Van Pelt stared at Jane's body in disbelief. Don too could not believe that the man they had been looking for had just been murdered in front of his eyes.

"Jane you son of a bitch, you dirtied my knife."

"You're a sick son of a bitch." Said Charlie as he knelt next to Jane and respectively closed his eyes.

Red grabbed Charlie by the throat again and pinned him to the wall.

"Careful what you say to me." Said Red as he traced along Charlie's neck with the knife leave a line of Jane's blood in its wake.

Charlie tried his hardest to hide the fear that he felt. He had just witnessed an innocent man be killed and he was now set on getting out of here alive. He WAS getting this man locked away.


Lisbon had decided she couldn't wait any longer. She knew that agent Eppes and Van Pelt were over at the safe house but she needed to find Jane. She needed to see him.

She swiftly picked up Jane's car keys. She thought his car would be a little less obvious (hence another reason why she bought it for him).

She had never driven his car. She had just walked into the show room and picked the car that she thought most suited him. She realised why Jane loved it so much. By how comfy and smooth to drive it was.

She drove to the safe house as quickly as she could without getting arrested. She knew that there was a basement when she over heard the genius kid, Charlie mention it. All she needed to do was find the door.

Gun in hand she made her way to an alley that looked like a good possibility and surely enough there it was. The basement door, and it was open.

It felt like a trap, like she was supposed to walk in. But she didn't care. Then an idea hit here. She knew Rigsby and Cho were here.

Back up she thought as she took out her phone and rang Cho.

"Hey Cho its me," she paused "Yeah I think I know where Jane is. Get Rigsby and meet me in the ally."

Not five minutes later there they were, her trusted colleges.

They made there way down into the basement quietly. They could here talking and what sounded like Don Eppes cursing.

She hid behind an old locker. What met here eyes made her heart sink. The on the floor, lying in a puddle of blood was Patrick Jane. Eyes closed. Van Pelt and Don were tied to a chair. Charlie Eppes was cradling his stomach, blood flowing from his mouth. He was in bad shape. The three agents made a decision and all appeared at the same time, guns drawn.

"Put the knife down and put your hands above you head." Said Rigsby and he watched Red John lower the knife.

"What no evil plan to over run us?" said Cho surprised by the action.

"I know when I am going to lose a fight and this one I would lose." Replied the man "Agent Lisbon, sorry for your loss."


"Well I did kill you fiancé."

Lisbon looked at Jane. He wasn't breathing, wasn't moving, nothing. Lisbon made her way to his side and checked for a pulse. There wasn't one.

"JANE," she shouted as she pull the man into her arms and rocked back and forth "Jane no."

Van Pelt broke into tears as she watched her boss grieve over Jane. Cho untied the two of them and then watched as Don ran to his brother's side. Charlie was clearly having trouble breathing and Don was just knelt next to him, having no idea what to do.

Cho made his way the agent's side and then began to assess the man injuries.

"He has a punctured lung and internal bleeding. We need to get him to a hospital." He looked at Rigsby and noticed he was busy busting Red John and so turned to Van Pelt. He followed he line of vision to the pale, bloody Jane in Lisbon's arms. Cho felt tears begin to prick his eyes and it was a weird feeling. He never really likes to show emotion but Jane was his friend, and now he was dead.

Don rang and ambulance and then made his way to agent Lisbon's side.

"Lisbon?" he paused as he knelt next to her "I am so sorry." She looked at him with pained eyes.

"He died saving my brother, he saved my baby brothers life and for that I will be for ever grateful." He paused again as he looked at the blonde man "He is a hero."

Don heard sirens coming from outside.

"Minnelli is here." Said Rigsby as he hung up his phone.

"How about I carry him out of here?" said Don as he placed a comforting hand on Lisbon's shoulder, she nodded and then let the dark haired agent take Jane from her embrace.

Don carried the blonde consultant out of the building where he was swarmed by EMTS, Lisbon at his side.

"No pulse." Said one of the EMT'S as he placed to fingers on Jane's neck.

"Get a crash cart."

Lisbon knew Jane was too far-gone but inside she felt that maybe, just maybe they could get him back.

Jane's body jumped as the shock coursed through his body and again as he was shocked again.

"We have a pulse, but its weak." Lisbon dropped to her knees in shock. How was that even possible?

"How long was he gone?" she asked Don as he helped her up.

"Not long, couple of minutes. You arrived shortly after he was stabbed. Charlie Closed Jane eyes and then Red John just started kicking him. Then you appeared."

"I thought it was longer." She said as she

"He's going into shock, announced one of the EMT'S as they wheeled Jane off to one of the Ambulance's. Then Don noticed he brother on a gurney.

"I have to go with him." Lisbon nodded in understanding and then went to the ambulance Jane was in. The EMT'S let her ride with Jane and what was really only a five-minute journey, to Lisbon took much longer. Everything was a blur; she couldn't even register Jane in front of her. All she could think about was how this was her fault.

An EMT's shouted soon brought her back to reality.

"He's crashing," They took Jane out of the Ambulance and was wheeled off. Lisbon could here the Doctor say "clear" as he applied the paddles to Jane's chest. But then Lisbon was lead off to a waiting room where she was forced to wait.

Sorry this chapter took so long. I have been kinda busy. So I couldn't live with killing Jane. I have done it once and once is enough. Hope you enjoyed and I will try to update soon.