Chapter 13

Bella's point of view

"My name is Maria" Her voice was kind and trusting, but her eyes were bright red stating the obvious. She was a vampire. And not one like the Cullen's. "Please don't fear me Bella, I'm a friend of Jasper's" She smiled, stepping towards me. I instinctively backed off. This only made her laugh, her eyes staying fixed on me.

"I'm sorry but I'm going to have to do this just until your friends realise who I am" And in an instance she was in front of me, grabbing my neck and holding me tightly. I started to fight, panic flooding my body, but I couldn't move. I started to breathe heavily, trying to get as much oxygen to my lungs from her tight grip around my neck.

Time seemed longer then usual as I was held in this position, her cold hands squeezing against my neck. But after what seemed an eternity Edward and the Cullens crashed through the doorway. Their faces all on me, apart from Jasper's he was staring at Maria.

"It's been a while Jasper" I could feel the smile in her voice, her teeth inches from my neck.

"What are you doing here Maria" Jasper stayed calm, his eyes flickering from me to her.

"I need your help" She said "And once it's done, Bella will be safe; not just from me."

With that, a large man with blonde, short hair walked in holding Victoria in a position similar to how Maria was holding me. He was tall, muscular and bigger then Emmett, he was holding her with ease, even against her fighting. She was snarling, her eyes glaring at Maria, I couldn't help but shrink away, escape from her piercing stare.

"You traity" She spat at Maria but she simply turned away, ignoring her presence.

"How do you two know each other" Jasper asked.

"That doesn't matter Jasper, but as soon as I found our about what happened last year I didn't want Bella dead, how would I convince you otherwise. So I worked with her, waiting for the right time and here it is." I could hear her lightly chuckle and couldn't suppress a shiver. "But I need an answer. Now." She squeezed harder against my neck, I couldn't help but let out a gasp of air. He paused for a second, his eyes boring into mine.

"What do you need my help in?" Jasper said through clenched teeth.

She loosened her grip. "Well in actual fact, I need all of you. I need a clan of vampires defeated."


"You don't need to know the reasons, just do the task in hand."

Jasper looked at everyone, then took one hard look at Edward, he paused, his eyes waiting.


"No" I screamed.

At that same moment the man holding Victoria tightened his grip around her neck, her face started to crack, I closed my eyes tightly, not wanting to watch. It was only her voice that sent them flying open, to see him one last time. "I'm sorry" Her voice was a whisper, the cool air blowing into my ear. I took one glance at Edward, his eyes holding guilt and regret, before the darkness overwhelmed me.

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