Well here is the first Chapter to the sequel to 'Changes Everything'. There is a twist in this one for it is a mentalist/numb3rs crossover. this is my first attempt at a crossover story so sorry it is crap. The first chapter is completely mentalist. the others will come in later. Hope you enjoy


One Year Later

Jane and Lisbon had now been together a year. Their relationship was more that just a boyfriend, girlfriend thing. On Christmas day Jane had asked Lisbon to marry him. She had accepted his offer so quickly it had made his head spin. They had told Minnelli and was surprised at the bosses acceptance to the relationship.

But now Red John had made an appearance again. And this time he was leaving little messages for Jane at each scene. One had said:

Dear Mr Jane

I congratulate you on your change in character. I never knew there was a decent man hidden under all that psychic shit.

But you flaunted me on television and for that I punished you. It is now time for you to pay for your rudeness. You better keep you agent Girlfriend close. For if she takes one eye off of you. She will loose you forever, for I shall kill you.

Good Day

Patrick Jane

Jane remembered the pure horror in Lisbon eyes when she had read the letter. Jane didn't understand why Red wanted him dead so much. He had thought that he had already paid the price for his frivolous words that Red John had taken to heart.

"I am putting you under police supervision. It is no longer safe for you to be here Patrick." Said Lisbon as she held him close to her.

"I can't just sit around and do nothing. I am more likely to get killed that way. I am safer here than anywhere else." Replied Jane as he lifted Lisbon's head so he could look into her eyes.

Lisbon knew he was right, he was always right. But she couldn't help but want him to be hidden. Two, quite large men entered the room, they where bother roughly about six foot four. They grabbed Jane's arms and pulled him back.

"No what are you doing?" he looked to Lisbon pleadingly.

"Its for your own safety." She paused and kissed him tenderly "I'm sorry." A single tear slid down her pale cheek as she watched the two men practically drag Jane out of the room.


Lisbon sat in her office. It was quite early but people were there. The post boy strolled around the bullpen with his trolley. He knocked on Lisbon's office door.

"Letter for you agent Lisbon." He said as he walked up to her desk.

"Thank you Jesse." She said as she nodded her head and smiled, but the smile did not reach hers eyes. Jesse noticed this but he knew it was not his place to question. He was just the post boy right. His shift finished as soon as everyone got his or her mail.

Lisbon quickly opened the brown envelope, reading the letter that was inside caused her heart to pound against her chest.

Dear Agent Lisbon

I warned Mr Jane that if you took your eyes off him I would kill him. Sees you don't take a hint when its thrown at you.

I know that you sent Jane away with to burly looking men. So I guess you have decided Patrick Jane's fate.

He shall die agent Lisbon and you can't stop it.

Have a nice day.

Red John

His signature of a red smiley face was at the bottom of the page. This was real and Lisbon might have just gotten her fiancé killed.

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