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"Coop!" Burt Burtonburger called upstairs. "come down here please! I have something for you!" Coop ran downstairs. "what is it dad?" his sister Millie walked into the kitchen carrying . "well, i know that Millie has , and i was thinking, 'hey, my daughter has a pet, so why shouldn't my son have one too?'" Coop's eyes widened. "oh dad, no way! Is it a dog?!" "cause maybe it can scare Kat away" Coop thought.

Burt shook his head. "nope, it's not a dog". He set a big box in front of Coop. "go ahead and see for yourself". Coop nodded and eagerly opened the box. He frowned. "on no! dad, you got me a…CAT?!" the cat looked up. It had been sleeping. "well, go ahead and pick her up" Burt said. Coop hesitantly reached into the box and held the cat up to get a better look at it. to Coop's dismay, the cat looked exactly like , except this cat was pink. "her name is Kit. I stopped by the pound this afternoon to pick something out, and when i saw her i knew you'd love her!"

Coop slowly set Kit down on the floor. She looked around at her new surroundings. Where was she? How did she get here? she had to admit that it was much better here than that horrible place where she just sat in a cold metal cage all day. Kat looked at Kit and hearts popped up around his head. Sure he'd seen plenty of female cats on his home planet, but Kit was different. Kat instantly felt drawn to her. Coop flinched when Kit turned to him. She meowed. She liked humans, they had always fascinated her. she started rubbing on Coop. "aww, look at that Coop! she likes you already!" Burt said. Millie set down and picked Kit up. "oohh daddy, she's so cute!" Kit squirmed in Millie's grip. Ok so maybe some humans were a little much.