It had been six months since she'd come to stay with him, and though Jinpachi did notice an improvement in Sakura's level of comfort in his presence, she was still nowhere near as comfortable as he wanted her to be. Whenever he made tentative gestures towards her, however small, she shied away from him. Still, in spite of her reserve, he looked forward to going home every day and seeing her in his house.

Entering the front door, he called out "Todai masu," but got no response. Wondering where Sakura was, he walked upstairs and saw that the door to her room was open a crack. His curiosity getting the better of him, he peered inside and had to stifle a gasp when he saw that she was asleep on her bed in only a pair of panties and a thin tank top. The bottom of the shirt had ridden up her abdomen and the shadow of one of her breasts was clearly visible underneath the fabric. Staring dumbly at her unsuspecting figure, he found himself wishing that she would turn so he could see more.

Almost as if she could hear his thoughts, Sakura shifted in the bed so that her shirt was hiked up even higher and exposed a nipple to his eager eyes. One of her legs was bent and he could see how snugly the panties clung to her crotch. His mouth dry, he stared at the luxurious expanses of pale skin that she had hidden from him so assiduously for so many months. Suddenly, he felt transported back in time to when he first became intimate with Hanai and without thinking, he slowly opened the door and crept quietly to the side of her bed. Possessed of a mind of its own, his hand stretched out and stroked the inviting skin of her belly and once he felt the silky texture of her body, he couldn't bring himself to pull it away. His fingers continued upward, sliding up the flimsy material of her top, uncovering her chest and his fingers closed over one of her soft mounds.

Sakura moaned and arched her back slightly at his touch, pushing her breast deeper into his palm, and this only emboldened him to squeeze with more fervor. She responded by parting her lips and letting out a little sigh. Looking down, his resolve disappeared when he saw that the fabric between her legs had dampened and he bent his head down to smell her. His hands shaking slightly, he slid his fingers under the elastic of her underwear and tentatively slid them down a few inches. When she made no move to stop him and appeared not to have noticed, he gradually worked them down her legs and pulled them off. Putting his face near her hips, he heard his heart hammering in his ears as he inhaled her fragrance again and after checking once more that her eyes were still closed, Jinpachi gently nudged her thighs apart and began to taste her.

Tentatively extending his tongue, he sampled her and the flavor of it nearly caused him to unload in his trousers. Wanting more, he worked his tongue deeper, feeling a mix of pleasure and a dull ache in his testicles as they begged for release. Unable to stop, his tongue snuck between her lips and he began to suck on the wet folds while undoing his pants and pulling out his stiff cock. Stroking himself, he knew he wouldn't last very long and fished his handkerchief from his pocket to cum into. Involuntarily, she began moving her hips against him and he felt her begin to shake. Realizing that she was about to peak, he felt his sac contract as it prepared to eject its contents and frantically quickened the pace of his strokes. Suddenly, she bucked upwards and gave a stifled groan as she came against his tongue. The first wave of his orgasm had begun when to his abject horror, she opened her eyes and stared directly at him. Reflexively, he started away from her, but in doing so, he inadvertently forgot that he was still ejaculating and the remainder of his semen shot over her face and chest.

For a moment, she just lay there, her eyes wide with shock as his cum slid down her face. "Sakura, Sumimaseng! I-"

Her face crumpled and she pressed herself in fear against the wall adjacent to her bed. "Get away from me!" she screamed. "Get out!" Hiding her face, she began to sob hysterically.

Not knowing what to do, he did as she ordered and rushed out of the room. "What have I done?" he wondered aloud. Suddenly, he panicked as he realized that she would leave him after what had just happened. Unwilling to lose her again, he ran back into her room and kicked down the door to her bathroom. Standing in the shower, she screamed in fright and tried to cover her nudity with her arms. Seeing her like that, her skin flushed, Jinpachi was overtaken by a flood of emotions. Grabbing her by the waist, he held her close to his broad chest as she pummeled him with her fists. Ignoring her cries to release her, he hugged her tightly and pressed his face into her neck, her wet skin soaking his clothes. "Aishteryu, Sakura-chan," he softly told her. At his words, he felt the blows stop. Pulling away cautiously, he looked down at her face.

"N-nani?" The anger had completely disappeared from her eyes, replaced by confusion.

"I love you, Sakura," he repeated. "I have wanted to tell you for so long. I couldn't help what I did. Please, forgive me. I-I cannot bear the thought of you leaving me."

She stared at him in disbelief for a while then looked away. "You simply wish to use my body." Her tone was sullen but she made no attempt to break free from him.

He turned her to face him again. "That is not true at all! I want to take care of you, to be with you every day. I would marry you if you would have me."

"Honto?" Her voice shook, as did the rest of her body.

"Honto," he replied with a faint smile. "Please do not refuse an old man."

She looked down and he was stunned to see a small smile of her own. "I have grown to love you to," she admitted, "demo, I was afraid that you would only use me, and that you did not care for me beyond that. That once you had your fill of me you would discard me."

He scarcely dared to hope. "Is that why you turned me away every time?"


Taking in a deep breath, he ventured, "Then…will you have me? For your husband?"

She looked up into his eyes and smiled without reservation. "I will have you," she answered quietly.

Crushing her to him, he delighted in the fact that she now returned his advances and he kissed her fervently, feeling renewed energy lengthening his cock. "Let me make love to you," he begged. "I want so much to be close to you."

She nodded. "But you must be careful. I have never had a man before and…" He groaned when her hand stole to his crotch. "…you are so big. You will tear me apart."

"I will not hurt you," he promised between ragged breaths. Carrying her to her bed, he laid her on her back, her wet hair spread out on the pillow. Eager to be naked with her, he hastily stripped off his clothes and climbed atop her tiny body. Giddy with excitement, his hands roamed over every inch of her as she ran her own hands over his back. The thought that he would be the first and only man to enter her had him on the brink already and he positioned himself at her entrance, half ashamed of his desperate need to take her. Pushing into her, he was able to slide in a few inches before she grimaced in pain as he met resistance.

"Itai!" she whimpered. Tears began to stream from her eyes as she tried to relax her muscles to allow him further passage.

Unable to do anything but grunt her name in reply, Jinpachi continued to nudge further inside her. Frustrated by his lack of progress, he thought perhaps it would be easier for her if it were over quickly and he held her tightly as he forced himself past her barrier.

Digging her nails into his back, she screamed in pain. "Itai! Take it out! Take it out! Yamite-kudosai!" she begged.

Lost in sating himself, Jinpachi couldn't hear her cries as he reveled in how snugly she encased him and continued to thrust even as her blood stained the sheets underneath them. "Kimochi," he groaned, quickening his pace.

"Onnegai! Mishima-sama!" She tried in vain to push his large frame off of her.

"Sakura," he panted. "Ikku!" Grabbing her hips, he punched into her until their pubic bones were rubbing together. Her wails of pain were lost on him as he gave himself up to the pleasure of erupting inside her. When he finally came down from his climax, he felt her shaking underneath him and looked down to find her sobbing. "Gomen!" Hurriedly, he pulled out of her and felt a wave of guilt wash over him when she curled up into a ball and held her knees to her chest. Feeling awkward, he pulled the blanket over her and rubbed her arm as consolingly as he could until she fell into an exhausted sleep.

todai-masu: I'm home

sumimaseng: forgive me (formal)

aishteryu: I love you

nani: what

honto: really

itai: it hurts

yamite-kudosai: please stop

kimochi: feels good

onnegai: I beg you

ikku: I'm cumming

gomen: sorry

She slept until the next day, and not wanting to wake her, Jinpachi left for his office without disturbing her. When she heard the door close and was certain that he was gone, Misano opened her eyes and sat up, wincing a little in pain. The stitch the doctor had placed had caused her more pain than her own hymen had when it had been broken, but at least it convinced Jinpachi that she was still a virgin. As she stepped into the shower to clean herself off, she smiled at the thought that at least now Heihachi could makes use of it as well. The thought of the look of pleasure on his face when he heard that his plan had gone perfectly gave her a twinge of excitement. Finishing in the shower, she took extra care to make herself look presentable and set off for the café where she was to meet him.

When Misano saw him sitting in a small booth near the back, her heart quickened in her chest and she tried to maintain an even expression on her face as she walked towards him. "Ohaiyo, little one," he said smoothly. "Did you do as I told you?"

"Hai." She waited for him to gesture to sit before doing so.

"And?" He raised a brow expectantly.

Keeping her eyes lowered, she softly replied, "It proceeded exactly as you predicted." She gave a little shiver when she felt his hand on her knee.

"Well, done, Sakura-chan. You make me very happy."

Seeing him smile at her with approval made it much harder to look nonchalant. "I'm so happy."

Flashing her a devilish smile, he squeezed her leg and murmured, "And I think you deserve a reward for all your hard work. Would you like that?"

"I would. Domo." She kept her eyes subserviently fixed to the tabletop, but her smile was unmistakable.

Standing up, he took her by the elbow and steered her out of the café towards his father's home. The idea of soiling his woman under his own roof would make it all the more enjoyable for him. As he screwed the happy girl in his father's bed, he began detailing his plans for the takeover of his father's company and the thought of toppling him sparked his own orgasm as Misano's screams of pleasure filled the house.

ohaiyo: good morning

domo: thank you (formal)