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Annie, Claire, and Vanessa were heading to the beach for time away from their world. The girls lived in Port Angles and were part of the three rich families in Washington. Since all three pairs of parents were strict, the girls were only allowed to hang out with other rich girls. So, to get away, they went to La Push for sun and beach.

"Now this is relaxing." Vanessa sighed watching the people go by.

"Um-hmm." Claire agreed as she got her beach chair ready for sun bathing.

"Yeah, it's loads of fun." Annie chimed in taking out her book.

"Put that darn thing away, you are suppose to be hanging with us, not reading Shakespeare." Vanessa groaned. "Come on, let's go for a swim." All the sudden, storm clouds came rolling in.

"Shoot, there goes our day." Claire sighed pushing her brown curls out of her eyes.

"No it isn't. So what if we can't sun bathe? We can still go for a swim." Vanessa told them. Not even a hurricane would ruin her get of jail day.

"Let's just go swim." Annie sighed knowing that Vanessa wouldn't let her get back to Romeo and Juliet's wedding. So, the three brown haired girls went and dove through waves for an hour. It was raining hard when they decided to stop.

"Now, it's time for shopping." Vanessa informed them. All of the sudden, thunder and lightening started too. "Come on, let's get out of this.

"Yeah, let's make Nessa's new car all wet." Claire agreed. On the way to the car, the girls bumped into three extremely tall brothers. "Hi, sorry."

"Wow, you're pretty." One of the brothers stated.

"Yeah." The other two agreed looking at Vanessa/Annie.

"Thanks." The three girls said together.

"Were you leaving? Because if you weren't, you could come and hang with us at my house." The first talker offered.

"Sure." Claire agreed.

"Sounds nice." Vanessa added.

"I can't, my mom needs me to be home." Annie lied.

"She'll survive." The other two told her each taking one of Annie's shoulders and dragging her along.

They found out that the boys were named Jacob, Embry, and Quil and were invited back as soon as they could come. So, Vanessa and Claire went back every day, but Annie decided that she didn't like La Push for some weird reason. These girls didn't know how much they would get involved with their La Push friends.