Title : Girls

Category : Katekyo Hitman Reborn ( Yeah, always that )

Pairing : The GuardianxTsuna maybe

Rating : Teenager

Disclaimer : I wish I own KHR. If I did I will make a lot of yaoi scene.

It almost lunch time in Vongola HQ. In the kitchen 6 girls busy preparing the lunch. Cutting the vegetables, slicing the meat and adding some ingredients to the foods. They try to make it perfect. After all the one who will eat this food is their beloved Vongola Decimo-sama. After a while they finished their job. They sit near the table and talks. They talk about movies, book, food, boy until one of them, a girl with red hair called Nina speak.

"Ne…. what do you think about our Vongola Decimo-sama?" She ask bluntly. Hoping a response from her friend.

"Eh, he is cute, isn't he?" answer Maya. A girl with pony tail hair. Everyone in the room nodded. Agree with her answer.

"Not that. I mean….. Ah! I know he is cute. It's undeniable. What I want to ask it's about his relationship. "

"He has a crush with his childhood friends, isn't he?" Like to ensure something Leila ask.

"Yeah. But it was a long long time ago. Don't you think he had another crush? Another love? I mean …. " Her voice interrupted by another girl voice.

" I know what you mean." Henrietta smirk. "About him and his guardian, don't' you?" A sly smile decorates her face. The other girl just blush while the other understand where will this story goes on.

" I know you think that our Vongola Decimo-sama has a relationship with his guardian." Nina nodded. "Yes, and that must be…." Like a fish wishing for air. A lot of voices filled the room. They answer with the person they think will be suit for their beloved Vongola Decimo-sama.

" Gokudera-sama "

" Yamamoto-sama "

" Hibari-sama "

" Mukuro-sama"

" Ryouhei-sama "

After that the girls look each other. Feel the enemy present with other people who disagree with them.

" Umm… Lambo-sama? " a girl in the corner give her voices but suddenly silent and surrender with a deadly and icy glare from her friends. They just like say " What do you think that a kid like him fit for our cute Vongola Decimo-sama, HAH! " through their glare. So, she return to her place in the corner and watching her friends fight.

" Of course the most suitable from all is Gokudera-sama. He is loyalty, trustful and faithful. He always say yes to our Vongola Decimo-sama. " scream Leila.

" Ah, it doesn't mean he fit. It must be Yamamoto-sama. When he smile he will wipe away Vongola Decimo-sama worries. Vongola Decimo-sama always relax when he is with Yamamoto-sama. " scream Maya.

" No,no,no. Yamomoto-sama cannot eliminate Vongola Decimo-sama problems. Ryouhei-sama is the fittest among all. With his EXTREME way he can make Vongola Decimo-sama out from his problem. He will have a refreshing spirit every day. He will be health. " scream June.

" No! Hibari-sama is the best. Just think of it. He maybe cold outside but must be soft inside. He is the only one that could give comfort and spoil time for our Vongola Decimo-sama. And the most important thing. He will treat our Vongola Decimo-sama gently. Like he is a treasure. Only him. " scream Nina.

" Hmph." A cold voice silent them they turn their head to the black haired girl who smirks. Think that she already win she said, " Mukuro-sama is the best. "

" Why? " they ask together.

" Coz he is very good in the bed. The best partner for Vongola Decimo-sama at night. The first condition to be a lover is good in the bed. " said Henrietta. Her face full of triumph.

" HAH? " the others girl yell. Then faster than the light speed they yelled.

" Gokudera-sama will make Vongola Decimo-sama cum 3 times in a night. "

" Yamamoto-sama will make Vongola Decimo-sama cum 4 times in a night. "

" Ryouhei-sama will make Vongola Decimo-sama cum 5 times in a night. "

" Hibari-sama will make Vongola Decimo-sama cum 10 times in a night. "

" Mukuro-sama will make Vongola Decimo-sama cum as much as he wants in a night. "

The girls glare each other. Continue their fight over the suitable lover for their Vongola Decimo-sama. They mention everything they can to make sure that their choices is the best. You could hear their voices a mile away.

Without they know in front of the kitchen Vongola Decimo-sama and his guardian stood in silent (without Lambo). Yamamoto smile nervously. Gokudera angry. Ryouhei cannot talk. Hibari stood surprised of what he heard. Mukuro just give a sly smile. And the worst of all they stare at the person in front of them. Vongola Decimo-sama aka Sawada Tsunayoshi cannot raise his head. Cannot let out his voices. His face red until his ears. You could just think there is steam come out from his ears. He is too embarrassed.

While he stood in silent, blushing hard. Try to walk away Yamamoto pat his shoulder and said " Don't worry Tsuna it just a girl talk." Gokudera trying to convince him he will not do something inappropriate thing like that. Ryouhei just shrug just like saying 'it's okay Sawada. Girls are like that.' A thought ring in the head of his guardian. Maybe the could try fulfill the girls wish. A smirk decorates their face.

Ahahaahahaha… I got this story while driving to my university. Makes me look weird while driving.

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