DevelopMENTAL: A Trio Disordered

Suzaku W.

Author's Note: I am writing this story for Neurodiversity, to celebrate June 14. The 14 is Autistic Pride Day. Ron is a Savant. Hermione is an Aspie Otaku, literally, pre Hogwarts, aside from school, Hermione is a stay at home Aspie who watches lots of Anime. Harry is an ADD Aspie future battle mage. SUPER TRIO! NO BASHING! (Except of ones that actually count.) Aside from being technically disabled, the Trio will be super.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mrs. Jo's stories; merely twisting them to my own purposes. Just for the fun and usefulness of it, though not for monetary purposes. Enjoy.

Trio Files, Ch. 1.

These are the Neuro magical medical files of Ronald Weasley, an eight year old Pureblood wizard with Savant Syndrome. Savants are extremely rare, and generally extremely disabled, except for their mastery of a few things. It is an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

When Ronald Weasley was three years of age, he started using one word requests for toys, food, drink, and relatives. He also showed signs of advanced personal injury healing.

At the age of five, he played his first chess game after observing two older brothers, Fred and Percy play a game. He has lost seven games. He has played countless more.

What's more, he has shown a great magical talent for inventing a spell, after seeing two slightly similar ones. Never one of a stronger strength, simply a combined reduction of the two spells. He could possibly add more, given time and knowledge. His mother has informed me that he apparently knows how to read, however his school subjects, though not his apparent understanding of people in his surrounding, are low in comprehension.

The other two also have an ASD. Asperger's Syndrome is something that both Hermione and Harry have. Harry also has ADHD. How will this affect their lives? We shall have to wait and see...