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Kit couldn't believe what she was seeing. who in the world was she? Kit had never seen her before. or had she? Kit shook her head, watching the hologram that was projecting from Kat's collar. the hologram was of a beautiful cat, an alien cat. she was purple like Kat, and she seemed very excited to see Kat. he was holding the collar, talking to the hologram.

"i miss you" the female cat was saying. Kit forwned. even her voice was beautiful!

"she must be Kat's girlfriend" Kit thought. suddenly anger and hurt welled up inside her. how dare Kat not tell her about his girlfriend?! Kit turned and ran into the house, tears in her eyes. "oh, why do i care anyway?" she mumbled. "so what if Kat has a girlfriend?" she sighed and looked out the window. "it's not like i... love Kat or anything". she shuddered. "i'd rather bite off my own tongue!" she shook her head. "oh, who am i kidding?!" she yelled. "i...!"

"here she is". Kit looked up at the sound of Coop's voice. Coop and Cassie had come into the room.

"oh good! i saw that Kat was here without Kit and i was worried" Cassie said, scratching Kit behind her ears. Kit purred and rubbed against Cassie's legs. Cassie giggled. "oh Kit, you're so sweet!" she sighed "if only Kaz would've stayed with me". Coop frowned.

"what happened to Kaz?" Cassie shrugged.

"i don't know. i woke up a few days ago, and he was gone".

"uh, gosh. i'm sorry Cassie" Coop said. "maybe we can still find him. if it's only been a few days, he couldn't have gotten far". Cassie smiled.

"you... you'd really help me find Kaz?!" Coop shrugged.

"sure, why not?" Cassie threw her arms around him and hugged him.

"oh Coop, thank you! you're the best!" Coop blushed and pulled away from Cassie.

"uh, thanks. now come on, we can start looking now". Cassie frowned.

"wait, you mean right now? as in, this very second?" Coop nodded.

"yeah. come on". Cassie smiled, and she and Coop left. Kit frowned.

"well at least love comes east to some" she thought. just then, Kat came into the room.

"oh, there you are Kit" he said. Kit sighed.

"oh, hello Kat". she walked past him and out into the hallway. Kat frowned.

"what's with her?" he thought. he follwed after her. Kit had gone into Millie's room and was fiddling with Kat's collar. "wait, Kit, what are you doing?!" Kat cried. Kit looked at him.

"nothing". she sighed in frusteration. the collar may have come form her home planet, but it was an advaned piece of technology. very advanced, and Kit couldn't figure it out.

"Kit, please put the collar down" Kat said. "in fact, give it to me". Kit shook her head.

"no, i just want to see what kind of... information you have stored in here". she pushed a button and the hologram showed up again. and there was the mystery cat!

"finally, i've been trying to...!" the cat was saying. "hey, who are you?!" she demanded. Kit glared at her.

"i was about to ask you the same thing". Kat grabbed the collar.

"ok, you two might as well know" he mumbled.

"i'll say!" the two females said.

"ok, look. Kit, this is Karina. Karina, this is Kit" Kat said. Kit and Karina glared at eachother. "and Karina is... is my girlfriend" Kat continued.

"what?!" Kit cried. tears welled up in her eyes. "you mean all this time you had a girlfriend and didn't tell me!? i can't believe...!"

"wait, let me finish" Kat said. Kit got quiet and he continued. "well, i'd been trying to get contact with Karina for months with no success". he looked at Kit and sighed. "and then i met you" he said softly. "and you amazed me. you still do, and i nearly forgot all about Karina. of course i still tried to contact her, but for a diferent reason then before".

"and what reason would that be?" Karina asked. Kat sighed.

"to... to break up with you" he mumbled. Karina gasped.

"what?! but, but why?!" Kat looked at Kit.


"you know what, i don't care" Kit siad. "just go Kat. go back to our planet, and be with Karina! see if i care!" she turned and started to leave, but Kat's next words stopped her.

"i'm breaking up with Karina becasue i've fallen in love with you".


"Coop, we've been looking for nearly an hour" Cassie said. she and Coop were walking down the sidewalk looking for Kaz. they'd covered nearly four blocks, and wre coming to the start of the fifth one.

"oh c'mon Cassie, i have a feeling we'll find Kaz" Coop said. Cassie sighed and hesitantly followed behind Coop. just then, someone came running up behind them.

"hi Coop!" Coop and Cassie jumped.

"ahh, Phoebe!" Coop yelled angrily. then he realized that he'd grabbed Casie's hand. he blushed and quickly let go. Phoebe frowned.

"oh, hi Cassie" she mumbled. Cassie nodded.

"hi Phoebe".

"what are you doing here?" Phoebe demanded.

"Coop and i are looking for my cat" Cassie said. "like it's any of your business" she added under her breath. Phoebe smiled.

"oh, you lost a cat? that's funny, beause i came here to show Cooper dooper my new cat!" Cassie rolled her eyes, snmirking at Phoebe's nickname for Coop. Phoebe pointed across the street to her front porch. there, laying on the porch swing was a cat... an orange cat. Cassie gasped.

"Kaz!" she yelled, running onto the porch and picking him up. "oh Kaz, i missed you!" Phoebe and Coop ran over to Cassie.

"who's Kaz?" Phoebe asked. "that's Mr. Fuffermuff!" Cassie forwned.

"Mr. Fluffermuff?! he's hairless you dolt, he's not fluffy at all!" Phoebe gasped.

"well, how rude! it's a good thing that Coop doesn't like girls as rude as you!" Cassie gasped, and Coop stepped in between them. he didn't want the two of them to start World War III.

"but i do like Cassie!" he blurted out. Cassie and Phoebe gasped.

"you do?!" they yelled. Coop blushed and nodded.

"uh, yeah. i do". Cassie blushed and giggled. Phoebe looked downright mad.

"fine, go! we're over Coop, and don't think you can come crawling back to me either!" Coop and Cassie laughed as they walked back to Coop's house.

"thanks so much for helping me find Kaz" Cssie said, carrying the relutant cat in her arms.

she blushed.

"and did you really mean what you said? do.. do you really like me?"

Coop nodded. "uh, yeah. i meant it". Cassie smiled and grabbed Coop's hand. he just smiled at her as they kept walking.


"i'm breaking up with Karina becasue i've fallen in love with you".

"what?!" Kit turned to look at Kat. he smiled weakly.

"yeah, i love you Kit. so much". Kit stood there, shocked. a small smile crossed her face.

"i... i think i love you too" she whispered. Kat smiled.


Kit nodded. "yes". they ran to eachother and hugged. meanwhile, Karina had turned off the hologram projecter. she now knew where she was headed; planet earth.


Burt was in the kitchen watching Kat and Kit while they ate. "hmm..." he mumbled, looking at Kit. something didn't seem right about her. "Coop!" he yelled.

"whatever it is, i didn't do it!" Coop yelled.

"it's nothing like that, just get down here!" Burt said, rolling his eyes. Coop ran downstairs and into the kitchen.

"what is it dad?"

"son, how much food have you been giving Kit?" Burt asked. Coop forwned.

"same amount as aways dad. why?" Burt pointed at the pink cat. there was no doubt that she was gaining weight. Coop gasped.

"wow Kit, you've got to lay off the cat treats". Kit gave him an insulted look before she went back to eating.

"well if you're not overfeeding her, then we'll just have to take her to the vet and see what the problem is. if there even is one" Burt said. "she could just be getting a little lazy". Kit gave him an insulted look. right before she threw up all over the floor.

"i'm telling you, i'm fine" Kit said to Kat a few minutes later. the two cats were sitting on the patio watching Burt, Coop, Cassie, Dennis, and Millie play ball in the backyard.

"then why did you blow cat chunks just now?" Kat asked. Kit ighed and shrugged.

"i don't know" she said defensively, snuggling against Kat. it had only been two months since Kat and Kit confessed their feelings for eachother, and the two couldn't have been happier. Kat hadn't tried to harm Coop in weeks, and Kit was, although a little moody at times, happier then she'd ever been. and Kat now knew that this was where he belonged; here, on earth... with Kit.

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