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This is a remix of animal face-off, but it pits two animals to fight each other to the death. There can only be one.

For the first fight are two of the futures most dangerous predators. The future predator vs. the gremlin.

Size: Predator, 5'10. Gremlin, 6'.

Weight: Predator, 160 lbs. Gremlin, 147 lbs.


Future predator: As we know, the future predator is very agile and strong. Its claws and teeth are razor sharp and can rip into almost anything. Since the future predator is a bat, so it has echolocation, rendering the camouflage of the gremlin useless.

Gremlin: Gremlins teeth and claws are equally sharp. Also, it has five claws instead of two, increasing the number of wounds it can do with a hit. It is also faster then the future predator being able to avoid the future predator's blows.


Future predator: at the cost of being agile and strong, the predator's bones are weak and the skin around the head provides little protection.

Gremlin: The gremlin may run at speeds so fast, that it may not see where it is going. Also, its best weapon, its camouflage, is rendered useless.

Now that we've seen the creature's strengths and weaknesses, it is now time to see the fight. Future predator vs. Gremlin.


The Gremlin runs through the bush after prey. Coming to an opening, it finally sees it with its own two eyes. It's hairless, has a big head, and two claws on each hand and foot. The creature lets out a defining cry as the gremlin bites its neck. Just as it's about to chow down, it hears a similar, deeper call. Looking behind it, it sees the mother of his meal. In a fit of rage, the predator charges the gremlin. In panic, the gremlin disappears, but fails to trick the predator. The predator chomps the gremlins leg. In a roar of pain, the gremlin stabs its claws into the predators back, and hangs on. The future predator runs around like a bull at a rodeo, and slams the gremlin into a tree, and it falls off. The future predator and the gremlin glare at each other with killer instinct. They charge, collide, and are knocked down. The gremlin gets and stairs at the lifeless body of the predator. Five deep lacerations in its brain. With a cry of victory, it feasts on its winnings.