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He hated me. I don't know why but I knew for sure that he did. His parents and my parents were friends. They'd known each other since they were kids, that sort of thing, so every year I had to endure a week long visit with them. They never visited us, we ALWAYS visited them. I think it was because they lived where my parents grew up and they wanted to visit the people and places they had known their whole life.

I always wondered why they moved away if they loved the place so much. I asked my mom once and she told me it was because my dad wanted to start his own business, a hardware store, and because he had known everyone here so long he couldn't stand the thought of running someone out of business.

So in the end after my parents were married, they moved to Texas, quite a distance away from the California town they'd lived in. My mom had her own catering business cleverly named Connie's Catering and my dad had his hardware store. Then to add to all their happiness they had my sister, Dallas, named after the city that had supplied them with their success and then a few years later they had me, Michelle "Mitchie". My parents were both only children and so were their parents so when my grandparents died it left us the only Torreses left.

I didn't' mind living so far away from my parents' home town because it limited the time I spent there to that one week a year, which meant only one week a year with him.

The Greys my parents' best friends had three sons, Nate, Shane and Jason. Nate was my age-16, Shane was a year older than me and Jason was a year older than Dallas-20. Nate was sweet, caring, and serious; Jason was like Nate but goofier and sometimes oblivious. Then there was Shane.

Unlike his brothers he was not someone who was fun to be around and he was always trying to make life miserable for me. He would tie my hair in knots and dump paint all over my clothes. Once when I was seven he knocked over the cake my mom had spent forever baking for Jason's birthday and said it was me. Since I was covered in cake from the blast it made when it hit the ground my mom believed him, everyone always believed him, and I didn't get to have any of the other cake my mom made and spent the rest of that week stuck in my room. We all had our own rooms, our home away from home you could call it. Oh didn't I mention. The Greys are rich, really rich. Mr. Grey had made several good investments and Mrs. Grey had her own clothing line.

It didn't get any better when the brothers formed their own band, Connect Three, and got a record contract. Shane lost what little civility he had and soaked up the fame. He became a big jerk and made life hell for his family and friends.

I always went with my parent to visit their friends because I knew how happy it made them. I always tried to get along with Shane as hard as it was to not ruin their happiness. Then one summer, my whole life changed.

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