As some of you may know yesterday, June 6 2009, the final Code Geass episode played in English. The end touched me, and inspired me to write this, so if you have not finished Code Geass DON'T read this, there are spoilers. Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass


Written by EnergyEmber

Once upon a time there was a story. A story built on a foundation of lies and deceit. The hero of this story was Lelouch, a young man who was both a prince and a prisoner. His world was filled with war and all he wanted was a world where his sister could be happy. Then one day the young man received a power to become the hero he was destined to become, and on that day his elaborate strategy had begun. The hero sought the truth behind the deceit and hatred that ruled his world. When he finally found what he had been searching for peace had slipped from his grasp forever. Thus to bring peace to his world, the hero chose to become the villain.

Once upon a time there was a story. A story created by a hero, where he was the villain by the use of his own power. He used the lies that filled his world to wrap himself in an unbreakable mask. The hero became the villain. An ally hidden behind the mask of the hero killed the villain. If the hero's sacrifice was ever know, it would have all been for naught, a poetic ending for any hero.

Once upon a time there was a story. A story of a hero who was killed by his best friend because the hero asked him to, in order to give a world full of hatred a hero to believe in. The hero gave the world a villain that no one sided with, which brought a broken world together. A tragic end for a tragic hero, yet the villain died smiling.

Once upon a time there was a hero who became a villain to save a world.

Rest in Peace Lelouch, as you watch in silence over the world you saved.


Written by Torchwood007

Here lies Lelouch V. Brittania, unmasked villain and unspoken hero of the new era of peace and unity. Without his brief reign of tyranny, the nations of the world would have never come together as one to defeat a common foe and unite around a common hero. Without him, this era of peace would not exist. We may not speak it aloud, but we thank you, Lelouch.
Requiem in pace, mihi amicus

Rest in peace Lelouch V. Brittania

Forever Immortalized with the Heart of a Hero