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Most muggle parents are protective; but they are nothing to wizarding parents. With wizards, one wrong friendship could be an all out feud. Especially in the time of the Marauders, this brings me to a great story. Not many know that Lucius had a little sister or that James had a twin.

When Lucius's little sister was born she was the tiniest and weakest baby at Saint Mungo's. But, her cry touched everyone's heart. So, they named her Aurora, after the goddess of the dawn. As she grew her first few months, even Lucius noticed how his bouncing baby sister was very fragile and weak. So, they made sure that Aurora was always under watch, which meant that she couldn't go to pre-Hogwarts private school, like her brother. But, she started putting her foot down the spring of her eleventh birthday.

"Daddy, why can't I go to Hogwarts?" Aurora demanded the night of the school carnival.

"Cookie, you aren't ready." Abraxton (her father) sighed.

"I'm getting better." Aurora tried pushing back her white-blonde hair.

"Why don't you write to Horace and ask him to keep an eye on her?" Her mother chimed in.

"Libitina, who's side are you on?" Abraxton demanded.

"Aurora's, she's been able to stay up until eleven and still be rejuvenated the next day." Libitina told him.

"Mum's right Daddy, I can do this." Aurora begged.

"Fine, we will try the carnival tonight. But, if you can't last, Cookie, you will learn from tutors." Abraxton caved. Then Aurora hurried away.

That night, Aurora almost ran out of the carriage when they landed at Hogwarts.

"My first carnival, it looks just like I thought!" Aurora squealed.

"Stick with us Aurora; we don't want you to get over-excited." Libitina warned

"What happened to her being strong enough?" Abraxton teased.

"Ah, Abraxton and Libitina, it's wonderful that you two could make it." A man that looked a lot like a walrus called walking over.

"Horace, it's so nice to see you again." Abraxton smiled shaking his hand.

"Did you decide to…oh no, this little angel must be Aurora." Professor Slughorn noticed.

"Yes sir." Aurora whispered curtsying.

"She's definitely your daughter, Libitina." Professor Slughorn laughed. "Would you two like to join the rest of the parents? We are having quite a lot of fun."

"I wish we could, but we have to stay with Aurora." Libitina replied.

"I can take care of myself." Aurora tried.

"No!" Both her parents fought.

"She can find Lucius." Professor Slughorn helped.

"Alright, we're trusting you Aurora. Go and find Lucius and never leave his side." Abraxton ordered. So, Aurora ran away to look for her brother.

When she found him, the first place they went was the carousel.

"Dad took me on this the first time we came here and it's my favorite memory…before Hogwarts." Lucius explained.

"Really, this is your favorite pre-Hogwarts memory? It looks kind of boring." Aurora noticed.

"It is, but you have to walk before you run." Lucius told her. When they got on, he led her to a beautiful white hippogriff with pink wings. On the top of the pole there was a flag that said Aurora. "Dad had an animal named after both of us because he's a school governor. Mine's a dragon."

"This is so cool!" Aurora squealed. Lucius helped her up and sat on the bench next to it. "Don't you want to ride an animal?"

"No, I want to be near you if you fall." Lucius explained.

"Over-protective fool." Aurora mumbled. Then the ride started.

About half way through, she saw him. Standing in the line were two boys with messy black hair. One had glasses while the other didn't. The next time she got to them, she saw that the one without glasses was looking right at her and…he waved! So, she waved back and fell off when the ride stopped. She looked up to see his twin laughing.

"Aurora, are you okay?" Lucius gasped jumping up and helping her up.

"I'm fine." Aurora sighed dusting herself off.

"Come on, why don't we get you something to eat?" Lucius offered guiding her off the carousel.

"I'm not…" she started.

"Fine then, what happened?" Lucius interrupted.

"I got distracted and let go." Aurora blushed.

"Pay more attention next time." Lucius sighed shaking his head as they went out the exit.

"I can walk, you know." Aurora returned.

"How about if we don't mention this to Mum and Dad?" Lucius smiled.

"Sounds good to me." Aurora giggled. Then they went to find a new ride.

A month passed and Aurora was starting to get more freedom. By the time May came around, she was allowed to go down into the town surrounding the manor and was allowed to go to pre-Hogwarts Wizarding School. There she met Selena Black, Sirius Black, Jacob Mulciber, Louis Avery, Augustus Rookwood, Alecto Carrow, and Eileen Parkinson. This was great news for Abraxton and Libitina.

"She's a social butterfly." Libitina grinned watching the carriage leave for the last day.

"I always knew she'd go far." Abraxton agreed.

"It's so great to see she's fitting in." Libitina nodded.

"Our little baby's growing up." Abraxton sighed. Then he had to get ready for work.

"Hey Lena." Aurora smiled sitting down.

"Hey Chica, you ready to get a mentor?" Selena wondered turning to her.

"Yeah, another time when my brother my brother can tell me what to do." Aurora groaned.

"He's better than Lena's sister, Bellatrix." Sirius chimed in.

"Oh, I met her." Alecto added in. "She seems nice."

"What world do you live in?" Sirius demanded as the carriage landed.

"Well, I hope that we are all in Slytherin." Augustus said once they were inside.

"I don't hope that, Slytherin is horrible." Sirius explained.

"No, it's the best." Augustus frowned.

"If you are evil." Sirius added.

"What house do you want to be in, oh wonderful one?"


"Gryffindor! All the weirdo freaks go there."

"Guys, can you stop?" Aurora tried starting to get anxious.

"No, being brave doesn't make you a freak, being in Slytherin does." Sirius retaliated.

"Being too brave is freaky." Augustus spat.

"There's no such thing as being too brave."


"It's better than being a slimy, manipulative, git!"

"Guys, come on." Aurora begged. No one heard her because they started muggle fighting. All the sudden, Aurora fainted and everyone stopped to help her. Except Sirius, who ran to class.

When she woke up, she was in a room she had never seen before. She also noticed that two boys were sitting next to the bed. One of the boys had dark brown hair and was helping the other boy with black hair dab something on his black eye.

"Augustus?" She wondered in a weak voice.

"Rora!" Augustus exclaimed jumping up and getting down to her level.

"Where's everyone else?" Aurora asked.

"They're meeting mentors." The boy still sitting explained.

"The freak's cousin wanted to stay but I told her not to." Augustus explained.

"No, I want to talk to Lena." Aurora informed him.

"I'll get her." The boy offered standing up and leaving.

"Thanks Antonin." Augustus called after him. "Don't worry, he's not a friend of your brother's."

"Good, I don't want anyone over-reacting and make their mentor help watch a girl in a coma." Aurora teased.

"Welcome back Rora." Augustus laughed.

"Aurora!" Selena squealed running in.

"Hey Selena." Aurora grinned getting up.

"Don't get up, you're weak." Selena argued hurrying to her side.

"I'm fine, can we share mentors?" Aurora begged.

"IF you lay back down." Selena agreed. So, Aurora laid down and all was good.