DevelopMENTAL: A Trio Disordered

Suzaku Williams

AN. I will do my best to portray these characters with their disorders to the best of my ability. Harry will probably channel me, though.
I'm an anomaly's anomaly.

Disclaimer: I do not own this, and am not making monetary profit from it.

Harry's Short Trip

Harry Potter had not spoken in the entire four years of his life. At least, not within his guardians', the Dursley's hearing. He had been with them for two and one quarter's years without saying a single thing... But he could, and did in fact, speak. Just not with his guardians.

Alright. I plan to leave after Dudley and Petunia leave to shop. I want to go to the Library; it should involve my specific goals.

These goals would be learning in different ways and areas. He remembered that his dad and mom had read to him every chance that they'd gotten. He'd figured out how he could learn from this. Also, he had interacted and been interacted with, and figured out how he could learn about it. Interaction that was positive, accurate, and interesting, or rather, this positive and mildly moderately stimulative back and forth exchange that could be understood to have a good basis in reality, was a rather desirous form of information. But there was his short attention span to worry about...

He remembered that if he got a book from the shelf in his house and took it up to his dad, the book was read to him. He only tried this once with his aunt. She swatted him, and the book, away. This time, he would try to ask.

So, he walked up the steps of the library...

He had gotten the librarian to read to him. After this, they had read through the whole of the kiddy books. This took him less than two visits. Then, after he had gotten through with those, she read Matilda to him...