The Costume Party 3

For yuki-nekolin here it is Byakuran who enters the stage.

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Byakuran POV

In the corner of the room stand a boy around seventeen. He wears The Masked Man Zorro costume. Half of his face covered with a black mask. There is a purple lily tattoo under his left eyes (just half of it can be seen). Byakuran look at his black hair. How dare that woman coloring his white hair. Now people won't call him Byakuran but Kuroran (like TRC). He looks around. He hates this party. Full of people who runs away from reality. Even he confused, he shouldn't said yes when his father told him to come. Nothing interesting happen in this stupid party. He sighed. Suddenly a glimpse of brown hair catches his eyes. She must be a guest like him because she wears an Alice in Wonderland costume. Weird. She didn't wear a mask or something to hide her…. Ehm cute face. Even he had to admit it. She rolled her head to the right then left. It seems she is lost. Being a gentleman (Zorro is a heroes you know) he approach her.

"May I help you little lost lamb?" he ask with in a deep voice. Hearing that, the girl raises her head. Look at him with her honey colored eyes. Byakuran surprised to see that pair of eyes. The most beautiful eyes he ever seen. He feels his heart stop beating for a moment when he heard she talks. Her voice is so soft. Calming and kind. It gives a nice ring.

"Uhmm… I, it seems I separated from my friend and I can't find them." She answers slowly. Blushing lightly.

"Have you looked around?" Stupid question actually. But Byakuran feels he needs to ask. If not the girl will know that he already looked at her for a long time.

"I have. But still I can't find them." Her voice shakes a little. Tears formed in her eyes. It seems she already at her limits, thought Byakuran.

"Why don't we search them together?" He asks politely.

Her eyes widened. Like found a prince with white horse. She gives him a cute smile (startled Byakuran cause he never see someone with that angelic smile). "Are you really wanted to…. I mean is it okay for you?"

"It's okay. I don't have anything to do after all." That's true. There is nothing interesting in this party. Except this girl.

"Really? Thank you so much!" She bows. Revealing her thin neck with silky texture.

"So, let's go." He holds the girls hand and begin walk. Thinking how soft her hand it is.

Tsuna POV

Tsuna is in a big problem right now. He is lost and absolutely he doesn't know where to find his friends. He looks around but still can't found them. I shouldn't walk without thinking ahead, he thought. Suddenly a voice heard behind him. A boy at seventeen in The Masked Man Zorro costume approached him. He offered a help which is gladly received by Tsuna. He looks at the boy beside him. For some reason he cannot said, he feel like he knows this person. But he doesn't know anyone at mafia beside his family members. So why? Suddenly the man voice aware him.

"What about we check the garden? You told me that you already look around in the hall, aren't you?"

Garden? "Yes. Maybe they play outside." I hope so.

Byakuran POV

The garden is very wide. Flowers and trees decorate them. Just small part of the guest stayed in the garden. Well, it's cold outside. Byakuran look at the girl beside him. Her small frame invites him to wrap his arm around her. He shakes his head. It's not good thinking like that.

"So, what costume do your friends wear?"

"Ehm, cowboy, pirates, dracula, mummy and witch."

"Wow, you come a long with a lot of people. Usually we just brought one or two people with us."

"Yeah, it seems my private tutor feel everyone needs to go."

So, they begin talk. Of course avoided about their information. It's the rule after all.

"What did you do when you have a free time?" she asks.

"I'm hardly have free time. My father keeps giving job for me. But I think watching people." (Watching people suffering actually. But absolutely he won't tell it) "How about you?"

"Me? I'm play with my friends or sleep. Ha…ha…." A whisper in the bush startled them. Byakuran as the man stay in front of Tsuna. "What is it? Impossible a bear isn't it?" Tsuna is very scared. Why? Cause he didn't bring his pills with him. Reborn told him that this is just a party so he thought is unnecessary to bring the pills. It seems he wrongs.

Two mans at the age thirty approached them. Dirty and scary (for Tsuna). One of them is holding a knife. Pointing it at them. "If you want to be safe, give us all your belongings!" he said in hurry.

Byakuran just look at them like looking a bug. Stupid people. Quickly he unsheathed his sword (wooden sword) and make the knife fly then hit the man back. Make him unconscious. What he never thought that the other man already runs for the girl and pointing the knife at her neck.

"Stop!" the man said hurry. "If you move any closer I will cut her neck."

Byakuran froze. He can't move promiscuously. He lowers his sword. Wait for the chance. But the girl voice surprised him.

"Ano, are you sure you want to do this?"

The man surprised too. He never thought the girl will talk to him. "What you mean Miss? Of course I'm sure."

"You know what kind of this party, aren't you?"


"If you kill me right know, don't you know what will happen to you?" she asks calmly.

The man just smile. "Of course I will be killed. But if I did I will get a lot of money."

"Do you think that's all? Don't you care about your friends? Or maybe, your family at home?"

The men startled. "What about them! They are not included in this!" His voice shakes from fear. He never knows what will happen to his family after this.

"This is a mafia party. If they find out about what you done even when you can run away they will pursue your whereabouts. Including your family." Hearing that the man shakes from head to toe. "If you really care for your family, you better stop this." She said again. Comforting the man. He put down the knife and looks at her with tearful eyes. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone." With that the man took his friend and go.

Byakuran really surprised at the sight in front if. She dissipates the thief without fighting. "I can't believe you actually do that. Or should I say how brave you are." He finds it's hard to believe this kind girl actually could threat someone.

"Well, I have to or my neck will be cut."

"How do you now that he has a family?"

"I see that he has a liontin and it has a place to put a photo. Usually people who wear it put their beloved picture in that. In addition, his hand is shaking. I think he doesn't want to do it after all."

"Nice deduction." Byakuran give applause to her. She smiles in return. "But you are to kind. He could have killed you earlier and you let him go!" Byakuran's eyebrow wrinkle. "You should let the guard or I take care of him!"

"But he already stops and he didn't want to continue it. So it's okay." She pleaded.

Byakuran look at her. Sigh. "Someday you will be killed for your kindness." She smiles sadly after hearing that.

"I know."

And they keep silent. Letting the cold air cooling them.

"Boss!" a girl voice interrupted them. She is wearing a witch costume.

"Ah, Chro…" She stopped. She can't call her friends real name here. So she turns around and politely excuses herself. "Thanks for your help. My friends already found me." With that she walks away. Leaving Byakuran alone. Look at her with concern eyes.

Fuih, at last I can finish Byakuran chapter. For your attention I use Byakuran POV causes he thinks that Tsuna is a girl and I use Tsuna POV when I call Tsuna as a boy. I don't know I should use young man or boy to Byakuran. He still 17 and I think that boy is enough. Still a green horn. Btw how old Byakuran actually? I didn't know about it so I just guess.

This story situated after the TYL arc. Well, if you confused. I don't know about Byakuran's power but because he brings a wooden sword with him I think he will use it.

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