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Knowledge is power.

I believed this as I watched the Order members argue on their next plan of action. When two teenagers wake up screaming that the Dark Lord had risen again, they had to do something. Nobody knew what happened to the body, if it was cremated or buried. The Ministry wouldn't risk the chance of burring Tom's body though. There were still those freaks that would love to have a piece of the legend... Morbid it was. Members had been sent out to search for the remains, but nothing turned up. The body had simply disappeared; its location unknown to all. The Order was once again vulnerable because of their lack of knowledge. Pathethic really...

Yet I couldn't help but feel that something was missing from all of this. Why were they the ones that dreamt this scene? All the Horcruxes had been destroyed; the connection between Harry and Voldemort should have been destroyed as well. What was my significance in this act of chaos? There had to be something…anything that could show us the way to understanding this madness! What was it though? All these questions were going to drive me insane. I had to figure this out.

"Excuse me," I muttered making my way out of the kitchen. I knew no one would pay attention. Everyone's eyes were on Kingsley, who would miss a meager 17 year old? I quickly walked out and down the macabre halls. Since Sirius's death, Grimmauld 12 never felt…right. It seemed like the life had been drawn out of the house and into the darkness of death itself. I knew Harry missed him so much; He wouldn't show any feelings toward the fact if Sirius was brought up in conversations. So cold he was…I sometimes wonder if that was really him sometimes.

So many subjects to research…what would I read first? My eyes combed the shelves. Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, there were so many avenues to go down. Bloody hell, sometimes I wonders if life would be easier if I was a Muggle. There was so much pain and darkness in this world I had grown to love; there was so much blood shed…

Blood magic…

The idea seemed random at first. How could blood magic resurrect that psychopath? It couldn't be the Resurrection potion; Wormtail- that bloody wanker- had prepared the potion himself and dumped Tom's body into the cauldron during our fourth year. I could remember Harry telling me what happened after they were out of school. So it had to be blood magic...yet how?

I would have to go back to the beginning and research. It was the only thing I could do now.

"Yes, My Lord?"

I opened my eyes; taking in my surroundings. The wonders of a young body never seemed to amaze me; I had forgotten what it felt like to feel so alive. I rotated my neck out of habit before looking at the youngest Nott. His eyes stared at me with disbelief. The boy seemed shocked by my appearance; everyone was shocked actually. Its not like I didn't like the attention. Attention was needed only when it was wanted.

"Stap your staring, boy." I growled watching with satisfaction as he lowered his eyes.

"Sorry, milord." he groveled. I could smell the fear and smirked. There was only power and those too weak to take it...grasp it and fully use it. I need power, wanted power and I had to have her by my side. The Ravenclaw to my Slytherin. It was that bond our ancestors placed on us; the lover's bond that Ravenclaw casted to save her precious Salazar. Who would know that in a year's time he would have left Hogwarts never to return? Both sired childern; continuing the line so in future generations, the vow would be kept. Now it has and I need her by myside.

"Hermione Granger is your first priority. I need her, Nott." I stated watching as his face twisted in disgust.

"What do you want with the Mudblood? She is nothing to you." he asked not realizing what he had done. How dare he question my authority?

"Are you questioning me?" I asked my eyes narrowing with anger. "Are you questioning your lord? Do you have no faith in me?" I pulled out my wand as he cowered in fear. I loved the smell of fear and desperation...a drug to those like myself. A high of absolute power it was; I couldn't get enough of it. I watched as he twitched in pain. A non-verbal of my favorites. Its ability to drive a person mad was simply delectable.

"I'M SORRY, MY LORD!" Theodore screamed as the pain grew intensity. "FORGIVE ME!" I smirked at his submissive state and released him from the curse. I watched with amusement as he kissed the hem of my robes. Revenge was sweet.

"Find the girl. Bring her to me."