I watched this episode a while back and wrote this. It's a little sad, but that was the mood it left me with, you know? For those of you who don't know what episode this was, it's the one where *spoiler* Josh dies. Don't know what it's called. Hope you like the story.

In Death

"If you hate what you are so much then why do you go on living?"

Her words haunted me. I had wanted it to end once, but I hadn't. Because of her. She was everything. She was my reason for living. If you call this living.

I sighed, staring out at the city stretching away below me. It would be easy for me to end it. Some gasoline, a match, and I would be history. Or I could go back out to the desert and wait for sunrise. That would do it too. But I couldn't. Because of her. Because of Beth. Beth who now hated me because I hadn't saved Josh. She really had loved him and that made me jealous, obviously, but if there had been any other way to save him . . .

Thing was, I knew that if I had turned him, Josh would be alive, but he and Beth could never have been together as long as she was human for the same reasons I couldn't tell her how much I loved her. A vampire and a human didn't work in a love relationship. It was that simple. If I had turned him, would she have loved him enough to become a vampire too?

I know I made the right decision. Beth's anger towards me hurt, but it didn't change anything. Josh was dead, Beth was still human, and I was still a vampire. She would grow old, die, and join her love in whatever afterlife they went to while I lived on. Standing up here though, looking out at the world, I knew that when Beth died, I would finally end it. Maybe in death, we could be together. Maybe.

The End

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