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Shmi Skywalker groaned, shifting in her bonds.
What was in store for her today, she wonderd. What horrors, what tortures would the animals subject her to? What must she endure?
A rustling sound announced to her beaten ears the arrival of a Tusken. It bent towards her, holding something that her eyes, glued closed with caked blood, couldn't make out. Whatever it was, it felt cool. Sharp. She stiffened, awaiting the stinging bite of the weapon against her flesh.
It cut deep, bringing bubbling blood forth from Shmi's cheek. She tried to scream in her agony, but her throat was too starved of moisture. The sharp moved towards her stomach. No... No... No! She wanted to lash out, rip the sharp from the Raider's grasp and plunge it into the nearest vital organ. But she couldn't. She could only stare helplessley through sightless eyes as her swollen belly was carved into like a child's finger running through sand.
The pain filled her mind, overwhelming anything else. Her torturer left, satisfied with its efforts. The pain remained, ever-constant...
It changed. A wracking pain shot through her body. She spasmed.
It was coming.

She heard the noise as if from far away. Was it a Tusken coming to return her most precious of precious things? Why would they do that, she thought bitterly. It would be too kind. My child... my dear child...
As if in answer to her thoughts, Anakin Skywalker fell to his knees beside her.
"I'm here, mom..."
She couldn't believe it. He had grown. He was handsome. He was her little Annie... no more. She stroked his face, choking out her last words.
"I...love..." Anakin heard.
But she hadn't said it.

Through the carnage of the wrecked camp, a masked girl walked. There lay her father, protecting her mother and little sister to the end. What monster could have done this? Sadly, she clutched the human babe in her arms. The words she spoke were in the harsh Tusken language, but nothing could ever have been said sweeter.
"Hush... hush... Olive. Don't cry..."