I am re-doing this story so here is the first re make Chapters 2 & 3 Will be remade soon.

The wind had picked up a strange scent that caused Inuyasha's nose to twitch. He quietly got up attempting not to awaken his friends. He placed Tessaiga in its place at his side then he followed the scent into a grassy clearing away from the village. He came to a stop when a familiar women crept into his field of vision.

"What do you want Kagura," Inuyasha barked.

"Naraku wants you to come with me to his castle," Kagura's calm voice turned to anger as she drew her deadly fan "and i am told to use force if necessary."

Inuyasha pulled Tessaiga from its sheath and it transformed into a giant fang "I'd like to see you try."

Kagura was first to attack she swung her fan to the side and the wind blades where hurled at Inuyasha only to be destroyed by a simple swipe of his mighty sword. Without hesitation Inuyasha swung the sword over his head just as Kagura unleashed several more wind blades. when they were only a couple of feet away Inuyasha swung his sword down unleashing the Windscar. it traveled with blinding speed towards Kagura destroying all the wind blades it passed. A large cloud of dust surrounded Kagura as the Windscar finally hit its target. Inuyasha's triumphant smirk faded as the dust dissipated. Kagura was unharmed. Inuyasha once again picked up his blade but now it was dyed a bright crimson red. Inuyasha once again unleashed a Windscar The end result was the same. Kagura was unharmed and the barrier still stood firm.

"What," Inuyasha went wide eyed with shock.

"If you keep swinging that big sword around you'll get hurt." Kagura mocked.

"Shut up." Inuyasha unleashed another Windscar with his red blade.

Kagura unleashed several more wind blades. Inuyasha narrowly avoided them.

"Your strength won't hold up long." Kagura laughed when she noticed Inuyasha having more and more difficulty breathing.

"Didn't i tell you shut up," Inuyasha had already lost his cool at this point.

He went charging after her. Kagura took the opportunity to attack. She unleashed several wind blades Inuyasha tried to use the Tessaiga to defend himself but it was too late. the wind blades had already hit there target. Inuyasha let out a gasp of pain thrusting his sword into the ground in an attempt to keep himself upright.

"Why don't you just give up and come quietly," Kagura smirked.

"Like hell," Inuyasha shouted as he unleashed another Windscar

Inuyasha's eyes went wide. The barrier dissipated and Kagura stepped aside to reveal Kanna, her older sister, just in time for the Windscar to be absorbed by Kanna's mirror. Inuyasha didn't have time to react as his own Windscar was now aiming for him.

Inuyasha was thrown backwards from the force. Kagura calmly walked past Kanna as she made her way towards Inuyasha. She knelt beside him unconscious form examining the three large gashes that made their way from his bare feet to his head.

She whispered in his ear, "You should have come willingly."

Kagura then stood up pulling a feather from her hair and made it grow several sizes. The wind swirled around as she flew off with Kanna and the injured Inuyasha.

The sun had finally chased away the the darkness and the gang finally began to stir. Kagome began to panic when she didn't she Inuyasha in his normal spot next to the door.

"Inuyasha," she shouted.

"Kagome what's wrong," Miroku said as he rubbed the sleep form his eyes.

"Inuyasha's gone," She said.

"Kagome maybe he..." Sango said calmly but Kagome cut her off.

"No," Kagome shouted "I don't know why but i have the feeling something bad happened to him."

"We'll find him," Shippo said as he jumped up on her shoulder.

She wiped her eyes of the tears that threatened to fall "Thank you."

It had been nearly an hour since the all split up and went to search for a trace of where Inuyasha might have gone when they heard Shippo shout. "Guys come here."

They all raced to find him and they were shocked to see what they found. There were several marks made from the Windscar but that wasn't what shocked them. What shocked them was the giant pool of blood that covered the grass.

"Shippo is that," she pointed to the blood.

Shippo looked away sadly not wanting to confirm his friends fears. She fell to her knees knowing what his silence meant. She tried to hold back her tears. Sango came up to her and placed her hands on her shoulders. Kagome turned to her and clung to Sango clothes and cried.

"Shippo," Miroku looked to the young fox, "Do you know what way they went."

Shippo lowered his head in defeat "No the scent ends here."

"Do you at least know who did this," Miroku asked.

"Kagura," Shippo said.

Sango looked up from Kagome and up at Miroku "That means Naraku has him."

Kagome lifted her head up from Sango chest and to no one in particular she said "We need to find him."

Sango turned to face Kagome, "Then let's talk to Kaede and see if she can tell us anything."

They all nodded and they made there way back to Kaede's village. They all sat in a half circle facing Lady Kaede. They had told Kaede what they found and it was several more minutes before anyone spoke.

"Naraku went through the trouble of taking him so he must be alive," Kaede said

"If he is still alive we have a chance to save him right?" Kagome asked.

"I don't think it will be that easy child," Kaede said sadly.

"What do you mean by that," Kagome nearly shouted in anger.

"It means if he did go through the trouble of taking him, whatever he is planning can't be good," Miroku reasoned.

They all spent the rest of the day coming up with a plan to save Inuyasha.