Tales of the Cosmic Wars, Trilogy Ultimania

Major character Biographies of Importance, Protagonist side.

Before we start ill just like to say that for some of the major heroes and villains I shall be comparing them to the, Enneagram of Personality. For those that don't know in some psychology circles it's a kind of thing that's used to identify the kind of personality traits and behavior patterns one has. I'll be using this for some of the heroes and villains to give them better overviews, though I won't do it for the majority of non original characters, mostly because that would take forever and, doing a study on Mario's behavior is just a tad over kill lol. All right, let's begin.

Ben Auro: Full name is Benjamin Fei Auro, has blue eyes, light brown hair that is mostly normal length, and is six feet tall. Favorite hobbies besides fighting are history, painting, and the piano and favorite foods are pasta types, sweet types, and meat types.

Born to a couple of average middle class family members in the capital planet of Corneria, the male human known as Ben Auro spent most of his life growing up in the small suburb known as Transford town. With his mother being a government retirement bureaucrat and his father being a small time sells man Ben did not have much in the ways of wealth, but his parents were able to give him a stable childhood, if uneventful. While Ben was grateful that his parents were there for him, his dad's lack of success gave left most of the people in the town with a flimsily reputation, and Ben's lack of funds made it hard for him to make friends due to his shy awkward nature. While he did make a few friends a good deal of those friends left him for wealthier and "hipper" Friends and this feeling of being a loser stung him hard over the years.

The three people who influenced Ben the most in his childhood was his grandfather, his cousin and role model Max Bruder, and Lacus Raystar, his first and dearest female friend. Ben's grandfather was a former wizard and was the one helped have Ben have a sense of wonder and be in awe of magic, and also helped give Ben a sense of justice, though superhero stories and games and shows that Ben grew up watching and playing helped give him a strong burning desire to be a hero. However, for most of his childhood telling people he wanted to be a hero just ended in bursts of laughter, because Ben had rather substandard skills in sports, even he had a hard time believing in himself. However, one person that believed in him was Lacus. Meeting on the first day of school, the five year olds met by chance. But while Ben was nervous and afraid Lacus liked how nice Ben was and despite the two being from different backgrounds the two became friends.

Lacus helped Ben, and Ben helped Lacus in different areas, and seeing Lacus's wealthy lifestyle gave Ben incite in to the world of the elite, but Lacus was always grateful for Ben helping Lacus deal with the constant demands of her family anyway that he can. The two stayed close friends for some time, even when members of the Raystar family looked down on Ben for being a lowborn fool Lacus fiercely defended her friend. However, when the two were twelve Ben's dads incompetence proved Lacus's mother right, it struck Ben hard.

After taking months of persuasion to let Ben's family and Max tag along with the Raystars to the vacation world of Hyda IV, Ben's dad felt determined to prove his own competence, and nearly forced Ben and Lacus to go on what he thought was a great tour ride. However, the great deal he had in reality was a trap set by terrorists that were after Lacus, a trap that Mister Auro walked right in to. While the terrorists were able to be defeated thanks to the arrival of the Enji, Max's skills and Lacus 's own power, the incident still left Lacus 's parents traumatized, and they quickly moved away from Transford, forbidding Lacus from making any further contact with the Auro's.

While a cover story was given, Ben saw through this half baked excuse instantly. As a result he grew much bitterer to his father, especially when his father just responded by saying that reality is cruel and that he just had to deal with mistakes happening. Realizing how powerless he was Ben grew dead set at becoming an Enji Knight, someone who would not be so powerless. Begging Max to seriously teach him how to fight, his older cousin agreed. Max had always been Ben's hero, a fighting genius, and a much slicker with the ladies, Ben's favorite cousin was everything Ben was not, and he strived to try and gain the confidence that Max had. For two years Ben spent most of the time he was not doing school work committed to learning how to be decent at martial arts and sword skills. While Ben was never the genius Max was, in time he was able to get a well enough grasp on the basics to be able to hold his own.

However, a year in to High School Max left to be an Enji, and Ben was left for himself. High School was all ready tough with Lacus being gone, and with Max now busy on missions of world and his other close friend Ricky having been sent away to a rehabilitation center, Ben had felt even more isolated. Ben still had friends in High School, but those friends were flakey most of the time, and Ben felt that as long as he was a nobody no one would pay attention to him. Despite his improved fighting skills it did little to help his status with the ladies, and to many this just made him seem even weirder. Because he had little money and because his house had a case of both mold and bugs his family got a reputation of being " unlucky" to say the least. It was even more agonizing for Ben that the girl he liked the most in High School, Olette, gave him hope that they could be friends, only to mock him while going out with a jock.

This bitter end to High School, and Ben being unable to find a decent job made the young man more focused on doing something drastic. Faced with having to work for his dad before going to college, Ben decided to put his life on the line, and join the Enji Knights to give it everything he had to become a hero like Max. However, Ben quickly learned that willpower alone was not going to cut it, despite all his efforts he failed to past the Enji entrance exams twice, no matter how desperate he became to prove his worth, and no matter how hard he studied it just seemed that he could not fight as good as those who passed the test with bigger scores. Even the third time Ben took the test, even after all the preparations he made, and after how determined he was to pass before he got marked as an unlikely candidate for the Enji, Ben only past thanks to the two fighters above him being disqualified for cheating and taking drugs.

While it was not the most honorable way to get in, Ben was not going to turn down good luck when it shined his way. While his parents were more than a little skeptical about their son going to join a warrior order, Ben was determined to make his dreams become a reality and besides, even a dangerous life was better than the life of near total drudgery where the weeks had been the same dull thing after the other. When Ben at last entered Hallowed Bastion it was like a dream had come true, in more than one way. After all, not only had Ben found many new interesting hero's and friends, including quickly running in to his soon to be new best friends Doug Fitter and James Elrond, but he also found something , or someone he thought he would have lost forever, Lacus Raystar! To Ben's shock he had bumped in to his oldest dearest friend, and quickly realized how much more elegant and pretty she had become. However it was not all good news, because while Lacus remembered Ben, it was not as warm welcome as Ben would have liked. The young man quickly found out why to, when he ran in to a man he hated nearly instantly, Brad Fowltror! Not only was running in to Brad and his crew of Jerid, Mondo, the Slate, and CJ a rude realization that not everyone in the Enji Order was a heroic person, not only was being overwhelmed by Brad's raw power even more traumatic, but the cruel icing on the cake was the fact that this crude fight loving jock was Lacus's boyfriend! Finding out that the girl he cared for most of all had somehow become in love with a man that use to be the kind of guy she despised quickly crashed Ben's arrival.

However, Ben quickly had to put this sudden hurdle aside to not fall before he even started his journey. From proving his worth to his soon to be squad leader Cloud Strife in a final test, to handling his first mission, especially when it spiraled far out of control. Between thinking he would be just patrolling worlds and taking down criminals, to suddenly finding himself going to fight in a massive galactic civil war, to finding his first relatively peaceful mission suddenly erupting to a fight to the death with unforeseen ruthless enemies Ben found that becoming a hero was going to be even more intense than he ever foresaw! However, even as things spiraled out of control and Ben found himself landing on a random world Ben tried to keep cool and not break under pressure. It was tough, especially when the violent maverick criminal Vile showed up and quickly overpowered Ben. But, even as the young rookie found himself at the mercy at the inorganic killer and locked in hostile territory, Ben refused to submit to failure.

Through sheer determination Ben was able to find a way out of Bowser's castle, and while it seemed like that courage brought him his doom it in fact leaded him to his true destiny, the hidden shrine that held the fragment of the chosen savior, the Star Sword. Stumbling in to the crystal chamber, Ben grasped the blade and was only made aware of how important the golden blade was when he had to fight for his life to get the approval of the blade's guarding, the spirit of the legendary swordsman Gilgamesh! After another test, Ben at last realized that by being able to lift the Star Sword Ben had made the legacy of the Epitaph of Twilight come to past, and he out of all beings in the universe had been chosen to be the legendary hero and save the universe from falling in to ultimate darkness!

While even Ben was unsure if this was nothing but a joke the new owner of the Star Sword quickly proved he was not going to roll over, and after quickly helping his new friends Mario, Luigi and Yoshi defend the Mushroom Kingdom from a attack by their archenemies Bower, Ben proved he was going to try and live up to this high expectation by not only taking down Bowser and King K Rool, but standing up to Vile! While even with the Star Sword Ben was not able to overpower Vile in his battle armor, he was able to fed him off long enough for the maverick's long time enemies, Megaman X , Zero and Axl to show up and drive him off.

As Ben returned to the Enji HQ in one piece, even his comrades were not sure if Ben was for real at first, and Brad even told Lacus that Ben just made up the Star Sword in a lab to try and look cool! However Ben was now determined to give it his all to prove he was not just making stuff up, especially to Lacus. Luckily, or perhaps unlucky he would have had plenty of times to try. In the missions that would proceed this Ben and his friends would fight all kinds of enemies, meet many new allies and friends, and find many more revelations, both good and bad. As he encounters everything from driven Zeon generals and there war machines, to vengeful revived villains, only when Ben sees that the true enemy of Sithantos is the fallen former apprentice of Master Myers, Xehamaru does Ben have a glimpse of just how challenging his destiny will be. However he also met new friends like the speedy fun loving Sonic and the noble hero of Hyrule Link, not to mention his own digimon partner the energetic dragon digimon Hiryuumon. As Ben dedicates himself from learning from Cloud, and the Enji Masters to improve his skills, and after finding more fragments of the Star Sword in shrines from across the worlds, his skills and powers reach even greater heights as he masters moves like the Shadow Clone spell, the Shinning Flare Slash, and his own trademarked energy beam the Shinryukenha. With much effort Ben is able to get noticed fondly by all sorts of people for his efforts, including the ruler of the Lylat Kingdom!

However despite all of this momentum it's far from a smooth journey. During what was supposed to be his time off Ben reunited with his old friend Ricky, only to find out that Rickey had become a cunning criminal, and head of the Toxic Vulture gang. Despite Ben's efforts to reach out to him, Rick's desire for power overwhelmed all, but thankfully Doug and James showed they were true friends and Ben was able to shut down his turn coat friends operation down. Even after Rick fused himself with the power of the darkness from the Curse Seal crystal, Ben's anger unleashed a fragment of his true power, and in his super mode state he easily crushed Rick. While Rick seemed regretful near the end, he was killed by a mysterious assassin before anyone could do anything, leaving Ben with another small void in his life.

Another void was the fact that despite all his progress, he still could not defeat Brad Fowltror, who was stronger than anything Ben could throw at him. This major setback once more threw Ben's self confidence in a tail spin, though he was able to regain his confidence after passing another test, gaining another crystal shard, and helping the bounty hunter Samus Aran take down a Space Pirate operation on the planet SR-388. Even with his confidence in himself in doubt, Ben was able to show to show the true strength of his will by going on to defeating both the Dark Enji Axel, and then Metroid Prime! As Ben continued to improve he further proved his worth by causing an uproar as he forced Ezan in to a drawl in their own battle. However, the first extreme test to Ben's worth was when he was unexpectedly forced to fight with Xehamaru alone.

While the difference in experience and power was wide between the two Ben refused to give up, and when he saw just how much was on the line, not to mention being on the verge of death, he pushed himself to the limit, and with a little help from King Atem's energy he was able to have the Star Sword transcend in to the next level, its Bankai state. While his previous super mode was just the Shikai state, having gathered enough of the crystal shards he was able to unleash an even deeper power, and use that power to crush Xehamaru! With the help of his allies Xehamaru was completely destroyed, but sadly this only marked the start of the true hard times.

Only a few days after Ben managed to defeat Xehamaru, he found out that his grandmother died because of the stress brought on by the dark lords attack, and as bad as that was, when he finally had a date with Lisa Alster, the cute blond girl that he thought had a understanding with, it turned out he was being tricked the entire time, because Lisa was in reality non other then one of the elite dark Enji Larxene! For all the hopes Ben had that he had found someone that had expected him, he was heartbroken that it was all a act to lure him in to her trap, and it was only thanks to Lacus that he got out of the blond harpy's trap with his head. Even as heartbreaking as this was, it was only the start of Ben's trauma.

After another tense mission Ben found himself being forced to be taken under Kira's wing, and was forced to leave his friends to train under the leader of the Titan Special Forces. Ben all ready knew Kira was harsh, but with everyone but Ezan and Hiryuumon being cold titan soldiers Ben felt even more isolated, especially when Kira started giving him brutal training sessions that were borderline torture, all for the sake of making Ben" Become strong enough to concur pain". Regardless of Kira's true intention, it was just making Ben feel pushed to his breaking point both mentally and physically, but Ben was determined to endure the extreme pain to prove he had what it took to be a hero. Thankfully Ben found some good news at last, when during a battle to stop a Zeon fleet leader by Char to complete their intentions of smashing the space colony Julius Seven on to the world of Pakamino Ben found a surprise, in the form of the sudden return of his cousin Max! It seemed that the ace warrior had at last returned from his secret mission, and had come to catch up with his cousin!

However, while Max's return had cheered Ben up initially, another sudden turn for the worst turned Ben's life upside down! When Ben and Max were attending Lacus 's birthday party bounty hunters leaded by the Dark Enji Luxord crashed the party, and one of those bounty hunters was none other than Janus, the masked Zandalorian warrior that had killed Rick and fought the space pirates! Ben was all too eager to avenge his friend but, as he forcefully slashed off the mask of his attacker he was horrified to see that the true identity of the cold hearted man was none other than Max! To Ben's horror, the man who taught him how important it was to have courage, dreams, and pride, had now discarded his own honor and had forsaken justice, to become a man who only cared about himself! While Ben could barley expect that the man he had seen as his brother had become someone who would gladly sell him out for cash, Max forced Ben to open his eyes when his cousin unleashed a merciless assault with moves only he could pull off! As Ben barley fed off his cousin's assault his rage exploded, but even in his anger, and even after how far he had come, he was still not able to catch up with Max, and the icy bounty hunter escaped after dispatching with the backstabbing Frost Brothers.

On top of everything and on top of the man he had looked up to the most cruelly shattering his dreams, the Raystar family reacted to the attack by blaming Ben, and once more seeing Ben as part of the problem. Ben could not help but think that maybe this time Lacus 's parents were right, and that despite his efforts he was still powerless to help Lacus like how Brad helped her. The experiences war brings to anyone is enough to drag one's will down and overload a guy's heart with a double dose of jaded disgust, but on top of Max's betrayal after just handling being duped by Larxene, Ben was getting disgusted with the world of lies that seemed to be more and more unappreciative for Ben's efforts. Cut off from his friends, and only having Kira's harsh demands that he expect that he is a hero and not a person, that his emotions should be discarded and that that the only thing that he should focus on his fulfilling his destiny.

Determined to verify his existence, Ben continued to try and be a hero despite his pain, and did manage to help Sonic and his friends fight off Doctor Robotnik 's newest assault, taking down a upgraded Metal Sonic that was revved up for revenge in the meanwhile. However, his victories seemed hallow with how massive a campaign the Zannacross Empire was waging. Just when it seemed Ben could barely keep the pain from overwhelming him, seeing Lacus reject him and say that they could no longer be friends, with Brad's crude jabs at him as the cherry on top pushed him in to a downward spiral, and made him determined to grasp the power that could make him overcome the nearly overwhelming pain that was consuming him. However, this desperate urge to overcome his suffering only caused him to descend in to his lowest point yet. Being sent to the dark world of Mitchtam to find the last crystal fragment of the Star Sword, Ben fought his way through savage natives and ominous phantoms only to find the traitors that were rumored to be after the shard, and to Ben's horror they were Doug and James, or at least seemed that way! Only later did Ben find out that he was really confronted by imposters, but at the time having no choice but to cut down his two comrades after they seemed to be trying to betray and kill him broke what was left of his sanity. All ready having become emotionally numb and broken through all the betrayals, having to confront that everyone seemed to have betrayed him was too much for Ben to handle. The pain had become unbearable; the only thing that Ben could think of was to escape this pain and to unleash his fury on the cruel cosmos that had made him suffer. And so as he infused himself unwillingly with a masked Advance Curse Seal of Necrocalcous crystal, the sudden massive infusion of dark energy in to his soul, and his mental break down allowed his darkness to consume him, and a new destructive personally manifested in Ben's mind as a result, the being that would become Darth Idious!

The embodiment of Ben's rage, driven by a lust for revenge, and guided by the Curse Seal Crystals infused in his body, Ben's dark half unleashed a murderous rampage that wiped out Lylat and Zeon forces alike, before he returned home! Idious, and Hiryuumon's dark mega level form of Helldramon unleashed a brutal wave of carnage on their former comrades, and when they saw behind his mask his friends were mortified at the state of their friend! While the darkness was driving him to attack his friends, his feelings of betrayal and hopeless despair were what was giving the darkness fuel! As Idious attacked his friends, Ben's true feelings were locked deep down in his heart, and felt that no matter what he did he would be hated by the hypocritical liars that had pretended to be his friends just to use him before throwing him away.

However, Ben's friends refused to let their pal be consumed with darkness, and reached out to show their friend that they had not forsaken him! After everyone, especially Lacus, reached out to Ben the owner of the Star Sword was at last able to wake up and try to take control of his body, though it took Master Myers's nearly getting himself killed to free Ben from the darkness that was trying to shatter his soul, and Idious was wiped away. But, as Ben returned back to normal, his situation only became more severe, for as soon as he was free Kira had arrived and dubbed Ben a traitor to be executed! Knowing that he let his pain consume him and that his dark side nearly killed his friends, and killed everyone on the planet Taris, Ben was nearly resigned to let himself be executed for failing everybody.

But, at this time Ben's would be killer showed his true nature to everyone, and it was clear that the true person to blame was Kira! Moments away from being killed by Titan forces, Ben was rescued by his friends and seeing that he had not killed Doug and James like he thought, his friends gave him the drive to keep going to redeem himself. Learning that Kira had declared himself the new Supreme King and was in the process of trying to wipe out the Enji with Order 66 made the owner of the Star Sword want to have more than a few words with his former superior. At last the moment of truth , well, the newest one came, and at least some of the weight that Ben felt on his heart was lifted. This was because Ben found out that Kira was intentionally pushing Ben to snap, so that he could use Ben as his dark pawn. However, seeing that Ben failed to leave behind his emotions made Kira see Ben as someone who was too weak to be useful to him, and planned to destroy him along with the rest of the people he saw as obstacles to his new world. Realizing it was Kira who made him think his friends were trying to kill him, but he quickly had more things to add on his reasons to hate the treachery Enji as Max appeared before him, and revealed a bombshell of a revelation when Max explained that he became a bounty hunter when Kira betrayed him and tried to ruthlessly kill him for not supporting him in killing the Zandalorin's! While Ben was not able to take down Kira, at least he was clear of his crimes and saw that even if Max was still not the man he once knew, he was no villain.

Still, being ashamed at letting his darkness consume him Ben was about to think he failed as a hero, but thankfully his many comrades helped him realized through some of their own histories that making a mistake or two and being flawed is nothing to be ashamed of, and that as long as he did not give up, since he did not directly want to kill anyone he should not see himself as a failure just yet. Seeing how strongly his friends and comrades believed in him gave Ben the confidence he needed to resolve to keep trying to fulfill his destiny. After a session with Grand Master Myers in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and mastering sage training to master his state of mind and also master the powerful Kaio-Ken skill Ben tried his best to rebound from his previous failing. It seemed like his resolve to atone for his sins paid off as he was able to be good enough that with the help of his friends and comrades he was able to take down a powered up Ganondorf and even help Ezan overcome his own darkness, and then fend off the revived Sephiroth!

In time Ben was even able to catch up with Max again, and despite his recent history Ben took it on himself to trust his former idol once more and agreed to help him go after his target ,The Godfather of the Twilight Mafia and CEO of the Vector corporation, the Demon Lord Xiza. At long last the two were at last able to fight on the same side again. However, by fighting along Max Ben realized how driven Max had become over the years, and the fact was that his cousin had become so obsessed and jaded that he had post traumatic stress syndrome! As the crises escalated and Ben and co fallowed Max to the Halo 6, instantiation Merkabah, Max's desire for revenge had overwhelmed him, and he nearly had become berserk. Seeing Ben as to weak to help him Max ordered him and his friends to back down so that Max could at last reclaim the honor and pride that had been stolen from him for years. However Ben, knowing the stakes were too high to leave it to any one man, and also knowing he had to settle the score with his cousin once and for all, Ben challenged Max to a duel while his teammates went after Xiza.

It was a tense explosive dual, one that pushed both men to their limits, because despite how strong Ben had become he still was pushed to the brink having to deal with the man who taught him how to fight's full power for the first time! Still, despite Max's fury, Ben was determined to show Max that he could become a true warrior, and after giving it everything he had, and combining Max's own ultimate attack in to his own, at last he was able to surpass Max! Even in defeat, Max could not help but be proud at seeing how much his former pupil of a cousin had grown, and being defeated seemed to clear his mind of the rage that had consumed him. With this Ben continued to fulfill his destiny, and confronted Xiza. While the demon lord proved why he was worthy of being one of the most powerful minions of the Emperor of Darkness when he showed his true form, Ben refused to give in, and when Max arrived to give him back up, the two cousins were able to show Xiza that not even a demon lord can stand in the way of their combined power as he was quickly overwhelmed and destroyed!

It seemed that Ben's efforts had paid off, and that after killing Xiza and destroying Halo Max might have at last remembered the beliefs that he thought he had forgotten. But, before Ben and Max could officially work side by side with his cousin suddenly in a mere moment before he could even react Max was shot with a Anti Enji sniper round, and in the blink of a eye Ben's moment of happiness became a moment of horror as his cousin died in his arms! After a bitter tearful farewell Ben could not help but be consumed with rage, especially when both Ravxen and Kira descend to taught him for his failure. However to their shock the enraged owner of the Star Sword unleashed a surge of power so massive that the two villains were forced to retreat. Before Ben could once more be consumed with despair Lacus reached out to Ben, and begged him not to lose sight of himself, saying that it was her fault for not making it in time to save Max. With his dearest friend there to confront him, Ben was able to at the very least not be overwhelmed with grief.

The battle did not reach an entirely somber conclusion, for Ben soon had something else to wonder about when Cosmos appeared before him! The Ethereal Queen of light had appeared in front of the defenders of the cosmos to show Ben and the others that she had their full support even if she could not aid them directly, and that she truly believed Ben, telling the chosen one not to give up. Ben resigned himself to expecting this endorsement. However, while Ben had to confront the reality that he had to say good bye to Max for the last time, it was not an entirely bitter event, as after Max's funeral he found that Lacus before him. To his shock, his childhood friend told him that after seeing how uncaring Brad was to Max's death, and his general increasingly wild behavior, she decided she could no longer find herself to be Brad's boyfriend, and that she was there for Ben to help him get over Max's death.

After this the next few weeks were some of the happiest Ben had in a long time. Even as sad as he was at Max's horrible death, being with Lacus, especially now that she was no longer with Brad was a godsend. To his relief while they were both getting over there grief, they were able to comfort each other. After at last being free of Brad's grip Lacus was slowly lowering her guard and opening up to Ben. As the two remembered how much they got along as they fought on a few missions as a team the two really got close and lowered their guards. In fact, by the time that Doctor Wily revealed himself and brainwashed Zero to unleash his master plan Lacus made sure to go with Ben on the mission to find the Doctor's lair, and with her support Ben was able to at last find the last crystal shard for the Star Sword after a intense double dual with Gilgamesh and the spirit of Master Myers's own rival Garland! After being to not pass through this milestone but also go on to defeat Doctor Wily and then Sigma Ben had realized just how much he truly cared for Lacus. But, just before he could ask Lacus if she would like to be his girlfriend, his luck fell apart once more when none other than Darth Damonus appeared fight after he defeated Sigma!

Ben was quickly made aware of how far he still had to go when he found that the second in command of the Zannacross Empire easily out powered him! And since he brought with him four recently revived villains, Kefka, Exdeath, Ultimecia, and Kuja, the hero's were quickly finding themselves being overwhelmed! However as bad as this was, Ben's true nightmare begun when he saw that all of the stress and fear brought on by this assault caused Lacus to lose control, and the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside her took full control of her body for the first time in years! While the true reason for this outbreak would be made clear in time, Ben could only watch helplessly as his dearest friend unleashed a wild rampage on friend and foe alike in Neo Arcadia! Despite his efforts Ben found that he could not stop Lacus, and to his dismay it was Brad who brought her back to normal! As traumatic as this whole ordeal was, for a moment Ben thought he would be able to reach out to the traumatized Lacus, only to find out that Lacus's rampage indirectly caused his mother to be hit hard enough to go in to a deep coma! Finding out this horrible news was awful in itself, but his mothers injury also drove Lacus further away, as she once more saw herself as a monster that would bring nothing but misery to all.

For all of Ben's progress now it seemed like he made one step forward and two steps back, because with Lacus now more withdrawn than ever before and his own mother possibility never waking up again Ben's depression nearly came back full force but thanks to Doug's return and the owner of the Star Sword's own determination to not ever let his darkness control him again he steeled himself to do whatever it took to make things right. With this new batch of grim resolve Ben kept his head in the game, and managed to overcome the trap the Organization XIII set up for him and the others in the mystic Castle Oblivion, managing to not just settle scores with Axel Larxene and Marluxia, but also helping Ezan come to terms with himself and his past, and help his rival master the darkness in his heart in more ways than one! After this, he learned the true identity of Xemnas, the leader of the Dark Enji was none other than a modified clone of the original hero of the Star Sword, Seyia Leingod! However, even in the face of his twisted predecessor Ben refused to back down and thanks to a few lucky breaks he was able to fight off Xemnas long enough to get out of the fight in one piece.

It seemed that for the most part aside from being able to save Xion from her tragic fate the Castle Oblivion mission was an overall success. However, it was not long that Ben painfully saw his life going on a painful seesaw as nearly right after he and Ezan had come to terms and have just about become true friends, upon his return he found out that Lacus had relapsed far worst then he or anyone could have ever imagined! Not only to Ben's horror and his friends disgust once more go back to being Brad's girlfriend because she decided he was the only one that could expect the true her, but because she and Ben were in her eyes from two different worlds, she declared that she no longer wanted to have anything to do with him! After being this close with Lacus, having the women he knew without a doubt he loved reject him so utterly left him heartbroken, but the worst part of all is that he knew she was not completely wrong to go back to Brad since he could help her when he could not.

As much as Ben was in anguish over this new turn of events, once more he had no choice but to try and put it in the back of his mind, because thanks to Ansem Zeon returning the time had come to launch a all out assault to take down Weil Zabi and end the fighting with the Zeon Federation! Still sticking to giving it is all to live up to his destiny, Ben and millions of others begun operation ZD day to take down the twisted dictator once and for all, and for all the various deadly obstacles that was thrown in Ben and the others way, he and the other good guys refused to back down, and despite a long struggle Ben and co were able to hop from world to world to at last corner there target. Despite how insane and ruthless Weil had become, even fusing with his battle station, the Death Star and having the power to destroy a planet was not enough to stop Ben and the others from giving the greedy man the justice he deserved!

With Ben being a key part in ending the war with the Zeon Federation and helping unite most of the people of the universe against the Zannacross Empire did help solidify that he truly was the chosen one, even this victory could not erase some of the emptiness he was feeling, thanks to him still being clueless to who truly killed Max. That and the fact Lacus seemed to not only breaking away from Ben, but from her friends and family as well. In fact, Ben was disturbed to see just how isolated and uncaring she had become, because she nearly seemed emotionless, and only caring for Brad! The fact that others like Doug told Ben to just give up on Lacus and move on did not help, because despite how far gone Lacus seemed, the brown haired man refused to admit that the girl he loved so much was lost forever. Despite this resolve, his worries increased when he saw Lacus, Brad and there group leave suddenly off world and, determined to see just what was going on with Lacus and her wild boyfriend he fallowed them with James on the Tri-Edge. As he fallowed Brad's limo transport shuttle to Venom, on the way he learned from Max's droid T3-X5 yet another mystery, Brad's parents deaths were never conformed, even though Lacus said several times the angry couple killed each other in a violent rage. This and the rumor of some sort of super weapon program called the Juggernaught Project being the true reason for the Irazous Civil war made Ben determined to get to the bottom of things. However, as he landed on the former stronghold world of the mad scientist Andross he found more then he barged for, because after meeting a fellow Enji Knight Ky Kiske he learned that several of the top criminal leaders, the former Virgos of Xiza 's Twilight Mafia organization were about to have a secret battle royal to not only have their annual celebration to crime, but also decide who would become the new Kingpin of crime. Despite how bad a situation this Dark Tekken Gauntlet was shaping up to be, Ben knew that if Brad and Lacus were heading there he had to get to the bottom of things, and so created a alter ego , the Zandalorian Bounty Hunter Hakumen Kenobi to " Invite" himself in to the illegal event.

Once there he saw more than a few disturbing sights, but in this den of thugs and crime lords the most brutal man of all was Brad, who showed just how vicious he truly was as he used his power to try and wipe out all the other fighters at once, and then go on to suddenly kill all the crime lords to seize power for himself and become the big man of crime! Between having to deal with Brad's insanity, and all kinds of enemies ranging from demonic assassins, Elite Dark Enji, and fight seeking maniacs, but even with all of that Ben managed to overcome the odds. Even so, once more it felt little more than a hallow victory when he saw just how wild Brad's ambitions truly were, and how Lacus did not seem to care that her boyfriend was a murderous pain loving psychopath! Ben was even more conflicted when he saw that Lacus seemed to truly have lost all respect for herself and was slowly becoming little more than Brad's doll.

What tore Ben up the most was that as insane as Brad has become he still had managed to be able to keep Lacus safe, and Ben's inability to help Lacus with her problems with the Blue Eyes White Dragon constantly trying to take her over torn him up inside. However, as Ben tried to reason with Lacus, he found that Brad's newest pal, Charley, was trying to take advantage of a stressed out Lacus being unconscious and was about to take advantage of her sexually. This unforgivable act was something Ben could not stand, and as stressed as he all ready was, his fury exploded with such intensity that he instantly killed Charley with one punch, a punch so strong that he vaporized the smelly man! As Ben's rage was overwhelming him, he then realized that the unconscious Lacus was wearing a wig to hide her true hair, proving to Ben that the girl he loved was still there deep down. However, this relief was once more replaced with outrage when he then found out that Doug had been on Venom at the same time he had for his own agenda. Seeing that the friend he thought was the most optimistic and trust worthy was being shady and going behind his back was starting to seriously hurt Ben. The owner of the Star Sword was all ready getting frustrated at how powerless he was to find a way to help Lacus, and at how carelessly the masses seemed to be treating the war that was being wagged. Seeing Doug now show the same kind of behavior that Max had, and show hints of betrayal was more than Ben could stand, and when the blond haired man flatly said that Ben had to give up on Lacus Ben's rage exploded once more, and he responded by knocking Doug unconscious!

Now James and the others were starting to worry that Ben's darkness, Darth Idious was creeping back in, but thankfully good news came to Ben to help him control the negative emotions that were eating him up inside. To Ben's shock Mario, Sonic, Link, and more of the friends that he met from other worlds had decided to repay Ben's help by coming to help him! With this new backing Ben decided to form his own team, the Justice Force, to help him fulfill his destiny.

With that Ben continued to give it all in his mission, but still managed to find himself over his head when after all ready having overcame a tense battle with Nightmare, he and the others found themselves cruelly ambushed by Sephiroth, Genesis and Kira all at once! Despite how ruthlessly the trio attacked, Ben was determined to make his former commander at last face his justice. Despite how painful a onslaught Kira unleashed, Ben was determined to avenge Max, and when he was pushed to the brink, he unleashed a surge of power that with the help of his friends, and was able to take down Genesis, Sephiroth, and Kira all at once!

Even though he did not kill any of the villains, and even if the end result of the battle destroyed the planet they were on, by overcoming this intense trial Ben was looking more and more like the true chosen one. Good thing to, because the time that he would have to live up to his ultimate destiny was fast approaching, for all their setbacks the Zannacross Empire was still dangerously close to reviving Chaos Zannacross Necron and unleashing Armageddon!

The moment of truth was coming fast, and as Ben saw the Enji Budokai coming up he knew the time were it would all boil down to everything or nothing would soon arrive. For the Enji Budokai was the martial arts tournament that the Enji Masters and King Atem came up with that's official idea was to be the a contest to showcase the best in people, and see who the best fighter in the universe was. However unofficially the true purpose of the Enji Budokai was to drawn in Brad to expose his ambitious nature and take him down, and also see if Ben was truly prepared for his ultimate mission. Determined to come out on top Ben prepared none stop till at last the time had come to show the entire universe what he could do.

At last the day of the Enji Budokai had arrived, and Ben had to take on hundreds of challengers, including his fellow Enji, and even a grueling triple tag team proving battle against Cloud, Link and Megaman X at once! As Ben advanced to the Quarterfinals he had a tense showdown with Doug, and had more trouble taking on his disgruntled teammates fury then he expected. However, as unrelenting as Doug was there was too much on the line for Ben to lose, and so Doug fell like all the rest. After that, the time Ben had been waiting for had come at last, his rematch with Brad!

While Ben was suppose to fight Ezan first, seeing Brad force Lacus to surrender to him was once more something that he could not stand, and to his relief everyone seemed to be so fed up with Brad that they had the same thought in mind! So with that Ben begun his rematch with Brad earlier than expected and it was a match that Ben would never forget. The owner of the Star Sword was more than eager to pay back Brad for all the suffering he had endured thanks to him, and eagerly showed just how much he had improved by trashing him around the ring! Ben could not help but enjoy making Brad feel as helpless as he did in their previous fight, but as Ben overcame everything Brad threw at him, he caused the bulky man to go berserk, and found himself trapped by the system defense systems that Brad hacked! At this time Doug appeared between Brad and Ben, and it seemed that for a moment Doug had truly thrown away everything to go with Brad and become another man only devoted to his own pleasure. However, just when it looked like Brad might have gotten his way, Doug showed his true colors and backstabbed Brad, allowing the Tri-Edge systems to keep Brad down long enough for Doug to pull off what he wanted from the start, for Ben to use the Star Sword to dig in to Brad's memories, and use the Tri-Edge to expose the truth to everyone! Ben quickly just did that, and found out more then he or anyone else could ever have expected.

Not only did Ben find out that Brad casually killed off his own parents and countless others to absorb the Juggernaut Project and gain power, which in turn meant that Brad was the true cause for the Irazous Civil War, but he also found out the horrifying truth, the truth that Brad killed Max to insure he did not reveal his secret! Finding out that it was not Ravxen or Kira, but the petty thug he hated warped his world, and it was too much to bear. Feeling an overwhelming amount of hate combined with the despair of letting Max be killed by Brad once more broke his sanity, and to everyone's horror Idious once more took control! It was clear now that Idious was more than a manifestation of dark energy, but a true alternate personality that was forged to deal with what Ben could normally not deal with.

Ben's dark side was more than eager to show Brad he could one up him in sadistic beat downs, but just as it seemed he was going to unleash another explosive attack his friends were able to reach out to the true Ben inside and thankfully reach him. However, the second round quickly begun when Brad lured Ben with a false Lacus, a actor named Meer Cambel and used a warp machine to whisk Ben to his own battle ring, his hang out in the Under Sector! Brad was more than eager to show Ben that his way was superior, but his ambushed failed when Ben, still burning with hate for his cousins killed, and furious at the people that would side with Brad, his rage awakened for the second time in one day, and Idious yet again took control to try and finished what he started.

Idious was still far above Brad, but when Lacus stood in the man's way Idious's conflicting emotions for the women that partly caused the birth of his existence and the one who frustrated him so caused Ben to wake back up and force control away from Idious to insure he would not kill Lacus, also leaving him open to Brad's attacks in the process! Just when it seemed that Lacus 's own actions would lead to her childhood friends death Ben's friends arrived in the nick of time, and as they worked as a team they were able to take down Brad even after he merged with the Curse Seal Crystals! However, before they could finish him to their shock Saix and Xemnas appeared to reveal that Brad was working with the Organization before warping away with him!

An exhausted stressed out Ben was further torn when he saw that despite everything, Lacus still sided with Brad. Even after knowing everything he did, even after knowing Brad killed Max and cause so much widespread pain Lacus seemed to not care about good or evil anymore, all she cared about was that Brad could ease her pain and make her safe. Hearing the women he loved flatly say that she could never love a man who was too weak to expect who he is, and be too weak to be in the same world as her added yet another layer of stress that he did not need. But, even as Lacus left , and left him heartbroken, he knew he had to keep going and try at the very least to make things right. After learning from Erich Raystar the truth about Lacus and why she had the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside her, despite being told to his face that she hated him Ben knew that the women he loved was not completely gone yet, and was determined to make one last shot to reach out to her. However, the fact that he found out Lacus was "retrieved" by Brad by a beaten Doug, James and Hiryuumon made it quite clear that that it would take a miracle to bring Lacus back from a seemly increasingly dire fate. However, with Ben's mother then at last awakening from her coma, Ben had at least one more reason to keep fighting and kept himself together to fight Ezan in the final match of the Enji Budokai.

The championship bout with his rival was brutal in every way possible, but Ben managed to show Ezan despite how weary he was he still was determined to realize his dream no matter what, and managed to at last truly defeat Ezan and win the Enji Budokai! Sadly there was no time to celebrate as the Zannacross Empire launched a attack to try and take out the weary champion, but thankfully the ambush was foiled when none other than the celestial ones descended to drive off the forces of darkness! With the arrival of the angels destiny could not be avoided any longer. The time had come for Ben to show he could truly save the universe, and so the angels took him and his friends to the location of the other half of the Star Sword on the sealed world, the world of humanities sin and failings, Earth Prime!

After having his body enhanced with a angelic orb to insure he could withstand the amount of power he was soon to receive and landing on the tomb like world in the ruins of the former New York City Ben found the place where he would prove once and for all if he could live up to the legacy of the previous hero, the golden floating Tower of Destiny! As his friends and celestial allies fought off the brainwashed Celestial Royal Knights that had been tricked by Kira, Ben fought through the many defenses installed in the holy installation.

First, Ben found himself having to deal with his own feelings and issues, as a device in the Tower drew out his own Darkness, making him see Idious for the first time face to face! A battle to establish who the true Ben was quickly insured, and since the contestants where different sides of the same mind it was nearly impossible for the battle to be won by physical means. However, Ben at last had to face up to his fallings and insecurities, and face up to the fact that for most of his life, even after becoming the chosen one he had little self confidence and had to see himself as a Enji or a hero to see himself as someone with any worth.

Realizing that Lacus was not just being delusional or harsh when she said Ben was fooling himself, Ben forced himself to expect that he had put on masks on himself, like Hakumen Kenobi or the role as the chosen one to have faith in himself just like his mask of Idious is in a way another mask, if a psychotic one. In the end Lacus knew Ben well enough to know the truth, that deep down Idious is how some part of Ben thinks the world wants him to be, a person like Brad, a cruel person to match the cruelness of reality that did whatever it took to come out on top. Ever since High School when Ben unleashed his pent up fury on a high school punk who pushed him on to far Ben had hid away his own deepest furies to hide the fact that he could be as cruel as the people he hated.

But, after seeing everything Ben had to realize that he could not hide from the pain, he had to embrace how life is while still controlling his own rage and disgust. By forcing himself to expect his own faults and not push his aggressions and anxieties out of his mind Ben knew that he could not depend on others like Max or Cloud or Master Myers or anyone else guide him, he had to stand on his own feet and have faith that he as Ben Auro was someone that could handle life no matter how painful it got. By expecting that truth, and also expecting that while he was truly passionate about justice and doing what is right part of him selfishly wanted to be a hero to be someone who would never be forgotten in history, Ben at last came to the enlighten over himself and after seeing how far he had come and how many people had believe in him, had at last had the self respect to see the person Ben Auro as someone that can truly pull off the destiny given to him. With this new batch of resolve Ben was able to truly vanquish Idious from his heart, because while he did not destroy him or the darkness in his heart he did manage to master his own emotions so that the darkness inside him would no longer dominate him even in the most dire of times.

With this new mastery over himself and his power after a few more obstacles Ben at last made it to the core of the Tower of Destiny. With the Divine Nova before him only one more obstacle was before him, and to his shock it was Grand Master Myers! The leader of the Enji pretended he had been in league with Kira and came at Ben with the illusion of killer intent to see that even if Ben was to think that the entire cause of the Enji was a lie if his resolve would still stay strong, and to the founder of the Enji Knights delight, Ben showed him the ultimate extent of his resolve by defeating Master Myers! By proving he was stronger than even the legendary hero Ben had solidified his worthiness as the true great hero, and to top it off Myers told Ben he was proud that he had shown greater resolve then even his own son or his protégé had.

However, even after all of this, Ben's knack for bad luck reared its head at the worst time, because just as Ben was going to take the Divine Nova, Master Myers took the blow that would have killed him! To everyone's horror, Brad had shown up to kick Ben when he was down, and take the Divine Nova for himself to insure that he could become the strongest person in existence! The only thing more horrifying then Brad absorbing Ben's father like figure's heart in to his body, was the fact that the reason he was there in the first place was because Lacus used her power to bypass the holy defenses and let him and the Dark Enji in! Thanks to the powers of the Organization even someone as extremely unholy as Brad was able to forcefully control the Divine Nova's power!

Ben was mortified to see that after he had come so close Brad was preparing to rip everything away from him, but before the enraged hero could take out the man he hated once and for all, Lacus yet again stood between the two! Having been forcefully infused with the Organization's DG cells and there body modification treatment, Lacus seemed to have discarded everything to become a monster that was Brad's pet to command. Wanting to see Ben suffer even more, Brad forced Lacus to be overloaded with Curse Seal crystals to forcefully unleash the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside her, and have it become the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Ben's nightmare seemed to becoming a reality, and the women he loved had become his ultimate opponent! While Ben could barley fend off the insane three headed dragon's assault, as he lashed back and realized he was hurting Lacus, Ben quickly realized that even with the fate of all there was on the line, he could not bring himself to kill Lacus. After all the other breakthroughs Ben made that day he knew that the time had come to truly put everything on the line, and risk everything to reach out to Lacus. With that Ben at last talked to Lacus the best he could, and told her the words that he wanted to express for years, the words that he loved her more than anyone else, quirks and all and that he would do everything he could to save her and make a world where she could be happy no matter what. Knowing that Lacus had long since distrusted words alone, Ben took his declaration of love further, and after finally realizing that Brad was influencing Lacus with some sort of slave energy collar spell he used all the power he had to try and free her from her pain. However, even at virtual cost of his arm it did not seem to work, and after taunting him once more Brad seemed to have Lacus so firmly in his grasp that after admitting he was the one who arranged for her outbreak long ago and insured she killed her friend Allen so that Lacus would be driven to Brad's arms just so that he could prove how devoted Lacus was to him.

However, in this moment of truth, Ben's unflinching devotion to Lacus at last paid off, because Lacus at last saw just how much Ben truly cared for him and realized that more than anything she could not bear to see him die, and so promptly showed Brad what she truly thought of him and blasted him out of the way before unleashing all of her own will to expel all of the dark energies in her body and unleash her true angelic powers! Discarding her own walls, Lacus appeared before Ben as her true self and admitted she was lying about hating Ben, to his great relief she loved him more than anything and at last knew that such love was not a lie. After everything, all the years of aguish Ben had at last shown the true love he had held for Lacus, and in return finally kissed his childhood friend. However, as wonderful as this moment was, it was to brief because even after being stabbed and blasted, Brad did not take Lacus breaking away from him very well and blasted through all of his friends to tear the couple apart and despite Ben's efforts, Lacus was impaled!

Ben was more terrified than ever before at the site of the women he loved dying before his eyes, and charged at Brad with a new explosion of rage, but after how strong Brad had become, even this was not enough as Brad had become so strong that he shattered the Star Sword! However, while Brad's moment of triumph at last seemed in his grasp, his own selfish nature had at last come to bite him back hard, as his long list of back stabs caused everyone else, no matter whose side they were on, to make a brief alliance to kill the most hated man in the entire universe! After a intense series of events that went through many shocking twists and turns thanks to a unlikely sacrifice Ben was able to retrieve the Divine Nova. Also finding he had one last chance to save Lacus, Ben gave everything in to proving he was not just talk. Fusing the Star Sword and the Divine Nova together to make the true contacted blade whole once more, with the support and energy of his friends Ben forged the true blade of the savior, the Divine Mugen Nova sword! With this Ben dug deep down, and gave it absolute everything he had to transcend the limits of not just humanity but angels as well, and unleash the ultimate power of the chosen hero, fulfilling his destiny at last! With a power that was on the realm of a god and even transcended the likes of a Super Saiyan 4, Brad was nothing to him now, and Ben wasted no time making clear just how obvious this was.

No matter how much Brad tried, despite how monstrous he had become all of his power could not do anything to Ben, and for the first time the Unstoppable Juggernaught found himself completely helpless in the face of his opponents power. Not liking this one bit a ballistic Brad was so hell bent on taking Ben down that he resorted to trying to blow himself to take out the man who cost him everything! However, Ben refused to give Brad anything, and stopped playing around to show just how futile the insane man's desires were, before he instantly and eagerly completely vaporized Brad in one massive energy blast! With the man who tormented Ben for so long dead Ben at last proved without a doubt he is truly the universe savior, even if he nearly died to prove it!

With all of the energy his body suddenly had to get to, and all the injuries and stress Ben went through in one day, even with the modifications his body went through it was too much and after beating Brad he nearly instantly had a heart attack! If not for Lacus and her angelic healing magic Ben very well might have died, but there was no way Ben's childhood friend was going to let Ben die after that, and brought him back from the brink. Ben decided to waste no time in asking if Lacus would like to be his girlfriend and at long last the brown haired women agreed. With this the happy hero at last went to sleep, but even as he slept peacefully, the next crises unfolded nearly instantly, for after seeing Ben's power his enemies quickly acted to insure that he would not stand in their way! As Kira, Xemnas and Ravxen all revealed there true agenda, and to the horror of the hero's the true nightmare was just getting started!

Not fooling around anymore, the forces of darkness were not going to play nice and planned to kill Ben before he could wake up! Knowing that Ben was so stressed out that he was on the verge of death because of her in the first place, Lacus realized she had to do whatever it took to insure the light of hope lived on. And so, much to her regret she gave Ben her own necklace before selflessly using her magic to warp everyone but herself back to Corneria, giving herself up to insure Ben's safety! As soon as Ben woke up he was both outraged and horrified that he had all ready broken his promise to keep Lacus safe, but at the very least he knew just were to find her. Risking everything to believe in her new boyfriend Lacus used her own energy as a beacon to give her location to Ben, and in turn reveal the way in to Vandalgyon and the core of the Zannacross Empire! With every second wasted leading to Chaos Zannacross Necron being revived on Lacus 's energy everyone knew there was no time to waste, and so with a few surprises new allies in the form of Bowser, Robotnik, Meta-Knight and Axel Ben lead the charge in to the world of darkness. After fighting through waves of devoted followers and elite body guards and taking down Sigma and others, Ben at last managed to get to the throne room of Neo Pandemonium. To his relief, he was not too late to save Lacus, thanks to the women's brave effort to struggle to the last and make her captors work hard to get her where they wanted her. Never the less, Lacus was hanging on by a thread to keep Zannacross from devouring her energy, and even with all of the most powerful villains in the universe all gunning for him at once was not going to be enough to keep him from rescuing the women he loved!

Even with Darth Damonus and Kira both unleashing there true power, Ben showed he came here to do his job and managed to handle all of his enemies at once! With the help of his friends Ben was able to shatter Ravxen at last and save Lacus before all of her energy was absorbed. However, to his horror despite this the process was to far along, and at long last Chaos Zannacross Necron was on the verge of returning! However to everyone's shock Kira had his own plan in mine, and showed what his true desire was as he tried to fuse with Zannacross to make his own world and rule it as a god! Ben found himself having to deal with Kira 's ultimate fury, and despite how powerful Kira had become Ben refused to let the twisted man have his way. With the help of Lacus the couple managed to fight as a team at last, and show Kira how futile his ambitions were. However, as the son of the Grand Master met his end, as tough as that showdown was it was just a prologue to the true terror, as everyone quickly realized that Kira 's act failed to stop Chaos Zannacross Necron from returning, it just delayed it! However now the Supreme god of evil had truly revived, and was more than eager to unleash his wrath on all of his existence!

Despite Zannacross's power being wide enough to be felt nearly everywhere in the universe, Ben refused to give up. However, he, and every other living being learned just what it meant to face the Emperor of all evil. Zannacross may have been defeated before, but that just made him insure he did not mess around, and the hero's quickly saw just what power that the true god, the abstract embodiment of sin, darkness, and death, and one of the abstracts that held the very universe together was! Freely bending time and reality to his whim, Zannacross easily dismissed the entire force of lights efforts and even Ben and Lacus best attacks could only amuse him!

Wanting to make Ben and the entire cosmos suffer, Zannacross threw Lacus and Ben in to hell, at first apparently by accident. However, as Ben and Lacus fought desperately through waves of undead bad guys to try and escape just as they thought they pulled it off Zannacross appeared before them to reveal that he just made them have hope so they could use their escape attempt to help him open the portal to the heaven realm! To Ben's horror not only did Zannacross massacre all of his friends and allies easily, but he was still powerless to avenge them before all of his efforts just got him a near broken back! As Zannacross threw Ben and Lacus to the darkness oldest dimension, the darkness between space and time, the embodiment of all evil intended for Ben to linger on and suffer just long enough to feel all that he knew be destroyed, and when his failure and despair was complete only then would Zannacross allow Ben's death to be complete.

With no way out, isolated from Lacus and drifting in a realm of utter nothingness it seemed that Ben had lost, but just as he was about to lose all hope, Lacus managed to find him and heal him once more, revealing that Cosmos had entrusted everything to the couple. Knowing full well she could never destroy her counterpart, Cosmos was willing to risk everything in existence to prove Zannacross wrong about the might of mortals, and give her power to Ben and Lacus so that they could destroy their ultimate enemy. With the embodiment of Cosmos's power, the Imperia Golden Crystal, Ben and Lacus, and an unintended guest were able to escape the darkness at the end of time, and return to Corneria just in time to free their friends from Zannacross's control and prevent the god of darkness from erasing the capital planet form existence!

With heaven all ready destroyed and Zannacross all ready in the process of trying to take full control of the heart of the universe to merge all realms together and recreate existence, the final crises, and the final phase of the Cosmic War had begun. There would be no more chances, no more breaks, with Cosmos broken and absorbed in to Zannacross and the very universe unraveling Ben either would fulfill his destiny or die with the rest of existence. After one blissful night were Ben and Lacus were able to fully enjoy their new status, and cheating a bit the morning after with a extra bit of training in the Hyperbolic time chamber Ben's ultimate mission , the final battle for the universe had begun. With the united armies of all that remained alive backing him Ben and the others were able to charge right through the wave of obstacles to enter the Space Time anomaly and reach the twisted dimension that Zannacross was molding. Even as the elite demon lords of darkness and the powered up Horsemen of apocalypse all stood in his way, with the help of his friends even as brutal as it got, they were able to pull through.

Even as Zannacross showcased his power and unleashed every villain in the history of the universe, and even from other realties, Ben refused to give up even in the face of theses odds, and thanks to the intervention of the being who's power could still rival Zannacross, The Supreme Being, Ben found himself being reinforced by every heroic person in the history of existence! Despite how little time there was, Ben was able to convey to all the different people around him how urgent the situation was and so this ultimate army was able to cut through overwhelming odds. With all kinds of hero's backing up, Ben was at last able to take down Darth Damonus and all the others standing in his way, till all that reminded was his final challenge.

At last the time had come for the fate of the universe to be decided. With all of his friends at his side Ben confronted Chaos Zannacross Necron to show what the true superior desire of the universe was. With the Golden Imperia Crystal Ben and co were able to be immune to the embodiment of all evil's most extremely lethal attacks. But even if Zannacross could not just auto erase those he despised out of existence or destroy them in the past, he still was the most dangerous being in existence and easy drove everyone to the brink of death in moments! However despite his vast power this time his opponents were ready for him, and even when Zannacross unleashed a spell that drained everyone of their power Ben still refused to give in, and managed to defy Zannacross no matter what, and even landed a critical blow on the god of evil!

The fact that humans were making him look like a fool was inexcusable, and Zannacross promptly merged with all the dark energy in existence to become the true galaxy sized embodiment of all evil! However, even in the face of ultimate power Ben would not let his foe win, and after a brutal struggle that nearly brought about the end of everything, with the help of Lacus Ben was able to merge with all life in existence, and bring about the climax to the Cosmic War with the definitive clash of all that was good and evil! As those who had darkness in their hearts showed their desire for life overruled their desire for destruction , and even Zannacross could not stop Ben from using the united will of the majority of the universe to shatter him and his body, destroying all the evil beings that existed to that point and destroying his realm!

At long last Ben had vanquished the ultimate embodiment of evil, but even with this major victory, he still was not in the clear yet. Even with Zannacross gone, the damage he did to existence was to critical to be undone, and to Ben's horror Lacus had no choice but to fix the very heart of the universe to insure that everyone's efforts were not in vain!

While Lacus assured Ben she would return, and put up a barrier to make sure he did not try and stop her, Ben's gut feeling told him his lover needed him and, despite how risky it was he refused to let Lacus down again and so he left his friends to help her. Good thing he did to , because as soon as he arrived Lacus was being besieged by none other than the furious sprit of Zannacross! Even as weak as he was, it was impossible for the embodiment of death to truly die and Zannacross would gladly see the universe shatter if he could have his revenge! However even with this last desperate act Ben refused to let Zannacross win, and using all the energy he and Lacus had left the two showed Zannacross once and for all that even if he was one of the original divine beings that watched the formation of existence he had no right to enforce his will on everyone in existence by blasting his trapped sprit in to the nexus between the dimensions. By sacrificing the Divine Nova to seal Zannacross forever, the god of darkness would forever be sealed in a sightless soundless dimension cut off to everything for the rest of time!

With this it seemed that at last Ben had managed to win the war, there was still the problem of not becoming a martyr in the process! With Zannacross gone his dimensional was unraveling quickly, and both of the hero's were completely drained! However, the two were determined to live no matter what, though in the end it came to Lacus using her last ounce of energy to drag the two back in to the mortal realm! However this came at a steep price, as the effort seemed to cause Lacus 's body to break apart! To Ben's horror after everything they had been through, Ben was powerless to prevent Lacus from breaking apart in front of his eyes! While Lacus did die in his arms and the savior of the universe seemed to be on the verge of being consumed in total despair. However, for all that he had done for existence itself, Ben would soon find that his efforts would not go unrewarded, for the Supreme Being himself appeared!

The oldest most powerful being in existence personally awarded Ben for defeating Zannacross, for even though Zannacross did not truly completely absorb the Supreme Being as he assumed, he was still causing enough damage that even his existence would have been in danger. Showing Ben that "God" was grateful for his extreme courage, and knowing well enough that the last thing the universe needed was there savior dying in misery after giving everything, he revived Lacus right in front of Ben's eyes! With this tearful reunion the Supreme Being then vanished once more, and Ben and Lacus were left to enjoy their new found freedom from fear.

At last Ben's destiny was fulfilled, and he defied all odds to live up to expectations and was truly a legend now. And yet, with the universe at last at peace and people at least for the moment willing to try living in relative harmony, Ben found a new sense of emptiness as he realized that by doing his job and being the hero he dreamed of, he made his own purpose was now valueless. Furthermore, Ben realized all of the new friends he made would now be going back to their own worlds and rebuild their own lives, leaving Ben nearly right back where he started, with one major expectation. That expectation would be Lacus, and Lacus knew Ben well enough to know how he was feeling, and insured Ben that she would always be there for him, and that she knew there love would last forever.

Furthermore, even if there would be no more wars Ben still was needed to help guide the people of the universe. With all of the darkness in existence erased mortals had a fresh start, though even with Zannacross sealed forever their own actions could lead to further wars. However that's why Ben decided to go on a odyssey to travel to every world in space, and try to make his, Max, Master Myers, Atem's, and so many other people's dreams of a natural paradise come true. With the modifications made to his body he was on his way to becoming an immortal angel with Lacus, and together the celestial lovers could go through on their new dream without having to worry about age getting in their way. So with this after saying good bye to his friends and family and took off with Lacus, Moz, Hiryuumon and T3-X5 took off in the Tri-Edge to get some well earned rest. As Ben went off to space for a long break, the hero at last could relax and be happy just living life. After spending so much of his life hating himself and wanting to be somebody important, Ben's unyielding resolve and the love of his friends and family allowed an average man to use luck; hard work and combined effort transform him to the ultimate hero. And now as an immortal with the help of the angels Ben would learn how to deal with his new perspective on life and figure out how to truly reform the universe for the better. But, before this next task Ben just wanted to rest and enjoy life with his lover in peace and after all he did, the hero earned his rest, for after spending his entire life trying to prove there was a place where he belonged and after how much he struggled at last Ben was able to not only to find love but true freedom, and be free to make his own fate as he kept reaching for the elusive ultimate final fantasy and try to help the universe reach its dream like how he reached his dream.

All right, now for a little extra and go over Ben's Enneagram_of_Personality. All right, more or less what this is, it's used to establish personality types based on actions and feelings and what not. That's the short version, look it up on Wika if you want the text book version. After much studying I came to the conclusion that Ben Auro is Type four in the Enneagram, and that means that he is the Individual type with touches of the Peacemaker, the Investigator and the Helper types . Fearing being a unworthy nobody that is not good enough to be loved, and hating in justice and those who oppress and lie to others, Ben is the type of guy who tries to be on everyone's good side and hates to make enemies.

However, he is also the type of guy that once he hates someone, he won't forgive them easily, which is why his hate for Brad ran so deep. He is also the type of person that hates giving up on relationships, as his type feels that losing those relationships nearly are like losing parts of himself, which could explain why he did not give up on those like Max, Lacus, and even Ezan so easily. However, those with the Peacemaker type also have anger issues and deal with it by keeping it all to themselves, till they snap. Ben's snapping mostly unfolded in the form of Idious, by pushing his negative feelings in to another personality he tried to hide his own true nature for fear of being someone that society would not expect. However, as time went on Ben forced himself to deal with his own issues to get a grasp on his true nature so that he could deal with others and his own issues better.

Now, I might as well do one for his Idious alter ego as well. the Enneagram of personality for Darth Idious would be a nine. The very creation of Idious was because of Ben's unhealthy mental condition that was brought forth by all the negative trauma that he went through at once, the barrage of betrays and harshness was to much to deal with at once. Though existing for years deep down due to frustrations with the lack of approval and love that he got from so many people. Idious is the result of Ben wanting the pain and rejection to end. Seeing all people as liars and traitors, Idious sees that he is the true nature of man, the destroyer who crushes anything in his way without mercy! As Ben could not handle the pain he was feeling any longer, Idious was Ben's reaction to what he could not handle, but in the end it was Lacus who showed Ben that this psychotic angry force was not what he had to be. All right, that's enough of that.

Original Moves:

Ben's special moves are the fallowing. Shinning Flare Slash, is when he infuses magical energy in to his sword to unleash a powerful energy slash, he can increase the magnitude of the energy. The Divine Flare Edge is a more powerful version of the move that he uses in his Bankai state, and Shin Divine Flare Edge is the even more extreme version that he uses once he welded the Divine Mugen Nova, and in the power he has at this state he can cut through reality itself.

The Shinryukenha is the energy blast that Ben made up on his own, and is a blue spinning energy beam, the spinning helps make it harder for enemies to deflect the beam. The Burning Celstial Shinryukenha is a golden larger version of the energy beam that he uses in his Bankai state. The Sekiha Tenkyo Burning Shinryukenha is Ben's energy blast combined with his cousins best blast, the Sekiha Tenkyoken. Meanwhile the Ultimate Shinryukenha times ten is when Ben uses the power he has after welding the Divine Mugen Nova to combine ten powerful Shinryukenha energy blasts together to form a gigantic mostly golden and rainbow energy blast that's power ever went unchecked could devastate entire solar systems with ease!

Ben's Divine Millennia Slash is when he uses the powers he has in Bankai to surround his foe with golden energy blades before he has them all dive in to his enemy before they explode in unison. The Final Atonement Slash resembles the previous move but this attack is when Ben slams his sword in to the ground and causes countless energy blades to explode at his target with the intent of giving many impaling attacks at once.

The Spiral Light Slash is when Ben has golden energy blades spin around him like a fan, giving him a powerful defensive option and his Holy Blitz attack is when he has energy swords form and fly around his enemy to blast at his targets from all directions. Lastly his Dragon Fist attack is just him unleashing a charging punch with all the energy he can condense in to it.

Since Idious is in the end Ben, ill cover his attacks here. Most of his attacks are just dark versions of Ben's attack like the Final Flash energy blast. his Mugetsu blast is when Idious unleashes a massive explosion of atomic dark energy, and can wipe out a entire planet if its unfocused!

Now, it's about time to give a bio for the Divine Nova itself. The Divine Nova was always more than a mere sword. It was a sword forged by Cosmos out of the essence of the universe Anima, and also constructed out of the fragments of the previous holy mecha that were created by Zannacross, its true power could harm even a god. The crystal shards are all needed to insure the blade can work on its ultimate level, and each fragment drew on the emotional spectrum, the energies that grew from emotions like will power and love. Theses crystal shards also had the power to help its welder focus and understand, which is why Ben first started out at being a little clumsy but had much faster reaction time by the time he gathered all the shards. Each shard reacted at its peak level when it was paired with the others, and thus as Ben found them all his power was able to grow and he was able to control energy better, which is why in his Bankai state he could produce so many energy blades and also why by the time he found the last crystal shard he could slowly control more complex energy constructs.

After Seyia fell in to a coma Cosmos herself split the Divine Nova in to two, the other half becoming the Star Sword. The Star Sword had decent power in itself but only when the" Contact" blade reunited with the Master unit it refused in to the Divine Mugen Nova, and only then did Ben gain near god like power and have extreme strength and speed, along with the new power to cut through dimensions like how he defeated Galva Sigma by drawing out his virus from cyber space and forcing his essence to condense so he could destroy him, or how he hurt Kira and Zannacross by cutting through dimensions themselves to cut their very essence in the spiritual realm.

All right, lastly, Ben's inspiration.

AKA extra Authors Notes: Well, yah, he is me more or less lol, or at least what I would like to be in some way. This may be a near self portrayal but I was sure as hell not going to make a Mary sue hence the issues and all that. I based his anxiety off, my own anxiety and longings, though I never had the breakdown Ben had in Cosmic Wars, as depressed as I may have been I never got that bad that's for sure.

Idious was more inspired by Id from Xeno-gears, who was the insane alter ego of the game's main hero Fei Fong Wong. I also was inspired with that by those like Batman's Two-Face, the Green Goblin, and Yami Malik from Yu-Gi Oh and Sensei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Besides myself I guess the characters that most inspired Ben were Obi Kenobi, Peter Parker, Luke Skywalker, Cloud, Gohan and Future Trunks, Roxas from Kingdom Hearts and maybe a few others. I know he seemed generic at first but I started him off that way to play with people's expectations and hopefully throw at least a few surprises along the way. Heh, I know a few people said he was too much of a justice spouting hero at times but sue me, that's how I am more or less to, I do prefer to see what is right prevailing in the world even if there are far too many people who don't care about what is right in charge these days.

All right, that's at last all of Ben's profile, hopefully I did not scare you all off with this, I had a lot to say since he was the main character and all but they all should not be this long. Er, or rather I hope not or this won't be done till 2013.

Lacus Anastacia Raystar: Female with bright blue eyes and long brown hair. Is age eighteen at the start of the story, normal height is 5;6 and weight is 110 lbs. Born March 30th. Prefers athletic and dancing hobbies but has no preference.

The duchess of the house of Raystar, along with the middle child of three sisters, Lacus is Ben's dearest friend, and someone who's life is one who was bound by duty and fate. From the start of her existence she was born with high expectations. Her older sister Shion Raystar was a genius since she could talk, but to her parents annoyance she was not the best at people skills so they put their hopes in Lacus. Lacus was smart graceful and talented with magic but even with all of this she was not a genius and so her mother was still let down that she did not have the idol she secrecy craved having, even if she did not admit it. When the Raystars had their third child, Sarah, Lacus found herself having a sister that seemed to be have a knack for making friends, even to good a knack at times. But despite how she could be to wild Sarah quickly was known as the partying sister, and with Shion all ready known as the genius sister that made Lacus known as, the middle child. Because of this she was pushed for even more scrutiny to keep up the Raystar name, though the truth is that she was pushed hard for more than just family pride.

In reality Lacus was born to be one who would guide mortals to show their true fate, and was born with angel blood. Even with her parents being completely normal people Lacus was chosen by fate, if not Cosmos herself to be a women of the Antitype Apostle bloodline. Being born from birth for a great destiny, her parents were told by angels and the Supreme Kai that Lacus would have great challenges in her life even if they were not quite sure what they were. Her parents tried to prepare her the best they could, and since the moment that she could walk she was trained intensively. They tried to shelter Lacus as best as they could, but when one of the magic tutors they hired, Quinn Snipes, showed too late he had a hidden agenda. When Lacus turned five Quinn showed his true demonic colors and nearly killed Lacus, causing the young girl to unleash her true power!

However this sudden surge of power nearly overwhelmed her frail young body and she was on the verge of death. Master Myers was around the area at the time, and was able to give a solution to save Lacus's life, even if it was not a pleasant. The leader of the Enji, Master Minato and many Lylat solders just spent a grueling battle subduing the powerful celestial beast, the Blue Eyes White Dragon. While they were on the way to imprison the powerful beast Myers knew that despite how bad an option he was about to present, Lacus had little options and even less time. By using the ancient ritual of fusing the Celestial Beast in to a mortal that person would have a much more powerful and stable body. Normally the host body would be completely dominate, but previous hosts, Jinchūriki, were slightly stronger monsters, monsters that were no near as powerful or intense as the Blue Eyes White Dragon. But Lacus also was more special than most of the previous hosts, and with her life on the line the Raystar family was willing to risk Lacus living with that risk as long as she could live, and so with that Master Minato and Grand Master Myers used the special Divine Ten Star Seal to fuse Lacus with the raging beast, and for the most part it worked. Lacus was now stable, and had even more power, power that could tear the entire planet apart if it ever ran amuck.

After this ordeal Lacus 's parents decided it would be better if she knew how to interact with people her own age, and shocked everyone by moving closer to Transford and enrolling her in Transford Elementary School. It was here that she shortly met Ben, and little did she know how meeting this unassuming boy would change her life forever. While Lacus may have been born in to a life of privilege and wealth and had many talents, she had few friends to play with and was alone, for even those she saw around her age were more fascinated with her smarter sister. Seeing Ben by herself made her curious and she reached out to the lonely boy. It was not long before the two became friends for even if they were from different worlds, they both were able to bridge that gap by what they had in common. Though the friendship was just casual between the two, when Ben wanted to kiss another girl Lacus secretly got jealous and started growing her hair out, and was pleased when Ben started notching her more.

As the two grew so did their friendship. Lacus helped defend Ben from bullies and took him along with her on some of her trips while Ben helped Lacus cheer up after her mother would get her down or her work got to over bearing. Having heavy expectations to be the shinning beacon of the Raystar name Lacus was trained hard in every aspect and had little time for free time. This would often frustrate her friends but Ben would always try to be patient with her, mostly because of how grateful he was to be friends with her. Lacus was in turn grateful for Ben's loyalty, and always enjoyed his creative ideas. While her mother was not too fond of having her child mingle around with a near street rat, she tolerated Ben because of how polite he was even if she thought little of him.

However, around the time right before they became teenagers suddenly things unfolded that would change Lacus's life forever. In the joint family visit to the Destiny Islands of Hyda IV what was starting as a fun time quickly transformed in to a nightmare as the Mad Gear terrorist group targeted Lacus and kidnapped her! It was more than a ransom though, the mad man named Albedo that hired them was after the energy inside Lacus! Despite how many thugs Albedo had at his side, thanks to Ben's cousin Max being around the Enji were able to intercept the madman. However, the white haired psychopath seemed to be moments away from sizing the beast inside Lacus and assimilating her power in to himself, seeing Ben in danger the young girl resisted and was able to unleash her true power to vanquish her kidnapper.

While Lacus was able to overcome this hurdle unharmed the whole incident traumatized her family and seeing that she was to vulnerable hanging around in a public school, they promptly moved her to a more Private school in Neo Arcadia, the Jugend Athena Academy. Lacus was upset at no longer being able to see Ben or most of her other old friends, but she quickly had to get use to dealing with the new pressures of high school along with other tasks like her new responsibilities, and her own puberty. However despite some difficulty dealing with the problems all that become teenagers deal with Lacus was able to adjust well, and quickly made many friends from both sexes thanks to her wit, grace and intelligence. While from time to time she still missed Ben, as time grew on and she heard nothing from him the boy became more and more of a child hood memory, and she soon became friends with a young man that reminded her of Ben, a normal but pleasant fellow by the name of Allen Ridgely. While normal he was kind and smart, and Lacus enjoyed his friendship. However, as Lacus's life went by peacefully for a few years, a unexpected encounter would change everything, and her life would never be the same after she met Brad Fowltror. At first Lacus thought the man was a jerk, and little would she know how right her first impression was. Brad made quite a few advances on Lacus but the young women wanted little to do with the crude man. However an event soon unfolded that warped her perspective on things.

During what seemed like a routine carrier fair all of a sudden a group of terrorists in mobile suits, leaded by the ruthless mercenary Ali Al-Saachez, attacked the school! There target was Lacus, and there brutal attack caused death instantly! Lacus was horrified to see her peaceful life shattered, and the combined physical and mental trauma was enough that Lacus unleashed the Blue Eyes White Dragon! Now in this massive feral form she was easily powerful enough to wipe out all the terrorists but Ali instantly, but that crisis was soon replaced with an even worst one, Lacus herself! It had been the first time that the Celestial Beast had taken full control of Lacus 's body, and the dragon was out for blood for being trapped for so long. The Raystar child was not even aware of her actions but as the beast inside her lashed out on everything around her she killed even more people than the terrorists! It seemed like Lacus was going to cause a cataclysm, till out of all people Brad subdued her and caused her to return to normally, seemly by raw force alone!

When Lacus at last waked up her world was shattered, because on top of everything she found out she killed Allen and more in her rampage! Her parents, the Enji Knights and Lylat officials tried to minimize the damage but, there was too much damage to cover up. Even those that bought that the terrorists unleashed the dragon still blamed Lacus for being the cause of the attack, and Lacus suddenly found herself the most hated person in school and many of her former friends suddenly no longer wanted to have anything to do with her, calling her a mutant, a monster, a witch and many more unkind names. With her parents refusing to move her to another school to insure that the Raystar family did not give the image that it bow to terrorist pressure Lacus had no choice but to expect her situation as a unchanging reality, and quickly found herself isolated.

With no one willing to even associate with her Lacus found herself becoming overwhelmed with grief and resentment for her parents, and it was at this time when she was nearly totally alone that Brad found her one day crying in a closet. It was then that Brad said how he understood Lacus's pain, and that she and him were alike. Saying that he was an outcast for being different, for being strong, he told Lacus he thought they should be together. Promising Lacus that if she opened her heart to him not only would he help Lacus be expected again, but he would use his strength to insure she would never have to be afraid of dying again. Realizing that Brad was brave enough to fight the terrorists even though they were using mobile suits, the skeptical but desperate Lacus expected the brash man's offer.

Slowly but surely Lacus fallowed around Brad, and to her relief with his take charge attitude he was able to win more and more people over, even people who swore they never wanted to do anything with her again soon returned to her. Seeing Brad's near magnetic alpha dog personally get people to fallow him, and those that resisted were won over by more physical means. The things that Brad did that at one time repulsed Lacus soon became things that she liked as she became too relived at Brad's help to care about morality. The once nearly pure Lacus soon grew a wild side, including drinking and skipping classes, abusing her Duchess title to get away with skipping classes with Brad. Having felt secure and even feeling like thanks to Brad she was able to rebel against her families strict expectations of her, she felt true affection for Brad, and became his girlfriend.

Her mother and Sarah was caught up in Brad's tough guy act, but her father Erich did not trust Brad, and was disturbed with how enticed Lacus had become with Brad. When High School was coming to a end Lacus flew through her senior year mostly focusing on hanging out with Brad and the parties he had, finding that for the first time she was worry free, having even been voting the queen of her class. However, her worries returned in mass when near the end of senior year she found out that her father and Master Myers had agreed that the best thing for her was to join the Enji Knights so that she could master her powers. After being made clear that many political leaders were insisting that Lacus do this or they would worry about her being allowed to be free, Lacus reluctantly agreed, mostly because Brad shocked her by saying he would join the Enji to.

While Lacus was worried that Brads' personality might make him a bad fit in the Enji, her boyfriend assured her that he did not care what others thought of him, he would do whatever it took to stay with his girl! With his massive amount of raw strength he did make a good point that the Enji would have a hard time turning him down, and seeing that Brad wanted to prove to everyone in the universe that he was the strongest there is Lacus was overjoyed to know she would not have to part with her boyfriend.

The Enji entrance exams were a breeze to the brown haired women after all the years of private training she had gone through and she quickly was expected in to the order, and quickly saw that her squad leader was to be the Half Espar magic using women Terra Brandford while her teammates were the klutzy angelic blond women Collette Brunel and the summoner mage Yuna from the world of Spira. With Terra also having been more than human for most of her life and Yuna and Collette both knowing what it's like to have heavy destinies Lacus was able to resonate with all of her teammates, as the Masters hoped. Lacus easily made many friends as soon as she joined the order, but ironically the thing that helped her popularity in high school crippled it in the Enji order, and that would be Brad. This order that was mostly composed of heroic men and women were not quite fond of Brad's aggressive wild nature but, after Lacus insured everyone Brad just had trouble dealing with others. Things seemed to be working out for Lacus, despite being hesitate to join the Enji and be the pretty envoy that her mother dreamed of, she had more freedom then she had in high school, and more time with Brad.

However, just as it seemed things were working out with Lacus found her world turned upside down when Ben joined the Enji. Barley able to realize it was him after being apart so long, Lacus could barley take in that her childhood friend had returned. But, she instantly could tell how happy Ben was to see her again, leaving her confused. While she was happy to see Ben again, she had all ready put Ben as someone from her past, and now that her past self was colliding with the person she had become. Furthermore seeing how Ben and Brad instantly got off to a bad start she was unsettled when she realized she might have to tell Ben that she and him have changed too much to still be friends. However soon a much bigger problem in the form of the Universal Civil War with the United Zeon Federation caused her to brush that problem aside and focus on being a soldier! Lacus adapted to the trials of war as quickly as any normal person would, and handled her first mission well thanks to having plenty of Enji and Lylat soldiers being around to share the burden. Even killing others was something Lacus was able to adapt to decently well, because while she did not enjoy killing, the many assassination attempts she had all ready had to endure in her life had given her the harden ideology of doing what must be done to be safe.

Despite how intense a war was unfolding before her Lacus found that her issues with Ben's returns still bothering her, especially when she found out that after surviving Ben had returned with a new sword, a sword that seemed to indicated that he was chosen by the angels to be the savior of the universe! Lacus was shocked to see Ben was much more determined then the boy she remembered, but Brad had insisted that he saw Ben secretly syntheses the Star Sword in order to gain creditability. While this was a lie Brad had helped expose liars to Lacus in High School, but Ben never lied to her either, making her once more in conflict.

The young women quickly had a chance to see if Ben was sincere or not, as the two along with many others were all sent on a mission to Mobius. Nearly as soon as the mission begun Ben tried to catch up with Lacus, but the women was put off with Ben's enthusiasm and made it clear that she was not the same person Ben remembered, and that things were not the same as they use to be. While Lacus did not intend to be mean to Ben for her enjoyment, she wanted to make it clear to Ben that she could not be the person he wanted her to be. However, when she was attacked by a Cyber Dragon in the Zeon Garrison Zone her primal fear over the dragon caused her to lose control and she harshly yelled at Ben, causing her to be so out of touch that she nearly got hit by a monster, if not for Ben taking the blow for her!

Seeing Ben nearly die from the toxic the hidden Malboro monster had vomited in to him mortified Lacus, and forced her to realize how badly she had been acting. Realizing Ben only was trying to be her friend Lacus instantly used her ace healing magic to bring Ben back to full health. Lacus instantly shed her cold demeanor and working together with the others helped took down the Zeon mobile armor the Apsulas. After the mission Lacus realized that despite how things have changed, Ben was indeed still someone she wanted to be friends with, and even if Brad was not happy with it she could not just reject Ben and so she started becoming friendlier with Ben, showing him that the girl he knew was not quite gone.

Despite this new complexity to her love life Lacus tried to just push it aside and be a good Enji. She seemed to be able to do this well enough, as she succeeded in many more missions and was able to make a name for herself as she helped free Ivalice from being occupied by the Zeon army. As she got stronger and defeated more enemies she could not help but be seen as a idol to men and women throughout the universe. Lacus did not really care about the fame, but she kept her public image up to appease her mother, who seemed more concerned with how Lacus looked to the public then her own child's safety. However she saw that Ben was building a reputation of his own, and when she went on another mission with him to Hyrule she saw Ben go through another trail for the Star Sword and gain a Crystal Shard she realized that Brad lied to her, and that Ben truly was the chosen one. With this, after seeing Ben go through losing his former friend Rick, and see how Ben was able to create his own moves and handle dealing with enemies as murderous as Xehamaru she realized that Ben was determined to live up to his destiny, and could not help but admire Ben's resolve.

However, Lacus later had to realize that her two worlds were not likely to be compatible, because when Ben and Brad fought, and Brad utterly crushed Ben with his raw strength Lacus saw how much Ben hated her boyfriend. This conflicted loyalty torn her up, as she knew Ben could not understand why she was in love with Brad, she also knew that she could not leave Brad and hoped that Ben could one day see Brad as she saw him.

After that Lacus just kept focusing on getting stronger and staying on top of her missions, and saw how Ben progressed, not helping but being impressed with how he managed to force Ezan in to a draw in a dual. As the war progressed Lacus had found that the war had become almost normal to her, yet even she felt overwhelmed when Xehamaru invaded Corneria with a massive army with the intention of kidnapping King Atem and massacring everyone else! Despite this overwhelming crises Lacus managed to keep her cool and try and focus on doing what she could, like sneaking on board a Sithantos mobile suit to get in to where King Atem was, the Sithantos stealth cruiser the Invisible Hand. Thanks to Ben and his group making their own assault most of the forces were too busy to notice Lacus, but she did have to prove her worth by taking on one of the elite four elemental fiends, the demon Rubicante! Rubicante was able to put the heat on Lacus but the rookie Enji was determined to do her job and managed to take down her target. However, as she arrived at her destination and found her new enemy to be none other than Xehamaru she quickly realized despite all of her training she was over her head in the face of the dark lords powers. To her horror neither her, nor Ben nor Brad could do anything to stop Xehamaru, and she was even more horrified when the leader of Sithantos wanted her to be his new servant!

Refusing to be such a monsters dark queen she tried to resist, but her resistance just amused the pale man enough to get him to probe her mind, and cause her to relive her nightmare! This surge of despair caused the seal on the Blue Eyes White Dragon to once again weaken, and Ben for the first time saw just what secrets Lacus was holding! While Xehamaru was able to seal her despite her transformation, this act did help motivate Ben to unleash his own Bankai power, and to Lacus 's shock when she regained consciousness she found that Ben had all ready had the situation handled! While Lacus was mortified when she realized Ben knew her secret, but she was shocked when Ben said he did not care about that. Despite what was inside her, Ben saw Lacus as herself, and also saw her as the friend he cared about so dearly regardless. This moved Lacus, for only Brad had shown her such kindness, and only later would she realize that Ben's kindness was the true kindness. After this, and seeing Ben take down Xehamaru with the help of the others, Lacus realized Ben was becoming a true hero, and was troubled when she realized her feelings for him were growing. Despite these feelings, she still felt that her bound with Brad was unbreakable.

However, she still wanted to help Ben, and she tried to help Ben prepare for his date with Lisa so that he could at last have a girlfriend. However, while she hoped for the best by chance she was celebrating her sister's birthday in the Platinum Saucer, the same place where Ben was having his first real date! While she tried to just keep hidden when things started to turn foul she found out Lisa was even more deceptive then she suspected, and managed to step in before Lisa could kill Ben with a poison kiss! To both her and Ben's horror Lisa then revealed her true indent, the Savage Nymph of the Organization of Dark Enji, Larxene! The blond female fatal revealed she was using Ben all along, and with her friend poisoned Lacus had to keep Larxene at bay before Ben at last snapped out of his funk and unleashed his rage on the traitorous women!

After Larxene was bailed out by Maraluxia a Lacus saw how devastated Ben was at having his hopes be crushed. And while she assured Ben that it was not impossible for a girl to love him, Lacus relented on comforting her childhood friend. Knowing that Ben really loved her, she withdrew even if it pained him, because she was certain that Ben and her were in different worlds, to distant to ever be able to truly understand each other in the way she and Brad understood each other.

Even so she hoped the best for Ben, and was happy to see later on when she made it to her birthday, and even happier to see Max. While she had only met Max a few times she was fond of the charismatic man and happy that he had at last returned. While things were shaping up to be a fun party, it soon turned to yet another tragic day. Not only did the Dark Enji Luxord attack with many bounty hunters like the Mobile Suit pilots like the Frost Brothers to try and kidnap Lacus, but it was in this intense battle that Max revealed himself to be the true identity the vicious bounty hunter Janus! After a brutal battle the end result left Sarah in intensive care, and as betrayed as Ben felt Lacus felt even more betrayed. While she knew Ben likely had no part in Max's involvement, she could not help but agree with Brad and her parents, and felt that it would be best if Ben stayed away from her.

While she knew this devastated Ben, and she also knew that Ben was going through a lot of pain thanks to Kira's brutal training, it was also around this time that Brad had gotten fed up with her spending time with Ben. Putting the safety and pleasure Brad has given her as a priority over her friendship with Ben, she forced herself to ice up her heart, and tell Ben that she would no longer have anything to do with Ben on Brad's request. While she pretended to be indifferent to this she was pained to see how much it hurt Ben, but deluded herself to thinking it was best for everyone. However, she soon realized how wrong she was to do this to Ben, when she saw the full result of her consequences!

Not only could she barely keep her composer when she heard that Ben was rumored to be dead, but when she found out the truth about Ben, that Darth Idious was really Ben's dark side gone rampant, she was totally devastated! Realizing just how much she had hurt Ben, once more she realized she had been unfair to Ben and knew his current madness was partly her fault. Wanting to show Ben she had not forsaken him, she risked her life and endured his wrath as Idious to reach out to Ben and apologized for how she had treated him. After telling Ben she still wanted to be his friend and that she did not want to lose him, while Master Myers was the one that ultimately turned Ben back to normal, her kind embrace helped Ben realize he was not as isolated as he had thought, and helped him start fighting the darkness. While Lacus was overjoyed to see Ben back to normal, that joy did not last long when Kira appeared to have Ben executed for his crimes! As the son of the Grand Masters true motives came in to light Lacus refused to let Ben die for things he was propped in to doing.

With Ben's life on stake, Lacus could no longer keep up her indifferent mask, and even defied Brad to be part of the strike team that rescued Ben from his execution! After the whole Kira ordeal unfolded Lacus saw Ben rebound from his darkest hour, and seeing him try his best to make up for his sins inspired Lacus, and realizing how much Ben meant to her, she defied Brad again and tried her best to be a supportive friend of Ben. This angered Brad, and his increasingly anger and drunk behavior started to upset Lacus more and more. In fact, during the time of the Grand Anniversary Luminary Ball despite how much Lacus pleaded Brad was tired of playing around in the higher ups games and ditched Lacus in the middle of a dance! A humiliated Lacus could not help but take up Ben's offer to be her new dance partner, and as the two danced Lacus wished Ben a happy birthday, and assured him from her personal experience that just because he made a mistake it does not mean that he was beyond forgiveness.

However, just as the two were getting closer suddenly her past caught up with her because out of virtually no where a girl named Rachel, who happened to be her deceased friend Allen's sister showed up! It was a very bitter reunion as Rachel blamed Lacus for murdering her brother and said she should pay for her crimes. This upset Lacus so much that she felt the Blue Eyes White Dragon trying to take control of her again and she quickly left. As she ran back to her room and felt the Celestial beast taunt her and try to take control, suddenly the pain went away when Brad appeared! Her boyfriend confronted her, and reminded her on all he had did for her, causing her to embrace him once more, and not even think about how Rachel got in to the Enji order, or why she was going out with one of Brad's guys.

Lacus once more embraced Brad and forgave his many faults, though there bound seemed to have more cracks than ever before. These cracks became much wider during the next mission to the world of Candiorna, when suddenly amidst the chaos Max appeared once more! While Brad at once distrusted him as Ben's cousin explained his true motive and admitted he was sorry to have caused Lacus pain, the women saw that Ben still had faith in his cousin, and after hearing Max's story and seeing his resolve she decided to side with Ben and help him in his task to take down Xiza. As she and the others who went on the mission to take down the CEO of Vector saw just what horrors the former member of the Subcommittee had, she did her best to help take down the devious beings henchmen. Once more determined to not let anyone down Lacus fought bravely no matter how the situation changed. As she and the others landed on the Halo installation after fighting through Vector and Zannacross forces and even the horrifying Flood monsters to help Ben and Max she was shocked to find out that the two cousins had all ready fought each other, and Ben won! Seeing Max near death from his own cousins attacks Lacus instantly healed her friend when Ravxen appeared! The psychotic masked man was desiring to cause a bloodbath of a play, and also looking forward to make Max squirm for embarrassing him in their previous battle.

However, Max was needed elsewhere so Lacus and the others vowed to keep the Dark Enji at bay while he went to help Ben and co defeat Xiza. Lacus did show her true skill as she used all the moves she had to keep the murderous man at bay without even having to resort to using the Blue Eyes white Dragon. However, little did she know that when she promised Max she would look out for Ben, that would be the last conversation she had with the man alive for when Ravxen left and she and the others were able to make it to the Halo command center she found that Xiza was dead, Halo's control systems were destroyed, and Max had been shot with a Anti Enji sniper shot, leaving him dead just before Lacus could arrive! Seeing the man she looked up to die in such a tragic way before she could help him devastated the women, however that pain was nothing compared to the sorrow she felt from seeing Ben's despair at losing his cousin just after Max had decided to join the Enji again and the two had come to terms with each other. Seeing Ben felt as guilty as she did over being unable to save Max the two confided in each other, and a turning point happened in Lacus's heart.

Seeing Brad later on crudely mock Max in death, and only care about missing out from getting his " glory" made something snap in the young women, and she could no longer put up with Brad's selfish pigheaded mindset anymore no matter how good he was with making things smooth safe and fun for her. Not only did she fully approve of Brad being discharged from the Enji and locked up for refusing to fallow orders and recklessly endangering everyone just for his own pride, but she shocked even Brad when she went up to him in the cell of Hallowed Bastions special cells for prisoners, the Sekkisek prison tower and told him that she was breaking up with him! While Lacus had always been grateful Brad for what he did for her, she could no longer stomach him caring only about having his way on things. Even as Brad swore that he loved Lacus more than anything and that the two were met for each other, Lacus had realized that she had gotten strong enough so that she did not need to exchange her beliefs for the comfort Brad gave her, despite her doubts she was going to believe in Ben's own strength.

While Lacus had some doubts of her own, she knew Ben had proven that he was serious about defending what he cared about, and she also knew he needed someone, and that she would do her best to give Ben the help he needed to get over the trauma of seeing Max die before him. And so on her own request Lacus joined Squad 7 while Doug was training with Gouken, and as the two did minor missions together, and the two got closer each day. With Lacus at last no longer with Brad, Ben was able to at last open up more and bound much more closely with his childhood friend and while Lacus was hesitate at first, she slowly realized she could truly be herself with Ben, and let down her guard. Not only did she play with Ben on the beach in the sexist swimsuit she wore in years without caring about his reaction, but she fought on with him and there new friend Banjo to help the bear out of his sticky situation.

Furthermore, in their next mission when Doctor Wily made his move, as the two descended in to the depths of Corneria 's core to find the mad doctor's base they became even closer, and helped each other. When they found a surprise in the form of the mad celestial beast Grazer as Lacus was on the verge of having the Blue Eyes White Dragon take control of her Ben's absolute belief that she was not a monster, not to mention his absolute resolve to not let Lacus be taken away from him helped her regain control over her mind and body before the two friends used their power to force the monster to relent. A short time later the two found themselves sidetracked by finding a shrine that had the last crystal shard that Ben needed. As the two worked together to overcome the many obstacles in their way, Lacus found a challenge that was pitch black and underwater.

Knowing Ben still was not the best swimmer, and showing how much she had grown to trust Ben she decided to make things easier for her outfit by taking it off and retrieving the object naked. While she ended up having to fight a massive dragon Evrae completely nude since it was pitch black it was barley a hitch in the operation and Lacus returned unarmed, and seeing Ben had seemed to keep his word to not peek at her caused her to realize how loyal Ben was to her . And her seeing how much he truly cared for her made her start to realize her feelings were evolving to true love for the man, and together the two worked together to overcome the final trail for the Star Sword. As the two went on to fight against Bass, Perfect Zero, Doctor Wily, Vile and Sigma the two friends, along with all of their other allies and after the robot madness was at last over Lacus was on the verge of seeing Ben as the man she had been looking for all along, but sadly, tragedy struck, and that moment of hope and love quickly became one of despair.

Just after the hero's caught their breath from their battles with Sigma their enemies showed how unrelenting they were as Darth Damonus descended to directly crush the greatest threat to his master! With his own overwhelming power combined with the four recently revived villains Kuja, Exdeath, Ultimecia and Kefka aiding him he brought the hero's to the verge of death. Lacus was horrified to see that Ezan, Master Myers , Ben, herself and everyone else seemed to be powerless to stop the group of the enemies, and fear consumed her. This terror, with a for the time unknown second element caused her to lose herself, and as a result the Blue Eyes White Dragon totally took control of her body as she transformed in to a divine monster! In this state Lacus, or more like Kisara was able to overwhelm her enemies with extreme power, but Lacus was helpless as Kisara dominated her body and went on a rampage on Neo Arcadia to make those that enjoyed life suffer! Lacus was in time able to revert to her normal self thanks to Brad, but the damage had been done. The entire city , and with it the entire known universe knew the truth about Lacus , and seeing what she had done had her confidence, if not her world shattered by the trauma. While Lacus was barely able to keep herself together Ben seemed to be able to reach out to her, however, just when it seemed that Ben was going to be able to get Lacus to calm down, they both learned that Ben's mother was hit in the rampage and went in to a coma. This drove Lacus over the edge, and made her give up all hope it having any faith that she could be a hero. Seeing that no matter how hard she tried she seemed to only be able to ultimey bring about despair to those around her, she closed herself out and was sure she was just a cursed witch that is fated to bring about despair with her blood stained hands.

Seeing that her sin was in her eyes to great to ever be able to atone for, and she saw that for all his power and love Ben had, she was now certain that she and him were from different worlds, worlds to far apart to ever be together.

Lacus then shut off her heart, and in her moment of despair Brad appeared before her. Reveling that he helped her restrain the Dragon, and that a monster like her only belonged with him. Brad made it clear that Lacus only had a future with him, stating that hero's like Ben always fail to keep their lovers from dying, and in the end the heroes would always die while types like Brad would survive, in essence Brad made it clear that trying to believe with Ben would mean her death. Having lost her own pride and faith in herself, and seeing that the Masters and Ben had failed to keep their promise to keep her from losing herself, Lacus had lost all faith in the values of justice, in the Enji, and nearly in everything. The trauma was too much for Lacus and she had a breakdown for she no longer cared about what was right or anything else, all she cared about was being able to keep living no matter what it took.

And so as Ben departed with Ezan and the others to Castle Oblivion to confront the Dark Enji, Lacus fell deeper in to darkness. Falling back in to Brad's arms, Lacus changed herself so much that when Ben returned he barley could tell it was her! Having donned a Goth like attire and even giving off the impression that she had changed her eye color and cut her hair! It seemed that Lacus had regressed in to a abusive relationship, for despite all that she had known about Brad, she was willing to do whatever it took if it meant he could save her. While Ben was heartbroken that Lacus had firmly gotten back together with Brad and said she would no longer be his friend, her heart was to numb to care, even if deep down for how angry and cold she was to everyone for being powerless to help her, the truth was deep down she hated herself most of all for being a failure.

While Lacus had given the impression that she had become" Emo" and she indeed had made more than a few mistakes, it was not that simple. The reality was that Lacus did not really want to be back with Brad or hurt Ben or anyone else. But, she just was so tired of having her hopes crushed and having people she care about suffer that she felt that the kind of love Brad was offering her was the only love she deserved. Even if this was a showing of weakness, and that she had allowed herself to fall in to a abusive relationship for a small chance at hope, as overwhelmed with pain and fear as she was it was the only logical situation she could think of.

And so once more she was with Brad, and even as Brad become more ruthless Lacus did nothing to stop him. Even when in his bloodlust attack of a Zeon weapon caused the devastation of an entire planet Lacus horrified her friends when she casually said it was inevitable, for she truly seemed to have given on hope on people in general. Even as Weil Zabi was killed and the Zeon Federation was defeated she had little hope for any unity between the people, and openly told her father and King Atem that she had no hope that the people of the universe could ever come to understand each other.

As everyone became worried about Lacus's getting in to a even darker funk, Lacus closed herself out to friends and family alike. On top of everything she was finding that her body was hurting more and more, for the Blue Eyes White Dragon seemed to be fighting harder and harder to get out of her body. Brad seemed to be the only one that could make the pain go away, and between that and her getting drunk more and more to not have to think about things Lacus was becoming barley coherent most of the time, which is just what Brad wanted. As Lacus was pushing her friends away, she embraced Brad, letting him tell her what to do. To show her his path was the one that would make her happy, Brad guided her to a recently captured Zeon pilot, the mobile suit pilot Ali Al-Saacaz! Using her authority to have a private chat with the cutthroat prisoner, Lacus had at last found herself face to face with the man that indirectly caused her to meet Brad and caused her to feel isolated in the first place! With Brad giving a strong urging to give proper justice, Lacus gave in to her hatred and vaporized Ali! Killing a helpless prisoner to at last have her vengeance, even though she did not known the full story made Brad's ideas of power being the only true justice seem even more clear to the troubled women, and it was starting to seem to others that the Lacus of the past was gone forever.

Later on Brad took her out for a party to celebrate her " Liberation" from social norms , and took her all the way out on the capital city of Los Venomous on the world of Venom, and a barely conscious Lacus only watched on in a near automaton like state of expectance as Brad violently killed most of the fighters in the Dark Tekken Gauntlet and then went on to kill all of the major crime lords of the galaxy, or the former Virgos of the Twilight Mafia to become the self proclaimed "Big Man" of crime! Even this drastic wild action was rationalized to Lacus as just her "boyfriend" "Weeding out the trash to make things" safer" and in her jumbled state of mind she expect his excuse. However, for all of his talk about him making her safer, it seemed to be just more hallow words as when Brad was madly celebrating his power grab, Lacus went for a brief respite and found herself attacked by the Emperor's Hand, a group of elite demon assassins that were sent by Damonus to make Lacus pay for her defiance! Thanks to Ben and the others helping from the shadows Lacus was able to not be overwhelmed, and as she faced off with Orochi Mizuchi she found herself face to face with an enemy that was a expert at sealing spells! While the Blue Eyes White Dragon was suppressed, Mizuchi did not count on Lacus having another layer of power to her, and in her desperate desire to insure she did not lose to evil she unleashed the true holy power inside her to take out her attacker.

However, even after barley surviving her attack, when she found Brad again her boyfriend was just angry that she had been away! To top it off she was in for another shock when she was confronted by Doug! Though Lacus and Doug had not been that close the brash man came to directly tell Lacus that he thought was pathetic and should get over herself, demanding that she grow up and just deal with life being cruel, more or less stating that she could deal with things if she would just try. While Lacus dwelled on the blond brawlers harsh lecture she quickly found herself having to deal with another situation when Brad demanded Lacus put on a show for him! Not knowing the true extent of Brad's ambitions, and just wanting to appease him she agreed to his request and dressed in a tiny swim suit that left little to the imagination before dancing in front of Brad's fans! Stressed, in pain and both physically and mentally worn out from all she did today her shame at acting like a stripper for Brad in front of everyone caused her to pass out.

Little did she know that as Brad's new groupie Charlie brought her back to her room the smelly man had nasty ideas, but thankfully for the unconscious women Ben appeared to make Charley pay the ultimate price for trying to violate Lacus. While Lacus did not hear Ben's pained confession that he knew he could not truly prove anything to Lacus till he found a way to truly save her from her pain, he did find out by chance that Lacus had in fact not cut her hair but was wearing a red wig to hold back her true brown hair, showing Ben that she had not changed forever, but was just desperately trying to find a way to feel safe and secure. While Ben was assured that the Lacus he loved was still there, the path of no return for Lacus was fast approaching.

As Ben fought his intense series of battles on Cocoon Brad was becoming more and more abusive to Lacus, treating her more and more like a servant then a girlfriend, and making her feel like she deserved to be treated badly. With her pain and her depression both getting worst Lacus barely resisted. However, even as battered as she was, she was not happy when Brad forced her to unleash the Blue Eyes White Dragon and go berserk once more to overwhelm Grazer! Only barley able to be kept passive by being told it was all to make her never be afraid again, by the time of the Enji Budokai she was barely more than a mess most of the time. Even still, she still had some pride in her and despite being disturbed to find monsters running around the stadium she was able to surprise even herself when she managed to take down Omega Rugal with her own skill. Though, seeing her desire anything other than pleasing him did not amuse Brad one bit.

In fact, when the couple was matched to fight each other for the semi finals Brad forced Lacus to show that his love was everything to her, and forsake her own pride and honor by surrendering the match to him to prove that she lived to please her man. Lacus barley went through with this, and this caused Ben to be outraged and her worst fears were realized as Ben and Brad soon had the long awaited rematch. However, as much as Lacus dreaded this what unfolded was far worst then she ever expected! As the two bitterly clashed, when Brad's plans fell through and Doug helped Ben get everyone to see Brad's memories thanks to the Tri-Edge's gadgets, once more Lacus found her world shattered. First of all what Brad said about his power and his family was all a lie, Brad's power was not born with him, he got it by bullying his way in to the Juggernaught Project, and doing whatever it took to get the power he craved, even killing his parents and causing the Irazous Civil War meant nothing to Brad as long as he got his power! As horrifying as this is, to top it all off Lacus, and everyone else saw that Brad was the one who killed Max, he out of all others killed Ben's cousin just to insure his plans were not spoiled!

Lacus could no longer deny it, any pretenses of Brad being a misunderstood man were shattered, he was a full blown psycho who would see millions die just so he could have his way! As things got more and more out of control Brad quickly showed his true colors and outright made Lacus feel that all of this did not matter, the only thing that did matter is that he and Lacus were monsters made for each other, and only by being with Brad could she ever hope to live in peace! Making her feel guilty and consumed with sin, and in a not so subtle manner making her expect that there was no place for her to return to now, Lacus was coerced in to helping Brad kill Ben. As Brad had his rematch with Ben in the belly of the Under Sector, Ben's stress was so great that Idious yet again emerged out of his subconscious to unleash a storm of blood fury! As Lacus saw her childhood friend's dark side gave Brad hell she enraged Idious more when she openly put herself in between Idious and Brad, and also said that she knew Idious was not the true Ben. Knowing Ben well, she knew well that his true nature was kind, and that Idious was another personality that he created to subconsciously deal with what he though some people wanted him to be like. This infuriated Idious all the more, but Ben refused to hurt Lacus and forced back control, j and that was just what Brad wanted! Despite her feelings she was going to let Brad kill Ben, till his friends arrived! Just when it looked like Brad was finished he was bailed out by none other than Xemnas, and Brad's true nature continued to be even darker. Despite this, Lacus was even surer that Ben had no place for her and she broke Ben's heart by saying she hated him and that he could never understand her before fleeing.

Despite this icy condemnation, Lacus was really just trying to hide her true feelings, for the truth was that she hardly hated Ben. Even if she did not admit it, despite giving off the impression that she thought Ben was inferior to her she really thought Ben was a true hero, and deserved someone far better than the miserable cursed witch that she saw herself as being. Now hating herself even more, she just wanted Ben to hate her so that he would be happy when she was gone. Now nearly full on suicidal, after a tearful confession with Ben's still unconscious mother about how truly sorry she was she did try to kill herself but to her dismay her body was by now to strong to be killed by most conventional means. As she flew back to her home in a act of despair she was once more confronted by Brad, who was directly demanding she give up everything else to embrace him as her entire world! Despite both the Raystar secrecy force and members of Squad 7 trying to stop Lacus, she was too far gone at this point and attacked Ben's friends at Brad's command! Despite this she was not willing to kill Ben's friends, and only made it look like she killed them before she went with Brad to the Dark Enji HQ. In the World that Never was, Lacus fell to her lowest point. Brad dropped all pretenses and unleashed his rage on Lacus, now both physically and mentally abusing her and making it clear that she should forget everything besides making him happy if she ever wanted to be happy and safe again! As Lacus 's own self worth shattered her resistance and will to live nearly became nonexistent the Dark Enji had there Gendo Mazo statue consume her, overwhelming her body with dark energy and their own nano machine like Devil cells to purge her mind and make her a complete slave of the darkness! In this near emotionally void state Lacus was nearly a total slave to Brad, and her heart was all about drowning in darkness. In this state Lacus did not even feel anything as she guided Brad and the Organization to Earth Prime and lower the defenses around the Tower of Destiny so that Brad could make his final move to secure his power. It was here that Lacus once more defended Brad with her powerful defenses, even as Brad just seemed to brutally kill Master Myers! While the death of the man who was nearly like an uncle to her and the orders to kill Ben and all the others to insure that everything in her life besides Brad is now dead did cause her to hesitate, her mind was to dead set on her fate being absolute to resist. Still, Brad wanted even the smallest resistance wiped out form his treasured girl, and forced her to be consumed with several curse seal crystals to totally consume her in darkness! Using this and his own spell, Lacus was forced to unleash the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and berserk with dark rage, she transformed in to the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and went in a blood thirsty rampage! In this state she unleashed a wave of devastation, as if her rage and sorrow was being unleashed on the very planet! Brad then commanded her to kill Ben once and for all and it seemed like the enraged women was going to obey without hesitation. While Ben was able to resist this onslaught, and even damage the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, this pain only made Lacus emerge in to a final form of sort. It was here that Ben realized he could not bear to kill the women he loved, and risked everything to get her to get her to snap out of this murderous frenzy. At last being open with his feelings, Ben admitted he loved her, and promised his love for her would never waver. Ben also pleaded with Lacus to decide what she truly wanted to be. Ben told the women he knew that after knowing her for so long that there was no way she was fated to be evil, despite her history and what powers she had Ben knew she was no black hearted witch but a loving angel, and she just had to believe that she could be it, because it was her who decided what she wanted to be, not Brad Ben or anyone else. Knowing that words had betrayed Lacus for so long Ben made sure to get Lacus to see that he was dead set on living up to his word, and after at last realizing the energy collar spell was hurting her, he attacked it with all of his might, and even though he lost a arm in the process he was able to damage it.

After further pleading Brad cut in, thrashing Ben some more and rubbing in the hero's face that Lacus was willing to do anything to please him, got overconfident and conceded that he controls Lacus with a binding slavery spell, and it was he who hired Ali and the other terrorists to insure that Lacus would unleash the Blue Eyes White Dragon so that Brad could unleash his slave collar spell on her and make her his slave! While Brad thought Lacus was so far gone that even hearing that he was the one who made her kill Allen and caused her hell just so he could make her his servant would mean nothing to her, she was not nearly as far gone as he assumed. Ben's words at last awoken something inside her, and she realized that she had to decide once and for all what she wanted to be. Realizing the full extent of Brad's lies, and seeing just how a heartless monster he truly was Lacus saw the time had come to define her will once and for all, and she defined her will by impaling Brad in the chest and fiercely stating that she was through with him once and for all before blasting him away!

At last realizing that her hate for herself would as a heartless monster would far surpass any fear of death, Lacus decided that she would rather die as a good person then be evil anymore no matter what the cost. Thanks to Ben's selfless devotion to her she realized that even if Ben made mistakes, he truly loved her and was determined to be happy. While long seeing Ben as someone who was too immature to love, seeing his resolve made her force herself to grow up and admit that his feelings may not be what she expected, but they , and him, were something she could not bear to lose. Even at the risk of dying, Lacus wanted to be a person that brought happiness, not misery. Showing just how strong this desire of her's was, Lacus dug down and unleashed all of her power even as she was consumed with pain, and managed to unleash her true angelic powers to shatter the collar, and purge the DC cells and dark energy from her body! Having at last have her angel powers manifest, Lacus had proved she was the true worthy successor of the Antitype Apostle Bloodline, and thus showed that the Third Impact of humanity was one of home. Seeing just how much Ben had endured to reach out for her, Lacus realized she could no longer deny her or his own feelings, and admitted to Ben she loved him and that she was lying about hating Ben. As she poured all of her feelings and regrets on to the man, the two at last embraced, and Lacus nearly instantly realized the difference between Ben's pure love and the love Brad offered to her.

This blissful moment was ruined when an enraged Brad emerged to have his revenge. Despite this Lacus made it clear she had faith in Ben, even as she got impaled! Despite this death Lacus still did not waver in her devotion to Ben, and that devotion was rewarded when Ben showed he was not going to let Lacus down, and eventually free her soul from Brad's chest, even if the reality was that this was the soul of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. The reality was that Brad did not get Lacus 's heart, but the sudden trauma caused Lacus to fully unleash her angelic powers! Lacus soon saw that her faith in Ben was not a illusion, for with her help Ben was able to fuse the Star Sword and the Divine Nova to form the Divine Mugen Nova, and unleash a new level of power that allowed him to free Lacus from Brad's grip once and for all, by killing him at last in a brutal climax to their history!

Lacus was relieved that Ben won, but quickly horrified when she saw that the power and stress that Ben had dealt with that day was too much, and seemed to be killing him! Lacus refused to let Ben die after all that had happened and unleashed all of her power to revive him. While for a moment Ben seemed too far gone and the heartbroken women was going to let the others do whatever they want to her to make up for causing so much trouble, to her great relief Ben at last woke up! Dropping her mask entirely, the two embraced and Lacus freely expected Ben's offer to become a couple. Sadly once more this moment was ruined when Kira, Xemnas, Ravxen and all the other villains revealed the true face of their devious plan!

Lacus, realizing how much Ben had suffered all ready because of her knew she could no longer run away or be afraid, and showed her devoting to Ben by warping him and all the others away and force her enemies to settle for her as a prize. While hating having to be apart from Ben so soon, Lacus wanted to protect Ben no matter what, and having given Ben her necklace she purposely surrendered herself so that Ben could find her and rescue her. Despite letting herself be captive, the pain her enemies inflicted on her was bearable since she knew Ben still was out there, and she was determined to help Ben and her allies as much as she could. Despite her captors " Softening" her up to be sacrificed Lacus refused to let them break her, and he second they let their guard down she used her new magic to free the Celestial Royal Knights from Kira 's Absolute Hypnosis spell and with her sudden new protectors she was able to cause havoc in Neo Pandemonium. Despite being battered and naked in the mist of the HQ of the most deadliest evilest organization in existence, Lacus was no longer afraid and managed to get a hold of a Salvation storm troopers outfit to sneak around and try and by time for Ben. While she managed to do some small damage, she was confronted by the Cloud of Darkness apparition. While her own energy was nearly completely drained after learning the truth about her past she was at last able to come to terms with Kisara, and the two women at last put aside their differences to work as one, allowing Lacus to fully use the energy of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. In its true form as the Blue Eyes Shinning Dragon Lacus easily took out the Cloud of Darkness, but sadly her headway was cut short when Kira appeared in front of her! Despite her best efforts, Kira showed just what new powers he had at his command, and easily killed her Royal Knight allies before subduing her.

Even as Chaos Zannacross Necron forcefully tried to rip out all of her energy Lacus desperately struggled to hang on, and thankfully her faith was rewarded when Ben arrived to keep his promise! After an intense battle Ben kept his word and saved Lacus, but despite this Chaos Zannacross Necron still managed to return! As the dark god unleashed his wrath Lacus found that the power she, Ben and all the others had seemed to be worthless in the face of the ultimate evil, and after a brutal assault Lacus found herself thrown in hell! Ben fallowed her even to hell and together the lovers refused to give up even as they were surrounded by all the villains in existence! Even as things seemed to get more and more hopeless, even as they were thrown in to the very darkness of oblivion Lacus refused to expect defeat and on the very edge of despair Lacus was able to find Ben at the edge of time itself, and once more bring him back from the brink of despair. It was in this darkest moment that she and Ben found that Cosmos had reached out to her, and appeared to give her there final hope.

Showing that she had faith in her despite everything, Cosmos was willing to trust the very future of the entire universe to Lacus, by giving her a portion of her essence and power in the shape of the Golden Imperia Crystal. Now having border line god like power, Lacus used this power to get her and Ben out of the Darkness beyond time to return from Corneria just in time to protect her home from her own mind controlled friends! Lacus instantly showed her power was a force to be reckoned with when she freed all of the friends that Zannacross had revived as zombies and returned them to normal before casting a barrier around the Corneria that was strong enough to keep out even Zannacross! With her and Ben giving hope to what was left for the universe, all who were still alive prepared for one last battle.

With one night left to relax Lacus expected her family's request to spend the night at her house. Even despite doomsday lurking around the corner and people like Shion 's boyfriend Jin dying when Zannacross wiped out a quarter of the entire population of the universe in a instant, the Raystar and Auro families were able to have a mostly pleasant night. However, with at last having a moment to relax, and wanting more than anything to show Ben just how much she loved him with Sarah's urging she inviting Ben out to the forest outside her home, and decided to open herself up to Ben completely. Knowing how long Ben had struggled and realizing Ben had went through so much to get her to return his love, Lacus tried her best to express just how much she felt about it. Knowing how Ben had nearly killed himself with stress over how much he worried about her, Lacus massaged Ben, and showed him he could truly be his true self without hesitation as she slowly got her boyfriend to let her take off his cloths. Despite all the trauma and abuse she suffered at Brad's hands, Lacus refused to let that pain stop her from enjoying her time with Ben, and while she still had some trauma and shell shock from her suffering her love for Ben was great enough so that she could push those feelings aside. Showing Ben she had total trust in him, she made it clear she wanted to be done with lies and games and just be herself for him. Getting around her own trauma after testing the new limits of her power she let herself be consumed in flames so that her cloths could be burned away without either her or Ben having to lift a finger. After spending most of her mature years keeping herself tightly concealed and have most of her body covered to keep others from gawking at her, she realized that she wanted Ben to see her for what she truly was to him, not a Enji, a Duchess or even a angel but his girlfriend and true love. And so as she opened her heart entirely to the man she loved and freely let her clothes break away to show her naked body to him.

Despite her fears Lacus was glad that she got Ben naked first, as his attraction to her body was quickly apparent in more ways than one Lacus was quickly relived to know her body did not fail to live up to Ben's expectations as it took relatively little effort to get him worked up. Despite how many times she hated having men gawking at her body, she was happy that she was able to bring Ben such joy and the two had a blissful night of passion that put the two at ease before their ultimate test would come to great them. The two happily realized they truly were a perfect match as Ben helped Lacus feel better about herself, and get over feeling like she was to tainted with sin to ever be happy where Lacus helped Ben With her sisters urging Lacus remained at Ben's side the whole night, fully showing she was not ashamed to show to anyone how much she loved him.

After this night of passion the two were even more determined to insure it would not be the last one. And so after a final session of training, the two leaded their friends and allies forward in to the ultimate battle for the universe. Despite the overwhelming amount of danger she was in, with Ben by her side she was not afraid at all. Even as Ben was sealed by the combined might of the four demon lords Lacus did not have her resolve waver a bit. When confronted by the female demon lord Mukuro, the women who in all of history is the closest to being the reflection of her dark side, Lacus found out that the witch of a women was the twin sister of the first women in existence, Lilith!

While faced with the most fanatical follower of Zannacross of them all, Lacus not only showed that her angel powers merged with the Blue Eyes Shinning Dragon and the Golden Imperia Crystal were truly a force to be reckoned with, but she also showed that despite her love for Ben may have only fully blossomed for less than a week, this love she had for Ben and the loving desire she had to protect as many people as she could was a greater love then the selfish love that Mukuro had been using to drive herself forward since the dawn of humanity and in one precise moment of skill, faith and power, Lacus was able to cut through her enemies wrath and take down the demon lord!

With this hurdle overcome Lacus Ben and the others endured all that Zannacross sent at them, overcoming everything from blissful illusions to the last few die hard villains to with a little not so little help and at last the group faced their final enemy, Zannacross himself! Lacus was determined to not fail, and despite the level of power she faced she was able to keep it together. When Zannacross unleashed his ultimate form and merged with all the evil essence in existence Lacus used the power of the Golden Imperia Crystal to merge her essence with Ben, allowing him to then merge with the energy of all living things and give him the power to take down Zannacross once and for all!

Even with this tremendous victory the Enji Knights job was not over yet, for as Zannacross fell his new realm that was a forced fusion of all the previous dimensions quickly unraveled, and as a result the existence of the entire universe, if not more was at stake! Despite how tired she was, Lacus knew that she was the only one that could truly do what needed to be done, and while it broke her heart to do it she cast a barrier to keep everyone away while she went to the Axis of Time and tried to use her power to mend the damaged realms and put the universe back in order. With the essence of reality itself colliding in to her Lacus quickly found herself overwhelmed, but found that Ben had come to her aid! Realizing that Ben would be with her no matter what, Lacus gave it her all to keep going, even as the furious vengeful sprit of Zannacross appeared before them! Even as a wrath, the embodiment of evil refused to let Lacus defy him and using his limited power he tried to fuse with Ben's body in a last attempt to win!

However Lacus 's efforts shined through, as Kisara gave up her body to save Ben, forcing Zannacross to go in to the Blue Eyes White Dragon instead, and allowing Ben and Lacus to banish Zannacross with the last of their strength to the nexus of all reality, cutting him off from all existence for the rest of time! With this the battle was at last won, but even this was not the end of the danger the two were in, for the dimension they were in was still collapsing! With time and hope running out quick, and the couple both completely exhausted things were looking grim fast, but Lacus was determined to keep her promise to keep Ben safe, and when a portal to the mortal realm appeared, Lacus used all of the strength she had left to push them out of the collapsing dimension just as it was destroyed!

Lacus was able to get them out, but at a steep cost, for with just recently expelling the Blue Eyes White Dragon and the Golden Imperia Crystal from her body she lost a lot of power to rapidly, and the massive amount of energy she unleashed meant that the last burst of power she produced, along with having a dimension close on her, injured her far to greatly! As she lay in Ben's arms with her body literary fading away she weakly told Ben she had no regrets, and that even if she died she would rather have died saving everyone then live on alone and in fear. While it seemed Lacus's long life of fear and suffering may have ended in tragedy thankfully for her sake the Supreme Being showed mercy on Lacus for her courage and compassion, and revived her!

With a second lease on life, Lacus was determined to not let it be a waste. While still alive, she was still very weak and took a few days just to stand, but even so she refused to go to heaven to rest, wanting to be with Ben no matter what, she would rather have her body recover in Ben's Star Sword and be trapped there as she rested then be apart from her lover. Even with all she had done to make up for her mistakes, Lacus knew she still had a lot to do to make up for all the mistakes she made, and with the suggestion of the Enji, the angels and her family, she decided to go on a quest of sorts with Ben, a journey to visit every single world in the universe and comfort those that suffered, and use power, wisdom and kindness to mend the many wounded hearts across the cosmos and try and help everyone build a better society. Despite being tasked with the burden of being a messiah to the universe, Lacus no longer resented her responsibility, for she wanted to do what she could to spread the happiness she now felt. With Ben by her side and her friends always being with her in some way or another, even if it would take thousands of years Lacus knew she would never feel isolated again.

Coming from a timid girl who felt crushed by her duty and put a wall around herself to keep out the pain and keep people from looking at her, thanks to Ben's love and her own determination she became a women who was not afraid of doing what was hard, not afraid to be herself, and even carefree enough to be herself, such as when she was so glad that Ben was alive after the war that the first time she was able to walk again after nearly dying she walked right to Ben, not caring that her parents and others saw her naked in the process. While it's not clear if this loving angel will be able to truly be able to help the universe reform for the better, it's clear her love will have a good chance of reaching out to millions.

Special moves: Lacus is trained in many fighting styles using her fists and feet, as well as a skilled swordsman or women. She can quickly switch to a kickboxing style or a gentle fist style martial arts that uses pressure points and can even seal the magical energy of her enemies with the right blow. Burst Strem of Judgment is when she unleashes a powerful energy blast. Rising Crescent is when she unleashes a powerful rising slash attack with her blade that is normally infused with magical energy. Radiant Burst is a spell that involves Lacus using her energy to create flower funnels, and have theses flowery fragments attack her target with energy rays from different angles. Blossoming Gradation is a powerful barrage of sword slashes, Godly Sixty Four Strike Deviation is when she barrages her opponent with swift palm strikes, and normally causes her enemies magical energy to be sealed inside themselves. Radiant Judgment Flare is a more powerful version of her Radiant Burst attack, those this beam is fired when her angel powers are unleashed and she is fully in synch with the Blue Eyes White Dragon's own energy, making it a blast that can easily shatter planets. Avenging Light is when Lacus uses her power to make her target feel both the physical and mental pain of all the people they harmed, depending on how one lived his or her life, this could be the most painful attack of all.

Burst Stream Of Judgment, Rising Crescent, Radiant Burst (attack that has her aura become flying flowers funnels, so she can barrage her opponents with energy blasts on all sides at once), Blossoming Gradation, Godly Sixty Four Strike Divination, Chaos

Lacus's Ennegram personality type is that of a compassionate, curious and loving women that is also a indecisive and anxious and slightly insecure women. Because of her complexity she is many types in the personality chart but has traits of a 2 type, a 3 type a 6 type and a 9 type. While compassionate she is the type that is overwhelmed at times, and can retreat in to mental walls or physical pleasures to suppress her unhappy emotions. The greater the stress the greater the lengths that people like Lacus will go to avoid death, even if the price is a life of misery. However as Ben kept putting his life on the line for her Lacus showed her love overcame her fear as she risked everything to embrace Ben's love. Also has a naturalists or nudist side to her, and this shows her desire to be free as possible, a desire she repressed till Ben once more gave her the confidence to enjoy herself and let Ben fully enjoy her both physically and mentally.

Extra Author notes: No denying it, in many ways Lacus is mostly how I think of my dream girl. After Naruto and Bleach had such horrible treatment of their females, and how I saw how many females in cartoons, video games and anime in general often got the shaft I wanted to make a strong female that was not helpless most of the time, though it seemed to some I may have overcompensated a tad. My inspiration for her was from all over I guess, from Sailor Moon herself, to the females in both Xenogears and Xenosaga to real life people I know. Sadly, the negative actions Lacus has in the story are from real life experiences as well. My childhood friend had a boyfriend in High School that was quite the jerk, but unlike in this story she never seemed to be able to break free. For all of those who say that Lacus was to unrealistically faithful to Brad, I said I would say it's quite realistic even if depressing. Seeing cases from both real life and various fiction works, such abusive relationships are sadly very real and I seen women get lied to again and again, hurt again and again and still stay with there so called lover because of the vain hope that they can" Change" the person and get things to work out. Trust me, I know from bitter personal experience that some people can be so very stupid and hopeless, it may not be happy to see but its real all the same. I know there was some calms about the unrealistic progress of the relationship between Ben and Lacus, but I tried to make the love they had genuine, and I suppose it's always a leap of faith that some things work out, at the very least I hope it was more realistic then the love in the Star Wars Prequels. Another fun fact, half way through the story I realized I no longer had the love for the Gundam Seed Lacus that I once had, and wanted to change her name to Alison. Naturally I could not just do that without heavy revisions so, another story I suppose.

Doug Fitter: Age 20; blond hair and green eyed. His birthday is on July 13th. Favorite food is pizza. He enjoys socializing, and helping those in need.

An easygoing guy, Doug exhibits a facade that is cheerful and laidback. However, there is much more to Doug then meets the eye. While for more than a year, Ben just thought of Doug as a laidback guy as the war dragged on, Doug became an unassuming but complex player in the grand scheme both the war, and by association, the chosen one's personal life.

Born on Katina, Doug grew up in a large poor dysfunctional family. His parents got divorced before Doug could even talk much, and he quickly found himself constantly moving around from place to place with his many siblings. As both of his parents soon remarried and he had even more step siblings to deal with - siblings that mostly saw him as a pest. Doug quickly saw that family bounds were a illusion; it was every man for himself in the Fitter family. Since his stepmother squandered whatever money she would have and his father became unrelenting in his control, Doug also grew distrustful of authority and the law, seeing things as that a man can only count on himself to get things done.

Doug quickly let his anger get the better of him, losing his focus in school when he could have done much better - he preferred using his time to beat up punks instead! Before this troubled youth could let his anger drag his life down beyond repair, by chance during one of his beatdowns he ran in to one of the best martial artists in the cosmos, Gouken Kusangi! While Doug just assumed that Gouken was a drunken old geezer, little did he know Gouken was drinking with a old friend and had heard Doug's tussle before investigating. Despite clearly outmatching the young man , Gouken admired Doug's spirit and stubbornness. Seeing Doug needed guidance, Gouken offered him a chance to train as his apprentice. Doug, realizing that he cared more about being strong than anything else, accepted and spent many years learning the Ansatsuken martial arts style. While Doug's anger and passion made it hard for him to fully embrace Gouken's training, instead of trying to change, Doug used his own style to do things his own way, and while it left gaps in his fighting style by using raw speed and strength to make up for fineness and he was so good at being a speedy brawler that he was able to come in second place in a martial arts tournament with fighters from all over different galaxies, losing only to Ben's cousin Max.

Doug in time grew frustrated with his progress and most of all, grew bored with being cooped up in Gouken's home. To his shock, his master agreed that he needed to go his own way to complete his training, and just recommended that Doug used his fists for a just cause. After a year back at home with his father, Doug made a girlfriend with the feisty Maria, the girl he met in the tournament. However, even with a girl, Doug felt uneasy, and wanted to change things so he took Gouken's advice and decided to try and punch something that deserved the most punches, and joined the Enji. With his quick wit, martial art skills and street smarts, he had no problems getting in to the Enji. Here, his life would make a drastic turn; he would meet Ben, James, and Cloud. While Doug first thought Ben was too foolish and James was too much of a book worm, he had to respect both men's determination and skills.

Doug may have been slightly doubtful when he saw that Ben was chosen by the Star Sword, as Ben fought on he realized that despite being a tad timid and unprepared for the true face of war, Ben was determined to do his best to be a hero, and so Doug decided he would do his best to make sure Ben did not die before then. While Doug was not completely on board with the ideas of the Enji or the Lylat Kingdom, he hated the Zeon Federation even more and was glad just to bust up evil doers and get commended for it and no matter what the situation, Doug kept a positive mindset and even when he was outmatched, gave it all he could to try and earn his keep. While Doug did not make to much of a name for himself in the first part of the war, he was just fine winning what battles he could and help Ben and the others take down there enemies.

After Doug saw Ben unleash his Bankai powers, he realized he was on the verge of being left in the dust, and trained even harder to prove he was not going to just be some worthless side kick. After intense training using his own methods, he was able to increase his own power dramatically with his new Fury Aura skill. However, despite this skill he could not help Ben when he needed it most, and could only watch in horror as after Ben was taken on as Kira's apprentice, he returned as the insane Darth Idious!
Doug saw for the first time the extent of his pal's rage, and feeling bad for letting his friend get in such bad a shape, he gave it his all to snap Ben back to his true self, and then worked over time to ensure Kira would not kill him to realize his own twisted plans! After Doug helped free Ben and aided in thwarting Kira's scheme, Squad 7 continued to take down the forces of evil. However, things were not quite as smooth as Doug was letting on. During one of the lulls between the missions Doug found out that Maria was cheating with him because he had distanced himself from her. Not even bothering to work at repairing the relationship, Doug decided he was too busy keeping alive to put any effort in to trying to fix the relationship. During the battle over the Halo Installation when Max died Doug realized how serious things were getting, and that things could easily head to a disaster.

To ensure Doug was ready as he could be he resumed his training with Gouken, and even though he once more was too impatient to completely master what he was taught, he was able to master new moves like the Masenko energy blast and the Mystic Gates system, allowing his body to put his body under so much stress that he was able to push his mortal body so hard that he became as strong as Ben in his Bankai state! Weeks later when Doug returned to the Enji, returned just as Ben was dealing with the whole Lacus fiasco, and just strongly urged his buddy to focus on the present. During the mission on Castle Oblivion, Doug eagerly showed no one was going to dismiss him as a sidekick when he and James took down Xigbar and helped the others take down the rest of the Dark Enji operation! After that, when the time at last had come to invade the Zeon Federation, Doug further showed he had come a long way when during the battle of Genosis, he helped a strike team rescue prisoners and take down a gene enhanced commando Albert Wesker in the process! As Doug and the others at last took down Weil Zabi to Ben and co's dismay, Doug's mood only got darkened as he showed how little faith he had in people to change for the better. Doug further angered Ben when he told the owner of the Star Sword to give up on Lacus. But as outraged as Ben was, Doug was sure that Lacus was a lost cause and the drama she was giving him.

Despite how much Ben cared for Lacus, Doug saw Ben as being foolish, but knew he would have to do what his friends were not willing to do to get stuff done. As Ben saw Lacus and Brad go to Venom and took off after them, Doug realized that the drama between him and Brad would never end till it reached its ultimate conclusion. Tired of the situation going nowhere, Doug snuck onto Venom on his own to do things his way. After picking fights with all kinds of people, Doug managed to pick a fight with the demon Hazama and emerged with his enemies fedora as a prize. When the fighting was done, Doug confronted Lacus and told her to grow and just deal with her pain. Long loathing people who could not just deal with things, Doug did not care what kind of situation Lacus was in, he just wanted her to stop making excuses and get over herself. Leaving Lacus to think this through, Doug soon met with Brad, and rolled the dice on his major gamble. Doug explained to Brad he was a fan of what he had cooked up, and wanted in on it. Nothing sounded better to Brad then one of his own friends setting him up for his final fall, so he was all to happy to give Doug a chance to show him that he was serious he was about being part of the Brad's game! As Doug went back to the others, and went from a rough clash with Gouken's dark brother Akuma to an even rougher confrontation with a furious Ben he was forced to explain his shady actions!

Doug outright admitted he had his own agenda, and also explained to Ben that he had his head in the sand for being naïve about the reality of the situation. Having been cynical for a long time about human nature, Doug outright admitted he did not really think the Enji were in the right, but in the end he admitted he did not believe in anything, and that only the present reality was what he focused on. He understood that he was urging his friend, but did not take into effect the psychological problems his friend was going through, resulting in a conclusion that left the two formerly close friends in shaky relations, at best. During the next mission, to Cocoon, Doug still remained jaded as ever and even as the heroes from other worlds came to Ben's aid and formed the Justice Force squad, the now bearded brawler saw this as just Ben being even more stubborn about his heroic, and to Doug, simplistic black and white ideals. It was also at this time that Doug met Max's former teammate Aqua, who was recently rescued from a Zeon prison planet.

Aqua did not admit it at first, but she felt drawn to Doug's swagger because it reminded her of Max's own behavior, though his extremely aggressive dismal and distant nature toward everyone had initially turned her off. During the Cocoon mission, Doug seemed to hate his comrades behavior more than his enemies, and even to those that were suffering with their trauma like Lightning and Hope; Doug showed no sensitivity or mercy in showing his disgust for their outlooks. Whether it was the behavior of his allies or his enemies, Doug was getting extremely disgusted and fed up with anyone who could not deal with their drama or deal with reality as it is, getting increasingly vocal about his belief that these people who could not get over or expect things were the cause of most of the universes problems. Doug knew his own outlook could be hypocritical but did not intend to force others to follow his outlook, just to acknowledge the truth to his words. The truth was that Doug was increase hateful of people in general and seemed to getting more hateful of society itself, making it clear that he was out for himself and his own best interests.

Despite this, Doug still did not want the enemies he loathed to get the last laugh and gave it his all to help his comrades win the day. After the tense triple showdown with Genesis, Sephiroth and Kira/ Darth Judicar, Doug returned to focus his attention on Brad. Brad wanted Doug to show he was not messing around and on Brad's request he tagged along with other Enji Knights and Samus to the world of Irazous to follow up on clues about the ominous Juggernaught Project. As he tagged along with the others and descended to the secret under water hideout of the crazed recluse Alfred Ashford, by chance in the madman's mansion he found the man in question quite dead, and found he had a diary. Trusting his gut, Doug hid this book from the others, especially when he found some disturbing information, he was the first to learn of Brad's involvement, and responsibility, with the infamous Juggernaught Complex! While the others believed that the deceased mad scientist Andross was the one who caused the chaos, Doug knew there was something amiss, a truth that needed to be brought to light.

Doug knew for sure he was going to have to make the most deadly gamble of his life if things were going to work out; he pretended to play Brad's game and helped him sneak in some of his gangsters in to Corneria. After that, he confronted Gouken, and admitted he had something that he had to do no matter what. While Gouken was annoyed Doug would not tell him what was going on, he saw that his wild pupil was resolved to do this so he agreed. With this Gouken at last preformed the final bizarre but powerful ritual with Doug to unleash all of his latent power and kept his body in peak condition at all times - Doug had something to call his own, a style of fighting that kept him at his maximum without the strain on his body.

Doug was eager to make use of this power for the upcoming Enji Budokai, and made it clear to everyone that he was a serious contender as he trashed man and women contestant alike without mercy to make his way to the semi finals. Even as Ben James Aqua and the rest all congratulated him, Doug quickly noticed no one really even had any belief he could win the championship, and even though Ben did not say it outright Doug knew Ben did not even think of him as a challenge. Doug himself knew he was the underdog between himself and other warriors like Ben, Ezan and Lacus - however, he hadn't relied solely on power to get to where he was, and he was eager to prove that he was a great fighter.

Doug had a chance to shine when, out of nowhere, Akuma entered the scène! While Akuma was after Ben, Doug was so fed up with being seen as second rate that he forced the fight crazed demonic man to focus his fists on him! While Akuma was no doubt a merciless fighter who held nothing back, Doug was dead set on showing that he was not going to let anyone get away with dismissing him. While Doug did not embrace the darkness or the absolute Satsu no Hado style that the self proclaimed "denizen of hell" did, Doug was determined to show that his passionate style of fighting that focused on the light and the dark, a means to embrace the best of both sides. While he did give Akuma a good run for his money, Doug still fell short to his opponent's "Oni" transformation; Gouken stepped in, and Doug was forced to concede that sometimes a problem is too much for any one man to handle and together the Master and student defeated Akuma.

Even though Doug had to accept that some things are more than one person can handle by themselves, he still was not going to let others dismiss him, and was more than ready to show Ben just how serious he was. With the recent bad blood between the two, and Doug showing how truly cynical he was when Maria confronted him about their relationship and everyone saw the truth about it, which Doug had hidden from everybody up until this point. Ben was getting fed up with Doug's behavior, and Doug's reciprocated those sentiments toward his more idealistic friend.

From the get-go, Doug was ready to show everyone that power was not everything as he unleashed a ruthless assault on Ben! Doug played his cards right, taking advantage of his friend's subtle dismissive nature of the challenge, his offense so intense that Ben could not even react! Determined to show Ben that the best fighter is the one who never let up, Doug forced Ben to unleash his [at the time] highest power up, resulting in a tough battle where their emotions were relayed through their fists. In the end, Doug did lose the fight.

Doug held no bitterness from this loss, and accepted Ben's resolve, though he now knew how closely things would have to be done to pull things off. As things spiraled out of control and Ben fought Brad faster than anyone expected, Doug had things lined up just in enough time to pull things off. While for a moment Doug seemed to have betrayed everyone to side with Brad, Doug only pretended to enjoy seeing Brad pound on a paralyzed Ben so that he could get Brad to expose Fowltror's true nature to everyone! Even someone as hardened as Doug was disgusted to see just how ruthless and heartless Brad truly was, and after finding out the truth, Doug knew there was no time to mess around anymore, and made it clear to Ben and the others he had their backs. From then on, Doug stayed true to his word to have his friends back, and even tried, for Ben's sake, to get Lacus to snap out of insanity.

From then on Doug did what he could to help Ben and the others, and helped Ben realize his true self in the Tower of Destiny. Even as he found himself facing foes with more and more tremendous power Doug refused to back down or submit, even when his enemy was the god of darkness himself! While this defiance against Chaos Zannacross Necron cost him and countless others his life, thanks to Ben and Lacus's miraculous efforts he was free from being one of Zannacross 's undead minions and was given a second chance with the rest of the chosen hero's friends. With one last night to relax and prepare before the true final battle to decide the fate of the universe would begin, Doug and Aqua laid their feelings for each other out on the table, and decided that while it was worth a shot to try and make it work. After a bit of time of last minutes training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Doug stood ready with Ben and all the other members of the final army of light to take down Zannacross no matter the cost.

Even with the ultimate army of evil being thrown his way, Doug charged in without fear and even when one of the supreme Demon lords, the master tactician Zandoris appeared, Doug refused to be terrified. Despite Zandoris having near divine power and thousands of years of military victories, Doug's street smarts made him have enough of a edge to outwit the demon lord, and with the help of Aqua, Axel and the others he was able to use Zandoris 's own powers to bring about his own undoing, proving that even divine power was not a sure win!

Doug continued to help Ben fight through those who stood in their way, until the final battle with Zannacross begun. Doug along with all the others were able to do what they could to help Ben win his toughest battle, and after the ultimate definition of a close call, Doug was able to walk out of the intense battle alive. With the Cosmic War over at last, Doug had done his duty and decided to formerly turn down both the Enji and Gouken to go his own path. Buying his own ship, the Zodiac Pinion, the member of Squad 7 head out to the stars with Aqua, the reformed Axel and a few other crewmates to do whatever they feel like doing best, for after everything Doug made it clear what he wants most is pure freedom, so all that remains is to see if he can make it work in this new era.

Special Moves: Doug's martial arts style is based off the Shotokan branch of martial arts that Gouken taught him, though he brought his own touch of street fighting in to the mix, even using elements of the dark side for some attacks.

Hammer of Might, an attack where Doug focuses his energy in to his fist for a powerful smashing attack.

Sphere of Might, where Doug channels his chi or magical energy in to a large yellow energy orb to cause explosive damage to his enemy.

Bursting Machine Gun Punch, a rapid barrage of lighting fast energy infused punches used to either take out a group of hostiles or to barrage an enemy with constant attacks.

Thousand Steel Hurricane Kicks - an offshoot of the Bursting Machine Gun Punch that uses quick, powerful kicks instead of punches.

Fury Aura - a power-up where Doug focuses his energy into his gauntlet and grieves to give him even better deadlier attacks.

Sanjuu no Kiwami - Doug focuses all of his energy in to his right palm and unleashes a devastating impact that can shatter most structures.

Shitenshuu - an attack that can cause damage all over an enemy's body with dazzling speed.

Masenko - a golden energy wave that is unleashed from double open palms; energy is gathered and harnessed when his hands interlock above his head.

Final Shoryuken Heaven - Doug's final attack, meshing the fruits of his training under Gouken, his own vicious agility, and energy harnessed from within his body.

Doug's Enneagram Personality type is that of a type 8. That means that he is one who is brash and assertive about one's views, being passionate about life, taking on challenges head on. Having a proud and tough nature, Doug does not back down on sticking to his beliefs, no matter who it is he is having a argument with. Despite his easy going nature, Doug proved to be one who has little faith in things like societies or promises, tending to believe more and more in only what he could see. A restless man who gets bored easily, Doug is the type who enjoys the intense simulation of a challenge, and tends to insure things get more reckless to keep the adrenaline rush.

Extra notes: Doug is based off my friend in real life, also named Doug. Heh, fun fact, when I first came up with Cosmic Wars I was at first just going to make Ben's team be more like Kingdom Hearts and have Ben have Mario and Sonic as his teammates. However, as I came up with plans Doug came up with more ideas and convinced me that it would work. Doug had a lot of ideas and he helped me figure out how to keep Doug relevant in the story. When it came time to write volume three, he had a lot of things he kept recommending to make Doug expand on his role, and together we found out ways to make it work.

James Elrond: Age 19; red hair and hazel eyes, birthday is April 13th.

Coming from the Elrond family, a house that had a long history of serving the government, James grew up a rich content life. Despite having a lot of money and influence James was not spoiled and was trained hard to use his talents for good. The Elrond family had gone through a schism during the formation of the Lylat Kingdom and James's uncle and others would have caused conflict for the Lylat Kingdom over there bitterness about losing wealth and power and James was determined to do right to the public. A genius from a young age, by change a family friend, a wizard that would soon be an Enji Master, Gerard Sigh Heart, saw James had talent and personally trained James in the ways of magic. Between this and the Quincy style of combat and magic that his father trained him to utilize, James was a formable mage and easily was able to join the Enji Knights.

Meeting Ben by chance on the way to the orientation, James and Ben got along quickly, though James was unsure if Ben had what it took to make it in the order. Despite feeling this way, James is one who kept things to himself unless he had no choice and soon enough he found Ben's determination was the real deal when the young man returned from what seemed like a hopeless situation with the Star Sword. While James was put off by Doug's wild mannerisms at times, he expected that the much poorer man was from a different background from him and soon enough Squad 7 became a true team. Though mostly void of any spotlight, James preferred it that way and was content using his talents to help his friends and the others in any way he could.

Having his own stable relationship with his childhood sweetheart Katie Cook, James had far less personal drama then the rest of his squad, though he was in a dire situation when his bitter uncle, Magneto the Master of Magnetism appeared to be making waves thanks to the Dark Lord Xehamaru. After having a tense reunion with his uncle on the frosty world of Jotunheim through a bitter series of battles and a deadly misunderstanding James along with Ben and the others were able to expose to Magneto and his daughter Polaris the true extent of the conspiracy that was unfolding around them, and caused Magneto to stop his assault.

Despite the leader of the Brother Hood of Mutants stopping his assault James would be dismayed to learn his uncle was too consumed with hate to let go of his desires for bloody revenge.

After helping insure Squad 7 prevailed over several missions during the first invasion of Corneria James saw that Magneto and the other mutants were to distrustful of the society that shunned them to trust the Lylat Kingdom, and had sided with Sithantos to forcefully size the world they desired! James was saddened to see his uncle be so consumed with hate, but he had to focus on his priorities to rescue King Atem from the clutches of Sithantos. As the showdown with Xehamaru intensified, James and everyone else saw just how fanatic the dark lord really was, and his murderous intentions were made clear even Magneto realized just what world his twisted cohort wanted to do to the universe, and even his dream for a utopia for the mutants was not worth the cost that was submitting to the God of Darkness!

James was relieved to see Magneto change sides, even if this change of heart cost him his life. With Magneto's final act giving James and the others the chance they needed to win James was determined to insure his uncle's sacrifice was not in vain, and was determined to work even harder to insure that this massive war was not a pointless war. However, reality made things quite difficult for everyone, James included. Despite his efforts to help improve the relationship with the Mutants that effort was made quite difficult when Kira revealed to had locked up Polaris and most of the Brother hood of mutants for being terrorists for war crimes.

While the Titans were holding the mutants as prisoners with indefinite trial dates, James could only focus on his mission, and managed to push his Quincy skills to the next level as he was able to evolve his skills to the powerful Ginrei Kojkyaku state and also improved his archery and magic, especially his magnetic alchemy. James continued mostly stayed as a supporting role, though after Ben nearly lost his sanity and became Darth Idious James made sure to always watch out for Ben and insure his friends mental health was in good condition. After surviving Kira 's rebellion James and the others were able to launch a rescue mission to rescue Polaris from a Titan prison and after fending off Sigma and his new creation the Vision along with the forces leaded by Vile they were able to complete their task, even if they had to take down a mad manifestation of Magneto's hate fused with a Necrocalcous named Onslaught.

Trying his best to do what he could, James continued to watch Ben and the others back, and mastered his own powers the best he could, and after the dramatic battle that resulted in both the deaths of the demon lord Xiza and Ben's cousin Max, James resolved to insure his friends could continued to count on him, and managed to rise his Quincy powers to their zenith, insuring that he had enough power to be useful in a fight to the point that even the elite Dark Enji of Organization XII had to take him as a threat. Using his intelligence and wisdom to help everyone overcome the various obstacles there enemies would unleash at them.

As Ben 's problems with Lacus and Brad kept escalating, James knew Ben's sorrows were increasing and knew that he had to do what he could to help insure Ben did not fall let his pain consume him again. When Ben went to the planet Venom to pursue Brad, James fallowed him to insure Ben had a cool head keeping him from doing anything he would regret. James also saw that Doug was playing his own shady agenda, but agreed to not tell Ben about it to keep things calm, till Ben caught Doug red handed. Forcing to choose sides, James told Ben everything, knowing that the last thing his friend needed was more secrets.

From here James just did what he could to keep his friends from being at each other's throats. Fallowing up on leads and lore's about everything from the previous legendary hero's to leads on the Juggernaught Project, James did not even fight in the Enji Budokai, preferring to watch from the side lines.

James mostly just kept this way of help, all the way to the final battle. In the final battle to decide the fate of the universe James found one of the supreme demon lords Genome Morgoth being n his way. Despite his enemy being one who mastered all forms of magic, James was determined to not let this wicked enemy overcome him, and using his wisdom to work with the others, with the help of Grand Master Myers, Shinryudramon and more James was able to find a slight opening in his enemies attacks, and despite Morgoth's infinite magic, James was still able to outsmart him and take him out. Playing his part to the end, James was able to hold on and with all the other fighters of justice and defenders of the current universe he was able to see the end of the battle, the end that brought about the victory of the humans and all others who valued the flawed but precious cosmos that they lived in.

For all of his efforts James was given much praise, and given the rank of a Enji Master. While being a Enji Master may have had less value in a world of peace, James still wanted to do all he could to use his knowledge to guide the universe to a better future to insure that his uncle and all the others who wanted a more peaceful expecting world that things could change for the better.

Special Moves: Having near perfect aim and a master of most magic James is a expert mage, and with his MWS or custom Multiple Weapon Systems bow giving him a reliable weapon that can pass as a last ditch short fighter. Utilizing his Quincy powers James can unleash even more deadly attacks when he unleashes his Ginrei Kojkyaku power. When unleashing the Ginrei Koijyaku the red haired man has his web turn in to a spider web like formation and James can fire up to 1200 energy arrows in a constant manner and he can also unleash the Steel Schneider, a powerful piercing arrow that acts like a chainsaw. After further training James was able to focus all of his power for brief moments of maximum output in the Letz Stile state to unleash his ultimate attack in the form of the Maximum Eraser Arrow, in the Letz Stile state James can even draw power from other things around him like machines and even other life forms to charge his attack past its limit.

Enneagram Personally type, for James he is the six type, meaning he is a man who is fond of being dutiful, loyal, insightful and calm, even if he is not always as calm as one of this type might give off. People like James are good at seeing details, and are talented at seeing problems and dealing them before they escalate from molehills to mountains. Is the type that is more ridged then others, but can be flexible when the situation requires one to try something different.

Personal notes: Like Doug, James is also based off a close friend of mine. With Doug all ready being the more outgoing type, since I wanted to have a cast of close friends that complemented each other, I figured with Doug being the " Gimli" type I decided from the start James would be the Legolas or " brains" type. Based off many smart guys in Manga like Uryu Ishida from Bleach or Yoko Kurma from Yu Yu Kakusho, I did not get in touch with James as much as Doug so he did not have as much input as Doug did for his character, which was part of the reason James did not have to many big acts of his own. Of course I only figured out a way to get him his own arc in hindsight, though I did try to fit that Magneto arc in with the rest of the story. The rescue Polaris arc may be added in Volume two in time, ill see how smoothly it could fit in. And lastly, of course after I finish Bleach adds all of the new Quincy powers, damn slacker Kubo lol.

Hiryuumon: Has black eyes, and a scaly set of purple reddish skin. Has the shape of a humanoid wingless dragon.

A special dragon Digimon that is found on a temple on the world of Mobius that Ben stumbles in to while on his mission. Not a normal Digimon as he can combine with summon sprits. Is fiercely loyal to his "boss", and no matter how much trouble Ben is in he can always count on his Digimon Partner to have his back!

The truth is he was created by the angels themselves. Hiryuumon is not a normal digimon, being more than just a raw fusion of energy and data like most digimon in the cosmos, he is the reincarnation of the Saiyan comrade of Seyia, Zalde, who ascended to a Super Saiyan only to die without making a dent against his enemy, who would be Zannacross. Zalde's miserable final moments at being powerless to help his friends made him resentful for eons in the afterlife, and to give him peace and a chance to redeem himself, the angels reincarnated his sprit in to a egg that would emerge as a dragon to emerge for the successor to Seyia and test this new hero to prove he was worthy.

However, even the angels did not expect the Digimon phenomenon to break out across the Universe, or for this dragon to be effected thanks to Doctor Robotnik's experiments and become a Digimon. While born or, reborn with no memories of his previous life, Hiryuumon still had the strong desire to protect the first two people he saw, Ben and James, and insure he could protect his friends.

Born to fight, from the start he faced tense combat and was forced to quickly adapt to survive this. Hiryuumon quickly showcased his power as a digimon when he Digivole in to his Champion form Wyrmmon when Ben was knocked out by a Malboro's poison as they were under the attack of Doctor Robotnik in his Egg Mammoth. He was able to reach his ultimate level form of Geno Wyrmmon when he saw Enji Knight Suzu and Lylat troops nearly get wiped out by the Space Pirates X parasite clone of the massive Krad and Ben unleashed more of the Star Swords power! When Ben's darkness nearly consumed him, it affected Hiryuumon as well when he became the raging dragon of death Helldramon!

However, he was able to at last transform to his true final Mega level when Ben and the others were paralyzed by the deadly Mother Brain's gas, and became the Royal Knight digimon Shinryudramon! After Max died in front of Ben's eyes Hiryuumon felt bad about not being able to do anything and became more determined to be there for his partner.

While mostly just having Ben's back during the incoming missions, Hiryuumon stuck by Ben's side no matter what. Even when others doubted Ben, like when many thought Lacus had become unredeemable, Hiryuumon saw that Ben believed in Lacus and believed that she was not hopeless either. While some may call this naïve, Hiryuumon knew Ben well enough to trust his decision, and also knew Lacus enough to have faith in her.

Hiryuumon mostly stuck do being Ben's trusting buddy and comrade, and it was his help that in turn gave Ben the opening he needed to win several crucial battles. Even after being killed by Zannacross along with most of the others who vainly opposed Zannacross when the Dark God was resurrected, when Ben and Lacus freed him and the others from being the Shin Emperor of Darkness's mind slaves Hiryuumon was still as faithful as ever to his boss.

During the final battle of the universe Hiryuumon, in his mega form of Shinryudramon fought bravely even in the face of ultimate evil. In the face of one Morgoth, one of the supreme demon lords Shinryudramon fought bravely, and when it seemed like he was going to be overwhelmed by the bald demons magic the brave digital knights determination to help Ben gave him the strength to surpass his limit and unleash his true power as a Royal Knight Digimon, and mode change in to his extremely powerful Judgment mode!

In this powerful state Shinryudramon was able to be a key part in taking out Morgoth, and continued to help Ben take down Xemnas, fight through the waves and waves of villains and Damonus, and do what he could to have Ben's back even in the face of death itself! Ben's digimon partner's faith in Ben was rewarded when the chosen one showed he was able to do his job right, and save the universe from total Armageddon. After a tense moment when Hiryuumon thought he would have lost Ben forever, his fears were put aside when Ben and Lacus returned from the verge of death. As most of Ben's friends went their own separate ways, Hiryuumon was determined to stick around with his pal and went with Ben, Lacus and Moz on their new quest of peace. Knowing Ben and Lacus would be tired and weak for a long time, Hiryuumon would be determined to be his boss and his lovers guarding, even till the end of time itself.

Special moves: Can merge with other summon sprits thanks to his unique DNA to become stronger forms such as merging with the summon sprit of ice, Shiva, to become Sub Zero Wyrmmon. As Hiryuumon his most used attack is Either Flame, where he emits a fireball from his mouth. In his champion level state, the winged Wyrmmon his physical state is much stronger and he attacks with Magma Cyclone, in where he unleashes a tornado of fire, and Dragon's Fang, where he unleashes a powerful slash. When he transforms to the ultimate state, and is the larger metallic Geno-Wyrmmon he is much more durable thanks to being coated with powerful metal all over his body. Now having Ion Engines on his back Geno-Wyrmmon is much more maneuverable despite being much larger and stronger. His attacks in this form is the physical Striking Crusher Claw attack, where he uses his thrusters to deliver a powerful smashing strike, and the Trinity Fury Cannon, where he unleashes a powerful triple particle blast! When utilizing his full power and unleashing his true power he has the shape of a much more humanoid digimon, covered entirely in gold and purple knight like armor with brief dashes of blue and red on it. His face is entirely covered in a near Gundam like helmet with horns like a dragoon.

In this form he is one of the powerful Royal Knight class Digimon, and has a beam saber, a energy shield, a energy cannon and a beam pincer at his disposable, and has strength that surpasses the power Ben produces in his Bankai state. His long range attack is the powerful Infinite Exia Ray blast and his long range attack is the Manga Scintillate Edge, where he diverts his power in to a energy slash. He can also have his shield turn in to a drill to unleash his Giga Drill Breaker attack.

When pushed to his limit, and drawing on Ben's own power Shinryudramon was able to mode change, thus unleash his ultimate power in to the near divine like Judgment Mode, making him on par with the leader of the Royal Knights, Omnimon.

In this Blazing form his body is now golden and he has eight energy wings on his back. In this state he has the powerful Dividing Quantum Slash for a physical attack that he uses with his Saber. The Verus Explosive Barrage is where he unleashes a barrage of atomic energy blasts and is a wide rage attack were his Verus Zenith Ray is where he focuses all of his power for a single precise attack.

Enneargram Personally type: Hiryuumon falls under type 8, a confident fellow who supports his friends no matter what.

Authors notes: What can I say, I grew up loving Digimon and thought it would be cool for a hero in my story to have a digimon pal. Yah, I know, he never really grew or changed in the entire story, no one ever talking about him in reviews made it clear after a while he seemed barley there to most people, I know I dropped the summon fusing idea after a while to.

I guess he was never suppose to be a crucial character but more of a extension of Ben in ways, like a talking pet. Well, it sounded cooler when I started, but alas, hopefully he had some positive effect on the story.

Ezan Kaiba/ Zeon: Has sliver hair to the edge of his neck, has black eyes that can change to the eyes of the Sharingan. Born October 20th,.

A man raised and groomed since before he could walk to not just be a soldier, but a perfect soldier. One who was ingrained to have honor, duty and perfection be absolute values, one of the first things Ezan knew since he could remember, was that he was expected to be beyond others. Raised in the Kaiba family, one of the major royal houses of the Lylat Kingdom that had a reputation for being a family of elite fighters, it was made clear to Ezan that his purpose in life would be fighting, and killing whoever disturbed order in the universe. With his natural talent for both fighting and for magic he made his family, especially his father Garma Kaiba proud. Despite this Garma was even harsher on Ezan, not wanting him to be weak no matter what.

When Ezan's mother died from a diseases when he was still a boy, Ezan lost the only kind person he knew, and Garma insured that was the case. Kept in the Kaiba estate to train nearly all stop, Ezan was conditioned to think that love, friendship and other things were just a distraction to one who had a duty such as him, and so after enough years of conditioning Ezan became numb to what he at once thought he wanted, and believed that all he needed was to become the best warrior of all. He soon became a cold emotionless man who only expressed himself through his fists and his blade, acting nearly like a robot on missions, killing without hesitation to his enemies. Training nonstop, the sliver haired man was the youngest person in the Kaiba family to weld the family blade, the dark sleek and deadly Soul Eater Katana. To top it off Ezan was soon revered by individuals from all over cosmic society when he dawned the eyes of the legendary Sharingan, an achievement that was even more impression since the Kaiba family was not from the world that donned the Sharingan eyes. With theses eyes that are known as the Mirror Wheel eye or the Heavenly eye giving Ezan even more talents such as seeing the flow of energy, being able to memorize and predict his enemies movements before they make them, and give him powers to perform unique attacks ,or the that gave there owner the power Ezan was able to excel even beyond the expectations of what society normally expected of the Kaiba family and he soon had a reputation of being a better fighter then most people in the Lylat army before he was even out of his teen years, and it was not even a question that Ezan would join the Enji Knights, though he did manage to set records in the entrance exams just to be fair.

As soon as he joined the Enji he all ready had skills and a power level that surpassed most normal Enji Knights, but he allowed himself to be commanded by Squall Lionheart to do his duty, even if he thought that his squad mates Zidane Trible and Senel Coolidge were just a hindrance to him, and he made sure that his teammates knew well that he thought this was a fact. When Ben joined the order, Ezan did not even think he was worth noticing, and only saw Brad Fowltror as a mad dog that needed to be put in his place. Even as Ben came back from his first mission with the Star Sword Ezan refused to expect that Ben was telling the truth, to Ezan Ben was just a nobody who was delusional and may have gotten lucky, there was no way a mere commoner could ever have a destiny grander than him, the one who's fate was to become the best warrior in the universe.

Even as Ben continued to succeed in mission and manage to score some victories over his enemies, when Ezan saw this he just dismissed it as luck and as teamwork, though when he saw Ben desperately try to beat Brad even though he lost Ezan at least admitted that Ben did not quit easily. While Ezan was leagues above most of his enemies even he had to realize he was not perfect, for when he helped the other Enji in the mission to prevent Xehamaru to sacrifice countless others to revive Sephroth Ezan found himself face to face with the powerful Enji Assassin, the digimon of darkness Duskmon! While Ezan fought well enough to unleash some damage, when Duskemon slide Digivole to his beast sprit form Velgamon, Ezan found himself overwhelmed! Refusing to expect defeat, Ezan was fiercely determined to not fail his mission, and so when he found a mysterious dark sprit offering him the power he needed to win, a hesitant Ezan reluctantly expected the offer, not realizing he had just allowed the spirit of Sephiroth to take over his body! With this new surge of power, Ezan did not even realize he prevailed till he woke up, but just rationalized it as the outcome of what he thought his last attack was, oblivious to the fact that in his mind housed the spirit of Cloud's archenemies!

Even after this Ezan was as prideful as ever, but soon the time came when at last the proud machine like warrior had to open his eyes about Ben's worth when the owner of the Star Sword at last got fed up with the super elite warrior's dismissive treatment of him and challenged him to a fight! Not wanting to look weak, Ezan expected Ben's challenge and in a manner of days the two had their first dual. Ezan thought he knew Ben's moves all ready, but he did not realize how determined Ben was to beat him till he realized Ben was still standing long after Ezan expected him to win. While Ben still could not move quite as fast as his ruthless opponent nor fight as flawlessly as Ezan, he did spend several days training and studying the sliver haired man's moves and fighting style so he could be prepared. And while Ben was barely hanging on, he showed Ezan that he was no failure when he overcame everything Ezan tried to finish him with, and struck back with such intensity that Ezan found himself on the defensive! While Ben hurt Ezan's pride more than anything, the fact that this fool had made Ezan look weak was inexcusable to the man who's entire life was devout to being flawless. Ben's ideas that he could be as good as Ezan infuriated the sliver haired warrior, and his frustration was so great that Sephiroth was able to take advantage and unleash some of his power! Despite this surge of dark energy Ezan still could not beat Ben, but as he was getting closer to taking Ben out, his own pride resurfaced and he forced the weakened Sephiroth out of his body.

With both contestants weakened Ben and Ezan hit each other so hard that they knocked each other out of the ring at the same time, resulting in a draw. Realizing that despite his unorthodox fighting style Ben had true talent, Ezan grudgingly expected Ben as his rival.

Forced to realize that a normal man who nearly seemed worthless had forced him to a standstill, Ezan's pride took a major blow, and that mental wound became even more painful as during the gathering of leaders Garma appeared before his son and made it clear he was disgusted that Ezan failed to defeat Ben. Regardless of the member of Squad 7 being the chosen one, Garma made it clear that he expected Ezan to be superior to any Enji in time, and that this result was a absolutely inexcusable outcome and that if Ezan could not get better results he would be a disgrace. For the first time in nearly a decade Ezan had doubts about his existence, but little did he know this doubt was only a prelude to the identity crises he would soon face. During Xehamaru 's massive invasion while taking out random Sithantos troops Ezan suddenly found himself being confronted by the elite Dark Enji known as the " Silent Hero" Lexaeus!

This towering figure had come to " recruit" Ezan in to his shady order, and when the member of the warriors of light refused, Leaxues made it clear that this was a offer he would not refuse! Leaxeus felt like a near invincible foe, what really rattled Ezan was the Dark Enji telling him that the reason he belonged with the Dark Enji is that the reality was that Ezan was not from the Kaiba family, his true father was none other than Ansem Zeon! The founder of the United Federation of Zeon had secretly had the child with his mother Naimine, and that while Garma knew he was furious, and may have secretly saw that Naimine died through illness.

While Ezan wanted to reject this info with every fiber of his being he then realized this explained the oddities in his life, like why no matter how hard he tried, Garma never seemed to ever show any real warmth, the best he ever did was show being content at the results Ezan could give.

As the orderly man's world descended in to chaos Sephiroth once more took advantage and this time was able to fully manifest himself and kill Leaxeus with ease! Before Sephiroth could go to cause havoc for everyone else suddenly the mysterious DiZ appeared and with unique spells sealed Sephiroth tightly in the corners of Ezan's mind using the power of a rare Mangekyou crystal. When Ezan awoke he was unsettled when he found out that Ben had unleashed a new power that made him even more powerful, and when Ben took out Xehamaru the super elite warrior had the seeds of frustration grow in his mind. Soon after Xehamaru was killed Kira appeared before both Ben and Ezan and told them that since they were vital tools that needed to be sharpened to their highest degree to win the war.

As Ezan was taken to the Titan moon base of Grandra Kira's harsh ruthless regiment was far less of a adjustment for Ezan then it was for Ben. After all, being treated like a machine and being pushed nonstop was routine to the sliver haired warrior. However, despite not being as overwhelmed as Ben was with his new circumstances, even he found himself having to give it everything he had to pass what was expected of him. Furthermore, when one of Kira 's direct followers, the Enji Gin Ichimaru appeared to test him and when the sly Enji made Ezan think his mother was alive, Ezan was so outraged he nearly killed the man!

Ezan realized Kira was expecting him to perform more ruthless missions then what he was use to, he just expected it as part of his duty and that he had to do what must be done to bring order to the universe. When Kira made both Ben and Ezan take him on at once and Kira utterly crushed the two effortlessly, Ezan realized that Kira was the perfect warrior he wanted to be. As Ezan pushed himself even harder, and nearly got consumed by Sephiroth once again during his fight with Metal Sonic thanks to Kira weakening the seal DiZ placed on him, he managed to repress the vengeful One Winged Angel thanks to the power of the Sol Emeralds. As he completed his mission he saw Ben struggling with all of the stress and betrayals he suffered lately, Ezan concluded that Ben was showing that he was weak and would never be strong enough to fulfill his destiny.

While Ezan was annoyed at Ben's in ability to seal off his emotions, even Ben's rival was shocked when Ben's pain was so great that the darkness in his heart consumed him, and he returned to Ezan and the others as Darth Idious! Ezan was one that many that fought off Ben's dark side, and when Master Myers, Lacus and the others were able to free Ben from that dark grip that was consuming him even Ezan was shocked when Kira appeared after that to have Ben executed! While Ezan had his doubts, he was determined to be patriotic to the government, especially when Garma appeared to meet him and Kira and tell Ezan that it was time to prove he valued loyalty over the bounds of friendship. Ezan then realized just what lengths Kira and his father were willing to do to see that order prevailed, when Kira suddenly killed many of King Atem's staff and encased the King in Carbonate to make himself the new King!

Ezan may have had his grievances with the Enji, but he was horrified when Kira told him the Enji Knights were to naïve to do anything but cause disorder, and issued order 66 to wipe out the Enji so that Kira could enforce his will on the cosmos! Ezan struggled to repress any doubts he had to the depths of his heart, for no matter what he felt he thought it was his duty to put the greater good as a priority over any attachment to his comrades.

When the Enji came to save Ben from his execution, Ezan was ordered to kill them all, and the sliver haired man grimly expected his task only to come face to face with Ben himself. Despite the circumstances, Ezan welcomed the opportunity to have a rematch with his rival. But to his horror Ben showed how far the gap had become when even with him unleashing the darkness in his heart, Ezan was not able to even keep up with Ben in his Bankai state! To the super elite warriors horror, the situation had become reverse, and it was Ben who was fighting without doubts while Ezan was the one who no longer was certain about his own purpose or worth.

Ezan was further shocked when Garma suddenly intervened in the battle and unleashed toxic gas to paralyze Ben and everyone else, demanding that Ezan kill the paralyzed "traitors" to prove where his loyalties lied once and for all! As Ezan hesitated, Garma got enraged but suddenly things got even more complex when DiZ appeared once more! Seeing the man easily handle both Garma and his summoned monster, Phantom of Chaos Armtyie DiZ forced Ezan to think about what he truly wanted and think for himself. With Garma frozen, Ezan had to expect that despite Kira and Garma being his superiors, they were wrong, and that his orders were wrong. Ezan no longer could just blindly follow orders, and let everyone go on to confront Kira. When he saw his former superior show his true colors to the world, and show the extent to his betrayal, Ezan realized that Kira 's order came at too high a price, and realized that sometimes the ends did not justify the means.

Even with Kira showing the full extent of his power, and even being able to use both light and darkness at the same time, thanks to the combined power of Master Myers, Ben, Max and more Kira was overpowered, and forced to show who his true allies were before retreating minus a hand!

With the Enji Kingdom and the Lylat Kingdom barley surviving Kira and the Titans failed coupe, seeing that Kira had been in league with the Zannacross Empire had rattled everyone, but Ezan was even more unsettled then Ben at the end results of the whole event. With Garma locked away for being a traitor, the truth about his history now being impossible to dismiss, and the very purpose of his existence in doubt Ezan was not even sure who he was anymore. However, seeing Ben trying his best to rebound, and coming back from the edge of despair with even more power thanks to Master Myers teaching Ben some of his sage skills, including the power enhancing Kaio Ken, starting to cause his pride to shatter.

After seeing that Ben managed to defeat Ganondorf and save the world of Terca Lumiries from the King of evil's brutal ambitions Ezan became obsessed with gaining the strength he needed to once more be stronger then Ben, and he was driven to find more power regardless of the price. It was at this time that Ezan fell in to the perfect storm his enemies had set for him. Sephiroth had been binding his time, and feeling Ezan's anxiety and despair, he influenced Ezan to seek power so that Sephiroth could then gain that power to take over Ezan's body forever! Driven with a desire to find the truth, Ezan attacked his fellow Enji to take a ship to the world where his mother once lived, the world of Vana'diel ! Little did Ezan know that he was falling in to a trap laid out by Vexen and the other members of the Organization, who were making their move to have Ezan join their ranks!

As Ezan descended on the Zeon world, he was driven to find out the truth no matter what and cut his way deep in to the Grand Mausoleum of Sacrarium, even taking out defenders like Ultimate Weapon to get to the truth. And, when he found out the truth Ezan went over the edge. Ezan had to expect there was a reason he had such a natural eye for battle, he was genetically engineered to be a super soldier before he was even born, his blood was enhanced, his brain waves was modified, and every part of his body was modified to the highest degree possible so that Ezan would be able to be just what Garma wanted him to be, a super soldier!

Seeing his mothers own lost recordings, Ezan was horrified to learn that there was no doubt that Ansem was his true father, and that Garma forced Namine to marry her to secure political power! Learning that Ansem was forced to let Namine marry Garma or the head of the Kaiba family would cause Vana'Diel to be labeled a hostile world! To top it off, it was heavily implied that Garma killed his mother vie poison because he hated that he betrayed her, and wanted Ezan to solely be his tool to glory, the perfect soldier Garma could not be himself. Realzing the truth about his existence, Ezan became consumed with anger, hate and despair, and Sephiroth was on the verge of reaching out to absorb the power of the Mother Crystial that held the lingering essence of the worlds' fallen Celestial one Promethia, and erase Ezan entirely! But Ben and the others managed to fight through the Dark Enji and try to reach out to Ezan to see that there friend did not become lost to the darkness, and they got shocking support, when Ezan saw his mother appear before him! Seeing Namine give her will, a will that pleaded Ezan to not fall in to the darkness, and no matter what Garma intended for him, she still wanted him to be a true warrior of justice!

Seeing this tearful confession caused Ezan to snap out of his despair, and realizing that despite his past he still had enough pride to decide his future Ezan shocked everyone when he rejected Sephiroth and at last used all of his willpower to expel the spawn of Jenova cells and Shinra science! While Ezan made it clear he was fighting for the side of justice, his former unwanted guest made it clear he was not happy about this outcome, when Sephiroth horrified everyone and returned in a physical body on his own! The vengeful One Winged Angel was prepare to make his reunion with Cloud, Aeris and the others a bloody one, but Ezan was determined to make Sephiroth pay for using him, and his resolve was so great that he was able to awaken more of his power and evolve his Sharingan to his Mangekyou Sharingan state! Ezan then made Sephiroth expect that despite the similar history the two super soldiers had, Ezan would never let anything like his past be enough to make him become a psycho like Sephiroth, and helped the others make the former First Class SOLDIER retreat!

With his path on the light firmly established, Ezan still had to wonder what to make of himself, and found that Aeris of all people was willing to help Ezan figure out what his true self was. The flower girl had a soft spot for brooding men, and despite his past, Aeris knew she could trust the sliver haired man. Ezan still needed time to figure out his true desire, and helped the Enji in the missions involving Xiza, Doctor Wily and Sigma without hesitating to fight as hard as he could to help his comrades. But, as the tragic results of the Halo mission and the Zero mission left Ben first with the death of Max, and then with Lacus isolating herself from everyone after the sudden brutal attack by Darth Damonus caused Lacus to have the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside her go berserk and as a unintended result cause Ben's mother to go in to a coma and cause countless others to die, Ezan saw both how dangerous his enemies are and how stressed Ben was by all the drama, causing Ezan to have doubts if Ben could truly live up to his destiny.

While by this point of time Ezan knew Ben was no weakling, he still wondered if Ben could keep himself together before cracking from the pressure, but at the same time the super elite warrior knew he had his own issues to deal with, and those issues were coming to catch up with him faster then he expected! While Ezan had mostly gotten over his true identity at this point, he still had lingering doubts and questions about the manner; however he still was weary when he found a letter from his supposed father in the far corners of space! Going with the other Enji to the place he was invited to, all he found on this ominous moon was a mysterious blue haired maiden, who emotionlessly insisted Ezan submit to his destiny!

After dealing with the sudden attack of the Zeon Mobile Armor the Quin Mantha, Ezan and all the others found themselves in the ominous halls of Castile Oblivion. In this bizarre area, Ezan found himself with more baffling mysteries like the arrival of a sudden new member of the Dark Enji Xion, a black haired women who claimed to be Ezan's lost sister, another child of Ansem! As Ezan was struggling to figure out if this girl had any truth to her, all of a sudden he was intercepted by none other than himself, or in reality a clone forged by Vexen and the others to be the Ezan they want in there order! This Ezan, one who fully embraced the darkness, and had none of the hesitation the true Ezan had, meaning the clone had an edge! Ezan was beaten to the verge of death in a short manner, and it was only because Xion saw Ezan as her brother that he lived at all! When Ezan awoke he saw memories of the past, replayed thanks to the unique powers of Castle Oblivion, and they were memories of his parents falling in love!

Ezan was mortified to see the brutal truth about his family history, and could no longer deny how wrong the man he thought was his father truly was, when he saw that Garma forced Ansem to give up Namine to him or he would cause the entire world to suffer! However, even with this revelation Ezan refused to forsake his pride, and shocked Vexen and Xion when he made it clear that despite his history, he cared about honoring his mothers will over having futile revenge, and would never side with the Dark Enji! This infuriated Vexen, and the chilly man tried to erase the prideful warrior once and for all, when suddenly everyone was in for a shock when DiZ appeared to intercept Vexen! The surprises kept on coming when DiZ at last revealed who was behind the mask, and it was none other than Ansem himself! Ezan's true father drove off Vexen with his own powerful magic, and soon revealed that it was his own shame that kept him from contacting Ezan all of this time. After barley escaping the death Weil Zabi arranged for him because of Master Minato's sacrifice, Ansem was consumed with revenge and hate, but seeing Ezan, Ben and the others fight with courage and honor to bring peace to the universe caused Ansem to hold on to hope, and did his best to support his son from the shadows till he at last had the courage to show his face to his son.

Realizing he had a father that truly loved him, something awoke in Ezan, and at last he knew who he truly was. With this new resolve, and this peace of mind Ezan was determined to atone for his mistakes and walk down the path to dawn. As Ezan arrived in the middle of the battle between the Enji and his clone, Ezan shocked everyone by using the Mangekyou Sharingan to combined the light and darkness in him to unleash a new power that was unique to Ezan, the Divine Joutei sprit armor! Like how Kira utilized both the light and darkness in his heart in harmony, Ezan showed he had at last mastered both the light side and the dark side of his feelings, and combined them to unleash a new level of power that once more gave him enough strength to nearly close the gap between him and Ben, and easily give him enough strength to vanish his twisted replica no matter how much darkness the clone unleashed!

At last knowing just who he was and what he believed in, Ezan had used so much energy in his Divine Joutei state that he had shattered his Soul Eater Katana; Ansem gave his son his own powerful Oblivion saber as a replacement, and using his father's own family heirloom Ezan was able to foil Marluxia's plot and fight off Xemnas and Ravxen to get out of the insanity alive. Despite not being able to save Xion from her twisted fate, Ezan was at least able to have the artificial being feel truly happy and loved for a brief part in her life, and gave her the courage to make her own choice for once. With his family ties restored Ezan was even more determined to make sure he could fulfill his mission to bring order to the cosmos, not just because it was his duty, but because it was his desire. With this new drive to take down his enemies, Ezan worked together with Ansem and the Enji to forge a new Katana that would reflect his new will, the Nu Epyon Katana! Now that Ezan was reunited with his true father, he was even more determined to insure Weil Zabi did not tarnish his father's legacy and with many other Enji, Lylat Soldiers and others took part in the massive operation ZD day, the massive operation to take down Weil Zabi and the Zeon Federation once and for all! Ezan showed how much he had grown during the war when he made sure to not only take down his enemies but defend his allies as his unit took on the Zeon forces on Hoth and Ezan personally took down the Death Meteor Dragon the Enji were able to secure one planet after another, and soon enough the Enji mounted a assault on the capital, Texagrade itself!

Despite Weil Zabi being more insane than anyone expected, Ezan and the others were dead set on insuring the current president got impeached pronto. As Ezan, his father and others raided the Death Star to end Weil's reign of terror once and for all Ezan was able to take down head of security Ingitz, before he Ben and the others at last stopped Weil, even after his insane transformation. At last Ezan was able to restore honor to his true family, but his troubles were far from over and with the Zannacross Empire still at large his mission was far from complete. As Lacus seemed to descend in to madness and Ben became more and more upset about it, Ezan still had his doubts if the owner of the Star Sword had true resolve, and could bring himself to kill Lacus if she became an enemy.

Ezan soon had to prove his own resolve to do whatever it took to complete a mission, when the past once more caught up with him! During the mission to Cocoon Ezan found an enemy who had a Sharingan, and during the final phase of the mission his fears were conformed when the enemy was none other than a crazed Garma Kaiba! It seemed Kaiba was able to use the chaos caused by Doctor Wily 's attack to escape imprisonment, and contacted the Titans! Furious at how utterly Ezan had betrayed him, Garma appeared before him asking Ezan to join the " right" side once more. After Ezan rejected Garma, Ezan found how truly obsessed the man he thought was his father was, when he showed he craved the power of the Uchiha when he showed he had many Sharingan eyes injected in to his arm! While Garma showed between his formable skills as the former Danzo, and with those extra Sharingan eyes he abused the powerful Izangai spell to cheat death, he still could not overcome the soldier he helped raise! With Aeris helping Ezan see just how much of a monster Garma had become, Ezan saw that Aeris, Squall and the others were in danger and with the help of his friends, he severed the bounds between him and Garma when he killed the harsh man.

Grimly proving that he had the resolve to do what needed to be done, after a tense battle with Kira, Genesis and Sephiroth shortly after that, Ezan and all the others were made aware of the Enji Budokai, the martial arts tournament that would show who the best fighter in the entire universe really was! While Ezan was not as obsessed as he once was with proving he was the ultimate fighter, he still had his pride and still wanted to see that his strength and skills were the ones that were best suited to being the savior of the universe! So with that Ezan trained more intently than ever before to become the champion. Soon enough Ezan proved how fierce his resolve was when he bested out dozens if not hundreds of contestants, including Squall, to make his way in to the final eight. After a tense battle with Zero Ezan was set to settle the score with his rival once and for all, however the decisive rematch was put on hold when Ben's hate for Brad Fowltror exploded and the two moved around the order of the Budokai. As Ben and Brad had their brutal rematch, and the true horrifying sadistic nature of Brad Fowltror became known to everyone Ezan was one of many who wanted Brad dead. But when Brad managed to escape, and Lacus soon fallowed Ezan knew Ben was in a mentally unstable state, but also knew that the forces of darkness were preparing for their ultimate plan and that there was no time for weakness. Ezan forced Ben to fight with everything he had, because the sliver haired man wanted to see who was truly the superior fighter was, no matter what it took! Despite his trauma, Ben did not want to lose either and the two rivals had a much more intense rematch! Despite Ezan giving it everything to take Ben down, Ben showed that he prepared as well, and even if it was just by a inch, Ben showed that in the end he wanted to win more when he managed to stand up to size victory!

Despite this loss, Ezan felt like he would have another chance to have a "True" decisive battle, one were both fighters could truly fight without holding back, and all that remained was to insure they would get that chance by defeating their enemies! Ezan may have been tired, but after being healed he jumped right back in to the action to fight off the forces of the Zannacross Empire! Gin Ichimaru once more appeared to taunt the not so perfect warrior, revealing he was once seen as a child prodigy as well. But, even as Gin transformed in to a demon the Titan follower learned the hard way who the true superior warrior was when Gin got cut down. After this, it was clear the final phase of the mission begun, and Ezan was one of many who fallowed Ben to Earth Prime and the Tower of Destiny that was based there. When Ben nearly became the owner of the final piece of the power that he needed, the Divine Nova, when Brad and the Dark Enji made their brutal move, Ezan saw that Lacus was jeopardizing the very existence of the universe, and knowing that Ben might hate him forever for it, Ezan was prepared to kill Lacus and have that burden if it meant he saved the universe.

Thankfully, he did not have to resort to that as Ben managed to persuade Lacus to snap out of her insanity and see reason just in the nick of time. The events that fallowed lead to Brad Fowltror and many others meeting there brutal ends, and for the last stand of humanity to begin. Ezan was one of many that fought with all he had to insure this was not the beginning of the end, but alas despite all the enemies the forces of good cut down they were not able to prevent Chaos Zannacross Necron from being revived! Despite everything Ezan and the others tried they were helpless in the might of the true god of all darkness, and it was only thanks to Cosmos's gambit and Ben and Lacus receiving her power that Ezan and the others did not spent their last moments as zombie soldiers of the Shin Emperor of Darkness!

In the final night before the true last battle that would decide the fate of all living things, Ezan at last realized his feelings for Aeris. After spending so much of his life as a emotionless machine who's only desire was to be the best and win every battle as flawlessly as he could, Aeris and her genital support was what got Ezan to slowly open up. Aeris also admitted she was attracted to the man, and the two realized just how close their feelings were, and wanted more than anything to insure that they could survive to go further in this relationship.

With this new surge of determination Ezan and all the others charged right in to the space time anomaly to take down there enemy, the being who seemed invincible. Once in the dimension Zannacross was creating the hero's were all intercepted by the four elite demon lords! Ezan quickly found himself fighting the most savage demon of them all, the sadistic blood lusting Dahak! This master warrior who enjoyed making his enemies suffer showed that even the likes of Ezan could barely keep up with his onslaught, and all the moves that Ezan had did little more then amuse his demonic enemy! Seeing more and more die at Dahak's hands, and seeing that Aeris was in danger of being killed, Ezan knew what he had to do. Showing Dahak that the demon's pride to be the best no matter what was nothing compared to the super elite warriors pride to protect his friends, Ezan put absolutely all the energy he had in to a suicide blast that totally atomized every cell Dahak had! While Ezan normally would have been dead from such a stunt, thanks to the unstable dimension they were in, the very rules of reality were unstable and Aeris, Lacus and the others were able to combined their power to revive Ezan!

With a new lease on life, Ezan made sure to make up for his second chance, and helped the others take down Sephiroth once and for all, and did all he could to help Ben get to the final battle. After the ultimate showdown between good and evil, Ezan saw that Ben indeed was able to live up to his destiny as he took down Chaos Zannacross Necron. With all evil vanished, it seemed Ezan at last completed his objective, and also erased the purpose of his existence.

While Ezan wondered if there would be any use for a super soldier in a hopeful time of peace, Aeris, Ansem and the others assured him that there still was a place for him, and that his skills could still keep countless people safe. With this Ezan went with Ansem and Aeris to Vana'Diel to find a link to the past he did not know he had, and further his growth as a person. With Ansem working to insure the genetic age decay Garma installed in his son to insure he could control him could be removed, and with future matches with Ben to look forward to, Ezan still had plenty of things to look forward to, and so the sliver haired man looked to the future to become even more perfect.

Special moves: Delta Ray Edge, a rapid lighting fast triple slash attack, most people cannot even see the move coming till they feel the pain. Light Divider, A powerful Purple Energy blast that Ezan fires from his palm. Chdori XIII Blitz, Ezan infuses his blade with lighting and unleashes a brutal combo that leaves most of his enemies in pieces. Backlash Mirror Force Flare, a devastating energy beam where Ezan first absorbs an enemy attack and then unleashes an overwhelming energy blast. Kamu, Ezan uses the power of the Sharingan to unleash a rift in space and send opponents in to another dimension. Dragon of the Darkness Flame, an attack Ezan used when consumed with darkness, unleashes a devastating column of flame that's made of hell fire and can turn most substances to ashes. Judgment Burst, a rapid barrage of lighting fast sword slashes that only look like rays of light, but can turn enemies in to ribbons in moments. Judgment Strike, a powerful slash that contains both light and darkness. Twilight Omega Flare, a extreme energy blast composed of light and darkness. Susanno Reflection Slash, a devastating counter attack where Ezan counters his enemies blast or slash with a shockwave of light before Ezan unleashes a devastating counter attack. Supreme Penance Burst, Ezan's true final attack, a kamazie blast that turns every last ounce of energy Ezan has in to a massive explosion. Nine times out of ten this kills the user but thankfully for Ezan the rules of reality were unstable so he got lucky.

Ennagram Personality type: Ezan would fit under a type three personalities, those under that area are the driven focused type who are obsessed with order over all else. However, besides this steely exterior offend lies deep anxiety and insecurity. Ezan had absolute confidence and pride most of the time, but when things like Ben holding his own against happen, types like Ezan become obsessed with correcting the "Error".

Authors notes: Ezan was created from the start to be the rival like Vegeta, Seto Kaiba, Sauske , Riku, Char, and so on, in essence he is the embodiment of the rivals from Japan's video games, manga and anime. Still, I tried to play a little bit on the clichés of the rival, and made him not be quite as obsessed as say, Vegeta or Sauske, to show that while being prideful, he was not insane about it. Usually in these stories guys like Ezan would be one of the last people to turn to the good guys side most of the time, but I hopefully shake things up a bit when it was Lacus, not Ezan who turned out to be Ben's most challenging former friend to bring back from the darkness.

Cloud Strife: Age at the start of the story, 27. Birthday is August 11th, has blue eyes, blood type is AB and hair is blond.

Cloud Strife, the man who nearly lost his identity in his own quest to become a hero, Cloud went from a isolated man to a true hero as he overcame both outer demons and inner demons to save his world from the Shinra Corporation and his archenemy Sephiroth. ( I am not going to retell his history, that's in plenty of other places and this page is big all ready lol) Three years after he, Vincent Valentine and the others saved the world of Cetra from Deep ground and Omega Weapon he and all the other people of his planet were contacted by envoys of the Lylat Kingdom and the Enji Knights. While Cloud and many others were weary and cautious of these new arrivals at first, after seeing that the Lylat Kingdom was determined to help people live for the better, and proving it by helping everyone in the world rebuild their towns after the recent tragedies. Cloud realized that the Enji Knights were the kind of people he wanted to be when he joined SOLDIER, and after some pushing from Tifa and the others, he, and all of his gang of friends joined the Enji.

After adjusting to being in a galactic society, Cloud found out that his skills were exceptional even across all the warriors in the universe. Thanks to all of his history and combat experience Cloud quickly became an Enji Knight, and he was quickly recommended to be a Enji Captain. Cloud was hesitating to become one though, after all this time he still doubted that he should lead others. However, the other Enji and his friends like Tifa helped Cloud have faith in himself. After saving people again and again as an Enji Cloud did have faith in himself and expected becoming a Enji Captain.

Cloud soon found himself with Squad 7, Doug Fitter, James Elrond and Ben Auro. While Cloud at first thought all three of them were unfit for being an Enji, they shocked him when they managed to work together to pass Cloud's test, and land a blow on him! Cloud still saw Doug as to unfocused, Ben as to naïve and frail, and James as to lacking in physical combat to make it far. But, he did realize that Ben had the same spark of resolve that he once had when Zack helped him, and realize he saw part of himself in Ben. Thus he was willing to give the three a second chance.

Little did Cloud or any of the others know just how deadly a second chance they would have, but as their first official mission exploded in to chaos, Cloud let his feelings betray him as he worried that he got his new teammates killed. Thankfully he was happily surprised when he found that Squad 7 endured the many surprises that unfolded and as he reunited with them all in the Mushroom Kingdom, he realized he had stumbled upon a formable team. While shocked as anyone at the fact that Ben was chosen by the celestial ones to weld the Star Sword and be the savior of the universe, while Cloud was a bit hesitant about expecting this, he saw Ben was serious about this, and decided to believe Ben. Cloud hesitantly became Ben's mentor, and realized his relationship was nearly parallel to the relationship he once had with Zack. Cloud slowly opened up more to Ben and the others, and did what he could to help Ben improve in his sword skills and his magic, and also prepare him to deal with the horrors of war. As Cloud saw Ben earn more crystal shards for the Star Sword, fight through increasingly tense battles, and even deal with intense personal hardships like having to fight his own treacherous friend Rick and getting over being crushed by Brad in a match.

However, Cloud hardly expected Ben and co to help him deal with his own issues. As the war raged on Cloud found himself still having nightmares over Aeris and Sephiroth, and soon realized that there was a chance that those nightmares could become reality when he found that the Zeon Federation was invading Cetra! A furious Cloud along with his comrades and the Enji mounted a counter assault, and as the hero's struggled to overcome their enemies tactics, Cloud found even more unwanted surprises! Not only did he find that Weiss from Deep ground was still alive, but also that in a Sithantos base one of the cultists was none other than Denzel!

It seemed that Cloud's surrogate son had grown bitter after Cloud and the others had left. With Marleene dumping him and being unable to find any place where he could be happy, Denzel grew bitter at the world that had forsaken him and wanted his parents back, and did not care what he had to do to get his world back! Cloud saw how far Denzel had fallen and was depressed at how much he failed him, but was glad his Squad still had his back. Cloud was even more shocked to see Ben fight Zack for his next test, and the two former comrades had a bitter sweet reunion, with Zack showing he was proud of Cloud for caring on his legacy. Even that was small stuff compared to later in the day, where after a brutal battle with Xehamaru Cloud found a miracle happened instead of a nightmare, when his savior was none other than Aeris!

Aeris returning to life thanks to the blessing of Goddess Minerva made Cloud much happier than he had been in a while, though this made his growing relationship with Tifa complex once more, much to his childhood friend's dismay. As the war got more and more intense, and Sephiroth came back from the dead without Cloud even realizing it, Cloud saw Ben growing in to the hero he was suppose to be, but also saw that the war was taking his toll on the young man. As Ben was betrayed by those he worshiped and pressed past his limit thanks to Kira's heartless expectations, Cloud saw Ben getting consumed with despair, but Ben was taken from everyone's reach and Cloud could only watch in horror as his teammate had a worst breakdown then Cloud's when he showed everyone his inner darkness had taken control as Darth Idious! ( insert part about reaching out to Ben and getting him back from the dark side here) After Cloud and everyone else survived Kira's betrayal Cloud tried his best to help his friend get over his trauma and help him atone for his mistakes once more the spiky haired Enji would find his past catching up to him.

As Cloud was one of many who went to stop Ezan from losing himself to his madness, he was horrified when Ezan expelled his darkness, and Sephiroth returned as a result! While Cloud had been feeling his archenemies energy in the past months he thought it was the work of his enemies, and could not except that the man who tormented him had been right by his throat! Despite Sephiroth returning with more power than ever with everyone's combined power Cloud was able to show his nemesis that he could not haunt Cloud anymore, as he was able to repel the sliver haired villain. With this crises over Cloud found himself having to confront another one.

Ever since Aeris had returned the feelings he long had for the flower girl had resurfaced, and these feelings were clashing with his feelings for Tifa. While Cloud cared very much for Aeris, he realized that the feelings he had for her were not quite that of love. Seeing that Aeris had a soft spot for Ezan, and realizing how much he cared for Tifa, Cloud brushed the worries Tifa had aside and confessed that he loved Tifa more than anyone.

With this new reason to survive the war Cloud fought with even more determination. While it soon became apparent that Ben had surpassed Cloud in strength and speed Cloud still tried to do what he could to help Ben. Despite how the war intensified, Cloud and the others fought on, and even a brutal triple rematch Genesis, Sephiroth and Kira Cloud was able to fight on and show his enemies how determined he was to end the grip of terror they had on him and the universe! As the Enji Budokai rolled around Cloud tested Ben one last time in a true all or nothing duel, and even though he lost it was a dual both warriors were proud of the intense match they had. Even in the final phase of the war, Cloud held his own weight, and was determined to show everyone the extent of his pride. In the edge of oblivion, Cloud had a final duel with Sephiroth.

While his former hero was now a direct herald of Zannacross and seemed to have true god like power, Cloud refused to let Sephiroth have his way, and thanks to the nature of the unstable dimension they were fighting in Cloud was able to reunite with the spirit of Zack and fight alongside both him and the spirit of his own mentor Angeal, they, along with Ezan, Aeris and the others were able to at last force Sephiroth to realize he was no god, just a deranged madman, and Cloud enjoyed seeing his arch nemesis's pride shatter, before his body did! After this, Cloud and all the others were part of the final attack force for the mortal world, and was able to survive the ultimate showdown between good and evil. Cloud's pride in his student was at its peak when he witnessed Ben take down Chaos Zannacross Necron and save the universe.

After the tense conclusion to the Cosmic War Cloud realized that at last he could be at peace, and have pride in what he had did. Seeing that Ben had become a man and a hero, he and squad 7 all had a formal farewell , promising that despite going there separate ways they would keep in touch. With Cloud having a whole new life, a married life, one that might be having a child soon, the spiky haired man had truly overcome his personal failings to become not just a true warrior, but a great person.

Special Moves: All the ones he had in the Final Fantasy 7 series. The moves he made up since then were Ultima Blade, an attack where he focused the power of the Ultima spell in to a sword beam, and the Transcended Divider Slash, Cloud's new ultimate limit break where Cloud uses his magic to summon more swords to slash at his enemies in a even more Omni directional barrage of slashes!

Cloud is a type 3 in the Ennagram personality chart, thus he is a self preservation type who has problems with identity.

Authors Notes: Yah, I am a Cloud fanboy lol. I tried to do a good portrayal of his personality and give him a realistic portrayal on how the Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 would react in such a situation.

Aeris Gansborogu: Brown hair, Green eyes, height cm 163.

The loving women, the last member of the Cetra race that met her tragic end thanks to Sephiroth. While as the Cosmic Wars broke out she was still dead, it was thanks to the actions of the wicked that she was able to get a second chance at life. Xehamaru had descended to her world to revive Sephiroth and absorb the life stream to further his plans, and Aeris was helpless to stop the madman and just watch as a ghost. While the flower girl thought the best she could do was mutter helpful ideals in to Ben and Cloud's minds, a miracle happened. The crises Xehamaru presented was so sever that the guarding of Cetra herself, Goddess Minerva appeared before the spirit of the last Cetra and appeared to tell her that she wanted to grant her wish, and was going to give her a chance to help. Merging her soul with the now lifeless body of Vincent Valentines former lover Lucercia Crescent, Aeris was reborn, and infused with new holy powers that gave her enough strength to overcome even Xehamaru!

Overjoyed to be able to live again, Aeris was more then willing to make up for lost time and help her friends fight the good fight. Meeting many new friends and seeing many new sights, Aeris did her best to help. As the war unfolded, she saw many horrors, including Sephiroth returning from the dead! However, she also saw many great things. Now back in the living, Aeris had a chance to resume the relationships that were abruptly canceled when she died. While she still loved Cloud greatly, she and Cloud both came to realize that as close as they were there hearts belonged to different people, and Aeris pushed Cloud to fully embrace the feelings he had for Tifa. Aeris did not mind this, for she found her self slowly being attracted to Ezan. Despite Ezan having her killer's soul reside in his heart, and have many of the same traits of Sephiroth, Aeris saw that Ezan had many of the same traits from both Cloud and Zack that she admired. Knowing Ezan had barley had any kindness in his life, Aeris tried to slowly reach out to the man, and to her relief Ezan slowly got out of his machine like state and opened up to her and the others. Seeing Ezan had the resolve to take down the man who he once thought was his father, the now deranged Garma Kaiba, Aeris encouraged Ezan to not close off his heart to others, offering to be a beacon for the man.

Aeris continued to help Ezan, Ben, Cloud and all the others she cared for all the way to the final battle. In this ultimate showdown for the fate of all living things Aeris saw the end of Sephiroth, saw Zack once more, and helped her friends defeat Chaos Zannacross Necron and save reality itself.

With the war over, Aeris at last had time to live the life she always wanted, a life without fear. Instead of going home with Cloud though, she embraced going with Ezan and Ansem, willing to help her boyfriend get use to adjusting from being a living death machine to a peaceful life the best she could.

Enneagram Personalty type: Aeris is part of a 7, and this means that she is cheerful, friendly, kind, loving, and tries to look on the bright side of things as best as she can.

Authors Notes: As a massive Final Fantasy 7 fan, I of course felt bound to revive Aeris, and since I adored her so I wanted to do it in a decent manner. I tried to make her return be more then just a fan wish, hope she was enjoyable. And yes, its Aeris, I always liked Aeris more then Aerith , it sounds more, loving and fenmine to me I guess.

Grand Master Rodimus Myers: Has brown eyes, and currently has white hair though it was once red. Usually dons golden and white battle armor that can be adjusted for his current situation and can best be described as a cross of how the Warrior of Light in Dissida looks mixed with how Colonel from Megaman Battle Network 5 and 6 looks like. Blood type is AB

The man who would be the founder of the Enji Knights, the organization of holy warriors that saved the universe, you could say he was born to be a hero. Born from a long line of mages, Myers was the first of his bloodline to take up the sword and was lucky enough to be a natural fighter. Seeing from a young age the many injustices of the world, Myers sought to do what he could to make things right with the power he had. Mostly going on his own accord, Myers made friends, rivals, and enemies among the way. His one time rival, the armored warrior Garland, became obsessed with becoming superior to Myers, and while Garland tried many times to take down his rival, he never could pull it off. This obsession caused Garland to seek power at any costs, and Myers saw the once honorable man becoming mad with jealousy and power, and soon formed a group with other people he met along his "Crusades". His three soon to be friends were the centuries old mage Zoda, the brave warrior who was in touch with the Senju nature arts Ganowan, the lighting fast warrior Minato, and the ruthless battle tactician Craft.

Myers was able to get this band of very different group of people to come together by appealing to the common desires everyone had. Despite Garland having many tricks up his sleeve and being in league with four great elemental fiends Myers was able to corner Garland first to the Valley of the End on Corneria, then to the Temple of Fiends. Garland had made a pact with the demons Tiamat, Kraken Lich and Marilith to gain even more power. But, even after attempting to make a time paradox, Garland found the hard way just how strong Myers was when the warrior of light cut down Garland once and for all with the help of his comrades. While this was a major victory, Myers did not realize that this was only the beginning of his legacy, for after defeating Garland he and the others found a golden crystal, a crystal that once touched caused the spirit of Cosmos to appear before everyone!

This avatar of the Ethereal Queen of Light wanted to personally congratulate Myers and his friends for their victory, but also wanted to warn him that a time of darkness was coming, a time that might decide the fate of all of existence. Knowing Myers had proven to be a strong willed compassionate person she asked him to use his talents to unite all of those who shared his passion for justice under one group so that they could defend the universe. Honored by the faith Cosmos had in him, Myers took that idea to heart and slowly came up with the idea of the Enji Knights. In the time when the Lylat Republic was on the verge of collapse, Myers came up with the idea for the Enji, and after talking with many people like the first Lylat King, the Enji Knights were formed.

A man passionate about justice, Myers strived to make the Enji live up to their ideals, and his charisma slowly won over warriors, politicians and common people alike. Learning from history the Enji Knights became loved by nearly the majority of the people in universe. For forty years the Enji Knights were able to stop the forces of evil again and again. Despite living up to his ideology so well that he was seen as one of the greatest heroes in history, his life was not perfect. His devotion to justice caused the man to not have much time for a personal life. It was well in to his fifties when Myers at last expected that hero's could love others and still be committed to justice and at last married his long time lover Karone and at last had two children. Sadly, this peace did not last long when Karone died in an accident, giving a harsh lesion that even the Grand Master of the Enji was not invincible. Despite the sorrow brought from losing his wife, Myers refused to succumb to despair and sought to make the cosmos a place where Karone would be happy. He then tried to be an even greater father to his two sons, Kira and Shin. He was proud to see they both willingly joined the Enji Knights to take after their father. However, little did Myers know this would bring him even more sorrow?

As various fractions caused all kinds of trouble, Myers quickly saw that no matter what, pleasing everyone was all but impossible even for someone as talented as him. Even when one side was saved, another group seemed to be angry about it, and this problem became a full out crises during the Irazous civil war. To the horror of the Grand Master, the two races of the secular world seemed nearly dead set at massacring each other, and for all that he and everyone else tried to do, his actions resulted in the death of his son Shin, for his other son Kira to be scared for life, and for his star pupil Xehamaru to be so disgusted with the failings of the people he was suppose to protect that he wiped out a entire town in a outburst of dark magic before ordering a Lylat commander to end the conflict vie orbital bombardment!

This somber conclusion to the fighting left Myers with his son dead, and with a near broken world. Soon finding that Xehamaru had become insane, when confronting his former pupil in his laboratory in the Sector X space nebula despite seeing that Xehamaru was researching on living beings, he could not bring himself to kill the man he raised for so long, a act of kindness that he would regret. As disturbed as he was with how much Xehamaru had fallen, he would not even realize how much worst his remaining son had snapped in too much later. As the end result of the Irazous Civil War caused more and more planets to grow untrusting of the Enji Knights. Myers tried his best, but soon the universe seemed set on fracturing.

As the war with the Zeon Federation exploded, Myers steeled himself to prepare the Enji for a tense conflict, a conflict that they had to overcome lest all of their efforts be in vain. Myers was as surprised as anyone when he saw Ben return from his first mission with the Star Sword. While not jealous that Ben was the chosen one and not him, Myers was curious on why someone so young and so, normal was picked to be the savior of the universe. Myers saw that many of the other Enji doubted Ben's ability to pull off such a task, but while he knew Ben had a lot to learn, he saw that Ben had a kind heart and knew he could pull it off, and thus had faith he could become a Enji and was patient with him.

As the war worsened Myers saw the dark hand of Sithantos make things worse, and while he had his suspicions about the truth he still was horrified to see that the leader of Sithantos was truly Xehamaru! Myers realized that his moment of weakness caused even more people to suffer, and was grimly determined to make this be the last encounter between the former master and student! While Xehamaru horrified everyone with how much he had modified his body, Myers showed Xehamaru that despite how old he was, he was not going to let his fallen apprentices obsession with darkness overcome him and nearly crushed Xehamaru before he made a crafty retreat! Realizing he had to atone for letting his miscalculation on Xehamaru cause others to suffer, Myers was even more driven to insure that the forces of evil did not win the day. Yet, when the true showdown with the fallen Enji came in the first invasion of Corneria, Myers was sullen when he saw the man that once was so passionate about justice had become a black hearted demon in both body and mind, one hell bent at destroying society! Despite his massive dark power, Xehamaru still was taken down but little did Myers known his sorrows were only starting.

After the death of Xehamaru Myers was realizing more and more how cold Kira had become. With his Titan forces forcefully occupying planets to keep order many of the other Enji questioning Kira's motives. Despite seeing how his son was detaining more and more people throughout galaxies, and even heard rumors that his new Salvation soldiers were mostly replica soldiers, Myers firmly defended his son's actions as just Kira trying to focus on his duty to get over his pain. Deep down Myers knew that his son was getting more and more obsessed with order over freedom, but he could not get himself to admit that the last member of his family had lost himself to pain.

Sadly, the leader of the Enji Knights had to face the facts when Kira's true nature became to obvious to deny. While Kira's methods of training seemed far too harsh for Ben, Myers reluctantly expected his son's justification that Ben had to be pushed to his limits so that he could be ready to handle his destiny no matter what. Once more, Myers realized he should have trusted his gut about Ben being over his head, when he saw that Ben had become Darth Idious, a being so hateful and chaotic that he seemed like the very embodiment of carnage! Realizing that the true Ben was still some were buried in the mass of darkness and pain that was before him, with the help of the others Myers was able to use his holy powers to free Ben from the darkness that was consuming him, even though he nearly died in the process!

As Myers was in a comatose state his son showed his true fanatical nature, and when the old but spry Warrior of Light came to he found out that not only had Kira ordered that Ben be executed, but that he had made a coup to size the throne, and had issued order 66 to his Salvation solders, heartlessly ordering the deaths of his father and every other Enji Knight in the order! As Myers realized his organization had just barely avoided being massacred by his own son, the first Enji Knight expected that his son was all ready dead; a demon was just using his corpse! As the man arrived in Neo Arcadia just in time to help the others fight Kira, he quickly realized Kira was even more gone then he thought when he saw his son unleash both holy and demonic energies in unison! When Max then made his entrance Myers and everyone was mortified by the horrifying truth, the truth that after the Irazous civil war Kira had snapped to an intense degree then Xehamaru, and only cared about seeing order forced in to the cosmos. Things like exterminating entire civilizations like the Zandalorin's, things like betraying and framing his friends like Max to hide his motives, and killing whoever got in his way were nothing to Kira now. Myers was heartbroken when Kira fiercely stated that he rejected his father's views and thought the ideology of the Enji was to weak and naïve to ever bring true peace.

Despite everything, his mild mannered son had become a fascist tyrant who had vicious plans to force reformation on the cosmos, and must be stopped at all cost. While together with Ben, Max, Ezan and the others Kira was forced to retreat, things got only worst when Kira revealed his true allies were the Zannacross Empire, and that he deduced that only by reviving Zannacross could true order be brought to existence.

With his son now all but dead, Myers was more than a little down, but he knew countless others were depending on him. Thankfully despite Kira 's betrayal the Enji Knights had done enough for the Lylat Kingdom that they still trusted the Enji and Myers saw that despite what Ben did it was not him who was in control of his body, and still had faith in the young man when he saw how much Ben regretted doing what he did. Knowing he should have stepped in sooner to help Ben when he was nearly drowning in pain, Myers tried to make up for it by helping Ben get over his self loathing. To show Ben that pushing oneself does not mean tormenting oneself Myers took Ben in to his personal training chamber, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In this private dimension where time flows much slower, Myers taught Ben for half a year, and helped him learn some of Myers's own moves like Kaio Ken. Myers let Ben finish the training on his own to think about things, and was pleased to see that when Ben returned to show he had mastered all the moves that he was taught.

Now having his own son, who donned the vicious name of Darth Judicar as another enemy to watch out for, Myers lead the Enji and the Lylat Kingdom to combat their foes to the best of his ability. After many intense battles, including the tense battle of the Halo Installation five, Merkabah where both the Demon lord Xiza and Max lost their lives, Myers knew that in many ways the Cosmic War and the fate of the universe was heading to its climax. However, after the fallowing mission involving Doctor Wily turned disastrous after Darth Damonus ambushed the weary group of heroes! From this calamity Lacus lost control of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and after the brutal after math Lacus lost all faith in herself and rejected the Enji, her family Ben and everyone else to embrace Brad as her savior!

While Brad had recently been locked away for his massive behavior problems, Myers was forced to take Lacus 's word and give Brad a second chance at proving deep down, VERY deep down, he was a good person. However, as the closing battles with the Zeon Federation unfolded, and Brad just seemed even more chaotic and sadistic, what alarmed Myers and the others even more was how Lacus was just expecting this, and seemed more and more closed off from everything. As more and more of the Enji and Lylat officials started to think that Brad and Lacus were a problem that had to be dealt with harshly, Myers hesitated. Knowing that his hesitation and unwillingness to expect reality led to both Xehamaru and Kira causing massive amounts of suffering, Myers knew he could not be too soft.

And yet, the leader of the Enji also knew that not all cases where the same. While Myers knew Brad seemed to be clearly only caring about his own enjoyment, he saw Lacus as someone like Ben, someone who desperately wanted to be free of her pain and was being overwhelmed in despair. Because of this, and because he saw how much Ben and some of the others wanted to believe in Lacus, Myers trended carefully. However, as it became clear just how wild Brad truly was, and after finding out he killed most of the major crime lords to become the new " Top Dog" of crime he knew Brad had to be dealt with before he completely disgraced the name of the Enji and had both him and Lacus put under house arrest.

While this was a well intended action Myers and the Enji still failed to see how cunning Brad really was, and the only ones they were watching were imposters! Still, knowing that the general moral of the people of the Lylat Kingdom had been shaken by all the acts of darkness that have been going on the last few years, Myers knew everyone needed a moral boost. Inspired by Brad's act of darkness in the Dark Tekken Gauntlet, and making a excuse to see if Ben was truly prepared to live up to the title of the greatest hero in the universe, Myers came up with the martial arts competition of honor, the Enji Budokai.

As many tense duals unfolded in this gripping tournament the most emotional one of all was the brutal rematch between Ben and Brad, and to everyone's horror as the match had several twists, Brad's memories were shown to all, and to Myers's horror, this selfish kid was the true cause of the Irazous Civil War, and the cause for the events that caused Xehmaru, Craft, Kira and so many more people to become disgruntled and hateful, and it was all because of one boy wanting to have as much power as he could. Despite this tragic turn of events, and Brad managing to escape thanks to his allies, Myers knew he had to keep his fellow Enji together. When the angels descended to the mortal realm to help the Enji fight it was clear that the time had come for the moment of truth to come.

Myers and the others went with Ben to Earth Prime so that Ben could go to the Tower of Destiny and size the final part of his power that he needed to truly fulfill his role of the chosen hero, but no one else knew that Myers had one final test for Ben. To truly test Ben's body and spirit and see if he had what it took, right before Ben could take the Divine Nova Myers appeared before Ben, and pronounced that the reality was that he was using Ben and was in league with Kira so that he could gain ultimate power to forcefully shape the universe to his will! While this was all just a act, Myers had to see if Ben could keep on going even if he thought that everything he believed in was a lie, the Grand Master had to see if Ben had the strength to do what was right on his own. Thankfully, Myers's faith in Ben was once more shown to not be unfounded as Ben managed to keep his fierily resolve burning to such heights that he was able to keep up with the man who had become his father figure and take him down!

Despite losing, Myers was proud that Ben had come so far and even if Ben was not his son by blood he felt so proud that he might as well have been. However, this touching movement was suddenly ruined when Myers on instinct pushed Ben out of the way, and got stabbed in the heart by none other than Brad! Furious at the leader of the Enji for always holding him back, Brad was all too eager to absorb the older man's heart with his unique hook sword! While this might have looked like a tragic end for to the long time hero's legacy, thanks to Brad's soul absorbing process being far from stable, Ben was able to more or less bash Myers's soul out of the abomination of a man's body a short time after, and the original warrior of light was able to have another chance at seeing that his order managed to get there job done when it counted.

After Brad's brutal end, the final push to prevent the Zannacross Empire from winning unfolded. After many tense battles, it looked like the primary mission of the Enji was to fail and that Chaos Zannacross Necron was to be revived! However, suddenly Kira shocked everyone, and showed that his true ambition was not to revive god, but to become god himself! At last Myers saw that his son had deeper ambitions then anyone realized, and in his own twisted way wanted peace more than anyone. Despite this intention, Myers knew that his son still wanted to force his will on everyone else in the universe, and had to be stopped at all costs. So with a heavy heart Myers helped Ben and the others cut through Kira's divine power, and for a brief moment Kira seemed like his old self again, and gave his father a brief sigh of tenderness before he met his end. As tragic as this moment was, it was made even worst when just moments after his son died, Myers had to watch his mission, and Kira 's final at all be for nothing, when Chaos Zannacross Necron returned! The entire group of hero's was nothing to the dark god, and it was only thanks to a divine miracle that the legacy of the Enji Knights was to end in failure.

Thanks to the faith in Cosmos, Myers had one last chance to prove that the light could overcome the darkness, even the ultimate embodiment of that darkness. Despite everything that happened, Myers refused to give up on the belief that most people were worth saving, and seeing how Ben, Lacus and the others had overcome so much had inspired him to keep fighting. And so after one last night, Myers lend the Enji and the remaining forces of the universe in to the most important battle in the history of the Enji Knights. Despite the overwhelming amount of threats sent there way, Myers made sure the Enji did not get overwhelmed. It was close, but Ben with the help of the others was able to show the power of the light, and bring a end to the war at last.

Despite all the odds, Master Myers had lived to see the end of the Cosmic War and despite the price of that victory, it still was worth it to see a universe that had a chance of finding true peace and understanding on their own. Despite being over a century old, Myers wanted to keep it together just long enough to see the fruits of his labor, and see the Enji Knights transition to a order of peace before at long last, the dedicated warrior of light would permit himself to rest.

Special Moves: Grand Divide, a powerful triple sword slash that looks like rays of light since its often preformed when charged up with holy energy. Shin-Zantetsuken= a powerful lighting fast slash that can shatter enemies before they even realize they have been hit. Grand Matrix= a powerful holy magic attack that is a giant sphere of light. Mel Force- A powerful sudden surge of air or energy. Kuzu Ryu Sen, a powerful combo that goes for the vital points of the enemy. Heaven's Storm, a powerful magical barrage of holy energy meteors to overwhelm a target. Ten Commandments Barrage Slash, a high tense barrage of focused slashes, each strike being as powerful as a Grand Divide Slash. Million Ravelt Matrix Nova, the true ultimate attack of the Grand Master, a massive sphere of light that looks like a golden sun, and has the force of an exploding supernova.

Ennagram personality type: Is a type one, which means he has traits such as self disciplined, passionate, responsible, self-righteous and more. Thinks big, and tries to do what's right in the long term, though it does mean he misses the small details at times, such as not seeing how far mad Xehamaru, Kira and others have become.

Extra Authors Notes: The Quintessential Master/ father figure / hero figure. I guess you could say both Qui Gon from Star Wars , Gandalf, Dumbledore and those like them were the base model, Myers came up from a Scout Leader I had who I looked up a lot, and in some ways he is the personality I thought the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy would have had so that's why he is vaguely based on him. His armored ultimate form could be seen as tributes to both the orginal Final Fantasy job system and the armored fighters in the Saint Seyia anime and Manga, as well as those like Power Rangers. I guess it's fitting since Power Rangers were big to me when I grew up.

I know it might have been more dramatic if he died but, it's so expected that the master father figure dies or turns evil that I figured it would be a real shocker if the elder mentor both stuck to his belies and survived at the end, at least that's how I saw it.

Max Bruder/ Janus the Terror of Death: Black eyes, brown curly hair to his neck, height is 184 cm age at the start of the story is twenty five and is proficient in all forms of combat.

Ben's favorite cousin, also a genius of a warrior, but even more importantly to Ben, Max was the kind of guy who Ben wished he was. While not a genius Max was smart enough in all the major areas to get good grades in school. However, while he was no scientist he was a master of the art of combat from an early age, and had a body that could keep up with his great instinct to boot, even managing to shock everyone and pilot a small construction mobile suit better then the laborer who owned it when he was just twelve! Having grown up in the rare country part of Corneria near the mountains, Max had little to do but learn how to fight monsters with his friends. With his parents being very distant from each other, Max poured his frustration in to his fists, and did so well in his local dojo that he was noticed by the Legendary undefeated of the East, Master Asia, the man who had the title of the best martial artist in the universe, the King of Hearts!

Max was revered by Ben, who enjoyed seeing him every time he could and as Max got older it was not only Max's fighting talent that Ben envied, but his ability to charm over nearly everyone he knew, male and female alike, seeming to have yet another talent, the skill to be the life of the party no matter what kind of party it would be.

Max was the one who first gave Ben the hope that he could be a somebody as long as he never gave up. When Max's parents moved closer to Transford the two cousins trained weekly in the town's virtual simulation chamber. Max was everything Ben was not, but Ben wanted to be like Max so that he too could become, "Cool". It was because of this, and the fact that Max looked out for Ben like a younger brother, that Ben looked up to Max like he was his mentor. And in many ways he was. Max was the one who taught Ben both his beginning Sword and Martial arts skills. Two years before Ben made it to the Enji Max joined the Enji and seemed to pass with flying colors. In fact Max was given a deep cover mission in Zeon territory and Ben did not see him for a long time. Max may not have been as big on hero's as his cousin was, but he did see it as the ultimate adventure, and did like having a shot at putting his talents for good use, and just maybe be seen as a hero in the process.

Despite not returning since he joined the Enji, Max still contacted Ben through hologram messages to keep in touch but Ben wonders when his cousin will return so he can show Max he has become as good a warrior as him. From what Ben was told Max's skill surpassed even his own expectations and he became a full Enji Knight in less than a year after he joined the order after he took over a mission when Master Gandowan was wounded by a sneak attack and saw that none of the Enji died! In no time of all Max, along with his two closest friends in the Enji, Kira Myers and Xehamaru quickly earned the name of the elite cobra unit, named to show they take down there enemies as fast as snakes can take down there prey, Aqua, a friend of all three of them also was a extra member of this near legendary unit. ,

It seemed like Max was quickly becoming the ideal hero, but things are rarely as they seem, and while Ben hoped for the best the reality was much more crueler then he ever expected.

While Ben soon rarely heard from his cousin after he became an Enji, he just assumed he was becoming a legend. However, little did Ben know just how little he really knew, and that was all a lie. Ben did not meet Max again till he was in the middle of busting an operation of the Space Pirates on SR-388! However, he did not even realize it was Max, because he was hiding in a mask, and taking the name of the bounty hunter from Zandalor, the ruthless "terror of death" Janus! Ben saw him as the man who killed Rick in cold blood and someone who was powerful enough to even cause the deadly Ravxen some trouble! However, it would be much later when Ben ran in to Max again, and it would be in the world of Pakamino !

Just when Ben was nearly overwhelmed by the Zeon forces leaded by Char and Tarkin who were trying to hurl a space colony in to it, all of a sudden he saw his cousin reappear, and it seemed just like old times as the two saved the day! Ben, being stressed out and depressed over being worked nonstop by Kira and the recent events plaguing his life, was overjoyed to have Max and his positive aura like attitude back to seem to keep Kira in check.

However, Ben's joyful reunion with Max would soon turn in to a nightmare. Later on, when Ben and Max were at Lacus's birthday party, a league of bounty hunters under the command of the Frost Brothers and the Dark Enji Luxord attacked, all seeking to capture Lacus to obtain her power!

But the most shocking event occurred when Ben ran in to Janus again, and after drawling him away from the Raystar estate and to the nearby Valley of the End and with his Bankai powers blast his mask off, to his horror he saw that underneath that mask he saw the cold eyes of his cousin Max! Yes, it seemed that the man who always use to talk about passionately defending the innocent and enforcing justice with honor and pride while striving to reach your dreams had become a cold blooded killer, who only cared about his own profits!

He told Ben that he saw that believing in the things he use to see important he now saw was naïve, and that in the end the only thing you could count on was yourself! And that's why he told Ben he betrayed the Enji, and was now going to help capture Lacus for his own profit! Ben refused to believe he was talking to the same person that he looked up to, but when Max attacked Ben, he forced Ben to admit he was the same person as he predicted every move his cousin threw at him, and unleashed all of his best moves on him!

Max fled the battle after disposing of the backstabbing Frost Brothers, telling Ben he and him where threw, and that the next time they met they were enemies that would dual to the death! However, even while this broke Ben's heart, little did he know that as cruel as Max was being, he was doing this to protect him! Only later would Ben see that Max was in fact protecting him, and they would meet when Ben was fighting someone who truly wanted to kill him, Kira! When Max appeared just as Ben, Ezan, Master Myers and the others were fighting against their former comrade, Max saw that all pretenses were gone, and at last it was time to reveal the truth! And the truth was that Max did not turn traitor because he wanted to make more money, he had no choice!

Max never sold out the Zandalorin's and faked his own death; the one who framed him was Kira! Max was in fact good friends with the planets leader Grando Fett, along with being a close friend of one of their bravest warriors Bardock. And when he saw Vector troops being leaded by a Vector enforcer Candora slather an entire village, he in a rage defended his friend and killed Candora. However Max was horrified to then find himself be attacked by one of Kira's loyal knights Gin Ichimaru, as he said the Enji were under Kira 's orders to kill all threats to the Lylat Kingdom!

After surviving a bombardment Max confronted his teammate, only to see just how mad his former friend had become! Not only had Kira deemed the prideful warrior race of Zandalor to be a wild card that would never fall in line, but he would not hesitate to label Max a traitor if he supported them! Seeing just how mad Kira had become, Max refused to fallow the leader of the Titan's views of true justice! However, he could not stop Kira, and as he was pinned down by Metroid's he saw Kira use his tremendous power to shatter the planet! Max barley escaped suffering the same fate, but knew nothing would ever be the same. Max hid in the remains of the destroyed planet, and by chance found the planet's shine to their ancestors had survive.

Inside he found the armor of their legendary warrior, and took it for himself, along with the planet's sword, Beskar. With this armor he became Janus, and his life's mission became revenge. Knowing that Kira had more than enough power to tell the media whatever he deemed fit, and that Kira could with a order kill all of the people Max cared about like Ben if he tried to expose Kira 's acrostics! To try and someday take Kira and Xiza down, Max became a phantom of the shadows, becoming a bounty hunter to in the mean time kill criminals and others to find a way to the truth.

Even when he killed Ben's pal Rick, while he did to it to tie up loose ends, he also did it because he knew Rick was a rat that would betray Ben again if he continued to be allowed to live. He in time managed to break out a new Titan Gundam, what would become his Tri-Edge Gundam from the special prison moon Oovo IV, and with the processor and intelligence droid he found nearby in the base, T4-5X, he was able to slowly begin his vengeance. He got closer to his goals when he made an alliance with the cyborg Bacchus, who was willing to help Max find the truth if he could help him link Xiza to the Juggernaught Project, being the only survivor the scientist turned battle robot wanted to find out the full length of Xiza's dark acts. With the true face of Kira at last forced to the light everyone saw Max did what he could to survive, but Max would not have their pity and even with his name cleared he still returned to the shadows so he would not be bound by the Enji's rules.

Ben would not see Max again till they both tried to corner Xiza and Weil, and Max almost had his revenge, till Brad blew it. Max was able to get Ben and the others to help him chase Kira 's partner in crime back to his headquarters the Dämmerung instead of fallowing Weil and his Death Star, in order to bring the many faced villain to justice at last! At last Max nearly had Xiza again, only to find out it was part of Xiza's plans all along, for he counted on Max's revenge to bring him to this spot, to unleash Halo! Realizing he was tricked yet again nearly cased Max to go over the edge, and all the pain he had suffered since he had become an Enji nearly consumed him!

It seems while Max repressed it all he could, all the pain and death he had gone through had caused him to have a form of war trauma! And Ben, knowing what it's like to have your darkness consume you, and when he fallowed Max to Halo he saw his former mentor and nearly gone insane, and was about to attack him and the others to insure they stood out of his way in his revenge! Ben then decided it was time to settle things with his cousin once and for all, and he tried to snap Max out of it the best way he could, with a match between warriors! And this seemed to work, as the harder they fought the more Max seemed to become who he once was! Max saw that Ben had grown, but refused to believe that his cousin, one who needed others to be strong, would ever be strong enough to be the chosen hero!

But Ben proved that despite the pain he was ready to do whatever it takes to not only complete his dream, but have everyone have a chance to live their dreams in a world without fear of a dark nightmare! And with all of his power and resolve Ben unleashed all of his power to in a final device blow at last defeat Max! Stunned, Max admitted Ben had truly grown, but his time was not done yet!

After Lacus arrived to heal him he busted to where his cousin was to join the fight against Xiza, just as his foe showed his true powers as a demon lord and transformed! However Max did not buckle in the face of his foe's extreme power, and rallied Ben and the others to battle with all they had, till with one combo blast Max was at last partly able to avenge his friends by destroying Xiza! After then quickly shutting Halo down in a dare devil stunt, Max was confronted by Ben, Cloud and others to know join the Enji Knights once more since he no longer needed to hide. And, to Ben's relief Max seemed to be on board! However, tragically just as Max had become his old self, it seemed his luck had run out!

Aftersurviving for years from Kira and Xiza's forces, and defying death by beating Xiza and stopping Halo, when he let his guard down he was shot in the heart by a Anti Enji sniper bullet! A horrified Ben saw that despite all of his efforts, and all the others that tried to heal him, the effects of the special poison's bullet, and Max burning out his energy so much, was too much. Ben with deep sorrow saw Max give him his last words, and saw that at least Max was grateful for Ben letting him die a hero, and gave him his sword and his Gundam so his cousin could fulfill his legacy.

Little did Ben know that Max's legacy was sharper than anyone realized for Max was closer to finding the truth then anyone realized, and that he was very close to finding out the results of the Juggernaught Project, which is just why Brad killed him! All ready weary at seeing how much Lacus liked Max, and knowing he did not like him made it all too easy for Brad to decide it was worth the trouble to kill Brad! While Brad thought he had killed Ben's cousin and got away with it, Max's legacy was still remembered by T4-5X, and when Max died the droid honored his master by informing Ben and the others about what Max was in to. Thanks to Max's leads, Ben was in time able to solve the mystery of the Juggernaught Project, and in turn reveal his true killer, Brad! While Ben was outraged that it was Brad of all people that killed him, in the end Ben was able to avenge his cousin and make him proud by living up to his destiny. Thanks to Zannacross of all people, Ben was able to reunite with Max one last time when the very fabric of existence became unstable and the souls of the dead were mingling with the living. Fighting with Max one last time, and seeing how proud Max was of him made Ben feel content, and Max was just as content seeing his little cousin become both a real man and a true hero, and was able to move on in peace. While Ben may not have been able to save Max's life, he was able to honor Max's legacy, and insure that his actions were not for nothing.

Special Moves: Full Moon Slash, a powerful combo attack. Full Moon Crusher, a powerful blue energy orb. Juuni Ouhouha Max unleashes twelve energy swords from his blade to home in on his target. Sekiha Tenkyoken, the ultimate attack of the school of the undefeated of the East, a massive golden energy orb that has quite a impressive blast radius.

Ennagram Personality Type: Max fits in to a 8 type, the brave confident type. Even with the world as his enemy, Max does not hesitate to do what he knows he hast to do, and is a man who cares little for his reputation as long as he does what he knows is right, even if that means hurting those who are close to him, like how he betrayed Ben. Though he will do these things without hesitation, it's not that he does not feel bad about it, he just knows he has to do it.

Extra Author notes: Max was inspired by many sources. First of all, he was inspired by my own one time favorite cousin, who was the one who got me in to video games when I was three. While, he did not betray me like the extent Max did, he, did betray the family in a lesser extent, and are relationship was frayed since then, though thankfully he is not dead. Still, it did inspire me to have a mentor character who betrayed the hero. Another big inspiration out of a lot of the older brother mentor roles were Kamina from Gurren Lugan and Scwartz Bruder from G Gundam.

Aqua Trian: Has black eyes and short blue hair. Blood type is B, and height is about 161cm.

Aqua was a girl orphaned at a young age, but her magical talent made her stand out, and she was quickly scouted by the Enji Knights. Seeing the Enji as the best way to have a better life, Aqua eagerly took up the offer. She made many friends in the Enji, and the order soon became her family. She was especially close with Xehamaru, who was also a orphan, Kira, who also was kind, and his brother Shin, . Later on Max and her became friends, and Aqua was enticed by his charisma, and the two become close. However, before things could progress between the two, the horrors of war consumed the entire group. After the Irazous Civil war, Shin had died, Kira had changed in to an entirely different person, and Xehamaru had gone insane with disgust for humanity. Shortly after that, Kira descended in to darkness and after forcing Max to betray the Enji, Kira " Arranged" for Aqua to be ambushed by a Zeon Fleet to insure she did not cause any complications. Everyone besides Aqua was killed, and Aqua herself was presumed to be dead. However the truth was that she was taken to a Kishka type prison on the world of Kagi so that Weil and Tarkin could study her and better prepare dozens of anti Enji war machines and weapons! Despite being tortured by countless methods and being completely alone, Aqua refused to let her sprit be broken by her tormenters, and despite how badly she was hurt, she never consciously told anything.

Even as time seemed to have no meaning, the blue haired women's torment would end when she was found by Master Eraqus and others! As Aqua slowly recovered from her hellish time in Zeon custody, she was horrified to hear just how much had changed when she was presumed dead. Meeting Ben , she was crushed to find out that Xehamaru and Max were dead, and that Kira had betrayed everyone to join the Zannacross Empire and unleash his plan to forcefully bring order to the universe. Despite all of this disturbing information, Aqua was determined to make up for lost time, and was willing to give Ben all the help she could provide. Despite only hearing briefly about Ben from Max, she saw that Ben was a kind man and wanted to help him, for both his sake and Max's. Working with him for the first time on the mission to planet Pulse, Aqua was impressed at seeing how many friends Ben had, and was inspired by Ben's determination. Shortly after would, she met Doug, and saw a lot of Max's charisma in him. She also saw that Doug was like Max in that he was not afraid to speak his mind, even if it meant he would butt heads with his friends, the biggest case of this being Doug insisting that Ben get over Lacus and expect she is no longer his friend, something Ben refused to expect so easily. Aqua saw that Doug was disgruntled with the world, if not the very lazy hypocritical nature of people in general. Knowing that Max, Kira, Xehamaru and more were all lead astray by this disgust she did not want to see another person like Max fall to pieces and tried her best in the fallowing mission to try and get Doug to lighten up.

Aqua was in for another unwelcomed surprise, a she soon was reunited with another former friend, Kaname Tosen! Aqua was dismayed to see that yet another comrade had given in to his hate, and despite how she tried to reach out to him, Tosen would not listen and by his own free will transformed in to a monstrous bug like demon to try and kill everyone! Aqua had seen that her former friend had truly gone past the point of no return and with regret with the help of Ben, Ezan and the others killed him. As unsettling as this was this was only made worst by the sudden reunion with Kira! Aqua saw with her own eyes how twisted her former best friend had become, and was sickened with how easily the once genital man proceeded to kill an entire population of people, and knew that this devil that called himself Darth Judicar had to be stopped at all costs!

As Ben just barely managed to upstage Kira, Aqua was worried about the state of the Enji, but wanted to believe in the person Max trusted the most. Still making up for lost time, Aqua turned down entering the Enji Budokai, and was more than content to just watch from the side lines. Seeing Ben and Doug get more and more bitter at each other, Aqua grew frustrated at Doug, who seemed hell bent on angering everyone around him. Seeing how Doug had ended his relationship with his previous girlfriend Maria, a fed up Aqua confronted the martial artist and demanded to know just what he was thinking. Doug was touched that Aqua cared, and indirectly asked her to just trust him. While Aqua was unsure if Doug was being legit with her, she soon found out that he was telling the truth. While Doug horrified everyone by seemingly helping Brad in his mad agenda, the truth soon became clear when Doug showed that it was all an act so that Brad would lower his guard just long enough so that Brad's true nature and history could be exposed to everyone!

Aqua saw that Doug was willing to make everyone hate him to get the job done, and realized that was yet another similarity he had with Max. Aqua then softened up to Doug, and the two made a good combo in the fallowing missions. Aqua was one of many who launched an attack on Neo Pandemonium to rescue Lacus and stop the Zannacross Empire once and for all. In the climax of the mission, Kira showed his true nature and tried to fuse himself with Zannacross to become the new god of all and try and make a true perfect world, and Aqua realized just how much a burden Kira had taken in to himself. As she saw her friend die, her nightmare was only starting as Chaos Zannacross Necron returned for revenge! While Aqua died from this outcome, thanks to Ben and Lacus and the power Cosmos entrusted to them she was one of the many who got a second chance out of this disastrous outcome. As Aqua prepared for her ultimate battle, she and Doug realized that they both had genuine feelings for each other. Realizing that she was attracted to first by how much Doug reminded her of Max, she then realized that Doug had his own quirks, and that she was attracted to that boldness as well. As the two made a pack to see how these feelings would turn, Aqua fought as hard as she could, and helped Doug take down the deadly Demon lord Zandoris, showing how powerful her magic was by with the help Axel, she was able to rewrite the fiendish man's own sword so that his own power destroyed him!

Despite how tough things got, Aqua was able to hand on, and made it out of the final battle in one piece. With the fighting at last being over, Aqua decided to allow herself to fallow her heart, and take up Doug's offer to join him on his desire to freely cruise space as a jack of all trades problem solver of sorts. Excited to see a new world of peace, Aqua was ready to see what the new world had to offer.

Special moves: Aqua uses a variety of ice magic; she can use many aquatic type moves and shape ice or water in any way she can think of. She is also a master of reflection magic, such as her Streaming Reflection attack, a powerful reflect spell. She also uses her water magic to help make illusion attacks.

Enneagarm Personality Type: Aqua is a type two, one who is an affection compassionate social person. People of this type also tend to be more prone to self sacrificial acts, as shown as when Aqua let herself be captured by Zeon forces to save the others.

Extra Authors Notes: Not too much to say here. Out of most of the Kingdom Hearts hero's she was the one I thought would be most unique to Cosmic Wars, and also my story could use more female hero's that stood out. So, even though it was late in the game, I think I managed to make Aqua fit in. Funny enough Rita or Judith were the people I thought would work out as Doug's girl friends, but then we decided on Aqua, I think it worked out well enough.

Ben's father/ Jack Auro: Age 58, nearly bald, has a mustache

A man obsessed with keeping the status quota, Ben's father has been a source of anxiety, stress and shame for him for most of his life, and one of the reasons Ben was willing to risk his life to join the Enji and try and become a hero. While not an abusive man, Ben's father was always, a letdown. Not much of a leader, Ben's dad was always too eager to please others, and seemed ready to roll over to everyone but Ben and his mother. Lacking the will to aim big, Ben's dad spent most of his life working for a local production corporation. A paranoid man and yet a picky man, Ben's dad always insisted on having his way at home, deciding everything from family vacations to every product that was bought. Even if it was a inferior product, the elder Auro insisted on having his way because he wanted to exert his authority. Because he had very little power on his own, he loved telling his family what to do whenever he could. Despite barley any status in society, Ben's dad hated to admit it, and always pretended to appear he was fine, always insisting to pay the bill at dinners even when his friends were wealthier, these were little things to be sure, but they added up to annoy Ben over time. A not so little thing that caused Ben much aguish was when the Auro family was at last asked to come with the Raystar family on vacation, Jack Auro insisted on taking a shabby looking transport, going against both Ben , Max and Lacus 's advice to save face and once more look in control. When this control fell to pieces, and as a end result the Raystar family moved away and Ben would not see Lacus for years, Ben truly resented the man, and this resentment only grew when his father's stubbornness and inaction caused his house to be full of mold, bugs, and random rat and Pikachu attacks, causing Ben to feel even more shame, blaming his father for making it so hard to make friends.

Despite this, Ben's dad never did anything truly horrible, so Ben could never truly hate him, but even so he had little respect for the man, the man who always told Ben to do things even though he was hypocritical, the man who always told Ben to be a man but seemed to be too lazy to do much but let the house rot as he drunk , eat donuts, think about his how holiday, Festivus, and sleep, this man was the man Ben could not respect, the man who's life would mean nothing to him if he was not his father. Ben's father wanted Ben to fallow him in his job, a safe job with a safe carrier. Ben's father saw Ben's dreams as naïve, and wanted him to give those dreams up. He did not want to make Ben suffer; he just did not want him to be crushed by reality, a situation he himself was in. Ben refused to expect his father's way as the way that was right for him, and joined the Enji hell bent on showing his father how wrong he was.

Even as Ben became a Enji and showed he was the chosen one, Ben's dad still wanted him to " Grow" up and quit the Enji to join him, though at this point while he would not admit it he was worried that Ben would get killed. While Ben was so fed up with his father that he nearly threw him threw a wall at one point, when Ben's mother got put in to a comma the two became closer, and Ben's father at last admitted he though Ben could pull off being a hero. At this time Ben expected his father's actions and while he still did not see things as his father did, he respected him enough to expect that he had his reasons and his dad was more than happy when he realized his son was the savior of the universe.

Ben's mother/ Danielle Auro: Age 58

A compassionate woman, Ben's mother has been the one who gave Ben the courage to believe in himself and gave him the most support over the years. Mostly the one who kept him sane after all of his father's antics and demands. While kind, she was not the most talented women, nor the most ambitious one, and resigned herself to spending most of her life being a bureaucrat for the government, passing the chance for promotions several times due to a lack of resolve, a act that frustrated Ben. Though Ben's mother was usually kind, there were moments when she snapped at Ben and said how she wished Ben would act like the successful kids. Though she would apologize after theses outbursts they did traumatize Ben a little, making him wonder deep down if she only loved him because she was his mom and thought that just like most of the people in middle school, that he was a odd loser. Despite these outbursts Ben's mother was supportive of Ben's desires to be a hero, and while she feared for his safety she knew he had to prove himself and let him join the Enji. Overjoyed at her son's success, even when the rumors of Ben killing King Atem were feverously on the screen, she refused to doubt her son. While it was tense when she was in a coma, she was overjoyed that Ben lived up to his destiny, and hoped his future was heading for even brighter horizons.

Moz the moogle:

A normal moogle that Ben and Lacus found together in the Shire Forest in an adventure they had together. Was saved by the two, and Ben quickly adopted the moogle as a pet. Moz quickly became more then Ben's pet but one of his best friends. While, he did not have quite the magic power as some moogles, and may have been disposed by his previous owners because of this fact, Moz made up with it with his heart, and no matter what was always there for Ben even in his darkest moments. The two were so nearly inserpertable that Moz being there for Ben when he joined the Enji was what kept him from getting to homesick or overwhelmed at all the sudden changes. While Moz could not help Ben in his missions like Hiryuumon could, Moz always made sure Ben's room was clean while he was away, and with all the other moogles and other creatures in Hallowed Bastion Moz made more friends out of this as well.

Seeing how tense Ben was as things got worse for him, Moz felt bad that he was powerless to help Ben in his time of need. After Ben got over his Darth Idious fiasco, Moz tried to make sure Ben was not too stressed. When Lacus was in her own dark time, Moz tried to get Lacus to see that Ben truly was there for her. Happy that Ben and Lacus were able to at last realize their feelings for each other, and was even happier that Ben was able to fulfill his destiny. While Moz may not have become the chosen hero, he did manage to get the reputation as best card player in the Enji Castle, the pet division at least. As Ben and Lacus set off for their new life together, Moz along with Hiryuumon set out with the couple to insure that their friends had pals that would have their back.

Authors Notes: not much to say, I thought it would be cool to have my own moogle so, hence forth there would be Moz. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if Moz and Hiryuumon would have had their roles combined. Eh, a moogle dragon digimon might have been a stretch, oh well.

Erich Organa Raystar: Has brown eyes and grayish black hair. Has A type blood, is 1.91 meters in height and is fifty years old at the start of the story.

The only son in the Raystar family, and the current head of the Raystar family, a family that had deep history with being influential to the Lylat Republic and the Lylat Kingdom, Erich is a man who has duty and prestige be engraved in to his every action. His parents were both people who were obsessed with the importance of prestige, even if this turned out to just be a devotion to worshiping the elite, as Erich found his parents were both involved in a corruption scandal. While the Raystar family was disgraced, even as his sisters decided to forgo their noble heritage and take various jobs Erich decided to believe in the value of royal action, and strived to regain the family honor. His resolve was so strong that even though it took a decade and a half Erich was not only able to reclaim the Raystar houses honor, but also become an Archduke. Even as he was devout to being a man of integrity, he did not think he was better than others and did not think that titles or money decided who was better.

While his mother wanted Erich to marry the wife of her choosing, Erich decided to go with the charming fiery Jane Raystar, an act that infuriated his mother. However, after finding out that his mother was the one who manipulated his father in to breaking the law and that her greed and vanity seemed to have no limit, Erich sharply told his mother that he was not going to listen to her, a reaction that gave his mother a heart attack. Working even harder to honor the Raystar Houses status, Erich did many good works for the Lylat Kingdom and passed many laws that brought a better sense of equality to the various life forms throughout space. Erich was credited for his achievements and got made to be one of the members of the subcommittee. However, while Erich was stellar at helping deal with political situations, it was more complex when it came to his own family. While his first child Shion was a genius she was also anti social, and was not a big fan of social events, making her ill suited to be the new head of the Raystar family even if she did earn more points to the houses reputation. His third child Sarah loved parties as much as her oldest sister hated them, but she could like them to much at times, and had trouble putting pleasure over duty. However, the child that would bring him the most strain was his middle child, Lacus. Not long after Lacus was born, Erich and his wife were visited by angels, and told that Lacus would one day develop angel powers and be the one with the Antitype Apostle bloodline, meaning that she would become the women who decided the course of all mortals' future!

Realizing that Lacus, and the entire family would have many burdens to hold in their future, Erich steeled himself to make tough choices, one of them was to allow the Enji Masters to seal the Blue Eyes White Dragon in his daughter's body to give her the strength to survive her ordeal, even if it meant she would be different than others, maybe even a outcast at times. Erich made sure Lacus was trained not only in how to live up to one that has regal status, but also insure she was taught in both physical and magical skills so that she could defender herself, for Erich knew that her power and status would attract all sorts of unwelcomed attention. While Erich knew Lacus resented barley having any time to her, he just hoped it would all be worth it. While the choice to put Lacus in a random normal elementary school, Erich hoped it would give her the chance to not feel to out of touch with the common people, and also ward off unneeded attention from those seeking her life.

Though Erich saw that his wife was not amused with Lacus hanging around with Ben and others, but Erich saw no harm in Lacus opening her heart and having compassion for others. However, while Ben did seem to make Lacus happy, when the Mad Gear terrorist group kidnapped her during their vacation to Hyda IV partly due to Ben's dad's reckless stubborn desire to prove he was competent, Erich knew he had to do what was best for his child, and moved her to a private high school that in theory would be safer for her.

As Lacus had more and more duties to carry, and more and more worries, Erich only hoped Lacus could one day understand why she had to fit so many expectations, but for how much he tried, it all backfired horribly in a way he could not even prepare for. While Lacus seemed to be doing ok in her first few years in High School, when a sudden terrorist attack forced Lacus to unleash the beast within her, the backlash nearly caused Erich to lose his middle child. Knowing Lacus was isolated and seen as a witch, Erich could not relocate her because he knew the other major houses and countless others were watching carefully, and he could not appear to look either weak or flinch on his stance of giving in to terrorists. Since Lacus had been seen in public the Raystar family and the Enji Knights crafted an official cover story that blamed false sources for the dragon. Most of the people that were there did not buy the story and correctly thought it was just officials hiding the truth, most people bought the story and to project Lacus from further attacks he had to stand his ground, even as his little girl was jeered and alone Erich had to insist that Lacus tough it out. However, instead of toughing it out Lacus embraced the person that promised to help her, Brad Fowltror.

Erich was weary of Brad instantly, knowing many men had the greedy gleam in his eyes, and Brad's crude behaviors did not help. However, while Brad was making Lacus more rebellious and causing her to miss both school and events, he also saw Brad helped her get more friends, and seemed to make her more relaxed in general so he allowed it.

However as Lacus graduated High School Erich insisted that she joined the Enji, thinking that it was the best way that she would control her powers, and also hopefully learn more emotional control. Erich was upset when Brad joined Lacus, but hoped that at the very least the Enji would help Brad change his behavior as well. Erich was happy to see Lacus blossom in the Enji, unhappy to see Brad just get more reckless and blood loving, and shocked to see Ben return to the picture, a shock that tripled when Ben become the chosen hero! When Erich saw Ben for the first time in years, and saw that the young man was still haunted by how he and his wife treated him he realized he may have acted to rashly and regretted keeping Lacus away from him. When Max attacked later on with the bounty hunters and Luxord Erich once more acted at the time for what he thought was best for his family and told Ben to stay away, but later on when the truth became known about Max's situation, Erich regretted being so quick to judge Ben, realizing that he wrongly accused the wrong man.

Seeing Lacus get more and more distant as she got closer to Brad, Erich tried to reach out to his child but Lacus just retracted bitterly each time, getting closer to Brad, and seemed to get more wild. Erich was relieved when Lacus broke up with Brad and seemed to get closer to Ben, but that relief quickly got switched with horror as Lacus turned back to Brad once more after the Blue Eyes White Dragon had another outburst! While Lacus's behavior was problematic before, it was not too much worst then a teenager acting out. However, after she got back with Brad Lacus closed herself off from everyone, and was not even caring if Brad did horrible things as long as he made her feel happy and safe! For all of his power, he found himself helpless to stop Lacus, and no matter how he tried to get Lacus to see things, she rejected everything he did and lashed back by saying how it's because of him and his wife pushing her to be the superstar that she had to deal with such pain and misery. Knowing Lacus was partly right, and that even with his intentions being just, he knew that his actions resulted in Lacus being brought to this state.

With this, Erich realized he had no answer for Lacus's problems, but thankfully Ben did have a answer for Lacus besides despair. To his relief, Erich saw that Ben was able to make his feelings for Lacus translate in to a strong enough resolve that he was able to get Lacus to see things clearly, and turn back from madness before it was too late. As Lacus and Ben returned from hell itself, despite doomsday looming around the corner Erich his family and the others were able to rejoiced in seeing a small miracle happen. Seeing how Lacus was able to at last happily be her true self around Ben, and be at peace with her parents Erich was more than grateful for Ben's devotion to his middle child, and at last fully endorsed the two's relationship.

As Erich saw his not so little girl and her boyfriend went on to save the universe, Erich set out to repay their efforts by allowing them to relax after their hard battle, and do his best to insure the new world they and all the Enji and other hero's fought for would be a peaceful world of harmony and understanding.

Personality Enneagram Type: Erich is a type 8, which means that he is self confident and confrontational , and means he has a strong will and is not afraid to make hard choices, like the choices he made in his job and with his family.

Extra Authors Notes: I based Erich partly off Bale Organa from Star Wars, and also from the fathers from both Elly from Xenosaga and Shion from Xenosaga. A complex character, I once thought about having Erich be killed in the story, maybe even having Brad kill both him and Jane to make Lacus a orphan, but having that happen, or even having Lacus kill her father would be far too depressing and make it harder for Lacus to have a happy ending so, I decided against it, she suffered enough after all lol.

Jane Caleb Raystar: Has emerald green eyes, fiery red hair, and at the start of the story is 40

Jane Raystar was always a driven fun loving promiscuous women, a women who wanted status. While she once came from a successful family her father was caught as being a tax embezzlement and other unethical acts, and her family was brought to ruin. As her family fractured after that, Jane vowed to have a life of fame and respect, and clawed her way out of the gutter. While not a genius in most things, Jane was a genius in winning people's hearts, and in time made a carrier as a party hostess. This was how she met her future husband Erich, and she was so determined to win him over that she saw his current girlfriend as just an obstacle! Even though many , including Erich's mother and sister just saw Jane as a money seeking harpy, Erich saw that despite Jane's desperate desire for power she had a kind heart and they both shared having a disgraced parent so they both were able to understand each other. As a result, the two fell in love. While many think Erich married her because she was all ready pregnant, both people firmly stated that they truly loved each other and were only keeping the child because they wanted to have a family.

While Jane got her storybook ending, she still was paranoid about losing her reputation again. Having three children, Sarah was more like her while Lacus and Shion were more like Erich. Jane was determined that all of her children did not have to live with the shame she had to grow up with, and made sure that each child was raised to be a proper regal duchess. Secretly yearning to be a idol and have even more political power, despite gaining power and wealth from marrying Erich she always was looked on scornfully by others for her scheming ways and " Impure" Linage, those she was excluded from most political and other circles. As a result a bitter Jane tried to mold her children in to the beloved idols that she could become, even if they had other ideas to live their lives! When Jane was told about Lacus 's special destiny, that made her certain that Lacus was fated to be a star, and become obsessed with having Lacus be the idol of the Raystar family, a fate Lacus was not happy to have. While Lacus seemed overwhelmed by her mother's pressure, Jane just wanted to keep pressing Lacus till she" Grew" in to her role. When Jane saw that Lacus had become friends with Ben she instantly was repulsed. She thought Ben was just some common street rat that was naïve and thought Ben's father was the same kind of fool that her own father was. While the situation that she was loathing seemed to be the situation that she had with her own husband, by this point Jane had become to bitter and paranoid to see the parallels, and just saw Ben as someone dragging Lacus down. While she held off on Ben because Erich thought it was good for Lacus to have friends that made her happy, however when the terrorists nearly kidnapped Lacus on their vacation, Jane was nearly gleeful that she could say was right, and insisted that her family would no longer do anything with the Auro family. Jane was happy that Lacus seemed to be doing better in her high school, and though there was the terrorist fiasco there, Jane was more obsessed with making sure Lacus 's reputation was not ruined over how happy her child was at the moment, stating to Lacus many times that a broken friendship was easier to fix then a public reputation.

Jane was in fact delighted that Lacus turned to Brad, for while Erich was appalled at Brad's behavior, Jane bought up Brad's misunderstood story, thinking he was the same as her, someone with a ambitious spark that was not afraid to rub people the wrong way to get attention. Also it helped that he was a striking smooth " Manly" man as well. Jane was anxious about Lacus joining the Enji but, also thought it could make her stronger, and make her an even better idol. Even as Lacus fought for her life, her mother would not let up on her acting professional every moment she was in the eyes of the public. As she saw that Ben had returned, she was one of the many who had doubts that Ben truly was the chosen one, and was irritated at best that he still had feelings for Lacus. When Max seemed to betray Ben and Sarah was hurt a frantic Jane almost seemed right, but later on when the truth became known Erich forced Jane to concede that Ben was not that bad a person.

Even later on, Jane had to force herself to open her eyes and see just how bad a situation Lacus was in when she started going in to a massive downward spiral after the Blue Eyes White Dragon went on another rampage and Lacus went back to Brad's grip! Even Jane had to see just what the true nature of Brad's relationship was with her child as Lacus became a shell of her former self, and seemed to slowly become a uncaring witch that only responded to Brad's actions! As Jane tried to reach out to Lacus her middle child bitterly rejected everything she attempted, and she saw the true extent of what her actions had partly leaded Lacus to. To her relief, Ben at last proved to her and everyone his true devotion to Lacus by rescuing her from Brad's grip and utterly killing her former abusive boyfriend! After going the extra mile and rescuing Lacus once more from Zannacross himself and making a miraculous escape from hell, Jane saw Ben as he really was at last and fully condoned there love, apologizing for her harsh judgments.

Realizing that Lacus was wonderful all on her own Jane apologizing to Lacus for how controlling she had been, and expected that Lacus was her own person. Seeing Lacus had been told what to do for most of her life Jane allowed Lacus to make her own path, and after Lacus survived the final battle for the universe Jane even let Lacus lounge around in their home nude, showing Lacus she could be herself in their home and just let her worn out body relax. Though letting Lacus be herself, she in the end became the idol Jane always wanted, and that made her more than a little content.

Authors Notes: I biased Jane Raystar off Misses Roberson from the Graduate, a few mothers I knew in real life, and the mother from the main female character in the OC soap opera, yes, I admit I watched one soap opera in a effort to understand my peers better, needless to say, it put me off soaps entirely. Any who, at some point I in fact had it in mind that Jane Raystar would be more like Misses Roberson, and even try to seduce Ben. But, I really did not want Ben to be that kind of guy and add that kind of drama to the story. I later thought of making Jane and Brad have a fling, and Jane maybe even turn evil in her obsession with her vanity, but then I realized I all ready had Larxene so the story was full of evil seductive women as it was, and, having Lacus kill her mother or something seemed once more like making things overwhelming levels of morbid, while I never wanted my story to be squeaky clean, did not want it to be as depressing as Macbeth or Hamlet or something lol. Well, maybe it could have worked, maybe for another day.

Shion Raystar: Age 28, brown hair and green eyes.

Lacus 's older sister. A genus that has created many fantastic contraptions, even the family guarding android KOS-MOS. However, she is one who prefers machines to people, and does not have many personal relations, though she does have a boyfriend, the Lylat soldier Jin Uzuki. While she sees Lacus struggle with her problems from afar and does not say much she does try to help her sister, and is glad when Lacus is able to have faith in herself and master her powers.

Authors notes, I wanted Lacus to have two sisters, I wanted another Xenosaga cameo, this is the result lol.

Sarah Raystar: Age 16, blond hair and green eyes.

The most wild of the three Raystar sisters, Sarah loves fun more than anything, which can be a problem for her a regal family that strives to give off a good appearance. By officially dubbing Sarah the, " Wild one" Sarah is officially the trouble maker of the Raystar family, so her partying antics are mostly dismissed by the public as a being who has no dignity, a status that Sarah has no problem expecting. While at times giving off the image of an airhead, and worst, Sarah is kind at heart, and forgave Ben for the attack at the mansion causing her arm to be broken before anyone in the family did. By knowing how people like to have fun she also knows how people are thinking, and she knew for a while that Lacus was suffering inside even if she refused to admit it. Trying to reach out to Lacus, Sarah was happy when Lacus at last listened to her heart and become the person she wanted to truly be, and love Ben. When the two finally became a couple, the night before the final battle Sarah also helped Lacus feel relaxed enough with herself to go all out to show her love to Ben, and to just do what she wanted. Seeing the end result, Sarah was happy that Lacus was able to find happiness before it was too late.

Authors Notes: Not too much to say here, I figured it would be good to have that, " Peppy" sister for growth and all for Lacus.

Gouken Kusanagi: Height is 186 CM, has black eyes, is balding with white hair, though that hair was once brown.

One of the finest martial arts masters in the entire universe, only his brothers could be said to be his peer. While his older brother, the self proclaimed Master Asia is his superior, Gouken is far less selective about who he teaches, seeking to spread the heart of the fist to as many as he can. Absolute master of the Ansatsuken style, Gouken knows that darkness is part of man's heart, but knows that one must utilize that darkness while not letting it consume you if one wants to master's one self, a lesion he learned painfully when his brother Gouki murdered there master Goutetsu and became the demon of violence, Akuma. Gouken was asked to become a Enji Knight many times by the order, and while he had the power to easily fit in to one of the Enji Masters, Gouken politely turned down the offer because he wanted to do things his own way, though he was on friendly terms with the Enji. A man who loves a good drink, Gouken can often give off the appearance of the classic drunkard womanizing buffoon, but this is really just an act to lower the guard of his enemies, for he is also the master of the drunken fist fighting style! When meeting a friend one day, Gouken found that Doug tried to rob him. While Gouken had trained many students all ready, he saw in Doug's eyes the eyes of a warrior. Seeing that Doug needed guidance, Gouken offered Doug to be his pupil, and Doug slowly expected the offer. Gouken saw that Doug was a fast learner, and also saw that Doug was fiercely independent. Realizing Doug had to master his own feelings before he could complete his training Gouken told Doug he taught him as much as he could and that he had to know for himself what he wanted to use his fists for.

Gouken was delighted that after a few small suggestions Doug joined the Enji Knights. However, after a few years Gouken heard that Max', his brothers pupil had died and he came to Max's funeral to pay his respects in the place of his ill brother. To his shock he found Doug had appeared to him and request to continue the training, and this time the blond brawler was willing to commit to whatever Gouken needed him to do to get stronger. Gouken realized Doug was fixated on getting stronger, but was saddened when he saw Doug's heart had become hard through all the things he seen, and that his rage was making him become closer to Akuma. Despite how much he warned Doug, Doug seemed to be willing to embrace his anger to get the job done. Realizing Doug was dangling by a thread in to becoming a man of anger like Akuma, after hearing Doug's rouge actions on the world of Venom Gouken knew he had to step in.

While Doug refused Gouken 's words at first, after Doug's trip to Irazous Doug appeared before Gouken again, this time determined to expect Gouken's guidance. Seeking to test if Doug's resolve was true, Gouken put Doug through the ultimate enlightenment ritual of the Ansatsuken style, and after a day of Gouken dancing straight, the old man was delighted to see that Doug was able to keep his heart at peace to complete the ritual, and unlock all of his hidden potential! Gouken then observed the Enji Budokai to see just what Doug's truly wanted to do with his fists, but both master and pupil were shocked to see that Akuma appear before everyone to cut in to the Enji Budokai and demand to fight the strongest fighter! While Akuma was after Ben, Doug forced Akuma to make him his opponent! Doug was hell bent on showing everyone he was a serious contender, and fought Akuma one on one. However Gouken stepped in and made Doug expect being strong did not mean doing everything on their own, before he then forced Akuma to expect that embracing the darkness was not the path to ultimate power. Even as Akuma showed his true demonic power and become a Oni, Gouken and Doug were able to combined there power and take down the killer fighter .

From here Gouken saw that Doug make his intentions clear and Doug made his master proud when he showed that he was not going to let his anger, his disgust or anything else keep him from doing what he wanted. As Gouken let his pupil and his friends go on to fight the ultimate battle to decide the fate of the universe Gouken was happy that his teachings made a difference, and was extremely happy that he could keep on drinking.

Special moves: Yah, the moves from Street Fighter Four more or less, but to be nice, Gou Hadoken, Tatsumaki Gou Rasen, Kinite Shoryuken, Denjin Hadouken, Shin Shoryuken.

Authors Notes: I figured every adventure story needs the silly mentor, and since Master Myers was more serious, and Master Roshi from Dragon Ball would not fit, I decided Gouken would fit in since his personality had all that I was looking for in the role.

Ansem Zeon/ DiZ: Has blond hair, black eyes, and is fifty five at the start of the story.

A man passionate about his beliefs, and a man who had enough charisma to have entire galaxies fallow him. Ansem is the true founder and original president of the Zeon Federation. Ansem grew up in a noble family on the Vana'diel. In this diverse world Ansem had to quickly master the art of both combat and politics to get an edge. Ansem quickly showed he was a talented man, and had decent power only a few years after becoming a man. Ansem sought for his divided world to be untied and worked to get all the races to come to a compromise. Ansem was especially friendly to the Uchiha clan, though it might have helped that he had a soft spot for one of the prominent women in the clan, Namine Uchiha. The two found themselves falling passionately in love, but soon outside factors would force things to change, and force Ansem to shape his outlook. Ansem soon knew Garma Kaiba, the official envoy of the Lylat Kingdom to Vana'Diel. The Lylat military official quickly made his disdain for native political views known, but it was soon clear that the true thing that was causing great friction between the two men was Namine. While Namine and Ansem had been friends for years, they were both hesitant on moving their relationship forward, and so Garma was able to officially make a offer to the Uchiha clan to request that Namine be made his bride for a political marriage of goodwill to the Lylat Kingdom. Ansem was outraged at this, and made a ploy for Namine's heart. Namine admitted she loved Ansem far more then Garma, and the two recognize there love. Garma found out about this and was outraged, and told Ansem point blank that he would make his world an enemy of the government if he did not let Namine go, out right stating that a far off world like Vana'Diel had no right to interfere with the desires of a Lylat official such as Garma! Even though Garma 's actions were not sanctioned by the Lylat King, this bitter conclusion made Ansem very untrusting about the true nature of the Lylat Kingdom , and when he later learned that Namine had a child, and that she died, Ansem's bitterness grew to hatred. Not allowed any were close to any property of the Kaiba family, Ansem tried every step he could to get his world to not just be a pawn of a Lylat Kingdom, and these actions soon got him the attention of Weil Zabi.

Weil fully appealed to Ansem's disgust, and expressed his own dissatisfaction with the Lylat Kingdom. After several more meetings, Weil was enticed with Ansem's public desire to have his world annex itself from the Lylat Kingdom, and suggested that this should grow in to a movement for all worlds that don't share the desires of the Lylat Kingdom to make their stand. Ansem soon had this idea grow, till with Weil and the others he saw more and more things that the Lylat Kingdom made that he and others saw as oppressive. After the Irazous Civil war Ansem had all the proof that he needed to see that the Lylat Kingdom was forcing everyone they can to go by laws only a select few favored, and soon after officially declared a movement for planets to separate from the Lylat Kingdom and form their own loose alliance where they would be free to do things their own way. While Ansem did come up with coming up with a united fleet, he never intended to declare war. Ansem wanted a peaceful separation from the Lylat Kingdom, but he also wanted to have enough force to insure he and the others would not be bullied in to submission.

Ansem did see if the Lylat Kingdom would change its ways, but as he prepared to negotiate for peace he learned to little too late that his cohorts had far less peaceful intentions then himself. As Ansem arrived in the Twilight Space Colony to meet officials from the Lylat Kingdom he had heard that some in the newly formed Zeon Federation were not happy Ansem was willing to cave in at all. However Ansem did not think that the divisions between him and the others was that big, but he learned the hard way just how wide the gap truly was when a bomb exploded as he went to meet with the Lylat officials! It was only thanks to Enji Master Minato giving his life that Ansem was even able to escape death, and even with this he was wounded in the process and knocked out in the process.

When he came to, he saw that Weil Zabi had all ready officially declared him dead, and that a lot of Ansem's friends like Treize were murdered for being collaborators with the Lylat Kingdom! Seeing that Weil had all ready made himself president and declared war with the Lylat Kingdom, Ansem had no choice but to expect that Weil was using him and the others for his own agenda, and that once more his efforts were in vain. This brought Ansem in to total despair, and while he managed to make it to one of his outposts he nearly lost the will to live. However something happened that change Ansem's entire perspective and it was finding out that Ezan was his son. While Ansem long suspected that Namine had his child, his sources only just recently confirmed it. Realizing he could not let those who used him get away with it, Ansem decided to strike back, from the shadows, and become the enigmatic figure DiZ. DiZ was a anagram for his title as the Darkness in Zero, the name he gave himself to show he was in the depths of dark despair. As he slowly worked his way in to the inside of his enemies, he was able to get inside in to some of the actions in to the Lylat Kingdom Titans army, the Zeon Federation, and even the Organization of Dark Enji. As Ansem saw his son make waves in the war, he saw that Ezan was being targeted by many, including his own former friend Ivan, who now was one of the Elite Dark Enji and now named Vexen. Seeing that the Dark Enji were going to try and forcefully recruit Ezan, DiZ watched the invasion of Corneria carefully, and when Sephiroth nearly took over Ezan 's body DiZ intervened, and used his own Sharingan powers and a magical crystal to seal Sephiroth back in his son's body. DiZ then watched from the shadows once more, knowing that carelessly revealing himself could jeopardize everything and let either Garma or the Dark Enji secure their grip on Ezan's mind.

However, as Kira demanded that Ezan became his apprentice and DiZ realized that Kira and Garma were plotting to take control of the entire Lylat Kingdom, the founder of the Zeon Federation realized he had to at last move out of the shadows. Contacting Max to officially hire him to help him stop the Titans from succeeding in there coup of the throne, DiZ then sabotaged the patriot system to insure that the Enji did not get wiped out by order 66, and thus stopped the majority of the Salvation soldiers in their tracks! Diz then arrived in the Lylat Castle directly, just in time to see Garma order his son to kill his allies! DiZ appealed to Ezan's true nature, and even if it was the first time the two had a real conversation, Diz was able to get Ezan to see that there was more to honor then just blindly fallowing orders. An enraged Garma at once tried to kill him, but Ansem knew his "old friend" all too well, and was easily able to take down the man who stole his love away. Knowing he could not reveal himself fully, not yet at least, as DiZ he begged Ezan to think of what true honor and pride is, and what it meant to truly bring forth justice, before he once more fled in to the shadows. While Ansem knew his son still had Sephiroth inside him, he was confident that Ezan would not be taken over, and to his relief that faith was proven true after a tense situation at Vana'Diel Ezan managed to overpower Sephiroth once and for all after finding out the truth about his origins, and the truth about his mother.

While Ansem was content to remain in the shadows for a while longer, the Organization forced his hand when Vexen gave Ezan an invitation in his father's name, saying he wanted to have a reunion with his son in the far out castle in space, Castle Oblivion! Realizing he had to come out with the truth, Ansem made his own way in to the Organizations base, and found that Vexen was so fixated with becoming the ultimate life form that he created Xion, a Homunculus girl who thought Ansem was her father! Furious at the extent that his enemies had tried to alter the past and were trying to change the future, Ansem appeared before Ezan again just as Vexen was trying to kill him, and revealed his true identity to Ezan at last! After explain why he hid from his son for so long, Ansem at last showed his fury at Vexen's betrayal by using his own Mangekyou Sharingan magic to force Vexen to retreat! Ansem then begged his son's forgiveness, and swore to make things right. After seeing Ezan's own resolve, Ansem gave him his own Oblivion saber when Ezan broke his own Soul Eater Katana after he pushed himself too far when using his new Divine Joutei power. After seeing Xion have a mental breakdown, Ansem did his best to comfort the sorrowful being, even though her past was a lie. After that the time had come to settle the score with his old friend and with half the Enji found Vexen at the core of Castle Oblivion. While Vexen had the powers of the Celestial Beast Levius at his command, Ansem showed his own magic was nothing to dismiss, and made Vexen see the hard way that he did not understand things as clearly as he thought, when he brought a cold end to his relationship with the Chilly Academic.

With the plot of his enemies foiled, and Ansem at last stepping in to the light, it was at last time for Ansem to set things straight and handle the monster that he created, AKA the Zeon Federation. After talking with the Enji and King Atem, Ansem publicly revealed himself to the public, and made sure everyone heard that Weil Zabi was not caring out his will, but distorting it! Decrying that Weil had become one of the very things that he wanted the people of the Zeon federation to break away from it, and that Weil had perverted the desires of Ansem and all the others that believed in true independence, and that the backstabber had to pay for his crimes!

Weil instantly announced Ansem to be fake, but many realized that there true leader and returned to correct the wrong the usurper had righted, with the help of the Lylat Kingdom and any Zeon patriot who expected that Ansem was legit! While Weil fought bitterly to kill his enemies and once and for all prove his superiority, and while he shocked everyone with how truly brutal he was, Ansem was determined to prove to Weil that he was both a inferior leader, and a inferior man, and with the help of his son, Ben, and all the others Ansem saw that even with merging with his very ultimate weapon, his onetime collaborator could not stop himself from meeting his demise. With the Zeon Federation's army shattered and its worlds drained from fighting both the Lylat Kingdom and the Zannacross Empire Ansem instantly regained his former position.

Seeing that his previous stance on the Lylat Kingdom was one that was formed out of rage, Ansem admitted that the Lylat Kingdom may not be perfect, but those that were in charge of it intended to make things right for everyone. Ansem then convinced most of the others that it was for the best that they come back to being part of the Lylat Kingdom, for that they could be a part of the Lylat Kingdom and be respected and still be able to do things their own way. As a sigh of good faith Ansem was given a spot as one of the new Subcommittee members to insure that he and the former people of Zeon would not be unfairly treated after the war. Working with King Atem and the others from there on out, Ansem was proud that Ezan had become not only a truly elite warrior, but a elite person with a strong but kind heart, and was even able to take down Garma , the man he saw as his father for so long, with a clear heart.

As Ansem saw the coalition defeat all of their enemies and prevail over the Zannacross Empire, Ansem saw a chance for true peace not just for one group of people, but for everyone in the universe. Ansem knew it would be difficult, but he also knew that nearly everyone in space felt the same fear, the same point of being on the verge of total destruction, and that they could unite their desires and reach a understanding. For the sake of his dear Namine, Ezan, and all that believed in him Ansem was determined to insure that he would fallow his heart's desire to make that dream a reality.

Enneagram Personality type: Ansem is a type nine, which means he is a calm yet distant, but while being aloof can have a magnetic personality, as shown when he won over the people of his world, and then the entire group of worlds that would become the Zeon Federation.

Atem Lylat: The second Supreme King of the Lylat Kingdom, Atem grew up worshiping his father, the man who formed the Lylat Kingdom. Atem had nothing for respect for his father, a man who prevented the universe from splintering in to bloody anarchy. While he had nothing but respect for his father and wanted to be a man as great as him, when he saw his father get ill and die, he never even dreamed that he would try to surpass his father's legacy. However, when his father suddenly died, and Atem saw many people who wanted to inherit the throne, with less than noble intentions, Atem realized if he wanted to insure his father's legacy remained untarnished, he would make a pitch to be the next king! While young, Atem had grown up learning about politics, and with many of his father's staff being close friends with him, he was able to convince the majority of the voters in the Lylat Kingdom to vote for him, and those he fairly got elected to become the next Supreme King of the Lylat Kingdom!

While Atem tried his best, making decisions that affect trillions of people is not easy for any one, and his inexperience showed when his choices made some worlds see him as oppressive, and some see him as incompetent! While Atem strived to learn from his mistakes, his enemies from both with out and within saw that Atem was weak, and would insure they would be the true rulers. Weil Zabi and his cohorts saw Atem as to weak to keep his government together while some of the subcommittee members saw Atem as a weak naïve pawn to get their desires realized, and then be disposed of before they would take more control, while the agents of Sithantos and the Zannacross Empire saw Atem as another hopeless dreamer that was too weak to withstand the wrath of the darkness. However, while Atem was nearly overwhelmed at having to deal with a sudden galactic Civil war and many intense threats, Atem was determined to not make a mockery of the Lylat Kingdom that his father and the others worked for was not all in vain, and was determined to work closely with Master Myers and the rest of the Enji, and his friends like Mahado and Simon to overcome this massive crises. While Atem valued peace more than anything, he also knew that letting others bully their views on others was worst then fighting, and so Atem was prepared to make guide his people to victory no matter how tough a time he was in for.

Seeing Ben and the others personally fight to defend him even in the face of certain death steeled Atem's resolve, and made him realize just how important it was that he did his job. As the war progressed, and got harsher by the day, some of the members of his government, including members of the Subcommittee suggested that Atem stop trying to negotiate with Weil and the Zeon Federation and just resume talks after they were defeated. But, even if it became less and less likely that Weil would ever stop fighting willfully, Atem insisted on not descending in to acting like concurred, or everything that Weil said would be true. Even in the face of Xehamaru's brutal invasion, Atem did not succumb to fear and was even more determined to insure that the outcome of this war would not just be despair.

However, despite Atem 's best efforts to stick to his ideology, some of his staff showed they were tired of his hopeful, weak approach to the war, and wanted him removed so that they could see the war end , " Properly". While Atem was mortified to hear that Ben had become the mad warrior Darth Idious, he was even more horrified when Kira appeared in front of him to say he was usurping him to become the new Supreme King, and force the universe to expect the harsh reality of his rule! While Atem was incased in carbonate for a bit, when he awoke he was glad to see it was not for his execution, but that the Enji had overcome the vicious betrayal and worked with those who still saw Atem as the rightful king to force Kira and the Titans to retreat! Seeing that the extremist in his own government had nearly unraveled all that he had worked for, rather than try and hide this, Atem came clean about Kira 's rebellion, though he did give out a story that Ben was more solely brainwashed by Kira to insure that the masses did not lose faith in their hero. Atem admitted that the Titans and their supporters nearly turned the Lylat Kingdom in to what their enemies portrayed it as, however the fact that so many people in both the military and the public chose to remain loyal to Atem and the Enji proved to him that the ideals he and his supporters believed in were worth fighting for, even if it was harder to realize theses ideals then the ideologies of the Titans.

Atem worked even harder to guide his people to victory, and while for a while things seemed hopeless, Atem's resolve at last paid off. After the events of Castle Oblivion, Ansem had at last revealed he was alive, and confronted his onetime adversary. While Ansem had not agreed with everything Atem had did, he respected the man's dedication, and had seen that throughout the war Atem was willing to stick to his beliefs and have a equal government for everyone that was ruled by a strong leader, a leader that would do more than say great things, but do great things. And so with this sigh of respect Ansem helped Atem take down the Zeon Federation, and end Weil's madness. True to his word, Atem pardoned most Zeon worlds and people, and only punished those who directly and willfully caused injustice to others. After all, despite this victory there was no time for humans to waste time fighting each other.

Atem may have proved to be the better leader among men, but now it was time to show he could overcome the wrath of god, for the Zannacross Empire was getting closer to unleashing the Armageddon on the entire dimension! Atem did his best to rally all mortals to overcome their demonic opponents, but despite his, Ben's and the Enji Knights best efforts in the end they were unable to stop the true devil, Chaos Zannacross Necron from being revived! The supreme god of darkness wrath was so great that heaven itself was shattered! However even as the Ethereal Queen of Light Cosmos was killed, even as half the population of the entire universe was killed instantly on the whim of the embodiment of doomsday, and even as the universe was slowly being erased, Atem refused to fall in to despair and kneel in submission to his ultimate enemy. As hopeless as it seemed Atem refused to concede to Zannacross that humans were a failed existence that had no future, he refused to give up on the belief he had for mortals to improve things even if it was at a slower pace than even their own creator could stand. While Atem did not fight in the final battle for the universe, he did his best to keep his people calm. While he could not keep everyone from falling in to panic, he did keep enough people calm so that the people of the Lylat Kingdom mostly kept together and did not get consumed with such fear that they transformed in to Necrocalcous. Though this was small, this did help the hero's have slightly less enemies to deal with, and helped Ben and the others win their ultimate battle!

In the end Atem managed to emerge the victor of the Cosmic War, and showed that mankind and other mortals could overcome their differences to form a power that even the devil at the height of his power could not surpass! Now that Atem and the Lylat Kingdom had survived the Cosmic War, the true test was to prove to Zannacross and all other doubters that this unity was not just a act of desperation, but a real possible existence. Atem knew it would be difficult, but he would devout the rest of his life to proving to everyone that the true truth was that people could put aside their differences to make a place where everyone could live in harmony as long as they could remember to not give in to their impulses.

Atem does have a decent array of magic spells, though he is no sage wizard he can defend himself, and has an array of monsters he can summon to his defense. After proving he was a true king, he can dig in to the power of the Millennium Puzzle to summon the three celestial summon beasts, Oblisk the Tormenter, Zodairk the Sky Dragon and the Supreme Dragon Bahamut Ultima! As powerful as theses monsters are, they can fuse in to the celestial guarding of Corneria, the angel Halakti! While it's not a battle skill, Atem is also known as the King of Games, a title he was given when he beat the CEO of Industrial Illusions, Pegasus J Crawford at his own card game, Dual Monsters.

Enngarm Personality Type: Atem has the personality type of a three, and that means he is driven, , efficient, principled, and adaptable, the kind of traits one needs to be a good ruler.

Authors Notes: I know it may seem to be an odd choice to make the Pharaoh from Yu Gi Oh the king of the universe but, eh, I respected his character in the entire show, and figured, why not? At least I did not have him duel on a moto (Gets shot, rubs jaw) Right, moving on.

Gilgamesh: The multi armed blue skinned red wearing swordsman who is obsessed with being the ultimate master of the sword. Once was an enemy of the Enji Bartz Klauser and served as the henchmen of the evil mage Exdeath. However, Gilgamesh was betrayed by his master when he no longer was useful and banished to the Inter dimensional Rift, and realized that Bartz and his allies treated him then his own allies, he committed a brave act and sacrificed himself to take down Exdeath 's minion so that the warriors of Dawn could stop Exdeath from unleashing the power of the void. His valiant sacrifice was noticed by those above, and while he did commit many evil acts in the name of Exdeath, it was realized that his good acts outweighed his evil deeds, and the angels gave him a chance to redeem himself and be expected in to heaven. Gilgamesh was ecstatic to have a chance to not spend the rest of existence being tormented alongside his former chums, and took up the offer. After appearing as a ghost in a few worlds for a brief period of time, Gilgamesh was chosen by the angels to be the one to test one who would stumble in to the shrines of the legendary Star Sword, the temples of the chosen one. While at first glance he might not seem like the most worthy candidate, despite his goofy nature he could be a formable swordsmen when pushed seriously, and yet he was not so formable that a rookie would not be able to have any hope of victory.

Gilgamesh knew that beggars could not be choosers, and sighed up for the role, knowing it would only be a stray chance of it working out. But, Gilgamesh was brought in to action faster than he expected, when Ben appeared before him in the Mushroom Kingdom Shrine! Gilgamesh thought Ben was a timed mouse of fighter, but Ben proved he had more skill then his weary first impression let on, and he was able to push land some blows on the swordsmen! While Gilgamesh could have used his full power, he relented to give the rookie hero some time to improve. While it was a tough call to see if someone is worthy of being a chosen hero, especially someone who's own history in heroism is a bit lacking, Gilgamesh saw that Ben had determination to keep fighting in the mist of trouble, and had the same kind but firm heart that Bartz had, and thus made the call that Ben was indeed the worthy successor to the Star Sword. To Gilgamesh's relief his hunch was right, and Ben showed the swordsmen's "reviewers" that Gilgamesh was not delusional, as be it fate or just luck Ben kept stumbling in to the shrines of the Star Sword, and fought the warriors Gilgamesh presented, or forgot to present on Mobius, Hyule, SR-388, and Cetra, and defeated Leon, General Leo, Asch, and Zack to prove he was getting better. Gilgamesh was impressed with Ben's progress, and saw that the young lad was determined to live up to his legacy.

While it took a while, many months after Ben past the last test he was able to meet the sword master on his own home world of Corneria. While Gilgamesh saw that Ben had let the dark side consume him, he knew what it was like to be manipulated in to fighting for evil, and knew that even being stained with blood; he still was a good man. As Gilgamesh saw that Ben had Lacus with him, he, his sidekick Enkidu and the former rival of Master Myers, the armored warrior Garland the official guarding of the Star Sword fought Ben in a three on two battle for his final, or almost final test as the chosen hero! While Gilgamesh used his full power this time, and all the swords he could muster, Ben showed just how much progress he made at the time, and with the help of Lacus he past the final trail! Gilgamesh was proud that Ben had come so far, and for helping Ben become more of a hero, his deal was honored, and he was allowed to be expected in to heaven. Now seen s a redeemed hero, Gilgamesh was so grateful for Ben letting him give him this chance that he let Ben keep the Star Sword, a choice that Gilgamesh laments over every day, for a second at least.

Authors Notes: it may have seemed odd for Gilgamesh to have been given the role as Ben's celestial tester, but Gilgamesh was always a enjoyable aspect of the Final Fantasy series, and I figured this would be a good way to give him a role in this series.

Gabriel Celestial: One of Cosmos's elder angels, and also one of the most powerful angels. Leads the heavily army, and has seen humans and others mortals live their lives for millions of years. While disappointed in the selfishness of humans and the sins that they and the various other mortals would create, seeing the love and kindness that they could have for each other caused him to have faith that they were not irredeemable and he refused to believe that the only fate they deserved was to be wiped out. Seeing that Zannacross and his demonic armies fiercely disagreed with him and Cosmos, Gabriel was one of the first angels to volunteer to fight on the side of the light, and quickly became a legendary demon slayer with titles such as the " Sword of Heaven". While at first not thinking humans would be able to handle fighting against elite demons, seeing Seyia and his friends push their selves to their limits to reach power levels as strong as demons and angels made Gabriel truly respect the power of the human spirit, and he became close friends with Seyia, Kamina and the others.

Seeing Seyia make the ultimate sacrifice to defeat Zannacross, Gabriel honored his and the others wish, and insured that Seyia's sword, the Divine Nova would not be misused by any unworthy successor, and created the Tower of Destiny to insure such power would only be unsealed in a time that was just as intense as what caused the need for the sword in the first place. To his and the others angels dread, that time did occur, as millions of years later the fallows of Zannacross were getting dangerously close to reviving there master!

Seeing how dire things had become Gabriel had descended to the mortal realm with others to insure that the doomsday did not occur. While seeing that Ben was a bit more, anxious then Seyia he saw that Ben was a strong kind hearted man who was determined to not give up no matter how hard things got. Seeing that Ben had past all the tests and challenges before him, Gabriel expected Ben and opened the Hyperspace wormhole to Earth Prime so that Ben could take his final test.

While things spiraled horribly out of control Ben managed to prove himself to be just a great hero as Seyia as he managed to unleash the power of the Divine Nova and realize the ultimate power of the savior! While even with this Ben was not able to stop Chaos Zannacross Necron form returning, Gabriel refused to concede that Zannacross was right about the truth nature of living things. Even as Cosmos was broken and Heaven was destroyed, Gabriel still held on to faith Cosmos had for humans, and believed in Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar even as things seemed hopeless. As he fought bravely for the ultimate battle in the cosmos, Gabriel was glad to see that his faith was not unfounded as Ben proved Cosmos and all others that shared her belief right as he overcame Zannacross and showed that humans and the others true strength was greater than there dark desires.

Authors Notes: Gabriel Celestial is from the Star Ocean games, and since he was quite a pain to beat in most of them, I figured he would be a formable angel to have the title of "The Sword of Heaven".

Cosmos The Ethereal Queen of Light:

The ruler of heaven, one of the cosmic entities that make up the universe, and the being most mortals perceive as god of the universe, a perception that is not entirely wrong but not entirely true either. She is one of the first beings to have self awareness, and had seen the formation of reality itself. Zannacross was the first person she knew, and the two have had a very unique, relationship throughout history. She and Zannacross created mortal beings to observe life, and while Cosmos looked at them as a caring mother, Zannacross saw all mortals through the lenses of a strict demanding father. Where Zannacross demanded perfection, Cosmos let mortals make their own mistakes and grow from the experience. When the first group of mortals tried to become gods and overtake Cosmos, it seemed that Zannacross was right about their hungry desire for power and Cosmos had no choice but to supreme existence in to separate realms. However, while after this Zannacross would never again respect humanity or any other being, Cosmos knew that man and his kind were mostly just trying to prove their own worth. While knowing there were those that were dominated by their dark desires, she also knew there were those who just wanted to improve themselves and improve the lives of others.

To help give those who truly wanted to evolve themselves have a shot at seeing their dreams become reality, Cosmos gave several objects that had fragments of her power, like crystals and objects like the Tri-Force, the Dragon Balls, The Cosmic Cube Tessaract, the Zohar Monolith, and others to give mortals the chance to receive greater power and information and surpass the limits they currently have. In addition Cosmos created countless angels, archangels Kais, and other guarding and entities to be her envoys and overseers to guide people. While Cosmos was saddened by the countless mistakes and sins her children would make, and was even more upset that countless sins were made in the name of god by people who had no idea of what she wanted, she knew that sometimes the greater the pain, the greater the lesson that people would have learned, and that this pain was sometimes worth it if it brought a greater understanding to others. She knew that it was a slow progress, but she truly believes that humans can reach a state of paradise on their own. However, Zannacross has always rejected this idea, and after humans caused the doorway to hell to open and cause a pan-dimensional breach through their own greed and ego, Zannacross had decided that Cosmos was hopelessly deluded and that it was time to terminate her mistake.

As Zannacross descended in to the mortal realm personally to unleash his judgment Cosmos knew that billions of lives wished she would stop him. But, as much as it pained her to see so many lives be in despair she knew she could not. For one thing while few understood this, both she and Zannacross were the very embodiments of reality, of light and darkness, of space and time and more. Even if the power Cosmos unleashed to subdue Zannacross did not cause the space time continuum to collapse, it would still cause massive damage to the realms. While Zannacross may not have cared about such a outcome, Cosmos did. Cosmos knew she could have used her power to insure that things did not get this dire, but she knew that just forcing reality to bend to her will would make her just like Zannacross and the many tyrants and madmen that worshiped him. Despite this, Cosmos was not just going to let Zannacross have his way, and used her power in an indirect way to show Zannacross she was not just being blind about the true nature of humanity. Seeing the strength that the champions of man had she gave them portions of her power to decide their own future, such as the Divine Nova Sword that she gave Seyia or the Golden Imperia Crystal that she gave Serenity.

Cosmos was relieved to see her champions prove her right, but knew that it would not be over so easily. After all, part of the reason Cosmos could not destroy Zannacross was because in a way, he was part of her, for they were both part of the very fabric of the universe. Cosmos was the anima, the ego of the conscious of the universe, and Zannacross was her animus, her id, her shadow. Light could not exist without darkness, and as long as there was desire in the heart of living things Zannacross would exist. However, on the flipside that also meant that Zannacross could never truly destroy her, and so as Zannacross was sealed away partly by her own power, she knew that this would not be a total solution, and just tried to see if mortals could learn from their mistakes.

As millions of years past and mortals once more became consumed with their own desires it seemed that Zannacross might have been right, after all his supporters were so great that they were able to revive him! As the wicked master of evil forced open a portal to heaven he got the moment he had been waiting millions of years for, his reunion with Cosmos. Willing to risk everything to prove her point, Cosmos gave a major part of her power to the new saviors of humanity, Lacus and Ben in the forms of the Divine Mugen Nova sword and the Golden Imperia Crystal. While this allowed Zannacross to overpower her and absorb her very essence Cosmos knew that what would truly decide the fate of all there was is if the creations of god, man, could use their power to break the cycle of fate, and decide their true nature once and for all. Even Cosmos was relieved that she was not wrong when Ben Lacus and the others manage to take down Zannacross even as he had the essence of all evil in him, and the queen of light had seen that there was hope yet that mortals could surpass there limits and slowly evolve to a true utopia.

Authors Notes: I figured Cosmos would fit this role nicely, and unlike Dissida, she was mostly the real deal. I know those who are more uptight about god and all might not agree with how I put things but just remember, it's just a story.

the Supreme Being: Known as God, the Truth, the Source, the one above all, and many more titles, is the true ultimate being of existence and the one being who's above Cosmos and Zannacross. Existence since the start of reality, if not before it, existed as a all powerful but lifeless entity for a unknown amount of time before developing feelings like loneliness, and split its essence to have interaction. From this the Big Bang was created, and slowly but surely Cosmos and Zannacross, and all existence developed from there. Cosmos is the only being who was aware of her " father". In ways the Supreme being is part of everything there is, and has a complex existence. The reality is that the Supreme Being, Cosmos and Zannacross form the divine triad that balance the very core of all existence. Where the Universes is the body of existence, these three are like its mind and Brain, and that would make all the other living things in the universe to be its blood cells.

Watching from between the nexus of chaos and order itself, the Supreme Being let Cosmos be seen by others as the god of existence, as it watched living beings define there lives, seeing what would define god, and define the value of life itself.

Seeing the never ending war between light and darkness with a distant eye, the Supreme Being was just curious with seeing what was truly the superior nature. Even he would never think Zannacross would get so powerful that he would challenge his dominance for being the absolute ruler of all there was. But as Zannacross tried to absorb the axis of time the Supreme Being decided to respect Cosmos's decision and let the mortals decide what the true nature of life is. Pretending to let Zannacross think he absorbed him in to his being, the wounded divine being saw Ben overcome Zannacross.

the Chain reaction brought by Zannacross 's defeat put even the Supreme Being at risk, and to show that he was grateful at Ben and Lacus 's efforts he revived Lacus 's body and spirit, and also revived everyone that Zannacross killed when he was free, since the massive amount of deaths he caused was a unnatural act.

Seeing that Ben had managed to unite most of the living beings of the Universes to overcome the ultimate embodiment of darkness, the " Truth" was content in seeing that the truth of life was one of determination to succeed, and taunted Zannacross once more for his foolishness before letting his dark counterpart be sealed for all time.

Authors Notes: Once more, if you have issues with how I made the god if this story be, just remember, its not real.

Chad Mayan: A hero from another dimension that has the power to alter the reality. Ben met him in one of the simulations that Castle Oblivion displayed. Is on his own intense adventure, not sure how it will go though, all attempts to fallow up on this indicated that this Chad may have gone insane due to a demonic being, reports say he might have been killed by the Slender Man, hopefully those reports will be able to be verified soon so that this report can be updated.

Authors Notes: Lol, Chad's story was one of the stories that gave me inspiration and courage to publicly present Tales of the Cosmic Wars. I do hope that this summery can be updated one day 0-0.

All right, seeing how long this is, I think the villain side will be separate, I figured this would be the best, guide for the antagonist coming soon.

As I said, when I said ultimate, I was not kidding about going all out for my final character guide lol.