Sorry I haven't been updating my stories, I have been trying to finish them one at a time. But, I am also so close to finishing my original story, Vampire Moon, and hope to get it published. So I have not abandoned them, just am focussing on other things.

Also, I have exams in January, as well as turning 17, so have to revise. So I amy very busy. I will write more but I do enjoy reading all your nice comments on these stories.

All my really old stuff is abandoned as my computer wiped it all. I may start again someday.

If you want to see anything else of mine you can find the covers for all FFs I have written or have planned here:

s609 . photobucket albums / tt174 / Beanacre0 / (obviously removing the spaces)

and my videos:

www . youtube user / BelleandBuster4Eva

Thanks for sticking with me

Love You all