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Sitting on the floor, I gazed at the 3-carat diamond for what had to be the thousandth time. It's so pretty. I held it up to the light, watching the dazzling white radiance sparkle around the room, casting bits of rainbow in its wake. I could hardly believe that my long-awaited for ring was on my finger. My thoughts swirled to what kind of flowers should be in my bouquet, and if the dress should be strapless or not, and then I remembered that there would be no wedding following this proposal.

I sighed, and let my hand fall into my lap. The magic had faded, and I had to face the ring's true purpose.

Chapter One

Breaking Hearts and Breaking Dishes

"Eddie! Put me down!" The small five year old girl squealed.

"Nope! Not 'till you promise, Bella Swan!" The little seven year old boy replied, his green eyes sparkling with mirth, as he jostled his best friend over his shoulder, caveman style.

"But Eddie," she said, her big brown eyes wide in shock, "I'm too little!"

The boy considered this.

"Well, okay, maybe you are, but… I want you to promise, for when we are grown up."

The little girl sighed, and pushed her chocolate colored curls out of her face.

"I promise." She huffed, and tugged on his messy chestnut- hued hair, wanting to be let go.

"Promise what?" The boy prompted.

"I promise you, Edward Cullen, that when we are all grown up, I will marry you. Now please put me down?"

I remember that little scene in my backyard from eighteen years ago. I recall seeing Edward's face (after he had unceremoniously dumped me on the ground) light up when I told him I would be his wife when we were adults. I laughed ruefully. Being Edward Cullen's wife was the last thing in the world I would want to be now.

Sure, we had been good friends when we were little. I remember when their family moved into our neighborhood. I had been four, and my brother Emmett was eight. Edward was six and his sisters Rosalie and Alice were eight and ten, respectively. Emmett had held no interest in having a six year old boy as a playmate, but I had immediately crushed on Edward and offered him my friendship. He accepted, and we became fast friends.

Seeing as our houses were next door to each other, we spent nearly every waking moment together. We were inseparable, and there were whispered talks between our parents about us being childhood sweethearts and the far off possibility of marriage. Being little children, we were oblivious to romantic feelings, but we knew we couldn't live without each other. I guess that was when Edward decided to propose. We completed each other- two halves of a whole, peanut butter and jelly. We continued on, playing together, and never worrying, knowing we would spend the rest of our lives together.

Years passed, and even though we made other friends, we still continued our friendship. However, we slowly drifted apart as it became clear we were living completely different lifestyles. We had different interests, and our frequent quarrels did nothing to strengthen our friendship. I suppose the breaking point in our relationship had been when I was twelve and he fourteen. Edward was preparing to enter his first year of high school, while I was still stuck in lowly middle school. I remembered it like it was yesterday.

He had been going to high school for a little while, and within the first few days of him going, I noticed a change in his behavior. We still hung out, but he seemed uneasy. I asked him a lot of questions, and he replied with short or one word answers. By the end of the week, he was totally indifferent to my presence, and I was hurt. I was the one who had to ask if he wanted to come over, and I was the one who had to initiate conversation, or else we would just sit there in uncomfortable silence. This had never happened before. I didn't understand what I had done to make him so distant. I mentioned this to my mother, and she simply said to give him some space. He just needed a little time to get settled into high school, and then things would go back to normal, she said.

Boy was she wrong. After our awkward period had been going on for about a month, Edward brought a friend home from school. Not just any friend. A gorgeous fourteen year old girl named Lauren. She had long wavy blonde hair, and the body of a model. I was instantly crushed, seeing this girl laughing and talking easily with Edward, just a like we used to do before Edward began to act strangely. That was the first day that I did not go over to his house. After all, why would he want me to hang out with? I was not exactly ugly, but my long, tangled brown locks and too- big brown eyes had nothing on the blonde beauty that was occupying Edward's attention. She was tall, and I was not. I still had my braces, and she had sparkly white, perfectly straight teeth. She already had a curvy figure, while I was still in the awkward stages of puberty. We were polar opposites. I cried myself to sleep that night. I knew that things were slowly fading between Edward and I, and that all too soon, he would want nothing to do with me.

He brought Lauren over to his house every day after school. After a week of not seeing or speaking to him, I went over to his house and asked to see him. I had made him cookies, ready to apologize for anything I had done. His mother let me in, and I ran to his room. I remember that he was lying on his bed, Lauren next to him, and they were laughing and talking about some assignment. I greeted him breathlessly, but he briefly glanced at me. Lauren giggled and whispered something in his ear. He looked at her, then me, and bluntly told me that we could no longer be friends. Then he went back to joking with Lauren and ignored me.

Shocked and hurt, I angrily threw the plate of cookies at them and told him I hated him. I left them there, covered in cookie crumbs and pieces of broken plate. I walked back to my house, the angry squeals of Lauren echoing in my ears as she found herself covered in a sticky mess. I held my head up high, but I could not hold back the tears that were spilling down my cheeks. I never spoke to Edward again.

We acted more like strangers than next door neighbors during the next four years. He had a new girlfriend every two months (the first of whom was Lauren), and won trophy after trophy for being the star of the football team. When I finally started high school, I had a few boyfriends, but my relationships with them did not last long. I was a devoted member of the photography club, and I was also head of the yearbook committee. I was not unpopular, but even if our previous history did not exist, I was never the type of girl that walked upon Edward's arm as he led her to class. The only class we had together was eighth period AP English, and even then, we did not acknowledge each other's presence.

I watched, every Friday night of my freshman and sophomore years, as he got into his little convertible (dressed to the tee), and sped off to spend time with some other girl. I spent my Friday nights at home. Yet I still wished that maybe one day, his car would come to my door, and we would drive away, happy and free, to spend a glorious evening. He never came.

But all the sticky drama with Edward was over now. It had been years since we had been in touch, and I preferred it that way. He had left for Stanford University upon graduating high school, actually planning on joining the CIA. I knew his dad had tried to pressure him into becoming a doctor, like he was, but Edward remained steadfast in his decision. I knew, from his countless hours watching spy programs on TV that he wanted to be a secret agent. I guess he was part of the CIA now. Ever since the fiasco with Lauren, I hadn't bothered to find out.

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