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Bella's History

It's the night before my first day at Forks high school. I don't sleep so I could not let oblivion take me away from my nerves and frustrations for a few hours. I was not looking forward to high school, again. But the younger I pretended to be the longer I could stay before my appearance raised suspicions and questions among the humans in this town. I sighed.

My name is Bella Swan. I'm either 19, or 80, or 99 years old, depending on your point of view. I was 19 years old when I was turned into a Vampire, though I do not remember the details. I've been a vampire for about 80 years now. I lived alone, with paperwork claiming my emancipated so I did not have to hide that I did not have a "parent" living with me when I started pretending to be younger than 18. But I could never start younger than 16, which meant a junior in high school.

Why if I'm a vampire do I attend school? Simple, I do not enjoy complete loneliness. I was the only non-human blood drinker I had ever met. Despite being alone when I awoke, I have never tasted human blood. At first, I feared I was slightly attracted to it, and I kept my distance from humans for my first few months. But I came to discover that the sent had very little allure to me. I did not know why, and all other vampires I had come across had been puzzled by it.

After learning to survive on animal blood, and to completely control myself around humans, not only the instinct to drink, which was almost non existent, but also my behavior, I returned to civilization. I chose to get a night job in a big city, New York, a complete unoriginal idea, but still. I worked at warehouses and later at other places. I managed to save up enough funds to go to college so I could get a well-paying job when I moved and started over. I chose law school, again, unoriginal, but it worked for me.

I moved to a city in Michigan to start over, forging some papers for replicating my law degree. I chose to work for the entire time I was there, sometimes working two jobs, just to save up money for the future so when I played a high school student I wouldn't be scraping a living. I wanted to live well. I invested with recommendations from a psychic vampire friend of mine, making good returns on them. When I left to start again, I played a high school student, but still worked at night.

Eventually I earned additional degrees in journalism, which was perfect for night jobs, psychology, and even a medical degree. What was not commonly known is that I specialized in non-human medicine. Shape-shifters, vampires, and other "mythical" beings I had met or hear of over the years. My dad, Charlie Swan, was friends with a Quilite tribe elder, who I discovered was a werefolf, or shape-shifter with wolf form. Some years after I had moved away from Forks, where I grew up human, Billy had contacted me for help. Some nomad vampires had caused trouble for the wolves and needed medical attention, even with their quick healing. They were not human and therefore could not go to a hospital, the human doctors would know something was wrong. Since they knew my dad, and my story, they called me, even knowing I was a vampire. That's when I first heard rumors of the Olympic coven.

I do have a beyond normal "power". It's a shield, protecting me from the abilities of other vampires. Not only mental powers, but physical attacks. I can even attack with my physical shield and "throw" back a possible attacker. I can also create an illusion of myself, making people see me doing something, or looking like something I'm not. I can't keep the illusion up for long and a large group of people, so I can't put up an illusion and take a stroll in a public area in the daylight, but I can go from my car to a building during the daylight. I also had some mild healing ability to heal other people, or so my mythical patients and friends had told me seeing me work with humans and some for themselves.

Now I was in Forks, a small town in Washington. I'd heard from a nomad friend of mine, Charlotte, that there was a coven of vampires in the state that were "vegetarian", or non-human blood drinkers. I'd never called myself that until she mentioned it, but quickly adopted the term for myself. I was hoping I might run into them someday, but I did not currently plan to track them down. I'd chosen Forks because that's where I'd found a house I really liked, and was big enough to hold my possessions, and it was my old hometown.

I had the living room, with ideal comfort sitting unnecessary for me, flat screen TV, state-of-the-art game systems and stereo. A dinning room that looked like it came from a magazine cover, with a kitchen to match. I even had non-perishable foods stalked in the cupboards incase of visitors. The fridge was stalked with blood, some animal and some human, in jars that hid their contents. I kept a sore of blood to keep extended hunting trips to a minimum, and the human blood was donated blood I scammed into getting to have in case my non-vegetarian friends came for a visit. I had a library that was loaded with tons of books, when I didn't have a night job my nights could get very boring as I did not require sleep. I had 4 bedrooms, furnished for non existent company. The master bedroom had a closet stalked with enough clothes to fund a sore, as my different positions and identities require different wardrobes and I hate shopping so I keep my old wardrobes for reuse. The bathroom had a Jacuzzi-tub, shower, the works. I liked to take a relaxing bath since I often worked myself hard. My music room had my old records, tapes, and now CD's, as well as a piano and guitar which I barely play, but they're my next project.

The garage was big enough to house 5 cars. I had 3 at the moment. A purple sports car, a lime green jeep, and a black luxury car, all had cost more than two hundred thousand dollars. My baby, my purple car, had blue flames painted on the sides, not a huge design, just a narrow band like space ships' engines. I planned on driving my black car in Forks, it was the least noticeable, but still the students would be gawking tomorrow. Maybe I should get a more modest car, to avoid that attention later on.

Looking up, I notice that time has finally passed, and it's finally time to dress for school. I pick out a comfortable, but designer, jeans in dark denim, a basic blood red blouse, long sleeves, and a midnight blue rain jacket. Slipping on my black boots, I grab my backpack, complete with a binder, writing utensils, and my file, and fly down the stairs. I take my key to my black car out and drive off, at a snails pace of 90 miles an hour, but no need to risk getting a speeding ticket, so I'd wait till I learned the roads and speed traps better.

Now, my first day as a high school junior at Forks high began.

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