Xqulth: Welcome one and all! I have brought my old characters here to help with the first wind up and wind down sessions because my new character isn't here yet!

Reiley: She didn't get this excited over us.

Alex: I know. Not fair. Wait how much sugar have you had X?

X: Not much. Just FYI ppl. Alex is from "Guardian Jumper" and Reiley is from "Fire and Ink". Good stories you should read.

Reiley and Alex: She owns nothing but her Ipod, laptop, and us. How sad don't you think?

X: *glares*



We live in a world that most of us don't understand. Living for hundreds of years is to say the least, interesting. I have watched the world I live in go through war after war. The Revolutionary War was a victory to be celebrated through the ages. The Civil War was the bloodier one. Though a win for the north, was still a loss to them at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. I was on one of the Ironclads that sailed the river mouths waiting to encounter a Southern enemy. Sailing the Monitor was my greatest memory of the Civil War. If you are wondering how one survives to today while still having memories of the Wars, I will tell you, it is because November 17, 1775 is the day I died at the age of 23. My heart stopped cold and I still remember the blood red eyes of the vampire that turned me. My name is Skye Lilly Watson, born November 17, 1752, died November 17, 1775 and this is my story.


Xqulth: This is just the beginning and I hope you like it. Truly the two wars I liked was the Civil War because of the Ironclads and the beginning of one of my favorite books starts there, and WWII because Pearl Harbor is such a fascinating subject. I did a report on it.

Reiley: Why don't we get cool names like that.

Alex: Or cool beginnings?

Skye: Why are they mad at you?

Reiley and Alex: *glare*

X: *gulp*

Skye: *blink*