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Dear Diary,

We live in a world, full of technology. Though I long to live in the world of the book I love so much. I can only hope Dustfinger can live in his world once more. After the past event of the year, I had begun to wonder if trying to read myself into the book would work. Even without the book itself. Meggie is coming, I'm going to go practice my shooting.







"Reiley! Stop beating up the tree!"

"Would you rather me set it on fire, Mo?"

"As you were."

Thump. Damn. I was out of arrows. Grabbing some steel rings on ring stands and set them up in front of a target. As I walked back to my small circle I dubbed my 'ninja circle' I snapped my fingers as I walked past each ring, sending them shimmering in blue flames. I stood there my brown hair pulled up into a high ponytail with a black hair tie; I was dressed in all black and barefoot. I put my arrows in a quiver which hung off my belt (AN if you've ever seen mythbusters ninja special 2. It's much like Adams quiver at the end.). I knocked the arrow against the string and drew back. However, my bad luck kicked in again and when I went to release, a familiar horned martin entered my view and I quickly lowered my aim to the ground.

"Gwin!" I saw him turn his towards me and scurry over to me and jump onto my shoulder. Looking around I saw my fire eater was no where.

"Where is he Gwin?" I muttered. Hearing a rustle in the bushes I brought my bow's aim up to meet the sound only to see Farid. My luck was getting better.

"Faird!" Meggie called running over and hugging him. I looked at him with a question in my eyes. He guessed the question and shook his head no. Damn. Stalking back to the house I unstrung my bow and put the string in my pocket.

"You're in early." My Aunt Elinore noted as I walked in.

"Unexpected visitor." I said with an icy edge to my voice. My mom looked up at me and signaled a question, Is Dustfinger with him? I shook my head. She nodded, understanding my annoyance. Mo came down to see Meggie and Farid walking in holding hands. I jumped up on the counter, earning a glare from Aunt Elinore, to watch the next scene.

"Farid, I thought you were with Dustfinger."

"He had a man named Orpheus, I call him cheeseface, read him into the book. I managed to get the book and sheet of paper he was reading off of. I was hoping that one of you three could read me and Gwin into it."

"You don't want Gwin back in that book." I said. Mo and Aunt Elinore looked at me.

"You not only stole it from me, you read it too!?" Mo said surprised but with a hint of anger.

"Of course." I said with a smirk as if it was obvious.

"We can't read you back in. Trust me I've tried."

"I haven't." I stated looking from the book in Farid's hands to Mo. He's gonna kill me.


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