Attention people! Kitsune here! Alright. As some of you may have noticed, I've finally gotten the first chapter of the new Kitsune Shinigami up. Sadly, considering how many things changed…if I called it Kitsune Shinigami…it'd appear that I'm a delusional druggy who DOESN'T know what words mean. So because of this, I am obliged to inform you that Kitsune Shinigami has been renamed 'Vulpes Alveus'. If ANY of you out there realize something from the first chapter of Vulpes Alveus (and you have a foreign language translator on hand), then you'll know what the title means, and what language it's in. If you can figure all this out, then you'll have a very big spoiler. Or a semi-big spoiler. Either way, it's a spoiler. Anyway! If you don't want to know the spoiler, then please don't try and translate it. I apologize if some people already know the language that it's written in…not my fault you know that language, you know! And don't blame me if you do translate it then wish that you didn't. I'm trying to be secretive, here! Sorry about the rambling, but I just wanted people to know that the name of the story has changed. I've got the first chapter of the new-and-improved 'Kitsune Shinigami' (…Vulpes Alveus…), and if I don't…that means that it'll be up within the hour, because I clearly cant decide on a good summary for the damn thing! So, go ahead and check it out(if it's up already!)