Okay, I'm sorry to all those who submitted characters to SitMoHS, and who read it, but I can't do it anymore. So I'm starting a new one.

Here's the plot:

The high school is called Dharma Academy. It's a boarding school in Australia, because that will be easier for me to figure out. This story is set in 2009. In the area around Dharma Academy there are three Middle schools: Mittelos Academy (basically Others), Oceanic Academy (survivors) and Kahana High School (freighters). These three schools have very big rivalries, and, as you can imagine, the people who originally came from one of those schools have a rivalry amongst them too.

The principal of the school is Richard Alpert, by the way.

Here's the form:

Full name (including common nicknames):

Sawyer's nicknames:

Age (no higher than 18):

Grade (9, 10, 11 or 12):





Which clique (if any) they belong to:

Which Middle School are they from, if one of the three (Kahana, Oceanic, Mittelos):

When they came to the school (new student, been there since freshman year, ect.):

If a new student, why they moved:







Best classes:

Worst classes:

Are they part of a team or club? (Track, basketball, football, chess, cheerleading, ect.):

Possession (any important things they own like Eko's Jesus stick or Dan's journal):

Languages they speak:



Song to describe them (optional, but would be appreciated):


If you submitted a character to the last story and they weren't in Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere, you can resubmit them if you want. Also, if there's anything you want to know about Stranded in the Middle of High School that you want to know, ask me, and I'll put a chapter up on SitMoHS to answer all questions.

Oh, and each person can only submit two people each. For now, at least.

And, I have a story over on FictionPress, and it would really mean a lot to me if some of you guys could read it. the links on my authors page.