they try to do whatever it takes to escape it. They try to gain power to think they are impervious to death, only for their hopes to be crushed! Through their fear of death, they resort to brutal acts.

My power, is the pain brought out by this fear! I will never be defeated, for my power is the power that will never fade for as long as the universe exists! And that is why you cannot deny the true dark utopia from being born! Absolute annihilation is inevitable, so why fight destiny?"

Kamina gets in to his fighting stance as he says," Why fight it? Because it's a destiny that sucks that's why! You may think it's are fate to kill each other but we will fight for a future that we want!"

Serenity then says," Everyone wants to be happy. Some seek happiness by taking it from others, but we as a whole can still grow!"

Siegfried then says," Even if it's a long painful road ahead as long as there is a glimmer of hope we will keep going forward, because it's a whole lot better then everything ending here!"

Seyia then powers up as he says," That's right, are hearts want hope, not a existence as slaves to a dark emperor of death! No matter how much power you have Zannacross, no matter if you're a god, we will still defeat you!"

Gabriel then adds a solemn"Theses warriors are brave Zannacross, and there resolve is pure! You will pay dearly if you underestimate them. For as foolish as they can be they can unleash great power when their hearts are in to it, and with the power that Cosmos gave them even you cannot just erase them!"

This causes Zannacross to laugh madly as his energy flares up again, and the whole planet begins to shake as he says," Is that so? Well, then show me just what power you really have! That's right, show me just how strong you inferior beings are, because I all ready know the answer! Yes, you will fail and die that is the answer! All life seeks only to die, all light is fated to be consumed by darkness! I had enough of this defiance! Ill destroy you no matter how much power Cosmos gave you all! Enough, here and now, the old cosmos will die, and the new one will be born!

I had enough of this nonsense, no more! Mortals crave violence, they strive on brutality! They worship death and destruction! And now its time to erase all traces of fools who try to deny the truth from being formed to the very root!

I, Supreme Emperor Chaos Zannacross Necron, will now show my powers make me master of both time and space! And I will show my mastery over all by reconfiguring all of existence, and bound everything to my rule! And now, by my divine degree the dark utopia begins now!

And may the final fantasy of the delusional light of mortal defiance be extinguished forever! "

Seeing the sky's color beginning to warp, and the swirling mass of energy over Pandemonium grow larger Seyia has his sword glows with celestial energy and his golden aura explodes before he says," Not yet, you have not won yet Chaos! For everything that is and ever will be, this ends now!"

With this he his friends and the others angels all charge at the dark god! And as Marcus and Damon, who were flung in to a downed ship by the outburst of Chaos's energy several miles away see the collision of powers and Marcus says,"

Well, looks like the battle to end the war, and the entire universe is going to be decided now."

Damon just groans as he falls of the imprint in the wall he was on and says," And I don't even have anything to eat, damn."

It looks like the true battle to save the universe has begun in earnest! With the borderline ultimate invincible power Zannacross welds how can he be stopped? If you want to find out, that will have to wait till next time on Tales of the Cosmic Wars! Yes, next time is blast from the past concludes as the four original warriors of light make history, and prevent the Zannacross Empire from winning the war. However, while this being a flash back and all its clear justice prevails, there is still the question of who is going to survive the bloody onslaught Chaos Zannacross Necron unleashes at those that stand in his way! And if you want to find that out, you will have to tune in to

Chapter Zero: The Sword That Slashed Through the Dark Absoulte Nightmare!

Ah, but before we end today first a few Authors Notes. First of all, I know it's confusing to start this story with a flashback, but it's to make things more clear for the future. Ah, I should say that Marcus, Damon, Templar, and Nathan are all just cameos. I admit I never really played Kill zone, Gears of war, or Resistence, but thought they could serve their roles here. If you're confused why I focused on Marcus at first even though he is not one of the hero's it's because I wanted to have someone who witness history that was kind of normal, or something like that lol. Also, while Dahak the demon lord may have the same looks and powers, if greatly enhanced, as the main character of the God Of war hero Kratos, he does not have the same personality, it's just a cool cameo I thought of hehe. On the other side of the spectrum, if you're not aware Gabriel Celeste is in fact a secret boss who has appeared in every one of the Star Ocean RPG games as a secret boss that appears only after you have beaten the game. And as anyone who fought him knows, his power is well justified.

Ah, and also, Kamina, Serenity, and Seyia are own my original creations, even if I was inspired from various things haha. And as for Siegfried, well, I know this is going to raise questions hehe, but I assure you, all questions will be answered in time. Well, hope this was a good start to volume three for new comers and long timers alike. Like always, hope to see lots of reviews like always! And till next time!