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Summary: Naruto is a fox hanyou that lives in the forest, thinking that he could never be found. But when he is, he runs away to a place he thinks that he could possibly blend in with. Karakura in the normal world. Gaining new friends, new powers, and friends, he finally learns what a normal life could be like.

Chapter 1

The Fox Hanyou

A white fox moved silently through the bushes, swerving between the trees. The fox climbed up a tree, and carefully climbed through the tree branches, until it could see above a tall wall into a human village, watching all the humans moving around, getting ready for the annual fox hunt. "Stupid humans." The fox growled. "Always killing foxes just because Kyuubi was an idiot and let himself be controlled by a human."

Yes, the fox could talk. He was Uzumaki Naruto, Fox Hanyou. He had two forms, his human form, where he had a fox tail and two fox ears on top of his head, and his fox form, where he was a normal sized white fox with a dark-purple tipped tail. Because Naruto was a half breed, he was not excepted by humans, and nobody really knew about him. But that was all about to change.

The fox hunt was tomorrow, and all the foxes were digging deep burrows, trying to hide. "Hey Naruto!" Barked a young voice. Naruto looked down. Below the branch he was on was a small light orange fox.

"What's wrong, Yoru?" Naruto asked in fox tongue.

"Can you come help us? We cant dig fast enough!" Yoru called. Naruto leapt down to the younger fox's side, landing softly.

"Sure I can help. I cant let my own kind die." Naruto said, following Yoru into a huge clearing, filled with bustling foxes. It looked like the human settlement, but filled with foxes, and a few other animals that were helping the foxes. A small brown wolf came up to Naruto and Yoru.

"Thank god you're here Naruto! We could use your help!" The wolf said.

"Don't worry Caiya. Like I said to Yoru, I wont let the foxes die. I'm thankful that the wolves and deer are helping like the birds." Naruto replied. Caiya smiled a girlish smile, and almost like she was blushing. "Well, lets get to work. I'm guessing that we have at least six more hours until midnight, and the beginning of the fox hunt." Naruto said, trotting quickly into the clearing with Caiya and Yaru on his heels. A dark orange fox with stray gray fur strands all over his body walked over.

"Thank you for finding him Yoru. And thank you for agreeing to help Naruto-san." The old fox said. Naruto smiled and bowed his head for a few seconds.

"You're welcome. Now lets get to work." Naruto said, and began to help Yoru dig a hole. In seconds, the hole was over twenty feet deep, and then turned to the right, turning into a tunnel the slowly went down another ten feet, until the tunnel opened up into a large circular chasm thirty feet in diameter. The hideout was big, yes, but it wasn't enough to hide all the foxes in the forest. Every year on the week that contained the 10th of October, was the giant fox hunt. All of the humans in the village of Konoha went out and hunted foxes, making a contest out of it. Whoever could kill more foxes got all these prizes and stuff like that. And that meant that all the foxes in the forest got together to hide the week away. Naruto would act as lookout and would get food for the other foxes, and hid while he was not doing any lookout duties or gathering food. Naruto and Yoru slid out of the tunnel. Naruto crossed his paws into an awkward hand seal, and in seconds, the hole was covered in a genjutsu. Sure the hole was only big enough for foxes, but the foxes had learned to not take chances. And so had Naruto. Naruto moved on to the next hole, and dug an identical hideout, and dug a tunnel to the other hide out.

After a few more minutes, five more of the hideouts had been dug, and all had been connected. Traps had also been made all around the forest, so that if to much pressure was put on the ground, it would collapse out into a deep hole that was almost impossible to get out of. Naruto surveyed all the foxes, then lifted his head to the wind and inhaled. He froze. "The humans are coming! Hide!" Naruto yelled. All the animals started screaming and running in circles. The foxes ran into their holes. In a puff of smoke, Naruto was in human form.

Naruto was dressed in a dark purple hakama, and a white kimono top with long sleeves. Naruto had a white tail tipped dark purple, and large white fox ears in his spiky blonde hair. On Naruto's cheeks were three identical whisker-like marks. Naruto's cerulean blue eyes had slit pupils.

"Naruto! Are you sure you'll be fine?" Yoru asked. Naruto smiled, and knelt down, smoothing down Yoru's dirt-covered fur with a clawed hand.

"I'm fine every year Yoru. This year wont be different. Don't worry." Naruto said kindly, before vanishing. From inside the village, the dreadful announcement could be heard throughout the entire forest.


A group of shinobi walked quietly through the forest, kunai in their hands. "Where are all the foxes?" Asked a girl with pink hair named Sakura.

"There are rumors that they have a giant animal helping them dig hiding spots. So keep your eyes on the ground." Kakashi replied. Sakura and the others looked down at the ground, scanning the dirt for any holes. Suddenly, they heard howling and barking, and ran forward. Then all was quiet they kept running. Sakura suddenly stopped, and pointed up.

"Look!" She whispered. Up above them, was a long fox tail hanging over a branch. They had found their first fox.

Naruto scanned the ground in front of him, the huge branch covering most of his body from view, except for his tail that hung over. Nothing so far. Naruto thought. Suddenly, he was jerked backwards, and was pinned to the tree by his left arm. He looked over at the white cloth that was beginning to turn red from his blood. Naruto yelped in pain and surprise, and frantically began to pull on the kunai that had lodged itself in his arm. It had actually scraped his bone. He felt the branch sway, and heard gasps. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a few humans on the huge branch. Naruto continued to whimper and pull on the kunai. Another kunai buried itself into Naruto's right shoulder, pinning him to the tree, and another kunai rammed itself into his right shin. A few seconds later, another flew into his left foot. Naruto yelped again, blood pooling on the branch.

"Should we really do this Kakashi? He's just a kid." Said the girl with pink hair.

"Of course. He has a fox tail. He's a fox demon. This kid will count for a hundred foxes." The man known as Kakashi said. They moved forward, ready to kill the struggling blonde. Suddenly, the kunai slowly slid from Naruto's body, steam rising from his wounds. Naruto's head was down. He could feel a strange power running through his body. He had felt it fifteen years ago when he was born. It was the power of Kyuubi.

No. No. Stay back Kyuubi! I don't need your help. I don't need- "ARRRRRAAAAAA!"

Sakura and Kakashi slowly moved forward, ready to kill the boy. He lowered his head, shadows covering his eyes. Suddenly, he began to growl an animalistic growl. He lifted his head. The marks on his cheeks were thicker and darker. His eyes were blood red. His fangs were larger. The kunai came out of his body. "ARRRRRAAAAAA!" Red chakra surrounded the boy. Kakashi gasped.

"That's Kyuubi's chakra!"

"But I thought Kyuubi was killed!" Sakura said.

"No! Yondaime sealed the fox in his…son….oh my god. That's Naruto! The son of the fourth hokage! We need to get him back to Konoha he's a hero!" Kakashi said. He was about to come forward, when he noticed something. There was a second Naruto behind the moving one. A broken chain was attached to his chest. He was dressed in a completely black shuhakusho(is that what its called? I don't remember), and a white sash around his waist. A huge sword was tied to his back. (The same size as Ichigo's. Looks a lot alike too) Naruto backflipped back into the second Naruto, who jumped up, completely normal. He barred his fangs and growled.

"Stop hunting foxes or I will personally release Kyuubi to kill you all." Naruto growled, before vanishing into thin air.

Naruto sped over the water, leading away from the islands that harbored ninjas. He struggled to ignore the pain that came from his wounds that, even though he thought his wounds had healed because of Kyuubi, were still there. Blood was rolling from his sides. As the coast of the land called Japan came into view, Naruto transformed into his fox form, and continued to run. He finally hit solid ground, and kept running through a city. A few seconds later, he was out of energy, and almost all of his fur was red from blood. Naruto collapsed on the ground. And right at the feet of a human. The human, a girl with black hair and dressed in a gi, leaned down. "Oh my god! What happened to you?" The girl asked. Naruto whimpered, hoping to make her think he was a normal animal. He was suddenly lifted from the ground, and carried through the city. He heard a knock on a door, and fainted.

Knock knock knock! Ichigo jumped up from the tangled mass that was his dad, and straightened his shirt. He stepped away from his dad, joining Rukia who was trying not to laugh. "God!" Ichigo said. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Ichigo walked for the door. "I'm coming!" Ichigo called. He opened the door. "DAD! YUZU! KARIN! GET OVER HERE!" Ichigo shouted frantically. His family and Rukia crowded behind him. In the doorway was a tired Tatsuki, a bloody white fox in her arms. Ichigo's dad pushed his way past him.

"What happened?" He asked, taking to fox from her.

"I-I don't know. He just came running down the road and collapsed on the ground!" Tatsuki replied. Ichigo ushered Tatsuki in. "I was going to bring him t-to a vet, but n-none of them were open, and t-they don't k-know how to treat foxes!" Tatsuki stuttered. "You were the first people I could think of that might help."

"Well, I learned a lot about foxes. Ichigo, go get me a stretcher and supplies." Isshin ordered. Ichigo and Rukia ran off, and quickly came back with a stretcher and multiple other supplies. Isshin placed the fox on the stretcher, then immediately began to work on the young fox. Ichigo and Rukia led Tatsuki up to Ichigo's room.

"Did you guys see the color of that fox's fur?" Ichigo asked. Tatsuki and Rukia shook her head. "It was white. White foxes are rare! The last white fox died 105 years ago! And it had purple on it!" Ichigo said.

"Purple on a fox? That's unnatural." Rukia said. Ichigo starred at the Shinigami.

"Rukia. I know what you're thinking. And no he's not. We would've noticed." Ichigo said. Rukia shrugged.

"What is he not?" Tatsuki asked.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Ichigo yawned.

Isshin burst into Ichigo's room in the middle of the night. Ichigo sat up from his bed, and Rukia and Tatsuki sat up from their sleeping bags. They rubbed their eyes. "What's wrong dad?" Ichigo asked.

"The fox. He's…" Isshin began, breathing heavily. Ichigo and his two friends began to fear the worst. But then Yuzu ran up to Isshin.

"We cant hold him forever dad!" Yuzu yelled before running back down the hall. There was a loud crash, and something white streaked into the room and under the bed. Ichigo, Rukia, and Tatsuki looked under the bed. It was the white fox, his front and back legs wrapped in bandages, along with his midsection and his back paws. His tail was wrapped around his body, and his fangs were barred. A savage growl rumbled deep in his chest. Blood still covered its fur.

"When did he wake up?" Ichigo asked.

"About five minutes ago. He was calm until he actually looked around." Karin replied, suddenly in the doorway.

"Do you have any food to lure him out?" Tatsuki asked. Isshin held up a ramen cup.

"All I have is this ramen-GAH!" The fox flew out from under the bed, and attacked the hand that held the ramen. In seconds, nothing but a torn apart cup remained, and the fox was back under the bed. Isshin fell backwards.

"I think it just killed your dad Ichigo." Rukia deadpanned. "How the hell are we going to get him out of there?"

Ichigo shrugged. "You think I know? I'm not the one that is a certified doctor." He replied. Suddenly, they heard a purring sound. Tatsuki had the bloody fox in her lad, stroking the top of its head. "How the hell did you do that?" He asked. Tatsuki shrugged.

"I don't know. I just asked him to come out." Tatsuki replied. Isshin jumped up, pulling a black leather collar out from his pocket.

"I found this thing around his neck." He said, handing it to Ichigo. The teen turned the leather collar around and around, until he found a small golden plate with a few words written on it, but only one word was readable.

"His name's Naruto." Ichigo said out loud.

"How do you know that?" Rukia asked.

"Because it says 'Naruto' on the collar." Ichigo replied, turning the collar so she could see the name engraved in the gold.

"The plate is solid and pure gold. Whoever owned him must have been rich." Isshin said. "I already checked with the police. No reports of a missing pet fox. But he couldn't have come from here. Foxes aren't owned by people in Karakura. He had to have come from the country." Isshin continued.

"What're we going to do with him?" Ichigo asked.

"The police said we would have to hold onto him until reports of missing white foxes named Naruto come in." Isshin sighed. Yuzu starred at Isshin with puppy dog eyes.

"Can we keep him! Please?" She begged.

"I already told the police we would. But he's Ichigo's responsibility." Isshin said.

"What?! I have enough to deal with already!" Ichigo yelled.

"Like what?" Isshin asked. Rukia shot Ichigo a glance.

"Nothing." Ichigo replied quickly. Tatsuki stood, holding the fox in her arms. The white fox named Naruto had fallen asleep. Tatsuki handed the fox over to Rukia.

"I'd better get home. See yah at school tomorrow Ichigo. You too Rukia." Tatsuki said before leaving.

"Dad! Naruto wont eat anything!" Ichigo yelled from the kitchen.

"What're you trying to feed him?" Isshin asked.

"Dog food!" Ichigo replied. Naruto seemed to cringe at the mention of dog food.

"Try feeding him something else." Karin said calmly from the table.

"Like what? He's a dog! He should eat dog food." Ichigo replied.

"He's not a dog Ichigo. He's a fox. Give him something else." Rukia said, walking into the room.

"Give him what?" Ichigo asked. Suddenly, Ichigo was tackled by the white fox. Naruto jumped up into his seat, and snatched his four strips of bacon from his plate. "Hey!" Ichigo yelled. Naruto began to laugh. Everyone in the room paused. "Did he just start laughing?"

"Uh…yes I think he did." Rukia replied. Isshin walked into the room.

"Ichigo. I called your school. You're bringing Naruto with you." Isshin ordered.

"Why?" Ichigo asked.

"A few reasons. I'm to busy to look after him while you all are at school, he's your responsibility, and your school thinks it would be cool to have a rare white and purple fox come to school everyday." Isshin replied, flashing a thumbs up.

"You're going to ruin my life!" Ichigo yelled.

Ichigo, Rukia, and Naruto walked down the road, ignoring the amazed glances from the others on the street. "Don't you think watching over a fox is going to be hard if and when I have to go beat up a hollow? Foxes cant see Shinigami, can they?" Ichigo asked.

"Ichigo!" Rukia hissed.

"What? Not like the fox can understand what I'm saying anyway." Ichigo said. Naruto shot Ichigo a glance that looked like he way saying 'I have a name you know.'. Then a glance that said 'now get me off this stupid leash.'. Naruto began to gnaw on the purple leash attached to the collar around his neck. He didn't looked to thrilled about the bandage on his legs or mid-section either.

"Foxes cant see spirits. Don't worry. And if you do have to go off to fight a hollow, I'll watch over Naruto." Rukia said, looking down at the fox. But Naruto wasn't paying attention.

So that's what happened… Naruto thought.

Yeah. Replied a young voice inside Naruto's head. This voice belonged to Kyuubi no Kitsune, the demon sealed inside of Naruto. They had suddenly been able to communicate with their thoughts.

So now I'm a Shinigami. Naruto concluded.

Yes, but you're still alive. You're known as a Substitute Shinigami. There's another Substitute Shinigami near by, I can sense him. I just don't know who though. Kyuubi replied.

Great. I need to get stronger. I have a strange feeling that something odd is going to happen. Naruto thought.

Probably. Kyuubi sighed, then cut the connection with the white fox hanyou.

"Oooo! He's so cute!"

"Can I hold him!"

"No me first!"

"Can I walk him after school?"

"BACK OFF HUMANS!" Naruto barked in fox tongue, the words coming out as yips and barks.

"Awwwwwwww!" The female population of Ichigo's class sighed. Naruto snapped at one of them, making her recoil, but then soon going back to her gawking. Naruto growled, the pressure in the room becoming almost unbearable. Everyone in the class gasped and were slowly pushed into a sitting position. As soon as Naruto stopped growling, the air's pressure went back to normal.

"Was that…?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, but there aren't any hollows near by." Rukia whispered back. (For any of you who're wondering, this is before Rukia is almost executed.) Naruto curled up into a ball under Ichigo's desk at his feet, keeping his eyes on the people around the desk. Class soon started, and the teacher looked around.

"I thought there was going to be a fox here today." She said sadly.

"There is. He's under Ichigo's desk." Rukia replied. All of the class looked at Naruto with curious eyes. Ichigo and Rukia could have sworn they heard the fox mutter 'great'.

"Ooo! What's his name?" The teacher asked. Naruto stood, stretched, and walked over to Tatsuki's desk, and yipped quietly. She began to rub his head.

"His name's Naruto." Ichigo replied.

"Why's he covered in bandages?" Asked a student.

"When I found him on the street, he was covered in stab wounds and was bleeding heavily." Tatsuki answered.

"It looks like he likes you!" Orihime said happily. Naruto shot her a glance that looked like 'I do not!', and glared. In truth, Naruto was thankful to Tatsuki for saving his life, and would do anything to protect her. It was weird for him. He actually wanted to protect a human. Naruto felt like sighing. If he ever revealed that he was a kitsune to anyone, they would hate him and attack him.

"Well, lets start class."

Naruto, Ichigo, and Rukia walked through the streets after school. "We're stopping off at Urahara's for a while." Rukia said.

"What? Why him? We aren't getting more mod souls are we?" Ichigo asked.

"No. We're just stopping there." Rukia replied as they walked into the shop, and into the back room where Urahara was sitting at a small table.

"Oh. Who do we here?" Urahara asked, motioning over at the large white fox.

"This is the fox I told you about in a short message yesterday." Rukia replied.

"Ah. So this is Naruto." Urahara said. Ichigo nodded, removing Naruto's collar and leash, placing it on the table. Urahara picked up the collar, and starred at the words. His eyes widened. Rukia's phone began to beep, and she whipped it out.

"Ichigo. Hollow. Urahara, we need to go." Rukia said, throwing Ichigo from his body, making his soul crash into a wall.

"Okay. I'll watch your little fox friend." Urahara said. Rukia and Ichigo ran out of the room. Naruto sat down, and looked up at the ceiling. "Naruto. I know that you're a kitsune." Urahara suddenly said. Naruto looked down at Urahara, and jumped up, beginning to back away.

"How…how did you…" Naruto asked.

"Oh. So Kitsunes could talk. I didn't know that. A few things, actually. One, I can tell you're still young, and yet you are larger then normal foxes. That, and white foxes are impossible. Only kitsunes can be white. Not only that, but you have a purple tip on your tail. Purple is not found in normal foxes, or any foxes whatsoever. That…and it says it on your collar." Urahara said, holding up the collar. All of its words were visible.


White Kitsune

If found, please return him to the forest outside of Konoha

Naruto palmed his forehead with his paw. "Damn it! The idiot!" Naruto growled.


"The elder fox." Naruto replied. Urahara reached into his pocket.

"Come here. Something appeared on my doorstep last night, and it was addressed to 'Naruto'." Urahara said. Naruto approached the blonde man, and suddenly, a weird talisman was tied around his neck, hanging down to his chest. Naruto starred at the talisman.

"Okay. I give. What the hell is it?" Naruto asked.

"It's made so you could push your soul out of your body easily. I don't know why it came for you, unless there is something else I should know about you." Urahara said. Naruto sighed.

"Yeah. There's a few things that I'm not going to tell you. But I can tell you that I'm something called a 'Substitute Shinigami' or something like that." Naruto said.

"You too huh?" Urahara asked.

"Yeah. You mind if I go fight the hollow?" Naruto asked.

"Go right ahead." Urahara replied. In a puff of smoke, Naruto was in human form, the deputy pass in his hand. His tail was gone, but he didn't care. He asked Kyuubi for it to be gone. "Oooo! That's cool!" Urahara said. Naruto sweat dropped.

"Uh huh. Scary." Naruto said, and flew out of his body. (His tail's still gone. It would probably get in the way anyway.) "Eh? My outfit's almost the same as before. I thought it would have changed more. Oh well." Naruto shrugged, and vanished.

"You idiot! You're supposed to duck!" Ruika yelled. Ichigo rolled to his right, trying to get away from the Hollow.

"I know that! But it's hard when your distracting me with your yelling!" Ichigo returned, swinging his giant sword to cut off the monster's arm. But the Hollow anticipated this, and smacked the sword out of Ichigo's hand, making it go flying. "Crap!" Ichigo yelled, and covered his head with his arms, getting ready to bleed from the attacking Hollow. But that never came. Instead, he heard a hollow 'clank', and quiet laughter.

"I thought you would be stronger then this boy. Losing your sword to this Hollow? Pathetic." Said a young voice. Ichigo lowered his arms, and looked up. A boy with blonde hair dressed in a black shihakusho stood in front of him. Between the boy and the Hollow was a sword almost the length of his body wrapped in white cloth. The sword was strapped to the boy's back by a white sash. There was no guard or grip on the sword, and no pommel. On the boy's cheeks were three identical whisker-like marks. But what really drew the eyes of Ichigo and Rukia were the white fox ears sticking out of the boy's spiky blonde hair. The blonde stood straight, apparently not affected by the Hollow's strength. His right hand held onto the hilt of the sword, which came up above his right shoulder so he could reach it easier. (Sit's diagonally on his back) He starred down at Ichigo with cold eyes. "Well? Are you going to stand or not?" The boy asked. Ichigo slowly stood.

"W-who're you?" Ichigo asked.

"Call me Fox." Fox said blankly. The Hollow removed his hand from the sword, and Fox did also, letting his hand fall to his side. Fox sighed, shaking his head slightly. "Bad idea." He sighed. The Hollow's hand rushed forward, poised to kill him in one blow. His fox ears twitched, and he jumped, soaring high above the Hollow's head. Fox starred down at the Hollow with his cold expression gone. "Idiot." He growled. The Hollow threw his arm up, trying to catch the flying boy. Fox vanished instantly, reappearing behind the Hollow. He stepped forward. Instantly, the rietsu level shot up. Ichigo and Rukia dropped to the ground, overwhelmed by the power. "Be gone." Fox growled. The Hollow roared, and vanished in a puff of black smoke. Fox turned, and began to stalk away.

"Wait!" Rukia yelled. Fox turned, his cold gaze back on his face.

"What." He asked sternly.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I already answered that for the boy. Just call me Fox." He replied, rolling his blue eyes.

"The better question is…what are you?" Ichigo asked. At first it looked like Fox wasn't going to answer, but then he did.

"…I am a creature that all humans despise, and none can love. I am the creature that lives in legend, and in the nightmares of children. I move in the darkness, and live without light. I, human boy, am a demon fox. I am a kitsune."

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