A/N: I really wnted to try out my writing… ness at Star Trek. I haven't watched the TV show since I was really little (I just started watching it again when it's on) and now the new movie super made me want to write about, above all else, Chekov. So I wandered over to the st_xi_kink meme on LJ (Which is really awesome, go check it out) and filled a prompt for accent!fetish Chekov during/after sex.

The Captain adored Chekov's accent. Whenever he mixed his "w's" with his "v's" Kirk just wanted to melt. But nothing in public compared to what happened when they were intimately together.

"да Jeem, да, больше!" Chekov would plead as he was pounded into the mattress- he always liked his sex rough, something about how the Russian invented it like that for a reason. Kirk had no idea what he said, but when he saw his Pasha writhing like that underneath him, begging in a different language, was an amazing turn on. And always made him perform at top speed, even when he's exausted.

"Ah, Pasha, fuck," Kirk interjected himself into the one sided conversation Chekov has with himself. Almost there, almost-

"я- тебя- л- люблю!" Pavel Panted out, as he shakily reaches his climax, desperately try to push himself back onto Kirk's member as was possible. Hearing that phrase stated so sexily Kirk orgasmed also, very violently. They stayed in that positioned for a few moments, both trying to catch themselves.

Kirk first extracted himself off of Chekov and fell onto him back. Chekov- no, his Pasha, then cuddled instantly up to him.

Head on Kirk's chest Chekov muttered sleepily, "You know is true." Kirk thought about what the boy said.

"Yeah, I know that, люблю you too kid."

Kirk will have to thank Uhura for teaching him that crash course in Русский.