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"Dear, could you go to the store and buy more snacks for us?"

Her mother's soft voice drew her attention away from the row of sakura trees in front of her. Pouting, Usagi Tsukino held out her hand and accepted the money. Hoisting herself up from her sitting position with one hand, the young teenager picked up her white bunny backpack and nodded a goodbye at her family. She turned on her heel, trudging grudgingly towards the neighborhood store. While her mother had packed a substantial amount of food, Usagi, fresh from Senshi training, had quickly made short work of it.

Earlier that day, Usagi and her family had set up a blanket underneath a pretty cherry blossom tree in the park, in preparation for cherry blossom watching. They certainly weren't the only people who had camped out. Throngs of people had shown up that morning, saving spaces for their families or coworkers, and as it was now late afternoon, Usagi had to wend and weave her way around feet and blankets.

As a stronger gust of wind blew towards her, Usagi took a step back to rest against the trunk of a sakura tree. She tilted her head back, looking up. The flower petals swirled and floated on the wind, dancing around her. Her attention caught by a couple of young kids running squealing past her, the blonde smiled after them. It certainly was a nice day.

Reaching the edge of the cherry blossom trees, she quickened her steps. The faster she got to the store, the faster she could get back. However, as she started to dig her feet into the rough surface of the path, something stopped her.

Just underneath the branches of the last sakura tree, cherry blossom petals drifting slowly around her, the most beautiful woman Usagi had ever seen stood with her hands up, smiling at the pink flowers gathering in her palms.

The blonde's mouth dried, and she faltered, staring with her mouth open. After a couple seconds of silence, her heart started thundering out of her chest. Thinking nothing could take her attention away from the other girl, another gust of wind blew past her face and made her aware of another figure to the girl's left.

Walking between two sakura trees, hands slung casually in her leather jacket pockets, a slight smile tracing her face, the most handsomely gorgeous woman Usagi had ever seen stopped, running a hand through her short hair to dislodge some cherry blossoms that had caught in her bangs.

And, as Usagi's hands rose to her mouth to cover her gasps, both women looked up.