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"This isn't going to work out." His words echoed in my head, stinging me. My first reaction was to drop the phone - no, more like throw it full-force against the room and hope it shattered into a million pieces, but that wouldn't change the fact that the one guy I'd ever loved, ever since we'd met at Camp Rock, was saying our relationship "wasn't working out". Translated from guy language: "I hate you, I found someone better, we're breaking up."

"But..." I forced my voice to work, trying to keep the words from getting stuck in my throat. It wasn't fair that he was doing this to us, that he was such a player. He stayed just long enough to make you really fall in love, and then he got bored and found someone else. That's all he did; he was just famous heart-breaker Shane Gray, never one to commit for more than a month or maybe two, if you were lucky. But, being naïve little Mitchie, I'd really thought that he loved me. After all, he really had changed after Camp Rock, although it seemed to be only her that still got to see that caring side of him as more and more days passed and his pre-Camp Rock attitude gradually returned.

"Look, Mitch, you should've seen this coming!" Shane shouted, his jerk alter-ego once again taking over. "We've been together for three months, that's an all-time low for me! It's time for both of us to move on already. I can't been seen with the same girl for so long, you know that."

"You know what?" Tears had collected in my eyes, but I refused to allow my voice to crack, because he didn't have the right to know how much he'd torn me apart with his four simple sentences. "I really thought that you'd changed, but you're an even bigger jerk than you were before! I wish... I just really wish I'd never met you!" I screamed, slamming my fist down on the desk where I was currently sitting, sending my papers flying.

"Good, because I never loved you!" Shane shouted back angrily, his voice rising with each hurtful word that flew out of his mouth. "I hated you, I always have! You were always too bubbly and happy and so stupid, why would I love someone like you? But the press was so insistent that dating 'the good girl, Mary Sue' would help my reputation. But I don't need you now, because my reputation is fine!" At his words, I couldn't help but burst into instant tears, loud sobs raking my body.

"I hate you!" I cried, screaming into the phone. I hope I burst his eardrums with my cry, I really did.

"Well good, 'cause I hate you more!" With that, the line clicked dead, and I collapsed onto my floor, throwing my phone against the wall and crying openly. Trust me to fall hard for a jerk like him.

(Shane's P.O.V)

"Good, cause I hate you more!" I'd shouted into the phone, meaning every single hurtful word. Sure, I'd liked her while we were at Camp Rock, but she'd just gotten increasingly more... annoying with each time I saw her. She just didn't make me happy anymore, and, truth be told, I kind of did hate her. I slammed the phone down, smirking at the loud dial tone that filled the air, and laughing.

"What the heck, dude?" Nate yelled, and I turned around to find that both Jason and him were standing in the doorway, arms crossed, staring at me in a mixture of disbelief and disgust. "You're... you're an idiot!" He shouted at me, clenching his fists, although he only turned and stormed away, followed closely by Jason. Of course, that was to be expected. Nate was a big talker, but he was way too much of a wimp to actually take action. He was more the 'I'm a peacemaker' kind - full of crap and love.

Rolling my eyes at his outburst, I picked my phone up, smirking as I dialed the well-known number that she'd written down on a pink piece of paper, dotted with hearts. Now, this was my kind of girl, and she didn't make comments about how I was 'reverting back to my old ways' or 'I acted like a jerk'. She just might stand a chance at understanding me.

"Tay?" I asked cockily the moment she'd picked up, smirking at myself at the fact I'd gotten a new girl. "Wanna go out with me?"

(Mitchie's P.O.V.)

"I hate that jerk!" I yelled, taking a letter that he'd written and tearing it into pieces, tossing the remains into my trashcan. "He's such... such a jerk!" She cried, staring at the picture of him before taking her scissors, cutting him out of the picture, and placing his cutout in the shredder, watching in satisfaction as it was destroyed. "Jerk, jerk, jerk!" I screeched, throwing out Connect 3's self-titled album and tearing down the posters I'd kept of them. I didn't want to be reminded of that two-faced poser that I'd trusted - loved even. Although, not anymore.

"Stupid pop stars that think toying with a girl's emotions is okay." I sniffed, finally worn out from my screaming and crying fit and falling back against my bed, breathing a heavy sigh. "I hate him." I whispered, trying to ignore the tears that threatened to fall at my words. It wasn't fiar, he'd told me that he loved me, and now he was saying that he'd always hated me? Either way, he was lying. I only hoped that he was lying about hating me, because I didn't want to believe that one of the best moments in my entire life had just been a game he'd been playing.

At the thought, another sob forced it's way up my throat, and I slammed my fist down on my thigh in frustration and pain.

How come my once-perfect little world had to come crashing around me so suddenly? It wasn't fair. One moment I was happy, innocent - naïve, even - and the next I was heartbroken and shattered.

I hated my life.

(Shane's P.O.V.)

I stepped out of my room, a large smile on my face at the thought of meeting up with Taylor. She'd agreed to go out with me - duh, why wouldn't she have? - and we were meeting at some fancy restaurant in a half an hour. Smiling cockily at the fact that I could have anything I wanted, I straightened up my suit, tugging on it a bit.

"Where do you think you're going?" It was Nate, arms crossed and glaring at me, with Jason close behind him. I drew up to my full height, attempting to stare them down as I mimicked their actions, crossing my arms. "How could you do that to Mitchie? I can't believe that you are even capable of thinking that, much less shouting it out in her face!" Nate yelled angrily at my lack of response, stepping closer to me. "You just destroyed that poor girl, and you know as well as I do that that was the worst, biggest mistake of your entire life."

"I don't know what you're talking about." I scoffed, rolling my eyes as I tried to step pass them. Nate, however, was quick to block my way.

"You're an idiot." With that, he drew his hand back and punched me square in the face. Giving a cry of surprise, I jumped back, holding my probably-broken nose, while Nate only glared at me in satisfaction. "An idiot. You're right - Mitchie deserves someone so much better than you." He spat in my direction, leaving me to stare in shock at the space he'd occupied seconds earlier.

Well, he was wrong, that was dead sure. I didn't love Mitchie. In fact, I think I might even really hate her.

But oh well, enough time to think about that, for now I needed to go and fix myself up a little for my date later, and think of some bone-crushing story for as to how I'd come to have a broken nose.