A Night to Remember

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previously in last chapter: "You're a vampire."

Elena POV

Stefan looked shocked and i'm sure i did too.

"How did you know?" Stefan asked.

"I read your mind." Edward answered quietly.

"You r-r-read my mind?" Stefan stuttered.

"Yes." Edward answered.

"How?" i jumped in

"I'm one too." He replied

"Me too!" Bella jumped in.

"Maybe you guys should start at the begining." Stefan said quietly, he was obviously lost in thought.

"Okay, but can we go back to your house first?" Bella asked.

"Sure, lets go." i answered. i started to walk out the door, but Bella grabbed my arm.

"Wait! can we use your jackets?" she asked uncertainly

"Sure, i guess." both me and Stefan shrugged out of our jackets and handed them to Edward and Bella. They zipped them up and pulled the hoods over their heads before running out the door. they ran at an inhuman speed towards my house. Bella sighed with relief as they got through the front door.

"What was that all about?" I asked as we sat down in the living room.

"Here watch this." Bella replied as she headed over to the open window. She yanked up the sleeve of her white sweater and put it in the direct path of the sunlight. It instantly started to sparkle, like there was a million tiny diamonds embedded into her skin.

"People would know that we're different." She whispered as she pulled her sleeve back down.

"It's beautiful!" I whispered

" That's what I said when I first saw it." she said as she hid her face into Edward's shoulder. he chuckled quitly as he pulled her tight against his chest.

"As much as i am glad to see you, what are you doing here?" I asked her

"two reasons" she replied.

"i'm listening." i answered

"It's kind of a long story." She warned

"i think that we have time." Stefan answered grinning like a bad school boy.

"Well for one, it's the only place i could go to escape from Alice and Rosalie.-

"Who?" i interrupted

"My sisters." Edward answered

"Sorry Ellie, keep going."

"And second I 've been feeling like i've been missing something from my human life. So I thought that fells Church was a good place to start to look. And i guess that what I've been missing is you."

"Why didn't you answer any of my letters?" I asked

"Uhhh Lena...I didn't get any letters from you." She answered obviously confused

"That's weird since i sent like 46 of them to you."

"Weird" she agreed.

"So who's all in your family now?" i asked, eager to escape the subject of our non-contact.

Bella grinned laughed, her eyes twinkling with mischief as she said " Well, there's Carlisle and Esme,Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper, Edward and my daughter Renesmee. And that's just my vampire family. There's Sam and Emily, Jared and Kim, Quil and Claire, Paul and Rachel, Seth, Leah, Collin, Brady and of course my very very very best friend Jacob, who also imprinted on my daughter Renesmee. That's the werewolf part of me family. Then there's Charlie, Renee, Phil, Angela, Jessica, Mike, Tyler, Ben, Austin and Lauren and of course you, Bonnie and Merideth (yeah I know lauren wasn't really her friend, let alone someone she concidered family, but i needed another name, so bear with me okay?) And that's my human family and there's-

"Okay i get it." I interrupted. Which made Bella burst out laughing. then she said

"Hey! you asked."

"So what's the whole story? About the whole vampire thing i mean." Stefan asked.

"Okay so here's how it all started." Edward began.

Bella POV

So Edward began telling our story, beginning with Carlisle and ending with me and Renesmee. At a few points i was worried that we were boring them, but Stefan looked like he was holding on to Edward's every word, and Lena looked just as absorbed. i added my point of view whenever i could get a word in. i already knew all of this, so i just let my mind wander.I came back down to earth just as Edward said

"So that's our story." he finished.

I nodded to make it look like i had been listening the whole time. Edward only laughed. he knew that I hadn't been listening. i only smiled weakly and stuck out my tongue at him.

Elena POV

just as Edward finished their story there was a knock on my front door. I stood up an went over to answer it. it was Bonnie and Merideth, both pink in the face from running.

"El-en-a gu-ess- wh-at?" Bonnie gasped as she clutched her chest trying to catch her breath.

"What?" i asked.

"Da-mo-n as-ked me- ou-t." she gasped

"Sorry? i didn't catch that." I said

"She said that Damon asked her out." Merideth said calmly

"WHAT!?" i shrieked

"it's true." Merideth replied

"Lena? Can you please come here?" Bella asked uncertainly from the living room.

"Sure, one sec." i called over my shoulder.

"Who's that?" Merideth asked peering over my shoulder

"I'll be right back guys." i said as i ran around the corner.

"What's wrong?" i asked Bella

"The blood" Edward answered

"The blood?" I repeated

"They -Myself included- can smell the blood, Bonnie, Merideth's and of course your's. it's painful." Stefan answered

"painful?" I asked Bella, who smiled weakly and said

"yes but it's not me i'm worried about."

"why not?" i asked

" Well it appears that i have extremely great self control." she answered quietly.

"And from what I've read in Stefan's thoughts, he has fairly good self control too." Edward added

"Are you okay?" Bella asked, her eyes shone with nothing but love for him

"I'll be fine, love." he whispered as he layed his forehead against hers.

"I love you." she whispered

"As i love you." he responded without even a moments hesitation. As he kissed her full on the mouth.

i cleared my throat and they both pulled back to look at me. i guess the look on my face said something like "not here" because Bella turned away and bit her lip. Edward chuckled and winked at me.

"Hellllllllo? Elena? Can we come in now? i'm getting kinda tired of just standing." Bonnie called.

'And it's friggin cold out here" Merideth added

"Okay bring them in." Bella said quietly

"Sorry guys. Come on in" I called over my shoulder. I heard Merideth mutter a "finally" under her breath as they both came around the corner.

"Hi Stefan! How are you today?" Bonnie said happily

"I'm good Bonnie" Stefan answered with a huge grin on his face.

"who's that?" Merideth said pointing at Bella.

"Guys do you remember my twin sister Isabella?"

they both shook their heads

"Do you remember Ellie?"

again they both shook their heads. Bella mouthed "allow me" when they turned back to look at me. Quietly Bella bagan to sing the song that we wrote when we were kids.

"We sign our cards and letters BFF you've got a million ways to make me laugh. You're looking out for me you've got my back. So good to have you around. You know the secrets I could never tell, and when i'm quiet you break through my 's no need to do a rebel yell, cuz you keep my feet on the ground. You're a true friend, you're here till the end. You pull me aside when something ain't right. talk to me now and into the night. no need to pretend, you're a true friend. You don't get angry when I change the plans. Somehow you're never out of second chances. Don't i told you when i'm wrong again. I'm so lucky that i found a true friend, you're here till the end. You pull me aside when something ain't right. Talk to me now and into the night. No need to pretend, you're a true friend.

"Bella?" Merideth asked. Bella nodded.

"Bella!" Bonnie screamed as she threw herself into Bella's arms. "Oh i've missed you so much!" she cried, as the tears in her eyes spilled over.

"It's really really really great to see you again Bells. I missed you too." Merideth said as she too began to cry. She also went over to hug Bella. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward tense and Bella squeeze his hand.

Stefan leaned over and whispered in my ear

"Damon's here.""

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