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Thousand years into the past..

Why was Love so cruel?

That question ran through the young girl's mind as she watched her lover on the hospital bed; his breaths slowing down each minute. He was dying and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Damn Godric and his sufferable ways...why did the two men have to fight over her? She loved them both so dearly; only one was more of a brother to her. When Helga summoned her to the Infirmary...when she had seen that blood on the floor, Rowena wanted to kill Godric. He had stab Salazar with that damned sword; the wound wouldn't heal because of it. They were fighting for her love, a love that Godric desperately wanted but would never have. Her heart had been captured by Salazar the first time they had was those green eyes that caught her attention. She grabbed his hand and squeezed lightly. She didn't want him to die...Rowena wouldn't let him go beyond that Veil. They were supposed to go together; Salazar had always said that they would die on the same day, on the same hour of that day. They were soul mates; bound to each other for all of eternity.

There had to be some way to save him!

"Row.." Salazar muttered his eyes fluttering open. Rowena bit her lip to keep from crying. There had to be something..anything to save her beloved. "I'm dying, aren't I?" Rowena shook her head like a five-year old.

"I won't let you die, Sal." Rowena growled when all of the sudden it came to her. There was blood magic; she could bound him to her through blood magic. She was still healthly and his could sare that with her. "I'm going to save you, love." Rowena quickly summoned her knife and waited as it appeared in her hand. It was a family heirloom; the sapphire stones and intricate details were designed by her ancestors.

"What are you..." Salazar stated before being cut off with a wave of the hand. Rowena cut a diagonal line across her palm swiftly; ignoring the pain that she so desperately wanted to express.

"I'm saving you." Rowena repeated as she cut his opposite hand.

"Bloody hell," he groaned as she slapped their hands together. "Row, don't do this." She shook her head as his eyes fluttered out of pain. Death was slowly approaching. There wasn't much time.

Connectés par l'amour, à travers le temps, ils vivront tous deux ou mourront."

Rowena watched as a bright light enveloped them both; its ethereal light sending chills through her petite body. A cold sensation traveled through her system; Rowena leaned up against the bed for support. She felt so drained. Her eyes fluttered to the man beside her; he was convulsing. Screams echoed through the air as they both began to rench in pain. What had she done?

"ROWENA!" a familiar voice screamed. She looked over to the doors and cringed. It was Helga and, by the looks of it, Godric. He was hiding behind her; she had probably convinced him to com and apoligize. Oh this wasn't going to turn out well. She leaned her head against the bed and waited as the pain slowly began to disappear.

"What have you done, Row?" Godric asked as she looked up to the man beside her. He was saved; the wound disappearing from his very flesh. Yet neither would realize what the cost would be...the result of their bond flowing through the ages and onto two unexpected people.


Present Day- Hermione's POV

There was so much pain. So much blood on the fields, it sickened me so. I knew I was dreaming; the Battle of Hogwarts had already occured in my time. With the defeat of Voldemort and his dark followers, the wizarding world was now in a better place. Yet there was something about this scene that sent chills through my body. Why was I dreaming this?

I was in the Forbidden Forest, that I knew because I coudl see the outline of Hogwarts from where I was moon was full and large; light illuminated my surroundings with a deathly glow. I could hear footsteps; few but enough to tell me that there was a group of them. Possibly 3 maybe 4 witches or wizards; I drew my wand up as I hid behind the large oak tree.

A group of four appeared out of the mist; their identites shrouded by large black cloaks. I leaned into the tree as they walked by. Their attention was on a single grave. How peculiar was that? I had never seen this before nor have I read anything about a grave being in the middle of the Forbidden Forest. Strange indeed.

A cold sensation overcame my body almost instantly; sending me to my knees. What was happening to me? I watched as a hand shot up from the grave. Bloody hell, somebody had been buried alive. I screamed as the pain grew worse; I felt like someone was sapping all of my energy. I was so vulnerable; anybody could attack me and I wouldn't be anle to defend myself. My eyes fluttered as a body appeared, dragging itself out of the grave. The personw as young probably my age or a little bit older. One of the cloaked men covered the body with a similar cloak. It shimmered in the light as the man tried to stand up but failed.

"Let me..." one said before being cut off.

"No! Let me do this." the man shouted in anger. My eyes grew wide as the man pulle dihmself up; his legs shaking in pain. There was something familiar about him. I pulled myself up as the pain disappeared. I watched from the shadows as the man smirked; looking at his young body.

"My most faithful servants," the man stated his voice dark and mysterious. I almost cried when I realized who it was.

Voldemort was back.

AN: The spell is rough French; I used a translator so I'm sry if its bad. This is what it means:

Connected by the love as the time passes, the two will live or will die

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