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No one owes me a life.

I am just that girl you pass on the street. You wouldn't even double take. You might of noticed me a bit more before with my blond curls and cheerleader uniform. But not any more. My hair darker. Like the whole of this country. Like the new me. How did I end up like this.

Pain. I haven't felt pain since the day he died. Sylar. I thought life would come easy after that. I could be a normal person. I got into Oxford. Who would of thought. I suppose it did help that I had studied more than everyone else, I mean I could stay awake for life if I wanted. But it wasn't. I thought that the moment his body burned I would feel relief and happiness, it didn't come though. Instead I felt regret, grief and fury. How could he leave me on my own. He promised he wouldn't he said I could be his first first lady. Funny how things change.

Immortal forever. It was the first time I'd thought of it properly, I dyed my hair after that. I would spend eternity contemplating my mistakes and forever grieving those I had lost. Noah,Peter. Nathan, even Angela. None of them would ever stay by my side.

I slipped further into darkness as every sun rose. Some days I would look at it and see hope. Others I would see myself in its core burning, but never dying. I thought if I could withstand that I could withstand anything. I was wrong.

My life is a lie. During the day I am all smiles. At night I am the serial killer that I wish he could be. I thought if I killed I would feel something. I did it was a thrill it only lasted for a moment but moments were all I had these days. I lived off of them. It was addictive. I now understood why he did it. I need to tell him I get it and that I forgive him because I have had forever to contemplate it. But I cant tell him now can I?

2. 2 is the number of people I may have come to love. 3 is my total partners. One was a one night stand I left before he woke. Another was Peter. I know its sick but I did love him but then like everyone else he died. And the last someone I thought I would never love and yet I do and yet he inst here any more.

I went back home. The Petrelli mansion. No one else lived there now. It was all mine. It seemed different tonight. As though I wasn't alone and as I got into bed. I didn't bother turning the lights on I knew where everything was. There was someone there and I knew exactly who it was. I slid under the covers and pressed myself up against his back. I wrapped my legs round his and sighed. Hello Claire he said. I whispered greetings back. "I'm sorry". He had said it. Finally. Unfortunately for him he needn't of said it. I was his anyway.

He turned round and looked at me. He was different like me. He had changed too. It was then that he told me his story. What Noah and Matt did to him. How he had managed to escape but then the disease struck and no one went anywhere he was stuck in Odessa funnily enough. And I here in New York. He told me he had come looking for me but I wasn't there. Though when the disease had killed everyone it was going to kill I travelled the world. Japan was the best it reminded me of Hiro. He was always so happy. It didn't matter to me though he was here now. Sylar was here and he would be forever.