Before I start, remember that I don't own Twilight and this is only made up.

Annie was surprised how fast the time went when she was with Embry. Pretty soon, it was the final show for "A Midsummer's Night Dream".

"What's the plan for after this?" Embry wondered.

"We can keep dating, if you want." Annie offered.

"Great, can I pick you up after I finish school on Monday?" Embry begged.

"That won't be necessary, Call. She won't be there." Ryan stated butting in.

"What do you mean I won't be there? I'm not planning on taking any trips." Annie demanded.

"Remember when I told you about the Mamma Mia auditions? Well, I got the dates wrong and it's this week that they are having auditions." Ryan explained.

"I still don't want to go." Annie told him.

"You don't have a choice, your parents are packing your things right now and we are leaving after the show." Ryan smiled putting a hand on her shoulder.

"You can't make…" Annie started.

"I have people at every door and I plan to not let you out of my sight all night." Ryan assured her.

"Fine, I'll call you when I can!" Annie exclaimed.

"We still have the rest of the show to be together." Embry reminded her taking Annie's hands. That's exactly what they did too.

Meanwhile, Quil was at Claire's trying to calm her down.

"What happened?" Quil asked rubbing her back.

"H….e….b….b….bro…" Claire tried between sobs.

"He broke up with you." Quil figured out hugging her. When she heard that, Claire started crying even more. "Do you need anything, tissues, chocolate…an axe murderer?"

"Axe murderer?" Claire laughed the tears still falling down her face.

"Yeah, I can get you an axe murderer if you want." Quil offered.

"Maybe." Claire teased making Quil sigh. Of course, the girl he imprinted on has a sense of humor even when she's upset.

"How about we think of what we should do over hot chocolate?" Quil offered knowing the perfect spot.

"Sounds good, I'll get my…" Claire started.

"Nope, my treat." Quil fought taking her arm and leading the way out. By the end of that night, there wasn't a single tear in Claire's eyes.